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  • Airports
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  • Airports
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  • There are four or so airports...

    by pwmhl2002 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    There are four or so airports around London. The biggest and the most often used is Heathrow, which can be reached by Underground (3.6 pounds), Airbus (6 Pounds) and the Heathrow Express (10 Pounds). Gatwick and Standsted Airports are linked with rail and the main rail termial for them are respectively Victoria and Liverpool Street. Eurostar train service at Waterloo International Station has connection to Paris and Brussells.
    The best way to explore London is to buy a travel card that is vaild for one day, which gives you unlimited travel on the Underground, bus and train within the specified zones. Tickets can be brought for Zones 1 and 2 from any tube station. But be aware that the travelcards are only vaild after 0930 so don't get up too early indeed. There are also river curise boat along the River Thames to Greenwich, with serval comapnies competing so check the price before boarding.

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  • TheBigMan's Profile Photo

    Best way to get to London?...

    by TheBigMan Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Best way to get to London? well that depends where you are coming from. London has 3 Airports Gatwick to the South, Stanstead to the North & Heathrow to the west. Trains Arrive into Waterloo from Paris & Brussels. Also Buses arrive into Victoria Coach Station from all over Europe.
    The best way to see London is by Bus. Always best to get your bearings by doing a City Bus Tour. Once you have your bearings by a Travelcard and Explore, valid for all London buses and the Tube (London Underground).

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  • lesliehowie's Profile Photo

    All major airports have direct...

    by lesliehowie Written Aug 26, 2002

    All major airports have direct rail and/or bus links to the city
    The best way to travel is on the underground. But if you want to see the sights buses are best, you can use the regular bus service (for which you can buy a day ticket at any bus station) or use the guided tours which have various pick up points around London. These are of course not as flexible as travelling on your own.

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  • aldo007's Profile Photo

    London is serviced by five...

    by aldo007 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    London is serviced by five airports Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and London City Airport. Travel between these and the city centre is easily accessible, with frequent train and bus services.
    The London Underground (called 'the tube') is the world's oldest subway system. Trains run regularly on a daily basis between about 05:30 and 00:30. There are plenty of bus routes in London, as well as other train services. When these three stop running (in the wee drinking hours) taxis and night buses are available. This makes it possible to get anywhere in and around London without a car.

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  • You can get to London by going...

    by MarkJeffry Written Aug 26, 2002

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    You can get to London by going to its 2 airports, Heathrow or Gatwick. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, United & American airlines all fly to the city. Some other airlines may fly to Gatwick from your city.
    When you're in London, use the tube or subway as much as possible. Its the easiest and quickest way to get around. The buses are very helpful and there are very well postmarked all over the streets. Just simply find your destination at a bus stop by letter. Then find its coordinating bus stop.

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  • floss1's Profile Photo

    London has 5 airports. The...

    by floss1 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    London has 5 airports. The largest are Heathrow and Gatwick. Luton and Stanstead are just north of London. Lots of the budget airlines use these two, like Buzz, Ryan Air and Easy Jet. And the last airport is the smallest, is City Airport. It is mainly used by business travellers. I have now used all 5 of them. I like Heathrow the best. It is easy to get to using the underground. The picture is of a plane at City Airport. I was going to Rotterdam with this airline.

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  • Tara2001's Profile Photo

    There are two major...

    by Tara2001 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    There are two major international airports in the London area. Gatwick and Heathrow. Heathrow airport is also on the Picadilly line therefore is easier and cheaper to get to central London from.
    The underground system is convenient and easy to use but can be expensive and a nightmare during the rush hour. Buses are considerably slower but cheaper and generally quite reliable.

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  • Aragina's Profile Photo

    London is supported by 5...

    by Aragina Written Aug 25, 2002

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    London is supported by 5 major airports, Heathrow,Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead and City airport. All bar City have excellent rail services into London. Or if you are made of money get a Taxi into London.
    If you are coming in by Rail all routes lead to London.
    If you are in London for only a day or 2 the best way to get around and see the sights is to take the Big Bus. It is excellent value with a free River trip included. You can hop on and hop off as you please., A quick and easy way of seeing all the sights.

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  • Airports. There are so many...

    by Molitza Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Airports. There are so many 'London' Airports it can be quite confusing. Heathrow Airport is good as it is just to the West of London and you can get the underground, bus or taxi into town quite easily. It usually takes me around 45 minutes to drive into the centre of London from this airport. Stansted is another good one as it is also 45 minutes drive into town. This is the best airport if you are staying in North London. Luton Airport is not too far away and this is where you can get the cheap 'Easyjet' flights too. (Although some people would scrap the 'Easy' part of the name of the airline. Gatwick is my pet hate... Great if you are visiting Southern England but a horrible airport (overcrowded and in the middle of nowhere) and a long, boring, congested drive into London. But there again that is just my opinion!
    Once in London you can get around easily by underground or busses. You can buy weekly or daily passes (available at all underground stations and at lots of newsagents) if you want to save money. If you are buying a pass for longer than one day you will need a photocard. You can obtain these at all underground stations or mainline rail stations. You will need one photograph (passport size) and most of the stations have photo booths but if you already have a photo at home bring it with you and save yourself a few pounds.

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  • Hosell's Profile Photo

    London,has three international...

    by Hosell Written Aug 25, 2002

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    London,has three international airports..Heathrow,just outside of the city,Luton,on North,and Gatwick on South.
    Buses,Underground,and trains
    This is a map of LONDON´S UNDERGROUND, Enlarge to see full size.

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  • Very often, there are cheap...

    by SusanneBeck Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Very often, there are cheap return coach trips to London from any English City. If you're coming from further afield, there are regular flights from most countries to one of London's main airports.
    Black taxis and red buses are an exciting way to travel around London.

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  • radzio's Profile Photo

    By air: Almost every...

    by radzio Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    By air: Almost every international airline flies to London so getting there by plane is not a problem. There are five different airports in London including the largest one in Europe.
    HEATHROW: The largest airport in Europe, handles almost 65 million passengers per year. It has four terminals:
    Terminal 1: Began operating in 1968, handles 25 million passengers per year.Major airlines operating from T1 include British Airways (domestic and most european flights), Aer Lingus, British Midland, El Al, Finnair, Sabena, Virgin Express and LOT Polish Airlines.
    Terminal 2: Opened in 1955. 8.5 million passengers per year. Major airlines operating from T2: British Airways (flights to Basle/Mulhouse), Aeroflot, Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Malev and Swissair.
    Terminal 3: Opened in 1961. 13.5 million passengers per year. Major airlines operating from T3: British Airways (flights to Miami), Air Canada, Air Mauritius, Air New Zealand, ANA, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, SAS, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.
    Terminal 4: Opened in 1986. Over 14 million passengers per year. Major airlines operating from T4: British Airways (flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, Athens, Tel Aviv, Rotterdam and intercontinental flights- excluding Miami), KLM, Qantas and Air Malta.

    GATWICK: It's the second largest airport in Britain, it handles over 40 million passengers per year. There are two terminals at Gatwick- North and South. Both scheduled and charter flights operate from Gatwick.
    STANSTED: London's third largest airport located 25 miles north of London. It has one terminal plus three sattelites. It's very clean and user-friendly. Arrival and Departure halls are located on the same level. Serves scheduled flights to continental Europe, Continental Airlines' flights to New York (Newark) and charter flights.
    LUTON: UK's seventh largest airport located 23 miles north of London. Handles over 6 million passengers per year. Serves scheduled and charter flights to european deastinations.
    CITY: London's smallest airport. Located 10 miles east of Central London in the Docklands area. Serves private and domestic flights and flights to continental Europe.

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  • The best way to travel to and...

    by Mallafri Written Aug 24, 2002

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    The best way to travel to and from London is by air. London has five international airports, with Heathrow being the largest one. There are frequent buses and trains going from most of the airports straight into the heart of London.
    When flying to Heathrow, you can either choose to go by bus, train or taxi into London city. Taxi is expensive and costs around £40, depending on where in London you're going.
    The Heathrow Express runs to Paddington Station and costs around £12. It only takes about 15 minutes, and is quite good if you don't want to sit 40 minutes on a tube. But again, the train in England is unreliable and you may be looking at delays of up to 15 minutes on Heathrow Express.
    Another way from Heathrow to central London is the tube, which takes about 40 minutes and is a cheaper alternative to the train. It only costs £3.60 for a one way ticket.
    Buses costs....... More coming soon!
    The best way to get around London is definitely the tube. If you are going on one of your shopping sprees, buy a travel card as this will be cheaper and you will be able to jump on and off the tube as much as you'd like during the day.

    Another transport around London is the bus, but if you are going to Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, the roads are usually so packed with cars that it's just not worth the hassel.

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  • miaou's Profile Photo

    There are so many different...

    by miaou Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    There are so many different ways to get to London: two international airports - Heathrow and Gatwick; Eurostar - fast train that speeds to and from Paris; ferry & train.
    Take a trip on the double-decker bus. Great way to view the city.

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  • sharkie's Profile Photo

    By plane. There is three...

    by sharkie Written Aug 24, 2002

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    By plane. There is three airports here, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead.
    Best way is touse the underground (subway). It's cheap and it takes you almost anywhere. Just look out for the sign you see here to the right.

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