Greater London Off The Beaten Path

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Greater London Off The Beaten Path


    This is an amazing piece of history that is located on the side of a fairly non-descript road here in London. During World War I, Germany used massive Zeppelin rigid airships as bombers during the first half of the war. Essentially these were massive 196 metres (643 ft) long balloons with a diameter of 24 metres (79 ft). From 1915 to 1917 they were...

  • An odd reminder of the past.

    Have a look at the fairly decrepit little post, seen here by the side of a road in Rickmansworth which you could easily walk past and never notice as it is virtually overgrown. However, like so many of these things, look a little closer. I had been directed to this by the guidebook I was using whilst walking the wonderful London LOOP long-distance...

  • Think of airplanes being built under...

    This isn't a thing to do, its a thing to think about, and one for most travellers who arrive in London by way of Gatwick and the train to Victoria.Shortly before the magnificent Battersea power Staion heaves ino view, you pass over the site if the world's first commercial aircraft factory. The Short Brothers rented some of the arches under the...

  • When in the Philippines, go to...

    I was visiting a friend in Bagio in 2001, we went to San Jose and by car along the west coast of the island, lousy roads, very friendly people, magic water and beaches, small exotic villages all over.... The REAL Philippines. Stayed there for 3 weeks, and in Bagio for 2 weeks.

  • Hyde Park

    Acquired by Henry VIII from the monks of Westminster Abbey in 1536 as hunting grounds - Hyde park became one of London's finest historic landscapes and open spaces. With over 350 acres of green space - there is something for everyone to do in the park - over 4,000 trees, a lake, meadow, horseback riding, it's a hotspot for Londoners to relax and...

  • William Morris Gallery

    Located in the borough of Waltham (or Walthamstow) is this pleasant house/gallery devoted to the life and work of William Morris. And admission is free.See my travelogue of the lovely gardens behind the house which were full of blooming bulbs when I visited in April 2002.

  • Bus Trip to Kent Gardens

    A very special day trip -- during my last stay in London I took a "Gentle Journeys" bus trip to Jane Gladstone's garden and to Sissinghurst. It was wonderful, however Gentle Journeys appears to be going out of business. But the good new is EvanEvans runs a day trip which is similiar to Sissinghurst. I would highly reccomended it.Check out more...

  • Private Car Tour Cotswolds and Surrounds

    Unsure about driving on the left, want to see something the train or bus lines will not bring you too? My husband and I have used a wonderful gentleman twice to get to places like Blenheim, Kelmscott, Avebury, Dyrham Park and Wells. He has pre-planned day itineries or will work with you on incorporating distinations of your choice.

  • Dancing Street Musicians

    We saw some fun musicians at Covent Garden. While playing classical music they danced around. Very original; very fun!

  • Swiss Cottage

    Swiss Cottage is a district in north London between Finchley Road and St John's Wood on the Jubilee line. It takes its name from an old Swiss chalet, now a pub which looks completely incongruous sitting at a junction of two busy roads , with a tall building , Odeon cinema, behind.

  • St Katherines Dock

    The best way to see London, or any city for that matter is on foot. Slip on some comfortable shoes, grab your camera and set off early for a day long meander down the Thames. Slip into the side streets - you never know what gems they are hiding!

  • wander around Highgate

    Highgate , once a village outside London, is an attractive suburb of London today. It is known for its cemetery where Karl Marx was buried, for its Georgian architecture, and Highgate school and St Michael Chapel, established in 1565, whose red brick Victorian buildings are in Hamstead Lane and Highgate Hill. Bishops Avenue , named from the Bishop...

  • Sitting in the back road of 'Marsh Wall'

    We love sitting down this little quiet little back road, in our car, right behind Canary Wharf and also right next to the river. Sometimes we take a flask of coffee to drink, sometimes we take our lattes from MacD's and sit there drinking that, having a ciggie and just watching the world go by. We've seen boats moored here, we hear the seagulls,...

  • More Cranes @ Canary Wharf

    Yes, some more pictures of the majestic cranes. I do love the cranes everywhere around London at the moment, I have never seen so many at one time. But it also scares me a little around Canary Wharf, as too many new buildings could ruin the look of this very special place.

  • London Metropolitan University

    A bit of visual stimulation in the unremarkable Holloway Road is is this building designed by Daniel Libeskind. He describes it as "three intersecting volumes with a distinctive presence on the street and unique interior spaces". I havn't been inside, but the exterior is, in my opinion, a good deed in a largely dull area

  • The floating chinese Restaurant

    Just outside the Crossharbour DLR station you can find Lotus Restaurant. I t is an ideal place if you are visiting the canary wharf area. The food is quite good and the service staff quite friendly. However, the best attraction of this restaurant it is its location. Placed in a boat, the canal gives the restaurant a very romantic atmosphere.Before...

  • Birthplace of Modern Freemasonry

    Former site of the G & G tavern near St Pauls Churchyard. Plaque reads "Near this site the Grand Lodge of English Freemasons first met in 1717.

  • Canary Wharf Cranes

    Nope, I do not mean that there is some kind of wildlife park at Canary Wharf! Although the place is already massive, with all of its buildings and office blocks, they are building even more office blocks and big money apartments there. I'd love one of the apartments that will be looking straight onto Canary Wharf. I only hope that they won't ruin...

  • Solve a Mystery!

    There is a pub called Sherlock Holmes somewhere in downtown London. We just ran into it - didn't know it existed until then. Very English - warm ale, some food, small tables, locals. A nice break from the hustle and bustle. It's on a very narrow street.....that's all I can tell you!

  • Holland Park

    A beautiful green space in the heart of London that was rural until the 19th c. - a district and a public park in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in west central London. It was formerly the grounds of a Jacobean mansion called the Holland House. It's well known as one of the most romantic parks in London due to its abundant wildlife and...

  • Freemason's Hall

    Freemason's Hall is the home of the United Grand Lodge of England. ( Some might consider it the world headquarters of Freemasonry ). There is a museum downstairs and a library for scholars doing masonic research. There are many lodgerooms, some of which can be seen during tours which they give periodically. They're at 60 Great Queen Street near...

  • One of its kind - Insurance Market

    Visit the Lloyd's building, home of the insurance institution Lloyd's of London.The building stands out with a stainless steel staircases structure. Very innovative which designed all its staircase, lifts, electrical power conduits and water pipes on the outside, leaving a clean uncluttered space inside. And sure this design helps the busy people...

  • Walking under the river

    The easiest way to get to Greenwich is by taking the Docklands light rail there. The funnest way is by walking under the River Thames in a tunnel. The tunnel goes from the London side, under/thru the water to the other side, to Greenwich.The walk under takes 10 minutes. Ther are elevators on either side if I recall taking you down to it and up...

  • A Walk in a National Trust Park

    Morden Hall Park was beautiful when I visited in late June. The River Wandie had birds; the deer park was nice and shady, while the rose garden was in glorious bloom. The Riverside Cafe provided a place for some mid morning refreshment.The tram to Phipps Bridge Station leaves you off right by the Park.

  • A bit of india in west london

    If you are ever around ealing it is worth taking the 207 bus up to southall. I feel it is a really special place, it has been the focus for the indian community in west london for over fifty years and about 75% of the population is indian. it is full of all things indian from jewlery, clothing, nick nacks and of course food. There are so many...

  • Business District

    The City, which is the business district of London, is deserted at night and on the weekends. In my opinion, that is the best and safest time to explore it. There is no one around and even homeless people don't stay there. It is peaceful and a great place to contemplate life. You can get great night pictures of St. Paul's Cathedral or the Tower...

  • Kew gardens

    The Que gardens are a really nice place to visit for the variety of botanical specimens that they have cultured. They have this nice toy train that you around the park. There is also englands only pagoda in the park. They have a nice place to buy all kinds of plant seeds , samplings , clearly a plant lovers paradise.

  • Tilbury Fort

    On the River Thames, east of London, is a historic site called Tilbury Fort. Originally built by King Henry VIII in the early 16th century, this fort served until 1950. It was here, in 1588, that Queen Elizabeth I reviewed her fleet as it left to do battle with the Spanish Armada. Most of the present structure was built under King Charles II in...

  • River Tow Paths 2

    Another fantastic walk is from Hammersmith to Richmond along the Thames Path on the south side of the river. It's a fair distance but on a hot summers day it's quite nice. Plus once you get to Richmond there are plenty of pubs to wet your whistle after the three hour walk. Or you could cycle it which is just as nice.

  • Canals & River Tow Paths

    Take a look at a map of the canals and tow paths around central London, find a section to walk and you can experience a different view of London. One walk is from Regents Park, along the Grand Canal. Head west and you will eventually make it to Little Venice. See some of the bigger and more expensive houses in London and there are a couple of pubs...

  • Hippodrome Night Club

    Probably the first London Night Club I went. Very cool, between Leiscester Square and Covent Garden. Long ques, nice music etc.... just one problem, it closes at 5 am like most CLubs in London, so if you are too happy and you want to continue you will have to ask for an After Club there.Other Clubs next to Hippodrome are: Limelight, it is a...

  • Liberty's

    Another Shopping Center, like Harrods, very cool. In the ground floor there are areas which change every month and they sell for example all kind of products in orange. From orange soaps to shirts etc....

  • Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

    A fanastic excursion, just 21 miles north of London, and easily reached by train -- 25 minutes out of Kings Cross, Hatfield Station is directly opposite the entrance to Hatfield Park.Hatfield House is still home to the celebrated Salisbury line. Built by the First Earl, Robert Cecil, who was given the old Royal Palace of Hatfield in a "house...

  • Crossing Abbey Road

    Everyone's a Beatles fan - even just a little. For the curious, nostalgic and die-hard Beatlemaniacs, crossing Abbey Road is a must. (Actually, it didn't take a lot of ingenuity on their part; they just crossed the street in front of Abbey Road studios...on Abbey Road...for the cover guessed it...Abbey Road.)How to get there? It's as...

  • Mad museum!

    Most people head straight for the British Museum, Tate, V&A... when in london. They are all fantastic, but the Sir John Soanes Museum in Holborn is a completely wacky little museum, perfect if you dont feel like getting lost in the vast halls of the big museums. Sir John was a victorian (i think!?) architect and a total packrat, the house is...

  • Stonehenge

    Okay, so Stonehenge is actually a place itself. It's just outside of Salisbury, England. I'm putting it under London because the only attraction there is the stone circle. It's the most complete stone circle in England. We were given headsets to explain all about the history of the circle. Unfortunately you are no longer allowed to touch the stones...

  • Windsor Castle

    We took a bus tour that took us from London to Windsor to Stonehenge to Bath and back to London all in one day. It was very tiring, but totally worth it. It allowed us to see many things in southern England and travel from the comfort of our bus. It was quite nice. The only thing that sucked about it is that we had to get up extremely early to go,...

  • Watch Airplanes Take Off Over Your Head!

    Interested of aircraft and got an hour or two to spare at Heathrow then head up to the observation deck where you can watch planes coming & going.

  • Travelling by canal boat

    It's slow going-- runners, bikers, and even fast walkers pass on the path that runs along side the canal, but you are relaxing and enjoying the view. No worries, you'll get there eventually...Time to get from Little Venice to Camden Lock: about 50 min.average miles per hour: 4

  • Picadilly

    Tower Records ( music, videos...). From here you can walk to Soho, Covent Garden, Oxford Circus, West End. Chinatown.

  • Candem Town Market

    Much bigger than Portobello Market but shops no as classical as there. Cyber shops, drug stores, piercings....Do not miss the cyber store in the black devils area

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Greater London Off The Beaten Path

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