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Dover Highlights

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     A useful place, has history, set in some nice countryside 

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     Shopping not very good apart from De Bradleigh 

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     A working town scattered with a few jewels 

Dover Things to Do

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  • The White Cliffs

    The White Cliffs of Dover form the UK coastline facing the Strait of Dover and France. The cliffs are part of the North Downs formation and consist of soft white chalk and streaks of black flint. At the highest point they are 110 meters above sea level and per year they weather at an average rate of 1 centimeter. The cliffs themselves were formed...

  • The Ferry Harbour

    Dover has been a major connecting port to the European continent as the distance from here to Calais is the shortest. After the opening of the Chunnel most passengers went by train or even took cheap airlines. So, nowadays big trucks take up the majority of the ferries and the waiting space at the ferry port.

  • From Dover to France

    At Dover you can board a ferry to France. The ferry is a usually cheaper than flight or the Eurostar. Prices normally includes all passengers and a car. Alternatively you can travel as a foot passenger. The ferry goes to Calais and from there you can drive or take public transport to Paris.


Dover Hotels

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Dover Restaurants

  • Fresh Seafood

    Cullin's Yard is a great restaurant/pub overlooking Dover's Marina.The interior is decorated with many maritime items and even the wooden floor is special.The restaurant is famous for their fresh fish dishes.The bar has great beers, wines, whiskys and hot drinks.In the summer enjoy the outside terrace at the Marina.Check their website for live...

  • Seaside restaurant with good food.

    Located in the Dover Marina Hotel & Spa, the restaurant is located just across from the beach in Dover. As we were part of a group of 30, we were surprised at how good the food was. We both had the Steak and Ale pie, which was delicious. the pastry was flaky and light, while the meat and vegetables were tender and done perfectly.The dining room is...

  • Good helpings of good food

    This pub is in a village about 3 miles from Dover and is worth a visit especially if you are hungry. They have special nights like Mexican when they serve the most wonderful fajitas. they have steak nights serving 16oz steak and the trimmings. They aso do agood Sunday lunch. They also have an a la cart menu which has a wide range to choose from....


Dover Nightlife

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    The Funky monkey has recently opened up in Dover offering great cocktails, beer live premiership ad DJ's until the early hours of the morning. Why did someone not open a place like this in Dover before I never will no.10 out of 10 Smart Casual - No Sportswear or shorts at weekends

  • Evening entertainment

    If you come to Dover you will have to make your own entertainment!!! There is one so called night club but if you are over about 19 don't bother. It is loud, dirty and not the nicest of places. it is called Nuage.The pubs close a the normal times but there is one place open a little later called The Funky Monkey. You normally have to be in before...

  • The only club in town

    Nu-Age has three dance rooms all with differing styles of music, from classics 70's to modern dance. Each room ahs a large bar and drinks are reasonably priced. A tip is to go upstairs and get served a either of two bars as most people go to the first bar as they go through the door.Hopefully the new management will improve the standards and be far...


Dover Transportation

  • Eurolines

    Eurolines bus has a number of buses serving the ferry to Calais. The majority of the Channel crossings nowadays will be done with the Eurostar train to Lille for the transfer to their bus connections on the European continent.

  • P&O ferries

    P&O ferries is the best-known ferry company that maintains the connection to Calais.The five ferries (Spirit of France, Spirit of Britain, Pride of Burgundy, Pride of Canterbury and Pride of Kent) bring big trucks, cars and foot passengers across the Channel.Departures during day time are about one per hour.

  • My Ferry Link

    My Ferry Link is the newest ferry operator connecting Dover with Calais with two ships (the Rodin and the Berlioz) , that each make eight crossings daily.


Dover Shopping

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  • A good baker

    Given that edible bread is a rarity in England- a country where restaurants do not automatically place a breadbasket on the table when you sit down and chips are the true staff of life- and that Dover is almost devoid of food shops (as far as I know M&S is the only place where you can buy coffee beans and it's a town where avocado is the colour of...

  • Cleats and lugworms

    Snargate street, which used to be the street facing onto the harbour,is now a sort of extended lay-by on the A20, and is about the only shopping street of any character in Dover. Marine chandlers, fishing tackle shops and seedy-looking cafes that always seem to be closed.Atmospheric in a run-down sort of way, which actually just about sums Dover...

  • I Want Candy

    With a name like you would guess the shop has to be selling either home furnishings or sweets. It's the latter: and we're talking serious sweetie-shop sweets here, sherbet lemons and liquorice comforts, dolly mixture and so on. Generally a pretty impressive colletion, but the selection of liquorice is truly awe-inspiring.This is possibly the only...


Dover Local Customs

  • Go on, mention the war

    You can't really avoid wars, particularly the 1938-45 brouhaha, in Dover. The town has always been of great strategic significance and reminders of Our Island Story are omnipresent, from the castle down to tea-towels celebrating the largely lamentable collection of aircraft the RAF entered WW2 with. (the Fairey Battle, indeed)The photograph shown...

  • Typical park

    Pencester Park, right in the middle of Dover, on a nice day is really good, but busy. There are skateboarders and also a bandstand, though I have never seen any bands! It is the recreation space neaxt to the town centre

  • Some Interesting Facts....

    Did you know that the Roman Emperor Caligula (in 90 AD) commanded a Lighthouse to be built at Dover, England?And thanks to him - today, it is the oldest Lighthouse still in existence in England and it can be found in the compounds of Dover Castle. Here's another interesting fact (if you don't already know): Lighthouse lights have the power of the...


Dover Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of the shipping!

    In December you'd be dead of exposure before you got anywhere near the wash from a ferry.... And July isn't that much better.

  • Calais shuttles and taxi's

    Once in Calais, there is a bus shuttle that will take you to the heart of Calais to either explore the city or catch a train out. A sign out in front of the custom office shows the time that the shuttle is scheduled to pickup, but as I found out, the schedule is of little use. For us the shuttle did not show up for almost two hours. Another choice...

  • Motion sickness on SeaCat

    If you decide to take the Hoverspeed SeaCat from Dover to Calais in France, heed the warning that choppy waters on the Channel can make for an interesting ride across the water.I was born and raised near or on boats, and I'd never been sea-sick until this hovercraft ride. It also tested my sea legs, and I had trouble walking around on the ship.The...


Dover Tourist Traps

  • Ferry Prices

    If you are planning to travel to France for the day with a car you can usually get a good deal, but if you don't return the same day you pay a couple of hundred pounds more for your ticket. All the operators have this ticketing policy except the new Speedferries Catamaran. Book ahead on the internet with Speedferries or be prepared to pay more.


    DOVER WATERFRONT Dover Esplanade.Dover boasts a pleasant beach and fine esplanade. With the stunning White Cliffs as a backdrop and the busy ferry port offering great views, the Waterfront is a great place to enjoy the summer. The sea is often packed with people rowing, diving, or simply swimming and that is the problem in Summer just so many...

  • Dover Hotels

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Dover What to Pack

  • What to bring with?

    Luggage with wheels is always a good idea, wherever you are travelling. Whether snowy/wet/sunny/warm or cold weather, layer your clothing. Wear thermal underwear (these are easily bought at the local clothing shops), with warm leggings and a top under a toasty jacket for the cold. I have my trusty grey duffle coat, plus a white snow jacket for...

  • Don't forget your camera

    The white cliffs are so famous you must get a picture of them. If the sun is in the right place the effect can be stunning.

  • Packing List

    Depends on how you are travelling, but suitcases or rucksacks are fine, but we dont have a lot of porters anymore and you will be expected to carry your own stuff. Airports have luggage carriers though :-) Dover can vary in temprature but in Summer tops and shorts are fine in winter good warm clothing. BUT!! no matter what time of year, keep you...


Dover Off The Beaten Path

  • Per Ardua ad Astra (Scramble!...

    The Battle of Britain Memorial(under construction) “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.One of the few politicians I have any time for, was Winston. And he didn't half give good quote.This tip is yet another of my off the beaten path tips that is about somewhere very close to a beaten path. Specifically the...

  • The Grand Shaft

    The Grand Shaft is an extraordinary construction. It carries three separate spiral stairways 44 metres (that's 200 steps) up from Snargate Street into the barracks complex of the Western Heights. All that can usually be seen is the unobtrusive exit arch nestled into the cliff or the rather more revealing access at the top, where the fencing allows...

  • Britain is no longer an island

    Travel to foreign lands is only one of my passions. Aviation history is another: especially early (pre-1939 but especially pre-1914) is another.One of the giants of aviation is Louis Blériot, the first man to fly across the Channel in an aeroplane: "Britain is no longer an island" was the baner headline in several newspapers The place where he...


Dover Sports & Outdoors

  • Care for a swim?

    Dover is also the start of one of the more enduring swimming challenges - the crossing of the English Channel. Swimmers begin their 21 mile swim in Dover and some 22 hours later complete the swim in France.If you would rather just enjoy the cool waters of the channel, Dover has a pleasant stone beach where you can relax and think about those who...

  • Motorcycle Racing

    Dover even has it's own race circuit!It is about 5 miles out of town on the way to Canterbury. It is a friendly circuit and is suitable for all the family. I think that nowadays it is mainly motorcycle racing that takes place here. Bring suitable clothing for the day!

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Dover Favorites

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  • Arriving ferry foot passengers

    At arrival of the ferry you just wait on the upper deck until the doors are opened.Thereafter you proceed via the walkway and go down to the shuttle bus. The bus will stop at customs for a check and pick you up again to the drop off point at the ticket office.

  • Departing ferry foot passengers

    Departing ferry foot passengers are being picked up by a shuttle bus from the ticket office waiting room. From there there is a stop at the immigration office for a passport check (leave all your luggage at the bus) and a second stop for luggage inspection by customs. Final stop is at the foot passenger entrance building. Here you enter the...

  • Lovely port of call for our British...

    We enjoyed seeing the White Cliffs of Dover in August - September 2013. This is where we shoved off and then disembarked. The whole British Isles Cruise was spectacular. We had great weather with each port of call. It only rained on our two sea days. Having a drink in the lounge watching the White Cliffs of Dover out the window.


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