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  • our room
    our room
    by Rilie
  • Ducky in hotel
    Ducky in hotel
    by exr0se
  • Hotels and accomodations
    by juergenchen
  • Clink 78

    by juergenchen Written Apr 15, 2013

    If you want to sleep and have breakfast cheap, I'm sure there's no better offer than clink 78. Me and 8 friends paid only 25£ each for 2 clean rooms with comfortable double-beds. The breakfast was really delicous, everyone was totally pleased. You can eat toast with nutella or strawberry jam, cereals and for drink orange juice or a hot milk.
    Clink 78 has got a very useful room called "laguage room" => in this room you can leave your backpack before check/in and after check/out.
    The furniture are quiet colourful and clean and the water in the showers are really warm.

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  • Rilie's Profile Photo

    Hyde Park View Hostel

    by Rilie Written May 15, 2007
    our room

    We read the descripton of the Hyde Park View Hostel on the internet and thought it sounded nice. And then, the location is comparatively good, not far to Queensway tube station and near Hyde Park.
    When we arrived, we got the electronic keys for our room(we were two young women, 18 and 20), climbed down the narrow stairs, through some doors, opened the door,...
    It was a kind of a shock for us. The whole floor cramped with clothes and other stuff from 4 bed room). We could hardly breathe because they seemed to not have aired for decades.
    While my friend waited, I climbed the stairs to ask for a room change, my friend wasn´t used to share a room with males(it really isn´t usual in Germany). Sorry, the hostel was full, we had to stay there. (of course we had booked in advance)
    Apart from the guys in the other beds, the room wasn´t nice.
    One locker of six could actually be locked, the door to the attached bathroom couldn´t be locked at all...
    There was some(not too much) mildew, the window couldn´t be fully closed, the ventilators didn´t work(with 6 people, 4 of them young men in it!!!Don´t try this at home) and it was stuffed. Ok, it´s a hostel, I understand this part.
    At least the guys turned out to be nice, even if they came home 5 in the mornings after drinking a lot.:)
    Before I forget it: Very, very poor breakfast, cornflakes, toast and jam.

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  • Don't have laundry done at Queens Park Hotel

    by Crystalbast Written Sep 13, 2006

    I was staying at the Queens Park Hotel on Queensborough Terrace in Bayswater. I specifically requested that I have a pair of jeans sent to the laundry (as in put them in a washer and then dryer) which would have not cost that much. Well the laundry, Celebrity Cleaner, Tel No. 02074375324, crossed off what I wrote. Instead they dry cleaned my jeans and charged me over 6 pounds. I was really ticked off as I had specifically indicated laundry and not dry clean. I let the hotel know who really unhappy I was and that I felt that I was ripped off. I also felt that the whole laundry issue was a rip off perpetrated by both the the laundry and the hotel. I wanted my jeans back and I indicated that I would pay the outrageous price but that I would submit a caution about their activies on the internet. I actually had to threaten twice to call the British police just to get the hotel to return to me my jeans.

    I would now recommend not having a hotel do any laundry and I now would not recommend the Queens Park Hotel.

    Unique Suggestions: If you have to use a hotel laundry, ask the hotel direct questions and get direct answers on how the job will be done.

    Fun Alternatives: I would recommend packing clothing that is easy to wash in your bathroom sink. I was lucky in that most of my clothes worked well for that but I had thought that my jeans would take too long to dry. Had I known about the rip-off I would have washed them in my room.

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  • hostels in London - The worst in the World ?

    by stepsahe Updated Aug 10, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i ve been my digital camera stolen and 50 £ stolen. Somebody dismounted the locker from the top and stole my digital camera. I ve been to the police. Another time, somebody searched for money when i was sleeping and stole me 50 £. When it happened hostel management didn t care and did nothing. It was Wake Up london. Another story from Globetrotter inn. Someone checked in at 1 am stole everybody in the dormitory and left at 3 am in the morning. Even with CCTV, they didnt catch him.

    Girls Safety :
    Hostels are dodgy for girls. There you ll find the most pushy and rude guys you never met. I remembered seeing in many hostels guys in the team who were not doing their job and sneaked around to pick up female customers. I saw that in several places. when they are bars, the guys got a technic, they use to buy strong alcohol to them to take advantage of them when they are drunk.

    Regular probs:
    No hot water.
    noisy neighbours who just don't care.
    music at the bar until 3.00 am and you can t sleep when you want to have a rest.

    Customer service:
    Customer service use to be very bad in these places in London. The people who work there are not recruited because of their skills. Example: In one of hostel, there were not enough keys for the dormitories. I asked the reception for one of the key. All the customers kept their keys with them. The employee told me something like: "there is nothing we can do". I could access my dormitory. I was in a anger, i went out as fast as possible from the hostel and try to calm down because i think i could hit somebody. I knew it was useless to call the manager because the day after it will be the same since they didn t want to do key copy. this story happened to me at the wake up London in summer 2005.

    Money Issue:
    Some customers have been charged twice. (It is things i never saw in Hotels).
    Internet that costs you £1,5 or even £2 an hour.

    Unique Suggestions: Dont bring valuable objects like digital camera, jewelry with you. Always keep your valuable belongings with you. I used to put my wallet close to my head while sleeping. Bring a locker with you. Be prepared not to sleep.

    It s not very funny to carry your big luggages in the small british stairs. dont forget to check if their is a lift or how many levels they got.

    Bar :
    when there is a bar in the hostel, it s not good to stay there. you think it s cheaper than pubs outside or wine bar ? You re TOTALLY wrong, it is the same price than outside pubs. So, go out to discover London.

    I ve been to perhaps 10 different hostels in London. I ve never been satisfied. There were just one place that was ok for safety, customer service... It was Holland house. Even if it s expensive but very quiet, It was a good place to stay, if you consider everything.

    Fun Alternatives: Rent a room in an individual house. Short term accommodation. This is solution i chose. I was surprised, i had a small flat just for me for the same price than a hostel.

    go to see this website :

    Ask the people here to give some hints to know where the accommodation is located. West London is a good place to stay for instance.

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  • exr0se's Profile Photo


    by exr0se Written Jun 18, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ducky in hotel

    I highly advice to book a hotel very much in advance and call to get good directions because those hotel offices in the airports (especially Stansted) DO NOT have cheap hotels... especially if your normal currency is USD!! Remember that GBP are double USD.

    Unique Suggestions: If you're desperate for a hotel try to get to an internet cafe or anywhere where they have public connection to get good hotel for the money. If not, only take the hotel for one night and fix the problem the next day.

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  • Avoid the hotels located in...

    by phillygal Written Sep 7, 2002

    Avoid the hotels located in Bloomsbury that appear from the outside to be genteel townhouses with charm. They are not! They are run on a shoestring and are lacking basic ammentities such as soap,lighting and cleanliness. One in particular that I can speak from experience almost ruined the trip I had planned for my daughter to introduce her to Europe-The Crescent Hotel. The room I had reserved that sounded so charming in the guidebooks(more than 1) and that was described to me over the phone was a far cry from what was assigned to me at check in. It was the only room way down in the basement-very tiny, no carpet,ugly and cheap bed linen and a 25 watt bulb stuck way up in the 12 foot ceilings for light. When I thought about actually staying in this dundeon for 7 nights, I realized how depressed I would be, so I begged for any other room that might be available. We wound up with a room equally as devoid of ammenities as the assigned room but at least it was on the street level and possessed a lamp in addition to the bare bulb way up in the ceiling. Cleanliness is a relative term, but they did not vacuum until we asked them to on the 4th day. It goes w/out saying that sheets were not changed. If you are thinking of staying at a B&B OR pension/hotel,get recommendations from friends as well as specific room numbers.

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  • Beware from the Regent Palace...

    by DeniseE Written Sep 2, 2002

    Beware from the Regent Palace Hotel at Piccadilly Circus!!!
    We have been there for three nights and I have never been happier when I left a hotel.
    The rooms are noisy and filthy and have no showers, cost about 50 Pounds per night!!!
    But if you want to enjoy fire alarms at 3 in the nights you will be perfectly well there...

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  • syllybabe's Profile Photo

    I'm a sucker for trying to...

    by syllybabe Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm a sucker for trying to find bargain hotels on the internet and I am never again going to fall for that trap...hmm..but I think I just did again with my choice of Paris hotel. Anyhow, I just realized that a cheaper hotel doesn't necessarily mean you'll be saving money. We stayed at the Royal National Hotel in London for one night and I'm sorry to say that please, please, even if you're on a tight budget, don't stay there. It's too big and too impersonal and no one even bothers to tell you how to find your room out of the 1200 rooms that they have. Even the tour guides mentioned that they got many complaints about tourists being unhappy with the hotel.

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    I will be in London from July 9th to 12th. I`m looking for nice place to stay with reasonable price. Would you please advise on something near St Mary's church in Battersea are? Where is good or not good to stay. Thanks

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      Jun 20, 2013 at 9:32 AM

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