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    by BerniShand
  • I'ms sorry, I'm from Peterborough
    I'ms sorry, I'm from Peterborough
    by sourbugger
  • I'll direct you to Padholme road, mate.
    I'll direct you to Padholme road, mate.
    by sourbugger

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    What ? Table two ? No,No it's Tuesday.

    by sourbugger Written Nov 16, 2008

    Favorite thing: Although he looked nothing like him, I found it very hard to conceal my amusement at the Breakfast waiter who runs things at the Great Northern Hotel. He was certainly called 'Manuel', and like his namesake from the series 'Fawlty Towers' he was almost comically inept.
    I can forgive him never bringing my tomato sauce, but this exchange had to be recorded for posterity:

    SB : Very nice Breakfast, but could I have some baked beans with it ?

    Manuel : No !

    SB : Pardon ? I'm willing to pay for it as an extra, I just happen to like baked beans with my fry-up.

    Manuel : But beans are vegetarian and you did not order the vegetarian breakfast.

    SB : So, suppose my fried mushroom, fried Tomato and egg are meat, are they ?

    Manuel : Well no, but..

    SB : look, can I just have some Baked beans before one of us dies...

    Manuel ...(sigh)....english peasants (under breath, probably)

    I got my beans, and no charge well done Manuel !

    I'ms sorry, I'm from Peterborough

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    Famous people of Peterborough

    by sourbugger Written Jun 22, 2006

    Favorite thing: Whilst a few famous figures have lived in Peterborough (see other general tips) the city itself has produced few famous faces (sourbugger included)

    Of the few, three of them are commemorated in the names of the Car Parks to the Queensgate shopping complex :

    John Clare was a local poet. Never read his stuff, but it it probably witters on about trees and birds and stuff.

    Edith Cavell a famous Nurse, although obviously not as famous as Florence Nightingale. Her memory is also preserved in the naming of the second hospital in the City.

    Willian Royce was also a local boy - and half of the partnership that produced the famous motor car marque.

    In addition, I recently found out that William Palay is also a product of the city. He was the Theologian and churchman who wrote on the Teleological argument. He argued that if you found a watch in the street, you would not presume that it had come together by chance. Rather, you would presume, it had had a designer and been left there. How much more so, Paley argued, a human or the world - which leads a belief in God as the only possible solution.

    He obviously was not born in Stanground, or Dogsthorpe.

    A good Peterborough boy

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    by BerniShand Written Jan 28, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: We have at last had our promised snowfall, only a few inches instead od the massive blizzards the Met office have been threatening us with for days now
    We rarely get a great deal of snow here on the edge of the Fens, I can only remember three years in the last twenty when it has been very bad

    Fondest memory: one year we had enough snow to make a snowman and the children abandoned the TV and the toybox to spend all day making one, he was magnificent, unfortunately none of the photographs they took of him came out

    this picture is the fairy who sits on the railing in my garden, today she has a fetching bee-hive hairdo and a tutu

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    Pub legends - Clark Gable & the fab Four

    by sourbugger Updated Nov 17, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: We are not exactly a city known for its celebrities. Apart fron Nobby the Tramp (see intro page) the three most famous have car parks named after them at the Queensgate shopping centre.

    I would like a new one added : Clark Gable who lived here during some of the Second world war. The following come from the Pcamra website :

    "On a scale of 1 to 10 of famousness, a genuine 10 would have to be someone like Clark Gable. Did Mr Gable visit Peterborough? Yup he sure did, not only did he visit but he also frequented many of the pubs locally. During World War 2, Mr Gable came over to England to help with the war effort as a gunnery instructor. He was stationed at Polebrook airfield not too far away. It was whilst in the area that he took it upon himself to visit various bits of the locale, and not surprisingly he occasionally found himself in the occasional licensed establishment. One such public house he frequented was reputed to be the Blue Peter, Padholme Road. In fact, he not only frequented the place but became quite a regular! It was noted that he became such a regular that he became a good friend of the landlord and his good lady, and on some occasions was actually seen taking the landlady's dog for a walk in Padholme Road fields! Now, by the 1940's Clark Gable was a huge box office success, to see him walking a dog in what must have been a quiet part of Eastgate should have caused a bit of a stir at least!!! We can only guess what the modem equivalent might be - Arnold Schwarzenegger just popping in to WH Smith's for an Evening Telegraph or perhaps Mel Gibson buying a bag of ready salted and a pork pie in Marks & Spencers??"

    Fondest memory: Urban myths still continue to this day. Some believe that the Beatles whilst visiting Peterborough in the Sixties signed their names to a piece of wallpaper in the Star pub, Star road. Great story, but why would the fab four visit such a crappy back-street boozer ?

    The pub is still there, but I doubt a tourist has ever visited it.

    I'll direct you to Padholme road, mate.
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    Picnic down by the river

    by sourbugger Written Sep 5, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The River Nene in Peterborough is very attractive. The weeping willows help to make for a very pleasant environment.

    If you head to the river from the Cathedral Square, down Bridge street and then turn right you will find the 'promenade' type area. Opp. the old police station is the Grain Barge, which is often recommended as a quality chinese restaurant. If you continue walking you will see where the River divides - the old River Nene and the New Bedford level, Heading straight as a die towards the Wash.

    Fondest memory: I used to enjoy watching rowing races here, but most of them now happen over at the new rowing centre. Still it's a nice spot for picnics and the like.

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