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  • The Flora London Marathon

    by Mariajoy Updated Feb 18, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Around this time (22nd April) every year, on a Sunday in April, thousands and thousands of runners of all shapes, sizes and ability, take to the streets of London between Greenwich and The Mall, for the Flora London Marathon. There is some disruption to transport with roads closed and some tube and train delays and cancellations but the atmosphere on the streets is amazing and far outweighs any minor transportation inconveniences!

    The volunteers and emergency services do a brilliant job here and there is a real carnival feel to the whole day! Well done London! :))

    The official website has all the details you could possibly need about this fantastic event.

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  • marsistanbul's Profile Photo

    Flora London Marathon 2008

    by marsistanbul Written Apr 16, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was my second Flora London Marathon..of course as a viewer:) but my brother's 5th as a runner..He's a great Marathon man:) and the most important thing that he's always running for fun and charity and he was a team member of Haven Hospices..this year his bourne was to collect more than 1500 pound and he've reached!!
    here are the some infos for 2008;
    676763 numbers of runners who have finished the marathon since first race in 1981.
    360M pound amount of cash raised for charities by marathon runners since that debut.
    710000 bottles of water drunk this year and 950 portable toilets were laid on!!!!
    This year the men's winner was Martin Lei of Kenya in a course record of 2.05.15!!!!!
    the women's winner was Irina Mikitenko of Germany in 2.24.14

    Equipment: umbrella and rain coat:)

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  • Galaxy31's Profile Photo

    City of London Mile Run

    by Galaxy31 Updated Apr 19, 2015

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This event it’s a free event in the City of London and takes place every year. It’s so inspiring to see the termination on their faces as they are trying hard to get to the finishing line. The event this year it will take place on the fourteen of June and it’s in five categories. Up to last year you had to pay an entry but this year it’s free to participate.
    Family Mile
    Youth Mile
    City of London Mile
    Corporate Mile
    International Mile
    The City of London mile run it’s great to do or just go along and support such a great event in the heart of London. It has been going on for a few years now and as it’s just a mile it does attracts a lot of people that work in the City to participated as a family.
    It’s sponsored from Mizino a sports equipment manufacturer, Amba Hotel Group, Run- Fast Retail Group and I.T. firm in the City and supports charities such as MacMillan Cancer Support, Trinity Hospice, The Ron Pickering and Lite@Nite.
    It doesn't attract a lot of people but if you are around the City it could be nice to take five or ten minutes to watch it.

    Equipment: This event you can watch it from anywhere from the Guildhall, through Bank, Cheapside and finishing by Bank station.

    Inspiring Family Run Family Run Family Run Family Run
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  • Conflictrealms's Profile Photo

    The London Marathon

    by Conflictrealms Written Apr 19, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every year, Citizens from all over the country gather in London to watch the Great London Marathon.Thousands of Runners compete in the 26 mile race through london and there is only one winner. The race is for everybody. If you dont want to take part in the full 26 mile race, the Fun Run is raced after, where people dress up in silly costumes then run. The Disabled peoples race starts when the Main race starts. Be sure not to miss any of it!

    Runners at the London Marathon

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  • sourbugger's Profile Photo

    i"ll catch you yet Paula !

    by sourbugger Updated Oct 28, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The London Marathon is one of the great days out in London.

    I ran it a few years back (I'm not telling you the time I did it in, but an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping would have been quicker), and I can say it is probably the best organised and supported marathons in the world.

    Entry is by ballot, but you can secure an entry by proving you area fast (see the website), taking a charity place and raising a guaranteed amount, or paying a travel complany (e.g Sportstours Ltd)

    The route itself is superb, passing famous sites like the Cutty Sark (the famous Tea clipper), passing over Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Whitehall, and finishing on the Mall with your back to Buckingham Palace.

    Spectators also get a great deal, as there are 80 pubs on the route, many of which are specially decorated for the day and have live bands.

    P.S Such a shame to see her defeated by the heat in Athen, but like the terminator - she'll be back

    Equipment: Stamina !

    I'm right behind you - Honest !
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  • easyoar's Profile Photo

    Jogging along the Thames

    by easyoar Updated May 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    London is a big busy place, but if you want to go running/jogging, there are loads of parks, or paths along the River Thames which are quite safe. During the day you can see quite a few unaccompanied women joggers, although I would definitely not recommend that later on.

    The Thames is a nice place to run along. You can watch the boats on one side, and the historic buildings that line the river on the other side, and you can go on for as long as you want. If you cross a bridge, you don't even have to backtrack to get home again! (well you'd need to cross twice of course!)

    Equipment: Running shoes and some appropriate clothing!

    Jogging along the Thames
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  • MichaelFalk1969's Profile Photo

    Great Gorilla Run

    by MichaelFalk1969 Written Sep 28, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The annual Great Gorilla run in London (usually in September) is great fun, as up to 1000 runners dressed in Gorilla suits compete in a 7km - fun race. It is a great spectacle for the runners and spectators as well. As most runners enhance their Gorilla costume it is likely that you will see Gorillas dressed as Roman legionaries, pirates, vikings, convicts, beach lifeguards etc. If you want to participate, you have to register at the "Great Gorilla" website, pay a fee (which includes the Gorilla suit) and promise to raise 400 GBP minimum as donations. It is a charity run and the proceeds go to conservation projects for Gorillas. If you take part, you will feel as if you have just been marooned on the Planet of the Apes !

    Equipment: - Gorilla suit
    - running shoes

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  • Galaxy31's Profile Photo

    London Marathon@ At the Finishing Line

    by Galaxy31 Written Apr 19, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After I run the London Marathon in 2010 which I had enjoyed and as I wanted to do something connected to the event I have started volunteering for the last four years for the media.
    I dedicate my whole weekend to the event as you need to be there on the day before to go through the procedures and your role. We get to stay overnight in a posh London hotel as they send us to bed by 10.00pm and we need to be out of the door by 5.30 am if your role it’s to go the start of the race or 6.30 if you are on a finishing line. They provide for the team, dinner, breakfast, packed lunch and afternoon meal when we get at the hotel for briefing at the end of the marathon.
    If you are on the team of the early starters you have a quick breakfast jump in the cars that are provided for Greenwich so you can attend the tent that is set up for the celebrities and other famous runners. Our task there it’s to place coloured stickers on the four corners of their numbers so when they are near the finishing line usually one mile before at the Birdcage Walk so they can get spotted by our spotters. The volunteers that go to the start then they need to run through the park so they can jump on the buses which they take us to the finishing line before the mass of runners start unless the roads are blocked. Two years ago we had to wait for a camera man and we had a lot of trouble getting through.
    The spotters which are the Birdcage Walk they radio through informing us that they have been seen and we need to be on a lookout for them. Usually the person in charge who’s on the gantry with the photographer’s and part of the media team he will radio to them to tell them so and so are due very soon. Which then we pick up on our radios and we are to grab them as they are coming through the finishing line.
    At the finishing line we make sure that they are ok and we give them water, then we place the medal over their heads and ask them to face the gantry so the media can take their pictures. Prior to all these the media provides information who they would like to interview and were we need to take them.
    If a personality it’s a sports person usually it will be BBC Sport, if it’s an MP or other high figure it will be BBC NEWS or it could just the BBC media
    It’s a great fun to do but very tiring at the end and you get to see a lot of celebrities but we need to treat them with high respect.

    Mo Farah Elite Runners Elite Runners Olympic Rowers Finishing Line
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  • Lozza_9's Profile Photo

    Running In London

    by Lozza_9 Written Feb 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are a runner and visiting London and fancy a run with a group of friendly people, make your way to the Serpentine Running Club. They meet up every Wednesday at Hyde Park ( Speakers Corner) at about 7pm. Various runs - 4.5 miles or 7.5 miles. For more info visit the web site below.

    About 3 months before the London Marathon the club gets really busy and they make Wednesday evenings members only but they ask visitors to pay £1. The organisers are volunteers and they are strecthed the months before the marathon. If you explain you are a visitor to the UK on holiday they will welcome you. Most runners meet at the Seymour Club - Details on the web site

    Also on the web are running routes within london.

    Any questions please email me

    Equipment: Your running gear

    Lozza getting ready for run

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  • mwe's Profile Photo

    London Marathon.

    by mwe Updated Mar 16, 2007

    The London Marathon is a 26-mile and 385 yards run (the distance from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, although that's not the marathon route) from southeast London, through Docklands and central London, finishing at Buckingham Palace.
    It's held annually on a Sunday morning in springtime: April 22nd in 2007.

    The television coverage is a great way to see it, as it covers the whole course. Spectators normally only see one stage of the run. The views and sights around springtime London are part of the reason for watching.

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  • Maria81's Profile Photo

    The London Marathon

    by Maria81 Written Dec 17, 2011

    One of London's best known sporting events, the Marathon takes place in late April 2012 along a 26.2-mile route that starts in Woolwich (just near where we live as a matter of fact!), goes through Greenwich, Canary Wharf, the Embankment and finishes at the Mall in front of the Buckingham Palace.

    Expect streets to be closed to traffic and taken over by tens of thousands of runners - both amateurs and top professionals - and many more tens of thousands cheering. For those wishing to make this more than a 'spectator sport' and actually run the marathon - keep in mind that places are in extremely short supply so you have two options:

    1) register well in advance (often we're talking 1 year+)
    2) run for charity - major charities have allocated places which they will allow you to use in return for raising sponsorship money.

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  • bzh's Profile Photo

    Flora London Marathon

    by bzh Written Mar 10, 2003

    Every year in spring is organised the London Marathon. This year, 2003, it will happen on April 13th. The marathon is one of the biggest and most popular racing events in the capital. If you can't, don't want or are too lazy to participate, at least you should go and cheer the runners. Most runners have their name written on their shirt and are very happy to be cheered by total strangers so don't hesitate to do so.

    Apart from Paula Radcliffe, the best known and best loved celebrity who regularly runs is Frank Bruno, the former box champion. You can also try to spot all the fancy dress runners.

    Marathon runners
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  • Frankinho's Profile Photo

    Jogging in Hyde Park

    by Frankinho Written Mar 18, 2003

    There are some long straights in Hyde Park, built to work on your speed. Between your fast intervals, when you try and catch your breath, stretch out your arm and the squirrels will come up close to you. I do like'em squirrels!

    Making Friends in Hyde Park ...

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  • gussymons's Profile Photo

    Join King's College London cross-country club

    by gussymons Written Jun 30, 2003

    When in London, join the KCL running team. Its quick, agile, thirsty and fully solvent - the perfect qualities needed for massive post-race drinking games.

    Travel the country in a minibus with disillusioned second-year physics students who have nothing better to do on a Saturday. I'm only joking.

    Join a running club, get fit, and don't suffer a heart attack or stroke before your time. Its your life - run it well!

    Equipment: Shoes, socks, plasters, money, credit card, shorts, t-shirt, running top etc.

    2 Fast 2 Furious - KCL X-C team in Bristol
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  • filipdebont's Profile Photo

    Jogging in Hyde Park

    by filipdebont Written May 4, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Is there a bettre way to start your sundaymorning when you are visiting London?

    Lets go jogging in Hyde Park.

    Equipment: A good pair of sport shoes, a training suit and . . . a light rain coat.

    Jogging in the rain
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