Beaulieu Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by Ellie22
  • Things to Do
    by Ellie22
  • Things to Do
    by Ellie22

Beaulieu Things to Do

  • more cars in the museum

    The Montagu Family is connected with automobil history in Great Britain forever, as the museum was founded in 1952 by Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, as a tribute to his father, who was one of the great pioneers of motoring in the United Kingdom, being the first person to drive a motor car into the yard of the Houses of...

  • great cars of the collection

    The British National Motor Museum in Beaulieu was opened in 1952 as the Montagu Motor Museum and in 1972 it became a charitable trust. The collection includes lots of of historic motor vehicles, including These four unique world-record cars:Sir Malcolm Campbell's 1920 Sunbeam 350hpHis son Donald Campbell's 1961 Bluebird-Proteus CN7The 1927 Sunbeam...

  • There are 285 vehicles in that...

    You will Need several hours in order to be able to enjoy this great Museum !The National Motor Museum collections in Beaulieu include:• 285 vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles)• 46,000 objects• 1,185,000 photographic images• 250 linear metres of motoring archives• Specialist Reference Library• Film and Video Library

  • Sunbeam 1000hp of 1927

    This is another world-record car: The Sunbeam 1000hp of 1927.It was built by Major Henry Segrave,who made his record-attempts in Daytona Beach / Florida.The Sunbeam 1000hp was powered by 2 engines with 12 cylindres & 435HP each and it had a chain drive to the wheels.This car was the very first car in history to attain a Speed of more than 200mhp...

  • Blue Bird: the car-speedrecord of 1961

    This was the fastest car in my childhood and so it was a really great surprise to see it there in the Motormuseum: Blue Bird was the Name of the speed-record car made by Donald Campbell in 1961, who drove a new record in July 17th, 1964 with a top-Speed of 648 km/h / 403 mph.The construction of this car was quite expensive: £1.000.000 and it was...

  • Golden Arrow of 1929

    The Golden Arrow of 1929 was designed by J.S. Irving in 1929 and it used a 1000HP Napier Lion aero-engine with 12 cylindres. In March 11th, 1929 he broke the world record at Daytona Beach / Florida with a top-Speed of 372 km/h / 231 mphThe Golden arrow is just one of the many unique worldrecord cars that you will find in the collection of the...

  • Peter Ustinov's Mercedes 36/220 of 1928

    In my personal opinion this is one of the finest cars of the collection : Sir Peter Ustinov's Mercedes 36/220 of 1928. It was designed by Dr Ferdinand Porsche, who was working for Mercedes at that time and the supercharged S Type of this car has since become one of the most desirable of all vintage sports cars. There were only 146 cars of that...

  • Take a stroll through the gardens

    Originally the grounds of the Abbey, the gardens include; a Victorian Flower Garden, a dedicated rose garden, the Wilderness Garden, the Ornamental Kitchen Garden and the scenic Mill Pond Walk .

  • Palace House

    After the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII, the Beaulieu estate fell into the hands of Thomas Wriothesley, a royal servant and close associate of Thomas Cromwell. He purchased Beaulieu from the King in July 1538, for the sum of £1,340 6s 8d. He adapted the former gatehouse into a manor house, though it was not used as a...

  • The World of Top Gear

    The World of Top Gear is a must for fans of a certain 'ambitious but rubbish' TV show. You can see many of the vehicles that have been involved in Top Gear challenges over the years (or what is left of them...) including the stretched Fiat Panda, and the Reliant Space Shuttle.The 'Enormodrome' offers an opportunity to experience what it is like...

  • Beaulieu: Palace House, Abbey and Motor...

    There are four separate main attractions at Beaulieu, all included in a single ticket:Beaulieu Abbey, the remains of the original Cistercian Abbey; Palace House, the home of the Montagu family, which was converted from the original Abbey gatehouse; The National Motor Museum and The World of Top Gear, so there is something for everyone. There are...

  • Beaulieu Abbey

    Beaulieu Abbey was founded in 1204, on land given by King John to the Cistercian monks, probably in order to make up for previous misdeeds. It was his only religious foundation, and was on the site of a former royal hunting lodge in the New Forest. The Cistercian order itself had been founded in 1098, by the Abbot of Citeaux, who felt that the...

  • National Motor Museum

    John, Second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu was one of the early pioneers of motoring in England. He was the first person to drive a motor car into the House of Commons Yard, and as MP for the New Forest he promoted a bill that raised the speed limit from 12 to 20 mph in 1903. The National Motor Museum began as a display of veteran cars which the...

  • Nice carmuseum

    Beaulieu has a nice carmuseum for James Bondcars and cars with global speedrecords like the bluebird and so plus many vintagecars of last century. It is a nice castle and park also. Maybe 2-3 hours from London, it is close to Southhampton.

  • Top Gear - The Vietnam Special

    The Challenge:For one of the Christmas specials, the Top Gear team is given the challenge of covering 1,000 miles from the south of Vietnam to the North - in 10 days. And they are given millions of local currency to buy themselves some wheels. The problem is... The millions turn out to be only USD 1,500 per person - nowhere near enough to buy any...

  • Top Gear - Middle East Special

    The Challenge:Clarkson, Hammond and May - the modern-day 'three wise men' - have to follow in the footsteps of the original Three Wise Men, getting from by northern Iraq to a stable in Bethlehem, using second-hand two-seater convertibles bought for 3,500 pounds - supposedly carrying the gifts for baby Jesus (including a Nintendo console). They...

  • Polar Special - The Arctic Hilux

    This is the car used on the show in an attempt by Clarkson and May to be the first to drive a motor vehicle to the 1996 location of the Magnetic North Pole, racing Hammond going to the Pole on a dog sledge. Starting from Resolute, in Canada, the car crew won - although not but such a huge margin as one might imagine - getting through ice boulder...

  • Top Gear - The Channel Challenge

    The ChallengeClarkson gets the challenge envelope and flinchesMay: Is it bad? Clarkson: Yes. No, REALLY bad. You will now drive to Dover. May: No... Clarkson: And then you will cross the Channel to FranceThe ExhibitsThe actual cars used by the presenters to try and cross the Channel - which were actually upgrades to a similar challenge, but on a...

  • Buckler's Hard

    Buckler's Hard is about two miles outside Beaulieu, and I really recommend a visit. I actually preferred it to the more famous attractions of the Palace and the Motor Museum in the village itself.Buckler's Hard is an 18th century village famed for its ship-building. Most famously, the ships for Nelson's fleet were bulit here, and there is an...

  • Beaulieu Abbey

    I think this was probably my favourite part of my visit to Beaulieu. It was a beautiful, sunny Easter day, and sitting in the cloisters provided a serene contrast to the bustle of the rest of the site. And I didn't notice any of the ghosts that are reputed to haunt the ruins! The abbey was founded in the early 12th century by Cistercian monks - a...

  • Beaulieu Motor Museum

    The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is probably the most popular attraction. It has been put together over several decades by the Montagu family, and the collection of over 250 vehicles provides an fascinating account of the development of the car and motorcycle over the past 100 or so years. There are specialist collections, including one of...


Beaulieu Hotels

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  • The Montagu Arms Hotel

    The Montagu Arms Hotel is certainly one of the most romantic and extraordinarily beautiful hotels of...

  • Montagu Arms

    Place Lane Beaulieu So42 7zl Hampshire England, Be

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Master Builders House Hotel

    Bucklers Hard,New Forest, New Forest, Beaulieu, EN

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Beaulieu Restaurants

  • The best cream tea!

    The Old Bakehouse is just off the main street in Beaulieu and is a wonderful place to treat yourself! The cottage was originally the village bakery, and the enormous ovens can still be seen in the tea room. It is very quaint and 'olde-worlde' - a million miles away from Starbucks! We had the cream tea - a pot of tea, and two enormous home-made...

  • His Lordship's local

    You can't fail to miss this pub in the centre of Beaulieu village. It is also a hotel and restaurant. We stopped here for a drink and found it a little pricey - a simple ploughman's lunch was around £8 - so we didn't eat and I can't comment ion the food. The service was fine though.The donkeys in this picture often roam through the village as they...

  • Beaulieu Hotels

    6 Hotels in Beaulieu

    2 Reviews

Beaulieu Transportation

  • Bus #112 from Hythe to Beaulieu & to...

    Bus #112 will take you from Hythe to Beaulieu in a short ride of just about 16 minutes, the total distance is about 15 km maybe, and this bus is your only chance to get there from Hythe. The bus starts directely in front of the Hythe-ferry-building, at the place, where the Piertrain will start or take you...

  • Getting to Beaulieu by Car

    Given that Beaulieu houses the National Motor Museum (not to mention the Top Gear exhibition), it's only fitting to be getting there by car. Beaulieu is very easy to reach from most places in the south of England, being located between Bournemouth and Southampton. From London, the easiest way is to follow the M25, turning off to M3, and from there...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Beaulieu Warnings and Dangers

  • by 123Alli Updated May 30, 2006

    Do not attempt to feed the donkeys at the river as they will follow you and butt you when you have run out of food. I have seen lots of tourists giving the donkeys bread that they have left over after feeding the ducks. I know this also from personal experience when I was chased up the road and into the local shop by one of them. I recovered to go and see the swans on the opposite side of the river, and one tried to attack me!!!!
    It is, however, one of the most picturesque villages that you will see in Hampshire, and full of little quaint shops to visit.

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Beaulieu Off The Beaten Path

  • Inside the palace

    You have to pay a small entrance fee in order to be able to enter and enjoy some of the excellent halls and rooms that are open to the public in the Beaulieu Palace House.The Palace is dating back to the year 1204 when the first part of it was built as the gatehouse to Beaulieu Abbey. In the year 1538 it became the seat of the Montagu Family.The...

  • Beaulieu Palace House

    This is Beaulieu Palace House, dating back to the year 1204 when the first part of it was built as the gatehouse to Beaulieu Abbey. In the year 1538 it became the seat of the Montagu family when it was bought from the Crown following the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII.The building was extended in the 16th century, and then once more...

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: another...

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is another unique car that you will never find in any other carmuseum in the whole world : It was built for the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", starring Peter Niven, Peter Ustinov and a lot more. It was about a crazy race around the world and this car could even fly etc. The Story of the movie is based on Ian Fleming’s...


Beaulieu Favorites

  • Wildlife in the streets.

    All over the New Forest animals roam freely. The area is famous for the wild ponies, but cattle, pigs & deer can be seen all over and in many of the villages ponies and donkeys wander around the streets. Another charming aspect of the New Forest.In Beaulieu there are several donkeys, a particular mother and her baby regularly wander from the picnic...

  • Walking is best.

    This is a lovely village, and general area, to walk around to soak up the atmosphere. Gently sloping rather than hilly, it's not hard work. Walk down the High Street to the Montagu Arms pub, then just beyond that is a pretty spot on the river bank, with lovely old buildings across the water, where you can have a picnic. Just a little further on is...

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