Greater London Warnings and Dangers

  • A foggy morning in London
    A foggy morning in London
    by adelinemmc
  • Pigeons
    by DAO
  • pigeon buffet inside Victoria Railway station
    pigeon buffet inside Victoria Railway...
    by angiebabe

Greater London Warnings and Dangers

  • Pickpockets, Beggars, Crime and Scams

    London Warnings and Dangers

    So you've packed everything, ticked it all off on a meticulous list and you are ready for an adventure in London. Did you remember to pack some common sense? London is a very safe place but like any other large city it's not immune to theft and criminal activity. Violent crime against tourists is extremely rare but pick-pocketing can problem....

  • Traffic, Driving and Crossing the road

    London Warnings and Dangers

    If you drive a car into central London (see map) or hire a car, then you are liable to pay Uncle Ken's congestion charge (even if buffon Boris runs the place these days). It operates Monday-Friday in the day and costs TEN QUID a day. (7AM - 6PM) There are several ways of paying it - so look at the listed website. Some car hire companies like...

  • Taxis

    London Warnings and Dangers

    Single females should NEVER take unlicensed mini-cabs. Check the GLA website advice regarding taxis, and minicabs. They also provide a phone number listing licensed cab firms in your area: "You can text HOME to 60835 and receive the numbers of licensed minicab and black cab firms in the area you are texting from. This service - the first of its...

  • Pigeons

    London Warnings and Dangers

    Im not usually in the city centre at lunch time to be one of the lunchers said to usually be at risk of bombarding pigeons (though have once had the unfortunate experience of being in the tragectory of a malicious seagull at Brighton)...but it does pay to keep your observation skills on alert when in areas known for pigeon over-population.....and...

  • Money Matters

    London Warnings and Dangers

    I had ordered my money from the bank before travelling over to London. I had asked many other questions - for example how much money to have on hand before I started to withdraw from the ATM. I ordered my chosen amount and the bank gave me 50£ notes. I was informed very few places accept the 50£ notes due to so much counterfeiting I must have...

  • Public Transport (not taxis)

    London Warnings and Dangers

    Catching a bus in London is easy - good information at the bus stops and recorded announcements once you are on the bus to say where it is going and what the next stop will be. That is until you get on one of the new three door buses in the evening as we did (18/3/14) - through the day these new buses have a conductor who presumably shouts out...

  • Food Vendors

    London Warnings and Dangers

    Just a wee bit of a problem for us yanks, seems as though most of the pubs have great beer and even the fish & chips are decent, but the tartar sauce is served warm and it could be off. I should have asked how long ago the tartar sauce was made, or perhaps just used a squeeze of lemon. I spent a full day, recovering. When eating anything warm,...

  • Parking

    London Warnings and Dangers

    It is becoming more and more difficult to park in London as there are many restrictions. Be careful where you park as many places are reserved for residents. Make sure that you purchase a ticket from the machine and display it properly. Should you use a parking meter you must leave the parking space before the time runs out, and you are not allowed...

  • Pickpockets

    All European cities are rife with pickpocketing. London is certainly no exception; you need to be especially watchful when travelling on the Tube. It's generally best to keep your wallet in a breast pocket. Failing that, use a front pants pocket. The back pockets are most vulnerable. Be aware of your surroundings, and whenever possible keep your...

  • Getting scanned

    I'll never forget the very first time we went for a good look around Canary Wharf. We had stopped the car near some flats near Billingsgate market, to take this photograph. When I had finished with the camera and got back into the car, Chris had to turn the car around. He had to drive right up near the yards next to Canary Wharf, where there was a...

  • Forget the GAP - mind your wallet!

    When travelling on the underground be sure to keep your wallet and other valuables in a safe place.I was recently relieved of my wallet containing my credit card and cash, leaving me with not even my day pass to get out of the station. Fortunately, with the help of friends and the folk back home we managed to cancel the card before the culprit...

  • Homelessness

    Beginning at dusk and leading into the early morning hours, homeless people set up their beds on the less traveled roads. They may not be dangerous however parents might not want to expose their children to them and single women travelers may want to watch out. Usually no one else is around and wouldn't be able to help you if you were in trouble.

  • Theater Tickets

    Be careful when buying "discount" theater tickets in Licester Square. We paid 25 pounds for "discounted" tickets for The Producers at one of the outlets in the square only to find out that the face value of the ticket was only 10 pounds. The seats were on the uppermost balcony and we had to climb four stories to get to our seats. Our consolation...

  • No. 10 Downing Street

    You may want to see the Prime Minister's official residence at No. 10 Downing Street. Well, you cannot even get ON Downing Street any more, without an official permit. Armed guards stand at the gate, which blocks entry. As terrorism continues, many formerly public buildings are becoming less accessible. We'll just have to live with it.

  • Don't eat on the Tube!!

    My cousin was a safety inspector for the London Underground and she always used to tell me horror stories of the unseen dangers on the tube. This includes asbestos!! Not only are you inhaling human, concrete, lead and rodent dust but just think about what has been on the seats and hand rails next time you're about to eat your McDonalds!! EEK! I'm...

  • "Stand behind the yellow line!"

    No joke but the most common cause of fatal accidents on the tube is getting hit by an oncoming train. Business people are the most at risk. Standing too close to the edge of the platform they place their briefcases between there legs. On hearing the train coming they bend over to pick up their case and BAM, a train hits!The second most common cause...

  • Theatre Discount Centers are a rip off!

    I paid 35 pounds for supposely discount ticket for Stomp for good seats. Got to the theater and found the same tickets with the same seats half price. By all show and play tickets directly from the theatre. I learned the har way.

  • Kids!

    Without trying to be too harsh, the kids in central London have no respect for anything! I have told numerous kids off for littering in the street and suffered abuse back for my trouble. They try to intimidate people and I've seen some shocking behaviour from kids old enough to know better. I know it's like this in other cities, but I don't have to...

  • What a lot of rubbish!

    This isn't a real danger as such, but worth mentioning. There are no public rubbish bins in central London. I gather they were removed some years back when threats of bin-bombs were about, and they have never returned. This means that the city is pretty grotty, and people just seem to drop their rubbish where they are. I found this very disturbing...

  • Thugs, Mugs and the odd begger

    Like all big cities, London has a dangerous side. Mugging is quite prolific as it phone snatching (while you are still talking on it!!). So just watch your valuables and bags while you are in the capital. Don't what ever you do, leave your bags unattended. Not only will thieves pick them up but you could find that your bag has been taken by the...

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Greater London Hotels

  • The Montague On The Gardens

    The concierge was fabulous, the hotel very grand, and despite the rooms being small they were...

  • Petersham Hotel

    Didnt stay,not at £200 for a room,we just went into the bar darnk and admired the view of the...

  • Ibis London Greenwich

    When walking in the centre I saw there was an Ibis hotel right there. I haven't stayed at this one...

  • Warren House

    Warren Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7HY, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Rose And Crown

    55 High Street, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5BA, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Sofitel London Heathrow

    Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, TW6 2GD, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • DoubleTree by Hilton London Heathrow

    745 Bath Road, Cranford TW5 9QE, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Premier Inn Twickenham East

    Corner Sixth Cross/Staines Rd, Twickenham, TW2 5PE, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Premier Inn Croydon - South

    104 Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 5RB, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

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Greater London Warnings and Dangers

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London is not a particularly dangerous city and certainly a lot safer than it was a few years ago but, like any major world city, it does have it's share of dangers for the unwary...

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