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  • don,t forget light source in the night trip
    don,t forget light source in the night...
    by doncirrus
  • Crime and Safety
    by caprice4u2
  • Crime and Safety
    by JamalMorelli
  • car hire scams (green motion)

    by contractworker1 Written Nov 14, 2013

    This car hire company took £750 from an deposit for a few minor scuff marks. They ask you to authorise credit cards with tour pin code on collection.Then invent ways to not refund deposits. AVOID THIS COMPANY OR REGRET IT!

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  • jblackmoustache's Profile Photo

    A list of advice from an experienced Northerner

    by jblackmoustache Written May 29, 2012

    * In a city such as Manchester there's power in numbers. If you aren't on your own you're generally less likely to become a target of crime. Go out at night with a group of people.

    * Do not go out in Football shirts at night or shout out Football related things. You're most likely going to attract negative attention. Especially on match days. Mancunians in general are really passionate about fooball, but there is an idiot fraction amongst the city's population.

    * Don't flag down any taxis other than black cabs! Night buses run on many routes in the city so you're better catching one of them other than walking home or risking hailing down an dodgy cab.

    * Walk around in places where you are in view of a high amount of people and also traffic. Don't go down dark alleys and be tempted to take shortcuts.

    * Avoid council estates and inner city areas. What would you be doing in Hulme, Moss Side or Salford at night anyway? You don't live there!!

    * Don't trust anyone. Don't accept drinks from anybody unless you really know them. The most unlikliest of people could spike you.

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  • tommyleyland's Profile Photo

    Travel safe with Taxis for Manchester!

    by tommyleyland Written Jun 6, 2011

    Unlicensed and dangerous taxis are a danger no matter where you are but there is a scheme for all of the Greater Manchester area called 'Travel Safe Taxis'

    You can type in the registration number of the taxi you are about to ride in and if you want to book a taxi you can call it straight off the website.

    Another safety feature is you can find a taxi rank in the city center that tells you whether it's marshalled for that extra safety.

    Its all for the mobile internet so you can access it anywhere.

    Just type in Oh it's FREE!

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  • JamalMorelli's Profile Photo

    If you need help - a list

    by JamalMorelli Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    General Advice

    Crime Reporting
    Important Notice

    Please be aware that we can only deal with incidents that occur in the Greater Manchester Police area.

    Reporting Crime

    In an emergency you should dial 999 when:

    there is a danger to life or a risk of injury being caused, such as a serious road accident or assault.
    a crime is in progress, such as a robbery, burglary or theft, and the offender is still on the scene or has only just left the area.
    the immediate attendance of police officer is necessary.

    Reporting Non-Urgent Crimes

    You can now use a national police On-Line Crime Reporting site to report the following categories of crime committed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

    Burglary of non-domestic or commercial premises, e.g. sheds and outbuildings
    Criminal Damage
    Theft from or damage to vehicles

    Please note: You should only report the above crimes via the On-Line Crime Reporting site. Otherwise, to report non-emergency minor crime phone our central switchboard number on 0161 872 5050.

    Call into a Police Station

    Call into a Police Station and speak to a member of staff on duty who will take down details of the crime. Visit our Police Station addresses and opening times page for information.

    Report a Hate Crime

    Hate crime is any criminal offence, committed against a person or property that is motivated by the offender's hate against people because of their sex, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. A victim of hate crime does not have to be either a member of a minority or someone who is for some reason considered vulnerable. Click here to report a Hate Crime.

    For details of contacts within the Force click here for Racial Contacts and Lesbian/Gay Contacts .

    [copied from]

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  • clareabee's Profile Photo

    pickpockets and beggers

    by clareabee Written Aug 16, 2010

    As with all major cities Manchester is no different - keep your wits about you, your handbag zipped an be aware of your surrounds - pick pockets are in the city - particularly around busy areas such at the train station and arndale.

    Beggers are also another issue keep away - don't give any money to them. You may see guys selling 'the Big Issue' it is fine to buy one of these - this helps the homeless earn an income and some of them have said to me gives them a purpose and reason to get up in a morning....on a cold day i am sure a tea would go down well!

    don't go off the beaten track either!

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  • tim2788's Profile Photo

    Picadilly Station

    by tim2788 Updated May 31, 2007

    I strongly advise not going in or around Manchester Picadilly station between 12am and 5am. We were told it is not safe by a group of workmen. And later found this to be true when a girl who stunk of alsohol or meths pestered us. Lots of homeless and drug addicts inside the station, beware!

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  • Pick Pockets

    by tamies Written Oct 1, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pick pockets are everywhere, so be careful of your money. Luckily I wear a wallet with a chain. They don't just steal your wallet either. I went to a Manchester United game. I started out with a pair of gloves in my pockets and a hat on my head, and by the time we reached the entrance they were gone and I did not even notice.

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  • Bobsy's Profile Photo

    Be streetwise

    by Bobsy Written Jul 28, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manchester has problems like any other big city, but my main piece of advice is try and keep a distance from large groups of teenagers. I sound like an old man, but they can attack unprovoked, and I received a black eye to prove it.

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  • safety from a mancunian

    by scrappydook Written May 15, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a few tips for visitors from a mancunian!
    * avoid oxford street like the plague after 11pm friday and saturday nights unless your idea of fun is dodging fights with drunk men in ben sherman shirts and admiring "pavement pizzas" (puddles of sick!). the nightbus isn't a good idea aswell!
    * salford, hulme and moss side, although lovely in the day, should generally be avoided at night. a comment below states avoiding men on bikes. this is some of the best advice you will hear!
    * if you're a woman and you can't avoid walking somewhere on your own, make sure you keep in clear view of pedestrians and cars and don't walk anywhere near park entrances or alleyways, ESPECIALLY at night. if you have some keys hold them firmly in your hand in your pocket. don't carry a huge bag or wear visible jewellery
    * be careful about taxis, don't flag down anything other than a black cab on the street and make sure you can see the driver's ID and registration number
    * although piccadilly gardens is quite pretty at night avoid walking across it as gangs of 'yobs' tend to hang around after dark

    and finally....
    if you're not from england, you'll find the northern english sense of humour a little hard to grasp at first! don't take everything to heart, we have a habit of poking fun at people as a way of bonding with them!

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  • Salford, Scallies

    by nickieworldtraveller Written Nov 29, 2004

    I know it probably happens every where but if you come to Greater Manchester and you happen to find you self in Salford for goodness sake watch out for the scallies. they hang around in gangs to try and steel your wallet of your mobile phone. When I first moved here I would hear of people I know getting chased by them, its not nice so please be carefull!
    I don't really have any helpful resoures just keep eveything hidden and don't walk home alone at night!

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  • manchester safety

    by jondoherty1 Written Jul 20, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Now ive lived on the outskirts of a tough manchester estate for seven years and never had trouble. Let me tell you this. Im not talking about a white rough area like salford of beswick we are talking about Nell Lane in Chorlton. It has its problems and drugs are rife but if you keep your head down your safe. Its areas like Slaford where you get people ' starting ' on you and you just dont need it. I would love to see how long them people last in an area like Moss Side with that same attitude. Not two minutes i tell you.

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  • Charlie_UK's Profile Photo

    Personal security considerations

    by Charlie_UK Written Jul 12, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As with most major towns and cities, do be sensible after dark, i.e. women should avoid walking home late in the dark, don't go to ATM's alone, don't leave belongings unattended etc. Of particular note is that there have been a few highly publicised incidents of violence in and around pubs and nightclubs. However this is statistically unlikely to affect you - unless you actually decide to get involved. Like anywhere, if you go looking for trouble you will find it.

    There are areas worth avoiding because of high crime, such as Moss Side or Longsight, but it is worth noting that much of the gun violence here and across the south of the Manchester area is gang and drugs related, so if you are unlucky enough to be in the vicinity you shouldn't be targeted. The worst things are inflicted on criminals by each other and the actual scale of the problem is exaggerated.

    However, Manchester is by no means the worst place for crime in Britain, and is far safer than most cities in, for example, the United States.

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  • MDH's Profile Photo

    Be aware

    by MDH Updated Apr 12, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manchester isn't a particularly dangerous city, but you should nevertheless take precautions when walking around, especially at night. Some homeless linger around Portland St. and the Arndale Centre at night, and will probably ask to spare a quid. There are some rough neighborhoods south of the university that should probably be avoided at night if you are alone.

    Also be aware of groups of young guys coming out of pubs and clubs late at night, drunk out of their minds and wanting to cause a scene. This "yob" (British term for dumb, young trouble makers with boy spelled backwards) attitude can be found across Britain's cities, and is a serious problem. If you are confronted by yobs, it's best to ignore them and move along to whatever destination it is.

    Also be aware of pickpocketers around busy commericial streets who might want your wallet.

    Contact the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) if you have any unlikely problems or dial 999 for absolute emergencies.

    A GMP constable on the beat.

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  • steventilly's Profile Photo

    Just The Usual

    by steventilly Updated Nov 9, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Watch for pickpockets, be wary of making the wrong impression when out drinking at night, steer clear of dark streets and above all, keep out of Mosside, the centre of the drug wars!
    Also, I find there are more vagrants and "pan handlers" in Manchester than in any other city that I visit (there will be more in London, but I don't visit London much).

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  • Be Careful walking at night,...

    by StretfordEnd Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be Careful walking at night, Manchester, as anywhere, has some less than friendly individuals. Be careful not to wander too far outside of the City. The outskirt settlements of Moss Side, Cheetam Hill and Salford are notoriously unwelcoming.

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