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  • Landscapes near Grasmere
    Landscapes near Grasmere
    by spidermiss
  • Grasmere Lake, Lake District National Park
    Grasmere Lake, Lake District National...
    by spidermiss
  • Landscapes near Grasmere
    Landscapes near Grasmere
    by spidermiss

Grasmere Things to Do

  • Buy some Gingerbread

    We visited the The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop specifically for Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread. We tasted and bought enough for ourselves and other family and friends, some of whom may have received the yummy gifts and some not.If your on a hiking holiday in the Lake District then these biscuits are ideal for the rucksack.It's a small shop, so...

  • Walk around a lake

    I did this last year, end March 2010, and it snowed. The hill-tops were dusted with snow and it was beautiful. We parked at White Moss Common, to the South of the Lake, which is a lovely picnic spot in itself. We had our lunch here watching the ducks, there are loos here which helps too! We set off walking around the left hand-side of the lake, as...

  • See some daffodils

    Luckily my visit was at the end of March 2011 (warmer and wetter) and the daffodils were in full bloom, I went the year before at the same time and they were not out yet (very cold then). It really does depend on the weather. The Wordsworth Daffodil garden is beautiful, just behind St Oswald's Church with the river running along one side, you'll...

  • Visit a graveyard

    To see the Wordsworth family graves in the graveyard of St.Oswald's church.The church has its roots in the 7th century when it is said that St Oswald preached on the site but the actual church there today dates from the 13th century. The major draw here are the graves and the daffodil garden, it's a pretty graveyard anyhow. The Wordsworth graves...

  • Walk up a tarn

    A trip to the Lakes is not complete without the odd walk or two. We bought some walking leaflets in a visitor centre and the woman at the desk said this was the best one. This one is called Easedale Tarn. We parked in the main Grasmere car park (there is a public loo here too) and set off, we packed some juice and a cereal bar to have at the top...

  • Dove Cottage - Home of William...

    We decided to take a tour of Dove Cottage which was the poet William Wordsworth's home from 1799-1808. Here he wrote some of his best poetry such as "Daffodils" and his sister Dorothy wrote her "Grasmere Journals". Wordsworth had fallen in love with the Lake District and in particular Grasmere while on an earlier walking tour with his friend Samuel...

  • Sarah Nelson's Gingerbread Shop

    It is well worth a visit to buy some of Sarah Nelson's famous gingerbread which sells for around £2 per small pack. The shop opens from 9.15am - 5.30pm Mon-Sat and 12.30pm-5.30pm on Sundays but times may vary in the winter months.Sarah Nelson was a cook to Lady Marie Farquhar of Grasmere and it was during this time that she developed her...

  • Continuing The Walk

    Back at "ground level" you continue on the way to Rydal Water by following the river Rothay and staying on the right hand bank. The bridge over the river is quite picturesque and on the other side is a nice bit of woodland walk and some other picnic spots that you can find by the lake.To go on to Rydal Water you have to follow the path you can see...

  • A Walk Around The Lake

    There's a very pleasant and easy walk that you can do, either around Grasmere lake or around Grasmere and Rydal Water. In both cases you can do either a full circuit or take the bus back after completeing half of the trip (the "half of the trip" is the nicest part).To get to Grasmere lake you have to walk down the road out of the village that heads...

  • St Oswald's Church

    St Oswald's is (in my mind) a quite unattractive church, with it's discoloured pebble-dashing and plain lines. It's churchyard is worth a visit though, especially for those interested in the poet William Wordsworth. Not only are he and his wife Mary buried here, but also his sister Dorothy, and his children Dora, William, Thomas and Catherine.

  • Dove Cottage

    However you get back to Grasmere, stop off at Dove Cottage on the way. This is by the main A591 road near one of the turn-offs to Grasmere village. The location of Dove Cottage is actually the hamlet of Town End.The famous English poet William Wordsworth lived here for about 8 years at the start of the 1800's and it has now been bought by the...

  • And Then...

    You have three choices:Walk back to Grasmere via the path by the road; Walk back via an elevated route on the hill above the road (get to this path by going up past Rydal Mount and then go left);Get the bus back.We usually take option 1, though it's possibly the least attractive option.

  • The End Is Nigh

    Whichever route you take you'll eventually round the head of Rydal Water and cross the river that runs out of it eventually come to the road.Just over the road is a hotel & bar - "The Badger Bar", a welcome sight after the long walk, most likely more for the fact that it has a loo then the fact you're desperate for a beer! If you're unlucky you'll...

  • Alternative Route

    Another way to get from Grasmere to Rydal Water is to climb up the hill behind the beach at Grasmere and get onto Loughrigg Terrace. There's a distinct track leading up here from just around the bridge over the river. Follow it up until you get to the obvious left-right track that skirts around the hill. Follow that path in the direction that the...

  • On To Rydal

    You have to kind of take a right furher along the path, well before you reach the car park and road, and go up over a small hill and through a gate in a wall and... hey presto, Rydal is in view! This is a lovely little lake - really small, and with an island in the middle. Again, it's a nice place to stop for picnics and relaxing, and also some...

  • Wildlife

    Well we didn't see any Dippers by this stretch of river but we did see a frog (or maybe it's a toad, I don't know it). This little fella was standing right in our path and really didn't want to move!

  • Birdwatching

    This stretch of river is good for seeing one of our favourite birds - the Dipper. This bird lives by water, especially fast flowing ones, and hunts for food "underwater", clinging to stones and seaching below the water level for food. We almost always see one when we're here, though we didn't on this occasion when we visited with Sabs.

  • Langdale Views

    This is the view from Loughrigg towards Langdale. The water in the foreground is Elterwater, beyond that is Little Langdale.

  • Top Of The World

    Once you're at the top of Loughrigg you can see for miles. It's not the tallest of hills, but it's tall enough. Other than Grasmere you can see way into the distance to Windermere (see the pic) and also into Langdale. Rydal is below us too, but it's too near for us to see because of the fall of the hill.

  • Climbing High

    It's nice to sit by Grasmere, at the bottom of Loughrigg and just relax. But I'm not keen on just sitting when I know there's a great view waiting to be discovered. If you climb the hill directly behind you (Loughrigg) you will see the view of the lake opening up as you get higher and higher.It's a strenuous little climb, and there's no real track...

  • Waterside Fun

    The gently sloping pebble beach makes this a good spot for paddling or swimming from. It needs to be a bit warmer than it was this day though, so skimming stones is all I got up to this time.In the height of summer this place will be teeming with kids all splashing around and running about. Not quite so tranquil, but nice to watch them having fun.

  • Restful Beach

    At the opposite end of the lake from the village (about 20 minutes after reaching the lakeshore path) is this bit of beach. It's right below Loughrigg and is at the point where the lake flows out into the river. It's a really popular place for a picnic and sometimes there are hoards of people there. This day it was only spring, so the hoards were...

  • Hills & Lakes

    This view across the lake is stupendous. It's taken in late autumn when the hills are turning from green to brown, and the light has that lovely crispness about it that you get when it's cold. This pic is taken from just a short way around the lakeshore path.

  • Beautiful Lake Views

    After the long walk down the lane from the village you do eventually come to the path down to the lake. Sometimes this walk seems really tedious, sometimes it's not so bad - there's some fleeting views across the lake and hills, and some nice (And big) houses dotted along the road.When you eventually reach the path to the lake, it's this kind of...


Grasmere Hotels

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Grasmere Restaurants

  • Sit outside by the river

    This is the sister cafe of the Potting Shed a little further away, this one is on the main high street opposite a mini arcade (where we bought some gingerbread to eat with our coffee).We only got a coffee here, service was good; they brought our order out to us quickly and the coffee was tasty too. The setting was beautiful; we sat outside righht...

  • Great Veggie Restaurant

    Absolutely wonderful veggie restaurant, set by the river overlooking the church in the centre of Grasmere. There's a nice outdoor area, and a pleasant "rustic" interior.The food is 100% veggie, and more in the keeping of "wholefood" too - good, no-nonsense home cooking. For some reason they don't shout about their veggieness - the website makes no...

  • Picnic

    A great place for a picnic - just look at the views! And the gently sloping grassy bank is just great for sitting & lying on too, And it's a natural time for a break , as it's about 1/2 way into the walk to Rydal.Just bear in mind that there's still some walking to be done, and there's no loo until you get to the pub at Rydal. And that might be...


Grasmere Nightlife

  • steventilly's Profile Photo
    Badger Bar

    by steventilly Written Sep 22, 2003

    At the end of the Grasmere & Rydal walk is The Badger Bar. This is the bar of The Glen Rothay Hotel (which sounds rather Scottish, but isn't). It's quite a nice hotel, and The Badger Bar is lovely, and especially the large beer garden at the side. The beers are "real ales" with a changing selection. Coniston Bluebird is regularly available, and a selection of Jennings.

    Dress Code: Anything

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Grasmere Shopping

  • Grasmere Gingerbread

    You can smell the shop before you see it, it's delicious. The building (built 1630) was aparently used by William Wordsworth to teach in as it used to be the village school; it's tiny! I don't know how they managed it but it's now their shop and factory.You walk in and there are a lot of notice boards on the history of the company and a few shelves...

  • Kendal (!) Mint Cake in Grasmere

    This Kendal mint cake is made in Grasmere, a large bar (170g) costs £1.20 (2011). I brought a pack back with me to give to the people on my office and ended up eating most of it myself! The shop is in a mini-arcade and also sells Grasmere ginger bread (the rival to the 'origional' gingerbread), it has a fudge and toffee counter too. The items are...

  • Grasmere Gingerbread

    A Gingerbread shop - been here since 1854 and still making the same recipe! Gingerbread.I dunno what your expectations of "gingerbread" are, but probably the stuff sold here isn't what you're expecting. "Bread" is almost a misnomer for a start, it's more like a buscuit - quite hard, although not crunchy. I find it delicious and love it, and the...


Grasmere Local Customs

  • northeast80's Profile Photo

    by northeast80 Updated Apr 19, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Where would Grasmere be without Wordsworth? Well it is a beaufitul town anyway so I'm sure it would survive :-)

    The Daffodils
    by William Wordsworth

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the tree,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the starts that shine
    And twinkle on the milky way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    Along the margin of the bay;
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

    Visit Dove Cottage where he and his wife lived from 1799 to 1808, it is grade 1 listed and was built in the early 17th century. In the ticket price you gain entry and a guided tour to Dove Cottage (restored to how it was when they lived there) and the Wordsworth Museum.
    Please check their webite for up-to-date opening times and admission prices.
    You can also visit their graves and the daffodil garden at St Oswald's churchyard.

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