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  • Things to Do
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Truro Things to Do

  • Truro Cathedral

    When the foundation stones were laid on 20th May 1880 by the future King Edward VII it was the first Cathedral to be built in England since Salisbury in 1220.Designed by John Loughborough Pearson it is built mainly of Cornish granite in the medieval Gothic style with the more decorative features made out of the softer Bath stone.One of its more...

  • Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    The Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral and was the first all-new Gothic cathedral to be built in Britain for 600 years and is the largest example in the British Isles of the Gothic Revival architectural style fashionable during the nineteenth century. Foundation stones were laid in 1880 by the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII and the...

  • Lest We Forget

    War Memorial The Truro memorial was originally a testimony to Truronians killed or missing during the First World War (182 names), later additions were the Second World War (106 names) and later still 1 name from the Falklands War and 1 from the war in Afghanistan.The memorial is a dressed granite, mostly rock-faced with a bronze statue of a foot...

  • Tourist Information Centre

    The centre is a good source of Information on local and national attractions, Advice on planning excursions and activities, Local and national accommodation booking service, Advance purchase Eden tickets, A wide selection of gift ideas, CDs, maps, guides, books, stamps, walking and cycling touring guides, and souvenirs.Cornwall Tourism Awards...

  • Coinage Hall

    The Coinage Hall goes back to a time when Truro was chosen as a Stannary Town, this is where smelted tin was assayed before being exported. The present Victorian building is on the site of the original 14th century Coinage Hall. Today the Coinage Hall is home to a small number of retail outlets including Pizza Express, Charlotte's Tea Rooms and the...

  • City Hall

    The City Hall, which includes the Mayor's Parlour and Truro City Council Offices was built in the 19th century and is of Italianate design. The building has an impressive clock tower, which was given by an anonymous donor after the original clock tower became the victim of a fire in 1914. Truro Tourist Information Centre is also within this...

  • Quaker Meeting House, Come-to-Good

    Come-to-Good is a small village, the origin of whose name is uncertain but may be a (probably ironic) reference to the presence of a group belonging to the Religious Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers. The thatched Meeting House, completed in 1710, is sparsely furnished (by comparison with many other places of worship) and reflects a...

  • Truro Cathedral

    This is a beautiful building, built in the traditional Gothic style. Surprisingly it was built much later than it would seem, between 1880 & 1910, and had to be built at an angle to fit into the site in the centre of the city which had existed for hundreds of years.

  • The First Viaducts in Truro

    Following the success of the initial Bristol to London railroad in 1841, demand was great for further extensions of this new mode of transportation. Among the results of this demand, was the extension of the railroad into the resort and tin-mining areas of Devon and Cornwall, with construction on this section starting in 1853. The success of the...

  • Viaduct

    One of Truro's most impressive attractions is the long Carvedras granite and brick railway viaduct built in the west end of the city to span the valley in which most of the city nestles. Built in 1902 to replace an earlier stone and wood viaduct of the same name (see the next Tip for more details), this one continues to play a vital role in...

  • Victoria Gardens

    Although an overcast day and long after the colourful flowerbeds had passed their glory, I detoured off The Leats on one of my city walks in order to have a closer look at Truro's Victoria Gardens. Located on the gently sloping hillside beside the River Kenwyn, this relaxation area was opened in June, 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond...

  • Pedestrian Friendly Streets

    Although downtown Truro is quite small and the traffic can get congested at times, I still found it to be a pleasant city to enjoy on foot. There are quite a few places where the streets are given over to pedestrians only and also a network of paths leading between the shops, so it is quite easy to take short-cuts. The old centre of the town...


Truro Hotels

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  • Alverton Manor Hotel

    Tregolls Rd., Truro, TR1 1XQ, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Mannings Hotel

    Lemon Street, Truro, TR1 2QB, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Carlton Hotel

    Falmouth Road, Truro, TR1 2HL, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Truro Restaurants

  • Vertigo

    A great little hole-in-the-wall art-deco upmarket Cafe Bar in Truro, Cornwall. The place is very stylish and comfortable with couches, tables, and lounging environment. The bar offers delicious cocktails, tapas, teas, and coffess. Great food and snacks available. Now dwelling in the former old court house, this three story building has a garden,...

  • William IV Pub (Truro, Cornwall,...

    During mid-week, William IV Pub is one of the few pubs/restaurants opening and serving food after 6 pm in downtown Truro. Located in the busy city center of Truro, the pub boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a fantastic selection of beer and wines. During my visit on 6/15/10 - it was a bit low key, quiet, and excellent speedy service. Since I don't...

  • Yak & Yeti

    It was my first night wandering around Truro, during my first vacation in Cornwall. Truro was a quiet town and unfortunately, many of the restaurants closed by 6/6:30 pm ... and just as I was about to settle for some more English standard pub fare, I spied this little gem. Himalayan\Nepalese\Indian Cuisine - and they were open - much later than...

  • Pub Christmas Festivities

    I met my wife and her sister in downtown Truro on a Friday lunchtime two days before Christmas, so we decided to have a look around to see what was available for a pub meal. We did not really like the bleak interior looks of the first (non-pub) restaurant we checked out and then found that the next two pubs were full to the gills as people were...

  • Great local produce!

    This is by far and away one of the best restaurants in Truro. Its small and family run by Nic and Traci Tinney who do a great job of using only local produce where possible. Consequently, the menu is based on seasonal produce which is as fresh as can be and this is reflected in the quality of the food. All meals are started with their home made...

  • Cathedral Refectory

    Bensons Restaurant started life as the Cathedral Refectory, which formed part of the Cathedral’s Ministry of Hospitality.It has a good reputation in Truro for good quality food at reasonable prices and we certainly found that to be true. I enjoyed a coronation chicken baguette - it was huge anfd the filling went to the bottom of the bread. The...


Truro Nightlife

  • EasyMalc's Profile Photo

    by EasyMalc Written Jul 1, 2014

    Whenever I’m in Truro I always visit the Old Ale House. I just have to. If, like me, you enjoy a convivial atmosphere in a rustic sort of way with real ales and ciders and good snacks to soak it all up, then the Old Ale House could be to your liking too.
    Although I’ve been dropping in and out of here for a number of years it’s much too far away to know what goes on all the time. What I do remember though is that there used to be so many barrels of independent real ales on offer that it was an absolute mecca for the real ale enthusiast (of which I’m one).
    Something must have gone wrong because many of the beers disappeared, and the atmosphere with it. The place just didn’t seem the same somehow.
    Fairly recently, Skinners, the local brewery has taken up the mantle and has tried desperately to retain the aura that the pub once had, and I think they have their work cut out if I’m being honest. The problem for them is that they only offer their own beers plus a guest beer or two and they can’t possibly offer the same choice as what was here before.
    Having said that I’m pleased to see that they’ve treated the pub with the reverence that it deserves. Absolutely nothing’s changed where the decor is concerned and the barrel of monkey nuts is still there for people to help themselves to (and throw the remains on the floor). The skillets and hands of bread are still on offer and there’s regular live music.
    Ok. It may not be quite the same as it used to be but you can’t blame the brewery for that. As far as I’m concerned it’s still a great pub, they’ve done everything to maintain the pub as it was - and they sell some great beers of their own as well.

    Dress Code: Casual

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Truro Transportation

  • The First Great Western Train

    We took the train from Paddington to Truro.I got the Goggle maps on my phone to follow our progress, but then I decided that I needed to get the GPS out of my suitcase. We went by fields, and gardens, churches and cows and sheep and saw some big windmills. We saw a river with boats and also where the tide was out and the boats were sitting on the...

  • Enterprise Car Rental

    Normally to go to Port Isaac, you would get off at Bodmin Parkway and Enterprise would pick you up there and when you were ready to leave, they would drop you off at the station again. But we were coming in by train and leaving by airplane, and the Bodmin Enterprise would not take us to the Newquay airport. Geoff_Wright called Enterprise in...

  • Truro Railway Station

    Truro railway station is on the Cornish main line that runs down to Penzance and served mainly by First Great Western trains which run hourly in each direction.Some trains also run directly from London and if you’re able to get on one of these you’ll be glad you did. The reason being is that the regional trains are nowhere near as comfortable as...


Truro Shopping

  • Bwana_Brown's Profile Photo

    by Bwana_Brown Updated Jan 31, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On our various visits to England, we have found both the Sainsbury and Tesco supermarket chains to be very useful for picking up whatever is required. In fact, when we could not find a public phone booth in Barnstaple, Devon to let us use our phone card we stopped at a Tesco store to see if they had a public phone. The manager took us to it but, finding it out of order, he let us use the store phone for the cost of a small donation to a local charity!

    In Truro, the large modern Sainsbury store on the hilltop overlooking the town also has a petrol station where I was able to fill the rental car up at a relatively good price. Because we were staying with my wife's sister we also made a couple of major shops there, including good deals on wine and Grolsch beer from the Netherlands, as well as the necessary ingrediants for my Ploughman's Lunches (as shown in the photo)!

    What to buy: Typical prices for items were :

    Block of Mature Cheddar Cheese - 1.39 GBP (US$2.43)
    Bottle Pickled Onions in Malt Vinegar - 1.05 GBP (US$1.84)
    Small Bottle of Hot Mango Chutney - 0.99 GBP
    750 ml bottle Australian Banrock Cabernet Shiraz - 3.99 GBP (US$7)
    Container of Cottage Cheese - 0.53 GBP
    Pack of 6 Eggs - 0.89 GBP (US$1.56)
    Package of Ryvita Crackers - 1.29 GBP
    0.65 kg of loose Carrots - 0.35 GBP
    0.49 kg of Broccoli - 0.67 GBP
    0.67 kg of loose Parsnips - 0.98 GBP
    Vine Tomatoes - 1.69 GBP (US$2.96)

    Grolsch beer, cheddar, tomato, pickled onion, etc.
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Truro Local Customs

  • September – Cornwall Food & Drink...

    The Truro Cornwall Food and Drink Festival, the annual celebration of Cornish food and drink, now in its 8th year took place from Friday September 23 through to Sunday September 25. The festival includes artisan bakers, chocolate makers, dairy farmers who produce all that delicious ice cream and clotted cream, expert fishmongers, in fact everything...

  • Shopping Sprees

    Guess they must have long shopping sprees here judging by this sculpture!Some bright spark has added this message, "wake me when my wife has finished shopping at Vages". Must be a big department store!

  • Truro Hotels

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Truro Tourist Traps

  • arturowan's Profile Photo

    by arturowan Written Aug 30, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cusgarne 0rganic farm offers you a free stay (food & accommodation) in exchange for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, labouring outside...
    A good deal, it sounds, at least until you get there - this was my experience...
    I had arranged by phone & letter the terms of my stay, with the hostess, but when I arrived at Cusgarne Wollas, she was feeling ill & in bed, so I introduced myself to my host...
    Things got off to a poor start - he just sat in his armchair in the barn, staring at me as if I had just arrived from another planet, & ignored my attempt to shake hands...
    He was brusque & just ordered me to move on in, then...
    His wife had given me detailed instructions over the phone, to move into the caravan, so I went & did this, but when it started to become dark, I found it had no electricity...
    I went back to find the host, & he asked me where I had been, so I explained what I had been doing...
    0f course, this was all wrong, he wanted me to move into a room in the barn, but he never bothered to explain this & it was all supposed to be my fault!
    He also contradicted what his wife had told me, that there was still plenty of work to do - he said I had arrived at the wrong time of year...
    It was becoming obvious that this host & hostess were not communicating, & I was 'stuck between a rock & a hard place...
    Next day I met my hostess, & she repeated all what had been written, & that she wanted me to lay a path outside & clear the blackcurrant field, which can be done anytime of year...
    However, having shown me where to walk, she departed the premises to take a flight to Scotland for a holiday!
    In other words, I was left alone with a host who clearly did not want me around, because he only wanted workers on his side of the farm, not his wife's side...
    I tried to make some converstaion with him when he said he was interested in sailing, by mentioning places I have written about on here, with such links, such as Harwich & the Walton backwaters...
    He just cut my sentence short & said he was only interested in Cornwall (see separate Cornish Nationalism tip...)
    What he did make clear was that he only respected Japanese volunteers (see separate WWOOF UK tip...)
    He made xenophobic remarks about all the other nationalities he had used for free grafting, such as;
    "A French girl was volunteering here - she was so ugly she put me off my food, & of course, she always sat opposite me at mealtimes, so I could not escape looking at her face - you would think with that face, she would have learnt to compensate for what nature denied her, with a pretty personality, but no - well, she was French!"
    I spent an entire weekend clearing the thoroughly choked with briars, blackcurrant field, & on the Sunday evening, the next door neighbour appeared at the fence & admired my work!
    I said it was a proper bramble patch, & the neighbour agreed, obviously relieved the overgrown eyesore had been cleared...
    About an hour later, my host appeared in the field, looked at my work, then me, but 'silence was his stern reply', before he turned around & went back indoors again!
    This was the last insult I was prepared to take from him...
    So, I did my Elvis impression & 'left the building'...

    Unique Suggestions: 0nly go there if you have low self-esteem & are a glutton for punishment!
    0r Japanese...

    Fun Alternatives: English farmers are not impoverished like they pretend to be - do not be fooled into working for free, it is just exploitation - find a genuine employment agency & be sure they pay you at least UK minimum wage...

    It's Cornish... What did he say behind your back?
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Truro Favorites

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  • City of Lights - Lantern Festival

    November can be one of the most miserable months of the year but around the third week into the month the ‘City of Lights’ festival lifts the gloom with a parade of glowing lanterns made out of tissue and withies.Usually coinciding with the switch-on of the Christmas lights this small city comes alive with dance and music from local groups and...

  • History of Truro

    There has been a town here since the 12th century when Richard Lucy, Chief Justice of England in the reign of Henry II, built a castle at the top of what is now Castle Street. Remains of the castle were found during excavations for the cattle market that was held there until recent years. It is now the site of the Courts of Justice, the County...

  • Truro is Located HERE

    When you have driven this far in England, you don't have to drive very much further to reach the Ocean! Truro (the 'black' dot in the map) is centrally located in Cornwall, being only about 9-10 miles from either the north coast or the south coast and, if you keep on heading west for another 30 miles (50 km), you will find yourself at Land's End,...


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