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Lyme Regis Highlights

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     Plenty Of Old Fossils (In The Pubs!). 

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     It can get very busy in the summer. 

  • In a nutshell
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     where once trod dinosaurs now tred wellingtons! 

Lyme Regis Things to Do

  • Promenade along The Cobb

    Lyme's port is protected by a harbour wall known as The Cobb, which has been destroyed and rebuilt on many occasions over the centuries during extreme storms. In addition to providing a handy structure on which to install defences such as cannon, The Cobb protrudes out a considerable distance to sea from the coast and could well be the forebear of...

  • In the footsteps of the immortal Mary...

    Lyme Regis was home to one of my personal heroines, the trailblazing Mary Anning, and it was a privelege to return to the town where she was born, lived and died to retrace the footsteps of this remarkable woman. It is difficult to explain how influential a figure Mary Anning was in the development of paleontology and in Victorian society in...

  • Take some holiday Reading

    Judging by the number of Forum Questions about relevant holiday reading I know I am not alone in looking for suitable holiday reading. On our first visit "real" visit to Dorset we found in our holiday cottage an impressive selection of local information including "Dorset - The Complete Guide" by Jo Draper. It is the kind of book I like, perhaps...

  • Meet another notable local - A seafaring...

    The plaque on the wall of the Guildhall commerorates Sir George Somers who was born in Lyme Regis in 1554, became Mayor and later Member of Parliament for the Town.He was, in many ways, typical of those adventurous men of the first Elizabethan Age and lived a colourful, daring and courageous life.. A friend of Sir Walter Raleigh he had access to...

  • Meet a local notable Man of Science

    Jurassic Heritage Site's Links with Welsh Industrial Heritage SitePercy Carlyle Gilchrist (1851-1935), was born at 8 Marine Parade just round the corner from the wall on which this plaque can be seen. He studied at the Royal School of Mines and, working together with his cousin, Sidney Gilchrist Thomas, developed an important process that...

  • Responsible Fossil Hunting

    Because the relatively soft limestone cliffs around Lyme are subject to constant erosion and landslips they regularly disgorge Jurassic age fossils which can be found on the local beaches. The fossils are deemed to be "owned" by the landowners (in most cases The National Trust) but in order not to discourage collectors, whether amateur or...

  • Arcade

    It is not my cup of tea but, every English sea side sports an amusement arcade so why should Lyme be any different... and at least they pugged it slightly away from the romantic, olde town drag! ;-)

  • general tip

    The kind thing about Lyme Regis is it is completely set up for its tourists!Lyme Regis provides for all our prganisationsla needs...There ae eateries galore, there are take aways abound and for those of us on self catering as in making their own sandwiches for the next day... there are food stores. You WILL eat. You WILL drink!You can get...

  • The Cobb

    The Cobb is a harbour wall which allowed Lyme Regs to 'develop' as a town, in terms of a harbour town, from the 13th century.Nowdays it is famous for it's 'role' in The French Lieutenant's Woman!Whatever you know (or perhaps don't know) The Cobb for, it is a romantic little evening walk, swathed in moonlight, sloshed at by the sea... I had a...

  • Fossil finding

    You WILL find fossils and bits of fossils... it is IMPOSSIBLE not too and what is more, there will be areas where you wil not be able to help but walk over fossils.......... it really is quite a remarkable place. A place to make you refelct that, despite the mass chaos and destruction we inflict upon this almighty planet of ours, we are in fact,...

  • Walking The South West Coastal Path

    At 630 miles long the SWCP is Britain's longest footpath, following the coastline from Minehead in Somerset, round via Land's End and on to Poole in Dorset.Lyme Regis makes for a great place to join the path for a day hike (or indeed to stop off during the course of a longer one). To the east there is quite a strenuous hike up to Golden Cap, the...

  • A Proper Drinking Pub

    Being more than a seagull's spit from the front this little pub offers an escape from the hordes. Although having said that it can seem like hordes when there's more than half-a-dozen people in the cosy public bar.The beer's good (and cheaper than most) and the staff and locals friendly and chatty. I only had time for a very quick pint but was...

  • A Pub With A View

    Whilst the Cobb Arms is, in my opinion, the town's best located pub the Rock Point Inn isn't far behind. The pub itself is a bit bland and plasticky but the terrace overlooking the bay has stunning views and even in the rain the lounge bar's window tables offer the same.It's also opposite the bus stop and so handy for a quick one when waiting for...

  • Do Your French Lieutenant's Woman...

    Rumour has it that when the Cobb scenes were filmed for this movie, those with Meryl Streep gazing wistfully out to sea from the end of the wall on a stormy day, it was in fact the director who acted as a body double. Whether true or not it is quite a nerve-wracking walk to the end when the weather is rough, the stone surface has been scoured...

  • The Marine Aquarium

    Lyme's Marine Aquarium is in the row of former warehouses on the Cobb. There's informative exhibitions of the local fish and other sea creatures who inhabit the bay. I see enough of the things at work and so gave it a miss but for a rainy day thing to do (if you're not a pub person) it looks quite interesting.On the wall outside there's a...

  • Side trip to the town of Beer

    While you are in the area of Lyme Regis, there are good reasons to make the short excursion to the town of Beer. This delightful town has less tourist than Lyme Regis but is surely worth a visit. The beach is pretty (but stones and pebbles, not sand), and used to be known as a smuggling base; it still works as a place for fishing boats. The town...

  • Walk Broad Street

    Broad Street is the primary street in Lyme Regis, and is lined with places to eat and shop. It goes up the hill from the center by the car parks. When you reach the top you can veer left on Pound Street a short way, then left again on Cobb Road, which leads you quickly down to Cobb Square. This is the point that the Cobb stretches out to the sea...

  • The Guildhall

    The Guildhall has been here since the 1500s. The area near the entrance, called Cockmoile Square, was the site of the town stocks. The last man to be put in the stocks was Tommy Pearce, who was sentenced in 1863 for drunkenness.


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Lyme Regis Restaurants

  • Fish & Chips at the Seaside

    No visit to the seaside is complete without a dish of fish and chips eaten around the harbour. Herbie's Bar is a typical seafront kiosk selling take away food - burgers, pies - and fish and chips. But this one has been written up in the quality newspapers and is said to be the "best in the west".It is for fish and chips that Herbie's first became...

  • A Proper Pub - Despite Its Location

    The Cobb Arms is situated adjacent to the harbour, on the approach to the Cobb itself. As such this is probably the best located pub in town and I should imagine in summer it is the busiest. Even on a damp March Monday afternoon it was still busy enough, being about half-full with mostly diners and a few drinkers at the bar.This is a food-led pub...

  • Pilot pub lyme regis

    had dinner here sept 13th 2008 after suggestion by taxi driverand ten hours walking along the coastal path.dinner available till 9pm pretty busy, must take over 100 peoplebowls of chips were tasty fish pies were very good, about £7. green veg was not,local ales by palmers were pretty nice


Lyme Regis Transportation

  • cars and car parking!

    If you arrive in Lyme with your car you will immediately realise 2 things:1) the lack of parking availability if you are not the early bird that catches the early worm ... or in the case one of the few car park spaces!2) The car parks charge ALL the time... day, night, weekday, weekend day... and whilst this WILL rattle through ALL your cash, the...

  • Arriving By Bus

    Lyme used to have a railway station but that was axed in the 1960's following the Beeching cuts. The nearest railway station is at Axminster, on the mainline between London Waterloo and Exeter. From there the First bus, service #31, runs hourly between Axminster and Weymouth with Lyme Regis being about 20 minutes away.As the bus crests the hill...

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Lyme Regis Shopping

  • Children's books on Mary Anning

    As you might expect, Lyme Regis is brimming with books about fossils, dinosaurs and Mary Anning herself. However, the best and most original books I found whilst we were there were children's books about Mary Anning's life.'Stone Girl, Bone Girl' by Laurence Anholt is a particularly charming book which conveys Mary's amazing life in a simple but...

  • Mainly Books

    The Sanctuary.What better way to pass an hour or two on a bitterly cold day than to browse in a book shop? Within a few yards of each other, at the Cobb Gate end of Broad Street, I discovered three excellent, and very different shops.You really could not miss The Sanctuary with its distinctive faux Victorian frontage. From the outside, looking...

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Lyme Regis Warnings and Dangers

  • Guidance on photography in churches:...

    Visiting churches is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Europe, and provides a fascinating insight into the culture which has shaped European cultures of the past couple of millenia.Unlike some other religions - where access to places of worship may be restricted to members of that religious group or a specific gender - the vast majority...

  • Beware the landslip.

    You may want to explore the landslip to the east of Lyme, but take great care. The earth is still moving, and mudflows can trap you and suck you down. Take care even in summer, weather, as the area rarely dries out fully.Remember that all the cliffs along Lyme Bay are unstable, and keep well away from them if the weather has been wet.

  • Watch the tide.

    If you plan to walk from Lyme to Charmouth, or the other way, check the tide times first. You can easily get cut off by Church Cliffs (just east of Lyme) and there is no escape route as the cliffs are almost sheer. People have died there in the past, so take care.Watch the mudflows from the landslip too ... they can be very deep and will suck you...


Lyme Regis Off The Beaten Path

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    by leics Updated Apr 21, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A massive landslide in the 1800's created the Undercliff, now a hugely important site for both plants and animals. The landslide resulted in an area which has its own microclimate, and walking through it can sometimes feel almost jungle-like. There's only one path (it's dangerous to leave it, as there are holes and chasms hidden by the undergrowth) which leads from Seaton to Lyme Regis (about 7 miles) and it takes about 3 hours to walk. Occasional gaps allow you glimpses of the hidden, inaccessible shoreline below, whilst all around is birdsong and lush greenery. Highly recommended.

    I've walked this path with my young children and had no difficulty. It's not a strenuous walk and the going is pretty easy, with just a few short uphill sections. Wet weather means the path can get slippery though.

    Get the bus to Seaton but get off at the Axemouth golf club. Walk straight up the club drive and keep going (across the green!) until you reach the top of the hill. The footpath is signed from there. Take a drink and food, because there's nowhere to get anything until you reach Lyme.

    2014 Update: This section of the South-west Coastal Path is closed at the moment, because our very wet winter has led to an increased number of landslips in the area. Hopefully it will re-open soon. Check the official site below for information.

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Lyme Regis Favorites

  • The Two-Tone Town Beach Explained

    I thought it a little strange that the town's main beach is half pebbles and half sand, with a groyne separating the two. That had me scratching my head until I found the answer on the website - both halves have been artificially created by importing thousands of tons of materials.The pebble beach is part of the town's coastal defence and extends...

  • The Tourist Information Centre

    This useful little office, run by the local council, has friendly, helpful, staff who can assist with almost any tourist query. They can help with accomodation, public transport and things to do. There's the usual freebie leaflets, including suggested walks, as well as guidebooks, maps etc for sale. They also act as ticket agents for local events...

  • Lyme regis coastal path

    we walked the coastal path from lyme regis to sid mouth 14th sept 2008, a beautiful walk, slow going through the vegetation of the undercliff route - average 2 miles per hour with lots of winding steps on the way to seatongoing towards charmouth we skipped the first section, but charmouth to weymouth took us 10 hours including golden cap which has...


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