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  • Off The Beaten Path
    by EasyMalc
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by EasyMalc
  • Lord Churston's Bath House
    Lord Churston's Bath House
    by EasyMalc

Paignton Things to Do

  • Preston Beach

    If Paignton Beach is the automatic magnet for visitors then it could be argued that Preston Beach is the magnet for locals. There’s absolutely no reason why visitors shouldn’t come to Preston Beach though, after all it’s only just around the corner from Paignton Beach. The main reason why I would call it the locals beach is because locals own the...

  • The Seashore Centre

    The Seashore Centre is situated next to Goodrington Beach and Splashdown Quaywest, and is part of the Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust.The Seashore Centre is partly an Interpretation Centre and partly a base for staff to organise educational activities and conservation projects. It’s free to go in and everyone is welcome.Torbay’s coastline has to...

  • Broadsands

    Broadsands is about halfway between Paignton and Brixham and has a more rural feel to it than either of them. Consequently there aren’t any amusements and other distractions here.The beach is in a curving bay which is surrounded by both limestone and sandstone rocks making it both sandy and rocky.If you like to have a safe bathing beach without the...

  • Goodrington Park

    The official name of the park at Goodrington is Youngs Park and I’m not sure if anyone really knows where that name came from, so to keep things simple for visitors I’m going to refer to it as Goodrington Park.Situated adjacent to North Sands, the area where the park now stands has always been marshy ground. Hundreds of years ago there was a lagoon...

  • Goodrington Beach

    Torbay has some 26 recognised beaches and Paignton has 8 of them, although I would argue that it’s 9.Some can be busy and others more secluded, some are sandy and some are rocky. For obvious reasons the sandy ones are the busier ones.Goodrington, it has to be said, is definitely one of the busier ones because, apart from its sandy, safe bathing...

  • Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway &...

    The Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway is a popular tourist attraction which can be extended to include the 'Round Robin'. People often mistakenly think that the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway starts from Paignton main line station but in fact it's a private enterprise and has its own platform and booking office on the Torbay Road side of the...

  • Paignton Parish Church

    If you like looking at old churches Paignton Parish Church won’t disappoint.The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, to give it its official name, is the 4th church to be built on this site. Firstly there was a Saxon church, then two Norman ones and then finally the one we see here today which was built between 1450 and 1500.Although much of its...

  • Coverdale Tower

    I reckon most people regard Paignton as just a Victorian seaside resort with all the fun of the beach, pier and amusements, and for the most part that’s true of course - but in actual fact Paignton’s history goes back much further than that.Prior to the Norman Conquest, Peintona, was a Saxon burgh (enclosure) and then an Episcopal manor when the...

  • Paignton Harbour

    Paignton started out as a fishing village but, unlike Brixham, its harbour never grew to any significant size, which is why I suppose a lot of people don't realise it's here.The present harbour was constructed in 1839 and was used for importing coal from South Wales and exporting local cider and potatoes as well as the then well-renowned Paignton...


Paignton Hotels

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Paignton Restaurants

  • Fast, Cheap and Fresh

    Even though I cook for a living, or perhaps especially because I cook for a living, I like good simple fast food. I'm not a fan of MacDonalds (tho' I DO llike Burger King) but I am a fan of Subway.OK It's a multi-national chain place, nothing fancy, but it is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and is cheap.Here in Paignton there's two...

  • Merely Satisfactory

    With a kebab takeaway strategically placed between my favourite pub (Henry's) and my hotel on the corner of Queens and Sands Rd's (St Edmunds) it was a bit of a no-brainer (literally) that I'd grab a bite to eat on my way back of an evening - I just can't walk past a kebab shop last thing of a night, after a few beers.As kebabs go this was OK -...

  • Pretty Much Perfect!

    The much-missed writer Pete McCarthy in his book "McCarthy's Bar" (which remains IMO the best-written travel book ever - "Never pass a bar with your name on it", being one of my favourite maxims.) uses the price and quality of "Singapore Noodles" as his yardstick of a place's culinary and economic development.Done properly Singapore Noodles...


Paignton Nightlife

  • Family Bar/Restaurant

    If you fancy watching a film while you’re in Paignton then the Vue Cinema (formerly The Apollo) is situated on Paignton Green.Right next door is The Flagship pub/restaurant and may seem like the obvious place for a pre-film drink and a bite to eat - and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come here, but I think it’s worth pointing out that The...

  • Goodrington Bar/Restaurant next to the...

    During the Napoleonic War the present day Inn on the Quay was a Naval Hospital. At the end of the war the Admiralty sold the property and it became a private ‘Marine Residence’ known as Goodrington House.After becoming neglected for a while the building took on a new lease of life when it became a pub a few years back and today it’s part of the...

  • Summer/Beach Bar

    Situated right next to Preston Beach The Boathouse is primarily a summer/beach bar and has a casual atmosphere which is how a place like this should be.It doesn’t have a decent cellar so consequently doesn’t serve any real ales, which is what I prefer when drinking beer. Having said that they do serve up the local Bays Brewery beer in bottles.Being...

  • A Paignton Institution

    The problem with writing tips about pubs is that they always seem to be in a state of flux, especially these days when they seem to be closing down at an increasing rate of knots. The Spinning Wheel, I’m pleased to say is an exception.It’s been here for years doing what it does best - live music.It has an enviable seafront position with a large...

  • A Little Trendy For My Tastes...

    At the town end of Preston Beach the Boathouse has a great location with its terrace overlooking the bay. This is a smartly-presented cafe-bar with a good range of food and drinks offerings in casual, and comfortable, surroundings.Not really my personal cup-of-tea (no real beer) but fine as a meeting place and the menu reads well and so I might...

  • An Unexpected Delight!

    Under normal circumstances I avoid, like the proverbial plague, seaside town bars in prime locations like this one - which is on the main drag heading from town down to the seafront. In my experience these sort of places offer cheapish variations of the lager/alcopop theme and tend to be frequented by the worst sorts of amateur hour drinkers - the...


Paignton Transportation

  • Bus Map and Timetables

    The bus station is opposite the railway station and places to get to directly from here include Torquay, Brixham, Newton Abbot, Exeter, Totnes, Kingswear, Stoke Gabriel, Dartmouth and Plymouth.Follow this link for a map and timetables of buses around Paignton and Torbay -

  • Take the Train

    The best way to arrive in Paignton is by train. If your'e arriving from up country, as most people will, the journey will be special after leaving Exeter. Make sure you get a window seat on the left hand side of the carriage and watch the fantastic bird life of the Exe Estuary (particularly in the winter months). At Dawlish Warren the main line...

  • Arriving By Bus

    Paignton is easily accessible from elsewhere around the South West with the Stagecoach Bus Company providing direct services from Exeter, Newton Abbot, Totnes and several other locations. A particularly useful service is the #12 "Bayline" from Newton Abbot which runs every ten minutes at peak times with its final destination just down the coast at...


Paignton Local Customs

  • BMAD

    BMAD is an acronym for ‘Bikers Make a Difference’ and each Wednesday evening in the Summer a mile of motorbikes line up along Paignton seafront.The idea was conceived in 2002 for motorcyclists throughout the region to meet up, have a chat, and check out each other’s bikes but also at the same time raise cash for local charities. The idea is simple....

  • Cider

    The UK has the highest per capital consumption of cider in the world and although there are other areas of the UK such as East Anglia that have a tradition of producing fine cider it’s generally regarded that the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the West Midlands and the West Country in general are the areas with which it is most...

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Paignton Warnings and Dangers

  • EasyMalc's Profile Photo

    by EasyMalc Updated Jul 19, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Civil Enforcement officers (Traffic Wardens to you and me) are very keen on their jobs in Torbay. If you park where you shouldn't, or outstay your welcome, expect a parking fine and don't think that not understanding what the sign means will help you out because the locals don't understand them either.
    It's invariably a lot cheaper to pay the excessive parking charges than trying to beat the system. There's only one winner in this game and it won't be you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Paignton Tourist Traps

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    by EasyMalc Updated Jun 18, 2014

    If you’re in Paignton and want to go shopping for things that you’ve never ever wanted or needed then make your way to Torbay Rd.
    This road runs from the railway station down to the beach and has an uncanny knack of being able to part people from their hard earned cash with goods that will probably never see the light of day again. Admittedly some of it wouldn’t be able to because there’s enough food outlets to feed an army for a week.
    Visitors can’t get enough of it though and I’ve never been able to understand why. It does have a holiday street type of feel to it I’ll admit but I’m not on holiday when I walk down here so I suppose it’s different for me.
    I may have bought the odd pint or two in Henry’s Bar, perhaps some Fish ‘n Chips in Squires and possibly an ice-cream somewhere - but that’s all. Mind you come to think of it I would have bought a bucket and spade down here when I was here on holiday as a kid and of course played the machines in the amusement arcades. Whilst I’m on the subject there used to be a record shop that had music entertaining passers-by from a loudspeaker that used to tell everyone that the music that they had inside was by artists that everyone thought that had never existed - and of course I’ve been spotted in there occasionally rummaging through all this stuff looking for a gem that probably never existed.
    See what I mean? I wouldn’t have found what I was looking for but no doubt I would have come out with something.
    Locals disparagingly call it ‘Grockle Alley’ but I wouldn’t mind betting there’s more than a few locals that would miss Grockle Alley if it ever disappeared.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't wear sandals. The shopmobility scooters don't take any prisoners.

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Paignton Off The Beaten Path

  • Elberry Cove

    Elberry Cove is situated on the Paignton and Brixham boundary and the only practical way of getting there is by walking the coastal footpath from either town - unless you have a boat of course.The best option is to take the footpath from Broadsands where there’s a large car park. It’s an easy 15-20 minute stroll along the coastline and if you have...

  • The Clink

    Lots of places still have a ‘Clink’ and Paignton is no exception but this Grade 2 listed building started life back in the 1500s.It’s tucked away in the back streets of old Paignton not far from Kirkham House.Originally built next to the local constable’s cottage (long disappeared), it was last used as a lock-up back in 1867. It comprises of 2...

  • Oldway Mansion

    Because it's not near the beach or main family attractions many people overlook Oldway Mansion. It's easy to get to and easy to find - once you know where to look.It's situated at Preston which used to be a village in its own right before being swallowed up by Paignton. Preston is situated on the Torquay Rd and can be reached by catching the No.12...


Paignton Favorites

  • Green Paignton

    The seafront esplanade is gaily lit-up at night with rows of hanging lights strung between the regular streetlamps. As you can see from the pic these are powered by both wind and sun with solar panels and wind turbines charging their batteries - there's always one or the other on this part of the coast.

  • Sea Depth?

    When I was younger I went to Paignton with a friend and his parents, my main memory apart from the sunburn is being able to walk out into the sea quite a distance without it changing depth too much so it was ideal for kids to walk in.

  • Family Holiday

    Paignton is a wonderful seaside resort to spend with your family, especially with young children. It is ideally situated for touring the whole of South Devon and Cornwall, safe beaches lots of activities such as crazy golf and pitch and putt etc. My fondest memory of Paignton is spending my 21st birthday there with Maurice before we were engaged...


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