London Favorites

  • Tower of London
    Tower of London
    by balhannah
  • Canada Gate
    Canada Gate
    by balhannah
  • Piccadilly Circus in 2010
    Piccadilly Circus in 2010
    by Paul2001

Most Viewed Favorites in London

  • 1. Sightseeing

    2012 update-it appears that for a 7 day travelcard at a rail station that you now have to get a photocard so bring a passport size photo with you, I believe the photocard is free London attractions...

  • 2. Historical

    St Mary-Le-Strand is one of two churches on the Strand, which are called the Island churches as they stand in the middle of the road, with traffic on both sides of the churches. The other church is St...

  • 3. Arts and Entertainment

    In over 40 years that I have lived in Wapping our community has got a Christmas tree for the first time which they held a ceremony on Monday night to switch the lights on. On the posters they did...

  • 4. Architectural

    I wonder if I can call this a favorite; it's more a reality of the heterogeneous architecture of London since the restrictions on building heights originally imposed by the London Building Act of 1894...

  • 5. Getting around

    I visit London regularly. So I like to plan ahead my day... My main goal is to know what do do in a day and how I get there. I always have some major points and spots and prepare my trip well...

  • 6. The Thames

    I love going around London and discovering different things that most of the times do get missed but they do play a big part how London used to be and how it was transformed over the years. Most of...

  • 7. Parks and Gardens

    Taking advantage of the wet weather, London shines with excellent parks. Hide park is a world, where several experiences may be lived, from the calm of people relaxing under the furtive sun, to the...

  • 8. Eating, Drinking and socialising

    My good friends Gareth aka Balam and Evan aka Evenith666 came to London to see various sites of this wonderful city and a concert too. But still had time to drop in to the Porterhouse in Covent...

  • 9. Shopping

    In the courtyard in front of St. James´s Church Piccadilly there has been a market open for 30 years. There are not that many markets in the very center of London and I find this one so lovely. It is...

  • 10. Walks and itineraries

    Update April 2014: new photos added, text slightly changed Although London is a large city and you’ll need to use public transport or taxis to get around some of the time, it’s also very walkable. I...

  • 11. Technology and web resources

    Update April 2014: tip completely rewritten with several web resources added and others checked. Here is a list of websites I use regularly when planning days out in London, which you may find useful...

  • 12. Money Matters

    There are plenty of ATM's all over London. I learned to avoid those at exchange bureaus at the major stations. Better look for a local bank. The reason for that is either a commission fee or an absurd...

  • 13. Londoners

    Bud Flanagan was a Music Hall comedian, part of the Crazy Gang and half of the legendary Flanagan & Allen double act. He was born s Chaim Reeven Weintrop in 1896 into a Polish immigrant family. At the...

  • 14. Ceremonial London

    Formerly the headquarters of the British Army, the historic Horse Guards Parade is now a popular site for ceremonies and parades. Being the political hub of the United Kingdom, Horse Guards Parade...

  • 15. London Quality Dry Cleaners

    You'll find the London Quality Dry Cleaners at:222 Baker Street - Marylebone, London, NW1 5RT.Tel: +44-20-79357316That street address may ring a bell as it's...

  • 16. Decorative tube stations

    As you travel around London, while waiting (as you inevitably will) on the platforms of the Underground or Tube system, check out the decorative styles used in...

  • 17. Metropolitan Police

    If you come into a situation when you need emergency help; phone the police at: 999.For non-emergencies call: 101.Police stations can be found on this map.


    You would associate London with red telephone boxes, but there are two which are green.The reason behind that it’s the Samaritans which it’s a charity...

  • 19. Filming in the City

    One weekend while cycling around the City I came across these scenes.There were filming an advert for 118 118 which is a business directory for addresses and...

  • 20. Myths, falsifications and clarifications.

    This isn't really a favourite thing but I didn't know where else to write it. There are numerous popularly held beliefs and myths about London that are not true...

  • 21. Parakeets

    In recent years vivid green parakeets have become increasingly common in parts of London, adding an exotic touch to our birdlife. They belong to the species,...

  • 22. Planning your time in London

    Maybe I'm biased, but I really don't think that you need to do a guided tour in London except if you are on a really tight itinerary. There is lots of tourist...

  • 23. In London after Paris, Berlin and Rome

    Who would have thought in far Soviet times that London would be only the tenth European capital that I visited in nine years after I got an opportunity to...

  • 24. Explore London on foot part 3

    Our third and fourth walks – 5+8 Km=13 km:Abington Street-Houses of Parlament-Palace of Westminster-Jewel Tower-Westminster Abbey-Parliament...

  • 25. Movies to get you in the mood

    There are lots and lots of movies set in London and England, some of my favorites includeLayer Cake the best Guy Ritchie movies that he didn't make, it stars...

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  • taurean_traveller's Profile Photo
    Nov 24, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    More of a tip than a query for those using LSTN.
    I was looking for a special place to post this but couldn't find

    I was at Stansted yesterday and found that the road leading to the Forecourt area outside the main terminal is now permanently closed for free dropping of passengers.
    Everybody is "encouraged" to go to the "Express drop off point" in the main car parking area to drop off passengers.
    Beware that this costs £2 for 10 minutes and £3 for 15.
    To collect you can park normally for £2.80 for 20 mins and £5.40 up to 50 minutes.
    A awarden informed me that many more airports in the UK are talking about adopting this as I know Luton are already

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