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  • Tintagel views - castle ruins in the distance
    Tintagel views - castle ruins in the...
    by sue_stone
  • Tintagel
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  • The Old Post Office
    The Old Post Office
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Tintagel Highlights

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    martin_nl says…

     Amazing surroundings 

  • Con
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    saraheg77 says…

     There were a lot of stairs to climb, but it was worth it! 

  • In a nutshell
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    Elodie_Caroline says…

     At least it has a rich history associated with it 

Tintagel Things to Do

  • Forget about the beach

    There are lots of really great things to do in Tintagel, but please don't think of it as a beach holiday destination. At low tide, a tiny strip of beach (more silt than sand) is exposed, not far from Tintagel Castle... and that's about it. This is a place of majestic cliffs and great clifftop walks, not somewhere to be sunning yourself. (Head to...

  • Visit the Castle

    Remains of the Castle exist on both the "main" land and the promontory known as the "island". A pathway and steps lead up to the ticket office and onto the modern bridge which crosses the chasm between the two. It is a steep climb but if you pause for a rest not only will you see some magnificent coastal scenery (" look out for the caves and what...

  • The Old Post Office

    This small medieval house dates from the 14th Century and is well worth a visit. It is maintained and looked after by the National Trust and there is usually a guide at hand to answer your questions.The rooms are furnished with the type of oak country furniture that would have been is use in rural cottage homes in Victorian times. But judging by...

  • Tintagel Castle - Northern Ruins

    These buildings were also uncovered in the 1930s excavations, and their date and purpose are still uncertain - some may well date similarly to the 5th or 6th centuries AD, while others may be medieval; one has a small oven for drying corn.

  • Tintagel Castle - Merlin's Cave and the...

    The sandy beach to the east of the bridge, known as the Haven, is where ships were once loaded. From this beach is it possible to access Merlin's Cave at low tide. A fault or a layer of weaker rocks close to sea level has been hollowed out by the action of the tide, and two tunnels run right through the Island that the castle is built on. The...

  • Tintagel Castle

    Tintagel Castle is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the whole of south-west England. It lies on a finger of land projecting into the sea from the flat plateau of North Cornwall; half of the castle is on the mainland, while the other half is reached by crossing a narrow neck of land between two inlets of the sea.The area has been...

  • Tintagel Castle - The Chapel

    The tiny chapel, dedicated to St Juliot, was probably built around the late 11th c.; strangely between the abandonment of the Dark Age settlement and the building of the castle. It continued to be used after the castle was built, when the original door in the south-west corner was blocked up and the entrance moved to the west end and covered by a...

  • Tintagel Castle - Southern Cliffs

    The huge amount of luxury goods from the Mediterranean found in this area of Tintagel has suggested that these cliffs may have played an important part in ceremonies when Tintagel was a stronghold of a Dark Age king or prince of Dumnonia. It has been speculated that such ceremonies may have included celebrations of ancestry, power and...

  • Tintagel Castle - The Well

    The shallow depression on the top of the Island is the only natural water-catchment at Tintagel, and several natural springs run from it. The well is medieval in date, and must have been the main source of water for the castle, apart from any water collected from the roofs of the buildings.

  • Tintagel Castle - The Tunnel

    The short length of tunnel to the west of the garden is a bit of a mystery - no-one really knows what purpose it originally had. The most likely suggestion is that it was dug in the Middle Ages as a larder for the castle - the sea wind would have driven through it, keeping stored foodstuffs cool. However, there are similar tunnels, known as fogous,...

  • Tintagel Castle - The Garden

    On the top of the Island, there is a small walled area, which once was probably a medieval garden. Since it would have been impractical to have a year-round garden at Tintagel (even in May it was cold and misty!) the garden may have been recreated from scratch for each visit of the Earl and his Countess, with potted flowers and shrubs.

  • Tintagel Castle - The Dark Age Houses

    Along the sheltered sloping side of the Island are four groups of ruined buildings, low walls topped with grass and heather, and connected by narrow paths and steps. They were uncovered during archaeological excavations in the 1930s, and there are probably dozens more waiting to be found, a complete village strung along the hillside. The first...


Tintagel Hotels

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Tintagel Restaurants

  • Slowest Chips in the West

    Very slow service, considering it is the only chippy in Town. I was hoping for a better experience, but was bitterly disappointed. There was a good 10-20 people in a queue and no sense or urgency from the 2 members of staff, on a summers day visit. I am not sure if I caught them on a bad day, but had to leave due to the worry of hunger setting in....

  • at the Camelot Castle Hotel

    We stayed one night at the Camelot Castle Hotel and decided to dine that evening in the hotel's restaurant, Irina's. At first glance the dining room is a stunning space, until you notice the art work - countless large canvases covered in pink paint with glitter swirls and stuck-on butterflies (one of the owners is an "artist"). Then you take note...

  • Really Local Food & Drink

    Been here many times.... visiting Tintagel Castle & walking coastal path.... BUT it's changed & it's a million times better!! The cafe is now run & staffed by English Heritage... serves a wide range of local food all beautifully cooked & served. And even better.... you can now enjoy your delicious lunch with a glass of local beer or Camel Valley...

  • Pasties and Cream Teas

    They have a bakery and take away shop next door to the restaurant. The Best pasties in the area and very reasonable too (£6 for a bowl of soup followed by an enormous pasty). You can also order in bulk to take away or to be posted to you. Scones are also delicious (10 scones for £2.75!) and they are located just around the corner from the £1 per...

  • Fish and Chips!

    Right next to the car park in the middle of Tintagel village, this is quite a nice little fish and chip shop / restaurant. Plenty of room to sit and eat in comfort and a reasonably varied menu, with children catered for particularly well from what I saw. The food is cooked to order, so probably isn't a quick as in some chippies, but it does mean...

  • Great chips with mayo!

    This is the only restaurant next to the site of Tintagel Castle. It has a beautiful location, also close to the caves opposite Merlin's Cave, where you have some beautiful swimming waters. It might be a tad bit cold, but very refreshing on a hot day. I think the place is run by a family who are very nice. The lady that took our order was very...


Tintagel Shopping

  • Elodie_Caroline's Profile Photo
    My little Excalibur sword

    by Elodie_Caroline Written Feb 24, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place may be very small, but it is absolutely choc-a-bloc with gift shops and souvenirs. The shops all sell merchandise which is related to King Arthur and his legend: books, ornaments, swords, carvings of the round table etc.
    Chris bought me this tiny ornamental sword, as it's what I wanted. It is very small but perfectly formed. I happen to like tiny things anyway.

    There was also a pasty shop next to the café that I had my coffee in. We didn't actually try the pasties, but they looked very nice and some of them were massive! You could stand and watch the pasties being made, through the windows of the shop, another little touristic trick I suppose.

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Tintagel Local Customs

  • Elodie_Caroline's Profile Photo
    Tintagel Post Office 1 1 more image

    by Elodie_Caroline Written Feb 24, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For myself, my husband, my sister and her husband, we liked this building the best of all at Tintagel. It's the old Post Office, which is no longer used as a P.O, and it's the most crooked little place that you could ever see. It is now owned by the National Trust, thankfully, otherwise council officials would be saying that this building doesn't reach the council's high standards and they would have it torn down.

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Tintagel Warnings and Dangers

  • Make sure you are aware of the tide

    Find out when high tide is, and don't go exploring for secluded beaches and inlets when the tide is on its way in. Much of the shoreline is rocky cliffs, and you could get cut off by the rising tide.Destination Cornwall offers some useful resources.

  • Not the stairway to Heaven

    So I had waited near on a quarter of a century to see the ruins of Tintagel; but if you are disabled in any way and it affects your walking, you can totally forget about seeing the ruins of Tintagel castle. There are hudreds, if not thousands, of very steep steps to get to the ruins. I could have cried, there was no way that I could ever manage...

  • Cliffs!

    You should be very careful walking around the top of the Island, as there are no barriers around the cliff edge, and few warning signs either. It can be very windy, and if it's misty you might not be able to see exactly where the edge is. Children and animals should obviously be kept hold of here.


Tintagel Tourist Traps

  • Helping the disabled... not!

    Where the ruins of Tintagel castle are an enormous trek for unable bodied people, tintagel offers you it's help; for £1.40 you can get a ride in a range rover to see the ruins. But what they don't tell you, is there is no way you can get to see the ruins, even in the range rover. The car takes you around a quarter of a mile down a steep hill, but...

  • What a bloody cheek!

    I couldn't beleive my eyes when I noticed this sign. Just take a look at the very first part of the big burgundy sign on the right hand side of you; it says... 'Open to non residents.' Well, excuse me, I know that little villages seem to have an etiquette all of their very own, but a pub is a pub, it's a public house, which means it is open to...

  • The legend was a disappointment

    Ever since I was a little girl, I had always been in love with the legends of King Arthur and the kights of the round table. I know that the historians will always tell us that the legends are just mythology; but to me, I believe Arthur existed and he existed because I want him and the stories about him to exist. Tintagel is a very disappointing...


Tintagel Off The Beaten Path

  • Views from Tintagel castle

    So this is the views that you would get if you lived in Tintagel castle, quite pretty now and again and would be wonderful in thunderstorms, or when the sea was rough. But it's not the kind of place I would want to live, to be quite honest.Looking at this though, and remember all of those awful steps, how on earth did Uther Pendragon and his ilk...

  • Merlin's cave

    Supposedly... you couldn't really get a good view of the cave, only a glimpse of the coving that leads to the enterance of it. The only way that you could ever get a good look at this cave , is if you went to it via the sea, but they didn't do sightseeing tours by sea, unfortunately.I can't imagine what living in a cave like this would be like?...

  • Tintagel castle

    So this is Tintagel castle; home of Uther Pendragon and birthplace of king Arthur... well, what is left of it anyway. No sign of any knights or Arthur to be seen, not even any sign of a round table? What a bugger eh. But do you know what, this might have been Arthur's birthplace and it might be the birthplace of a great historical legend, but I...


Tintagel Favorites

  • Invading Tintagel

    Well, this is sad to say, but my favourite part of this trip, was buying myself a Viking helmet and sword, out of one of the many gift shops.Whilst I was sitting and having my coffee, a couple of French students came walking along in front of me, and one of them was wearing this luscious viking helmet. I have always loved the legends of the...

  • Seals!!!

    Keep your eyes peeled around the Haven - I'm told that seals are quite often spotted in this area. I didn't know that at the time, and was very excited to see one swimming out by the rock in the inlet, diving down and resurfacing to peer back at the tourists delightedly pointing at it!

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