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Richmond Things to Do


    The present bridge was opened in 1903 by Edward VII, and connects the south and north circular roads. The first bridge was built in 1759 but only lasted 30 years as a new bridge replaced it in 1789., and tolls were charged until they were abolished in 1873. The bridge was eventually replaced in 1903 by the present day bridge.

  • IS IT WORTH IT ???

    I did not enter Kew Gardens as i thought it was rather expensive at £16 entrance fee, plus £6.50 to park the car if you have one. But walking by the Thames you can see how beautiful it is as you can catch a glimpse of the gardens and some of the structures inside.


    An eyot is an island in the Thames and were created over 1000's of years as the Thames meandered towards the sea creating mud banks and different channels at the bends forming the eyots. There are roughly 180 islands, some accessible by bridge, some by boat. Thirty of the islands are inhabited by houseboats, single houses or small settlements. Some...


    Stroll along the side of the river on the Thames walk and you will be surprised what you can see. The path is surrounded by trees for most of the way, and a small canal on the left hand side separates the path from Old Deer Park and Kew Gardens. Good views of houseboats and life along the river. The walk will take 90 minutes at the most. There is a...


    Richmond lock has a footbridge over it and is the furthest downstream of all the Thames locks. It was open in 1894 but it is closed at night for pedestrians. The lock ensures that there is always 1.72m of water between Richmond and Teddington. For 2 hours each side of high tide the sluice gates are raised into the pedestrian bridge structure so...


    The King's Observatory can be found in Old Deer Park as well as obelisks which indicated where the original meridian line was. The observatory was built in 1769 and the obelisks were installed for adjusting the instruments at the observatory. At one time London's official time was taken from here and the time piece was made by Benjamin Vulliamy,...


Richmond Hotels

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  • Scotch Corner Hotel

    Junction A1/A66 Richmond, near Darlington, Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire, DL10 6NR, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • The Coach and Horses

    8 Kew Green, Richmond, TW9 3BH, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Petersham Hotel

    Didnt stay,not at £200 for a room,we just went into the bar darnk and admired the view of the...


Richmond Restaurants


    Could not resist going downstairs to this unique pub restaurant. I had already eaten next door so i just had a half int but the food that was being dished out looked delicious. Hopefully i will have a chance to return and taste the fayre. You have to go down some steps to enter the basement pub otherwise you would not know it was there. There seems...

  • have a pint, forget the food

    I popped in here for a pint the other day and felt a little peckish so i ordered chicken and chips. Never again -- it was tasteless !!! The pub is fine for its ambience and has two fires in the winter months. and in the summer there is a patio. It is located in the heart of Richmond near the old city hall.

  • The best meal I have had for years.

    I am fortunate enough to have eaten in some very wonderful restaurants over the years, and by that I don't necessarily mean fine dining. I am equally happy in some little place out of the way with well cooked local food as I am in a good restaurant, and I hope this is reflected in my tips. I don't think I am mistaken, however, when I composed the...


Richmond Nightlife

  • Britannia - historic Richmond pub

    Located just off Richmond High Street, down a cute little cobbled lane toward Richmond Green, is the Britannia pub. The Britannia is a real traditional English pub, with décor that looks like it hasn't been updated for a century, and some locals that looks like they have been around for almost as long.The pub has a lovely paved garden at the rear,...

  • Be at One - cocktails

    Be at One is a small chain of bars that have a huge cocktail menu and offer tempting Happy Hour specials each evening. The time Happy Hour runs from seems to change each day, so best refer to their website if you want to time your visit to take advantage of their two-for-one cocktails. I have only been to the Richmond branch once. The music was...

  • The Cricketers - pub by Richmond Green

    The Cricketers is an historic pub located opposite Richmond Green. Split over two floors it is a very popular place for a drink, a cheap meal or to watch the sport. On a sunny day it is nice to sit upstairs with the window open, looking over the Green, or if you are lucky you may bag one of the tables out the front. My last visit was on the day of...


Richmond Transportation


    Several companies offer trips on the river from Richmond, but the only one that offers a scheduled service is the Westminster Passenger Association which runs between April and October. They run between Westminster Pier and Hampton Court and pass by many famous attractions.

  • Public Transport to Richmond and...

    For those relying on public transport to get to Richmond and Richmond ParkTube- Richmond Station - District LineBritish Rail - Richmond Station - Also Norbiton or North Sheen for Richmond ParkBus: 190 Hammersmith - Richmond, 391 Hammersmith - Richmond, 419 Hammersmith - Richmond, R68 Bushy Park and Richmond.For Richmond Park;Northside: 33...

  • Driving around Richmond Park

    Celia picked Diana (Diosh), Angie (Angiebabe) and myself up from Richmond Station, and we set off for Richmond Park. We hadn't got far, when we were caught in the traffic, which wasn't moving. Celia did an impressive 3 point turn, and we were heading in the opposite (traffic free) direction. Diana and Celia pointed out various points of interest en...


Richmond Shopping

  • German home from home for food!

    I was looking on line for a shop where I could buy Leberkäse - after some searching I came across this shop. It is German run and always has German staff and customers. It is a busy shop and you can also buy something to eat and drink in the shop too! A great selection of baked goods and meat products.

  • Philglas & Swiggott - excellent wine...

    One of my favourite shops in Richmond is Philglas & Swiggott, a fabulous wine shop. Read the shop's name aloud and see if you get the clever play on words....I didn't for ages!I first discovered the shop a couple of years ago, after a visit to one of my favourite wineries back in Australia. After doing some wine tasting I asked them if their wine...

  • Shopping in a good cause!

    I'm a bit of a sucker for charity shops, especially when they're in 'good areas'. The chance to find a bargain, and your money goes to a good cause! Guilt free Retail Therapy!So while killing a bit of time in Richmond, I was pleased to come across an Oxfam shop.Entering the shop, I immediately spotted a jacket that I liked- and it was in my size! I...


Richmond Local Customs

  • More Christmas bubbles and baubles 2007.

    This is the local tradition of giving guests a bottle of bubbles in their cracker on the Christmas table!

  • White Cross-"Stranded' Meet.

    We had a small, intimate meeting ,31/08/07.-upstairs at the pub- to watch the dramatic high tide.A good time was had by all-- some- who even paddled!A hardy crew finished up at Tootsies, enjoying a delicious meal, fabulous company- with more refreshment.I think we finally parted company at 12.30a.m.-the meet having started at 1.30p.m.!I had got up...

  • Celebrating the High Tide-31/08/07

    I planned a meeting t the White Cross pub on Richmond riverside.It was to coincide with the highest tide of the year-which comes up and into the pub garden.It certainly did its stuff- wonderfully.The water came up to the steps of the pub- the footpath being well and truly under water.We had a wonderful view from the balcony.I'd booked the upstairs...


Richmond Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic jam in the park!

    As one is driving through nature, with no traffic lights naturally, the animals in the park have right of way all the time!One must be careful to travel at the 20 miles per hour speed limit at all times, as if a deer should suddenly dart out in front of you, one needs time to stop in time.Having said that though, the deer move around in large herds...

  • Lyme Disease

    Lyme disease is spread by ticks which transmit a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. Ticks are prevalent in areas where deer are common, as the tick feeds on the deer which can be infected with Borrelia burgdorferi. The tick subsequently passes on the organism when it feeds again on its nearest host which could be human, sheep, rabbit, horse,...

  • White Cross 'high tide' meet.31/08/07

    Whilst observing the high tide from the balcony of the pub, which was quite narrow, I attempted to get past someone's get to my drink.In doing so I bashed my leg on the metal frame of the chair back.The chair was missing one wooden slat and therefore the metal frame was exposed.It was extremely painful but I didn't cry! But on the way back...


Richmond What to Pack

  • Things to pack for Richmond

    A Day sac for camera, guide book etc. Comfy shoes. Come prepared for all weathers! - waterproofs, sun hat, sunglasses etc. Hay fever medication- there are a lot of plants here! Sun screen if here spring - early autumn-it's pretty open in places- I got caught out on 1st May. There are pharmacies etc in Richmond. As much as you can carry - plenty...

  • What to bring with?

    Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are travelling. Whether snowy/wet/sunny/warm or cold weather, layer your clothing. Wear thermal underwear (these are easily bought at the local clothing shops), with warm leggings and a top under a toasty jacket for the cold. I have my trusty grey duffle coat, plus a white snow jacket for...

  • Richmond Hotels

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Richmond Off The Beaten Path

  • Take the ferry to the "Naked Ladies"

    On the Thames outside the Ham House is a little "ferry" that will take you across the river to Twickenham. The ferry is simply a family with a boat that will take you across for a pound. It is quaint. There is no sign. So you simply have to walk from Ham House to the river and look for where people are standing. Comes about every 15 minutes. Once...

  • Catch the wondrous azalea blooms in the...

    A group of VTers and myself took a trip into Richmond Park to see the amazing collections of azaleas and rhododendrons. It was the perfect weekend to see them at their best.I'd checked with the Park office first to find out the best time.So many years previously I'd missed them at their best or been too early.You definitely need to reach the...

  • Isabella Plantation- wildlife.

    This lake in the Plantation is home to many varieties of exotic ducks.There are Mandarins, Egyptian Geese, Divers, Grebes,Pintail Ducks, Mallard,all living happily together.


Richmond Sports & Outdoors

  • Birdwatching at Isabella Plantation

    If you are a keen birdwatcher then this is the place for you!When we go to the plantation we take our English bird book and our binoculars (and camera of course!)On Sunday past we saw the most interesting bird, which doesn’t appear in our bird book. Not only was it quite beautiful, but the scene that took place before our eyes was quite...

  • Rent a boat

    Richmond is so much about the river, Why not experience a bit of it yourself by renting a boat down by the bridge.

  • Twickenham

    Twickenham, home of English rugby is a short distance from Richmond and on match days, Richmond is a great place to savour the atmosphere. It's within walking distance of the ground and a good place to escape the huge crowds around the bars in Twickenham. Richmond has traditionally been a rugby stronghold and many former England internationals have...


Richmond Favorites

  • Local celeb's philanthropy..and a horror...

    Not a favourite thing, but a nice local story...There's a well known watering hole, near Richmond Hill- 'The Hole in the Wall', near St. Matthias church.Sadly, closed down some time ago and has been mouldering away- abandoned. It used to be my regular for years.Developers have been after the site- a large one- on which to build 'luxury' housing.The...

  • Snowy day in Richmond-06/04/08

    I was told by a friend, via email, this morning that we'd had quite a snowfall. I hadn't even drawn my curtains, so hadn't noticed!I got my camera and went out to photograph the scene, really early, at 8.30.a.m.!Knowing English weather- I thought it would've disappeared by lunchtime!Richmond is easily reached by rail from Waterloo. The famous, Old...

  • Victoria Place

    This street of houses is in central Richmond.It is called Victoria Place. They are quaint, cute and are near to everything! We have often wondered as we were walking by what they must cost. Apparently they dont cost very much as they are almshouses, and are for the sickly and poor... thanks to VT'er diosh for this info!


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