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Wisbech Things to Do

  • One of the best pints I know of....

    Wisbech has been blessed by the gods in the beer department.The Elgoods brewery on North brink churns our some great real-ales, and still holds true to being a small regonal brewer. It has about 50 or so tied pubs where you can sample the delights of its brewmasters.The brewery itself now run brewery tours (Tues-thurs) during the summer months....

  • The Wisbech and Fenland Museum

    This museum takes one back to the old days, when the Fens were marshland. Here one can learn the history of East Anglia.

  • One forminable lady....

    Not to be confused with Fanny Hill, Octavia Hill was a lady of extreme Victorian worthiness. Sometimes referred to (somewhat clumsily) as the 'Florence Nightingale of Victorian social housing', this lady certainly led a very full life.As one of the co-founders of the National trust, her house has now become a museum to both her and the organisation...

  • Reallly lovely gardens

    Sourbugger is not exactly the sort of man who gets excited about gardens. His idea of gardening is the use of a petrol-driven stimmer and a cement mixer - just to keep the weeds back. Any, hey, anyway - arn't weeds just plants in the wrong place at the wrong time ?Having said that, the grounds of Peckover house on North brink are a wonderful oasis....

  • Wisbech Castle

    The centre of town is a very quiet circle, now called The Crescent. The centre of The Crescent is the location of the original Wisbech Castle, now long disappeared and now home to Castle House, an interesting building in its own right. The castle was originally built by the Normans in 1072, but by the late 17th Century, it had been replaced by an...

  • Town Walks

    There are two town history trails, both of which take about an hour to complete. They can also be combined for an afternoon's history-seeking.Pick up a brochure (it also doubles as a town map) from the Tourism Information Bureau in the square by the bridge. Note that this map is also very handy if you are using Pevsner's Cambridgeshire to explore...

  • The Clarkson Memorial

    It is always easy to walk past memorials and statues - they were erected long ago to dead people - but it is well worth stopping at the Clarkson Memorial on Bridge Street.If the Peckovers are the first family of Wisbech, then the most admired son is Thomas Clarkson, who was at forefront of the campaign to abolish slavery in the late 18th Century....

  • Treasure hunting

    One of the most notable local legend concerns the lost treasure of King John. He travelled widely around his kingdom and in those days it took some time to get around, so for security, the crown jewels and national treasures were carried around with the king.When visiting Norfolk in 1279, his baggage train, complete with all the treasure, was...

  • The riverside

    Unlime many towns and cities, Wisbech tends to turnits back on the River Nene: no pavement cafes and boat rides here. It is difficult because, as in London with The Thames, the river is tidal and the tidal range is substantial. This means the river rises and falls inside its fixed channel and the river walls need to be high enough to keep out the...

  • Wisbech Museum

    Wisbech Museum is a bit of an oddball place: the ladies at the enrance very sternly warn you not to take photographs. "Hello to you too, dear".There is a staggeringly huge selection of artefacts in the museum and it is all very interesting, but there is just too much to take in. There seem to be thousands of labels - all very interesting and...

  • Peckover House

    Peckover House, built in the 1720s, was home to one of the town's most distinguished families, the Peckovers. The house, sitting on The North Brink, overlooking the River Nene as it sweeps through the town, is both attractive but also austere, with dark bricks. The front garden is edges with wonderful iron railings and a small garden - behind the...

  • The Thomas Clarkson Memorial

    Thomas Clarkson, a Wisbech native, was an early leader of the Abolitionist Movement in Britain. He was instrumental in turning public opinion against slavery. This is a memorial in his honor.

  • The Parish Church of St Peter and St...

    This is a fine example of parish church architecture. Parts of it date back to the 12th century, while others were completed during the 15th. The stained-glass windows are Victorian. The surrounding gardens are as beautiful as the church itself.

  • The Crescent

    Resembling the more famous Crescent in Bath, this row of 19th century houses partly encircles Wisbech Castle. Like the Castle, is was built by Joseph Medworth in 1816. It is one of Wisbech's most prominent features.

  • Wisbech Castle

    Like so many buildings throughout Europe, this is not the first to occupy the site. In fact, the original castle was built by the Normans in 1087. The second building was a Tudor palace for the bishops of Ely. The third one was built for John Thurloe, who served as Oliver Cromwell's chief of intelligence and Secretary of State. The present...


Wisbech Hotels

See all 5 Hotels in Wisbech
  • Crown Lodge Hotel

    "Downham Rd., Outwell", Wisbech, PE14 8SE, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Elme Hall Hotel

    69, Elm High Road, Wisbech, PE14 0DQ, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Rose and Crown Hotel

    23 Market Place, Wisbech, PE13 1DG, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

Wisbech Restaurants

  • Chinese/Indian

    The Phoenix is a Chinese returant that shouldn't be here, it makes no sense in such a small town. It's huge. The food is not cheap but bloody marvelous. Better than anything I have ever had in China Town in London. They also do a good pint of Guiness!The Ali Shan is the best Indian in town with what I would call very clean food. LOts of corrrinader...

  • The Italian Job

    Located in a former public house (The Wisbech Arms) the conversion has produced a lovely restaurant serving good food.Popular so it is a good idea to book ahead.Conveniently located near the Exchange Square, Old Market and Chapel Road car parks. Serve some really nice meals - I really enjoyed their home made soup. The desserts are pretty good too.

  • Great Setting

    The Deck is located on the ground floor of 'The Boathouse' close to the Yacht Harbour. There is a display of artwork by local artists and photographers. There is a nice modern setting and a nice view of the river and landscaping. The coffee and desserts are wonderful.


Wisbech Nightlife

  • PUB

    Members only club where Stella is only 2 pounds a pint.. used to be a wonderful place but place has gone downhill since the loss one the chap behind the bar... Bar Manager looks like a glamour model (big plus point...yum)... trendy again!!!

  • Pub...

    The manager Adam (grumpy but a damn fine chap) serves a mean pint of stella... Lovely place wooden floors, beams, pool table... can play a bit of Bully on quiz machine if you can Shazza off there... The young lad in the kitchen says his Steak is the best in Wisbech, haven't tried it yet, but i'm sure he is right, all local quality produce......

  • Wisbech Hotels

    5 Hotels in Wisbech

Wisbech Shopping

  • Evison's [Outdoor Gear]

    You just don't find many shops like Evison's these days. It's a family-owned shop selling a vast array of outdoor gear and clothing - not so much the trendy high-tech stuff but the old-fashioned solid, dependable gear worn by farmers and others who spend their working lives out in the fields in the lashing rain and gusting winds.They have about 15...

  • Not just for artists

    This art gallery stocks a lovely range of gifts and art and craft products. The bonus is they also have a small seated area for tea & coffee etc! The upstairs gallery has new displays every month. Seasonable flowers, fruit and vegetables e.g strawberries, apples and raspberries. Prices for the very fresh produce are very competitive and the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Wisbech Warnings and Dangers

  • Not on a Fiday or Saturday night

    Wisbech has something of a deserved reputation for being a 'rough' town of a weekend. After a week sniffing fertilizer, the locals come into town, drink vast amouts of beer and proceed to each other.It must be remembered that Wisbech was formally a reasonably important port in past centuries. Natives are thus descended from burly, hairy,...

  • Flooding

    Most visitors are likely to be in the area in the summer, when the rivers are running low and there is a little less rain. However, do be aware that you are in an area where flooding can be catastrophic. IIn late May 2007, several places in The Fens had flood watches because of heavy rain over three days. Local people have been living with the...

  • River Nene

    The River Nene flowing through the centre of Wisbech is very fast-flowing and very deep. Remember that ocean-going ships come up this river to Wisbech port!Be very careful - especially with children - on pavements and paths alongside the river as the wall is often low and there can be a sheer drop into the river.There are a few lifebuoys at...


Wisbech Off The Beaten Path

  • Rabbit island. A load of cobbles.

    There is a roundabout by the 'Freedom Bridge' that is locally known as 'Rabbit island'.No one is quite sure how the rabbits got there, but being surrounded by traffic on all sides something quite strange has happened.It's a kind of Darwinian 'missing link' or evolution working on overtime. With no natural enemies (except the car) they can breed at...

  • Wisbech, capital of the Fens

    Wisbech is quite off the beaten path we think... not too many tourists visit this place. The area is very un-English as it lacks the rolling countryside look. Best reason to visit Wisbech is probably the Fens, an area of tranquil waterways and wetlands that provide a haven for wildlife.The nearest railway station is in March, which is on the...

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