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    The Etihad Stadium

    by Benson35 Written Feb 12, 2012

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    This is where you can come a have a tour around where Manchester City play or come to a game to watch Manchester City play.

    Tours around the stadium are held often and you sometimes get discounts if you book online using the website I've listed below. It has a souvnir shop to buy a little something City!

    This stadium was originally built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games which were held in Manchester, with the view of Manchester City Football Club moving into the stadium from Maine Road.
    The stadium needed to be changed to become the football stadium Manchester City wanted, so when the Commonwealth Games finished, the transformation work began.
    The pitch was lowered and a third tier of seating were put in on two of the four stands.

    In 2003, City played their last game at Maine Road (vs Southampton) and moved into 'The City of Manchester Stadium with a capacity of 48.000.
    1880 was when a football team was formed which would evolve into Manchester City. We are a club that has a great history. We have had ups and many, many, downs. A true City fan is the fan that was there supporting the mighty Blues in the late 90's. We were in divison 2, and as I write this now, we are top of the premier league; 2 points clear and a goal difference of 9. This is an exciting time for the team and the fans! Come on you Blues!!!

    THE F.A. Cup! In a suite in the Etihad Stadium Champions league match Manchester derby

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    Manchester is Red

    by Charlie_UK Updated Nov 21, 2003

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    A common stereotype about Manchester football is that United are the world-wide supported club with little local support while all of City's support is local. This popular myth has now been blown away by several pieces of research. The one featured here is by the Manchester institute for popular culture. The map indicates the patterns of season ticket holders for both clubs in the M postal area in 2001. The actual totals overall were 7808 for United and 6678 for City.

    City's overall season ticket base made up over 50% of their whole average crowd, while for United this was a much smaller proportion, about 39%. Despite this, United came out on top. As the map shows, the majority of areas are shaded red. Also, there were nine areas where one club had a majority of 40% over the other, eight of which were red, the exception being M14 (Which at the time was City's home district of Moss Side). There were also 9 areas where the majority was under 10%, all of which were City areas. Thus had the proportion of season ticket holders as a percentage of the crowd at Old Trafford matched that of Maine Road, several more blue areas would turn red.

    Only one district had 100% support for either club: M17 was a blue-free zone.

    Wider surveys of the Manchester conurbation continued to emphasise a pattern where United were well supported everywhere, but particularly is westerly districts while City concentrated their support most in the east. United still had the higher number of season tickets. Across the North-West region as a whole, United still had a larger total of season ticket holders, (more than City as a whole) and only a slightly lower proportion of the total season ticket base living in the region (72%) than City (78%).

    Other research includes the Manchester Evening news football survey, which consistently placed United with about 51% of it's football-supporting readership, City about 30% with the rest distributed amongst smaller local clubs (Oldham / Bolton / Bury / Stockport etc) and other clubs.

    Official academic proof of what we all knew..

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    My blue heaven

    by BlueBeth Updated Oct 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I couldn't add a page on Manchester and miss out Manchester City! The City of Manchester Stadium was built for the Commonwealth games held here and we moved in after they moved out. Critics say that the fans are much quieter since the move, I'd say they've not been there long enough to call it home yet. (Plus there's not much to shout about at the moment!)


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    The only football team to come from Manchester!

    by Benson35 Updated Feb 12, 2012

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    My one love, Manchester City Football Club!

    Get yourself down the the Etihad Stadium to watch a game of football.
    Check the website for ticket information and dates.

    Equipment: - Your ticket!
    - Your glasses!
    - Your voice!

    THE F.A cup! 2011 Our mascot - Moonchester! Just after winning the Semi-final 2011
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    Blue moon!

    by Pomocub Written Aug 23, 2012

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    The Etihad Stadium belongs to Manchester City football club as is the football club that I have supported and followed from an early age. The City of Manchester Stadium otherwise known as "Eastlands" and "The Etihad Stadium" was first built for the common wealth games which was held in Manchester in 2002. The stadium became Manchester City's in 2003 after their old stadium "Maine Road" was demolished. Manchester City is also known as "the blues" and fans regularly chant the song "Blue moon" at football matches.

    Although Manchester United is considered the more famous football team world wide. It is arguably said that more "Mancunians" actually support Manchester City than Manchester United. Manchester City famously won the premier league in 2012 after having not won the title for a massive 44 years.

    Football/Match tickets and memorabelia can be bought on the website listed below. Tickets can be bought in person at the box office or via telephone.

    Stadium and club tours operate and tickets can be bought for the following prices. Correct at the current date of August 2012: Adults £10, Senior and Under 16's £7.00 and Under 4's free of charge. The club also offers signed tours for people that have hearing impairments and require sign language.

    Equipment: On match days the clubs colours are always appreciated - Blue!

    Approaching the stadium Manchester City V West Bromwich Albion
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    Manchester Football Fever

    by giampiero6 Written Nov 18, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    IF you can manage it, see a football (soccer) game in Manchester. The crowd atmosphere is absolutley amazing. And so long as you're not wearing the wrong colors Man City (Light Blue/White) Man U (Red, Black, White) You're fine.!

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    The Theatre Of Dreams

    by Pomocub Written Aug 5, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It pains me to write this tip as I am a life long Manchester City fan but as they are one of the most famous clubs in the world I have to write about Manchester United's stadium Old Trafford.

    The Old Trafford Stadium is also called the "Theatre Of Dreams" and is the 2nd largest stadium in England with a full capacity of around 75,000 people.

    If you are not lucky enough to be in Manchester during a match day the stadium offers a museum tour which shows artefacts and showcases Manchester United's success over the years.

    As of the current date (August 2012) The museum tour costs roughly £16.00 per adult. There are separate deals for families, students and families (see the website for details).

    The football matches tickets can be bought at the stadium box office, on the website and over the telephone. As one of the Europe's leading football clubs the prices for match tickets are quite expensive but the price really does depend on which football team Manchester United are playing and which seats you choose.

    Equipment: Casual clothes.

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  • mickeyboy07's Profile Photo

    Theatre of Dreams-Old Trafford

    by mickeyboy07 Written Sep 18, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Old trafford is one of the most famous football stadium on the planet and home to the most famous team-Manchester United.The ground which was rebuilt and refurbished in the late ninties holds more than 80000 people now and is one of the biggest stadiums in Europe.
    We took the tour of the stadium back in 2002 and it was my first time since 1991 that i had been and was not disapointed.As well as the pitch and seating you get to see behind the scenes such as the players changing rooms and the bar and restaurant and V.I.P and museum and trophy room areas.A great day out for fans and well worth the money.

    Opening times-9.00am till 5.00pm seven days a week.

    The Pitch Trophy Room Players Tunnel Me in the Changing Rooms Me in the Players Box
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    MCFC Homecoming 2012

    by Benson35 Updated Jun 10, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, what a season!! We had many highs and lows, but it all came good in the end! (Typical City giving us all heartattacks and making us wait till extra time!). I'm so lucky to have been at our final match vs QPR.

    Once again I was one of thousands that lined the streets of Manchester to watch our boys in blue celebrate winning the League (season 2011/12)!!

    The tour route of the bus (2 buses which carried the cup, players, staff, VIPs and players/staff family) went from Albert Square, outside our Town Hall.
    Roads were closed so there were plenty of diversons for motorists and buses to contend with. Another well organised event! Well done Manchester!!
    CTID 3

    Equipment: Your voice, your passion, your love.

    At the Town Hall, Manchester

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  • MDH's Profile Photo

    The Jerusalem of British Football

    by MDH Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For many people across the UK, Manchester is simply associated with two words: Manchester United. You either love 'em or hate 'em. For North Americans, only the New York Yankees can really compare to these mixed passions.

    One of the most successful clubs out of all of Britain and perhaps Europe's various clubs, Manchester United are known for their aggressive attacks, trademark red and white jerseys, fanatical fans. David Beckham, once Manchester United and perhaps Britain's best and most famous player at the moment, sadly transfered to a team in Madrid in 2003.

    Manchester is also home of football club Manchester City, who remain arch rivals of United, although at this time, their record wasn't as good.

    Old Trafford, United's home playing field, is hollowed ground for British football fans, much like Lambeau Field and Fennway Park are for American sports fans. "The Theatre of Dreams," as it's sometimes known, is the largest football stadium in England. Many important events throughout the Beautiful Game's history have taken place on its field.

    Last but not least, perhaps one of the best ways for someone like yourself who may come from a country where soccer isn't a passion, and who doesn't have the time to see a home game, the best way to experience this is any major pub or club, where big-screen TVs show the game live as it happens. There you'll experience a truly unique, foreign but otherwise familiar feeling, as the crowd shouts, ooooohs, and anticipates the next goal. Even if you don't know the players' names or the teams or even how British football clubs operate, you'll soon find yourself truly locked in the excitement of the crowd and moment. I highly recommend it!

    Equipment: Throughout Manchester and the surrounding region, you can purchase footballs and Manchester City/United football jerseys in sports-related outlets. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of pictures of football players in the stores as well as in pubs: very often they're like the lifeblood of the city.

    Old Trafford is packed to the max during games
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  • Benson35's Profile Photo

    MCFC Homecoming 2011

    by Benson35 Written Apr 1, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manchester City bring the FA Cup to the Etihad Stadium!!

    We lined the streets of Manchester to watch the MCFC open-top doubledecker bus full of the Manchester City team, managers and VIPs show-off the FA Cup.
    It was so exciting to see your team travelling a route around Manchester and then to the Eithad Stadium! We stood on Portland Street to see the cup and the lads. There were 1000s of people out to support their team.

    The streets that were on the bus route were closed off to all vehicles. Police escorted the bus through all of its route and made sure no fans tried to get on the bus too!!

    It was really well organised. Well done Manchester! CTID

    Equipment: Your voice!!

    One love, one City Waiting on Portland Street Yay!!!
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  • Soccer teams

    by jayhawk2000 Updated Oct 30, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've heard there are not one, but two of these 'Premier League football teams.' FOUR if you count Wigan and Bolton as part of Manchester.

    Manchester United is supposedly the world's most famous, successful and popular team on earth. Or so I've been told. Apparently they have more fans in Singapore than England. You can learn about them at Old Trafford, their 'Theatre of Screams', is open for tours and you can also visit their museum and megastore.

    Then there is Manchester City, who have relocated from Maine Road to the stadium built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Find out about the move and keep track of their fortunes at They also do tours of the grounds, which sit in the shadow of the country's tallest sculpture, the B of the Bang.

    Unlike Glasgow there doesn't seem to be much arimony between the two groups of club supporters, but perhaps that's because City hasn't won nearly as many trophies? And who knows, with Man U owned by an AMERICAN (instead of Irish horse racers) the wheel of fortune may turn!

    I don't want Man United to get over-exposed

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    The National Football Museum

    by Benson35 Updated Apr 21, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I loved it here!! My dad and I spent hours walking around, reading the information, looking at the disaplys, playing some of the games, watching short films and enjoying the history! It was a brilliant day out! And it's FREE to get in! There are donation boxes throughout the museum.

    The museum is spilt into four floors. There are many displays of memorbillia that people have donated. There's art work and trophies. Throughout the museum, children are encouraged to join in the fun with interactive games (adults can play too!).
    There is a 15 minute film called 'Our beautiful game' that talks about disability in football, children in footbal, the Sunday leagues, the Premier league and divisions, ladies football and more. I'd suggest to sit at the back as the screen is large - that way, you can see everything without having to move your head from side-to-side!!!
    Everything from where football started out, who played, ticket prices and stadiums, to the massive disasters that have struck football and changed it to as we know it today are all covered within the museum. There are original Wembley turnstyles, wooden seats (still found at Everton!!) and the fashion stylings of some of our football legends. The very small 4th floor is dedicated to our Olympics.

    You'll have an amazing time here and it's fun for all of the family!
    Opening hours are: 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday, 11pm-5am Sundays and the cafe is open 8am-5pm everyday.

    You can buy:
    - a visitir's guide for £1
    - credits for some interactive games and photographs
    - souvenirs
    - refreshments

    Equipment: An interest in football
    Your memories :-)

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  • Meadows11's Profile Photo

    Theatre Of Dreams

    by Meadows11 Written Apr 6, 2005

    Old Trafford- Home Of Manchester United FC

    Wow! What a structure, what a place! Manchester United are aguably the biggest football club in the world, and their impressive stadium certainly supports this claim. Holding almost 70,000 seats, it is one of the biggest and atmospheric stadiums in Europe, and I can assure you it is worth checking out, even if you are not able to get to a game. The museum and tour are VERY interesting, and there is a HUGE superstore just outside the stadium.

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  • kph100's Profile Photo

    Manchester City football ground

    by kph100 Written Aug 30, 2006

    Visited manchester citys ground to watch Arsenal away at 5.15pm on 26 August 2006.
    A frustrating day with arsenal hitting the woodwork twice, nowhere near there best and losing to a penalty.

    To get to the ground we walked from the city centre, route as follows -

    Piccadilly, London Road, Store st, Ancoat street, Pollard St, Merril St, Ashton new Road. (away fans entrance on this main road). Took about 20 mins walk, and definately more comfortable
    option when leaving than being crammed in over crowded illegal buses.
    saw one bus with its fron rubbing the ground !

    Along the walking route is clear signs pointing the way.

    MCFC were still selling tickets for this game and it was not a sell out.

    The stadium was originally built for the Commonwealth games in manchester, and is also used for other major events such as concerts.

    City of Manchester Stadium City of manchester stadium - interior Arsenal

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