Boston Warnings and Dangers

  • From Arielviews, Manchester - looks nice ?
    From Arielviews, Manchester - looks nice...
    by sourbugger
  • Five footers just fit !
    Five footers just fit !
    by Arann
  • Staple diet around here
    Staple diet around here
    by sourbugger

Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Boston

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    by goddess18 Written Jul 20, 2008

    The main problem with Boston is the people. It would be an ok place if it wasnt for the people! Theres alot of obviously uneducated what we in england call 'chavs' roaming about in large packs ready to pounce on their nxt victim... iv probably totally scared you all now! ha its not that bad just as long as u dont look at anyone in the 'wrong way' or look at anyones gf/bf/crush!
    theres a large immigrant population in Boston aswell which tend to be rather promiscuous to look out for bum feelingk being spoken to ur breasts, heckled etc...

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    Lincolnshire Police Fixed Penalties.

    by mwe Updated May 20, 2007

    £30 Fixed Penalty Notices are issued by Lincolnshire's Police Officers, Community Support Officers and Traffic Wardens for "Non Endorsable" offences: e.g. dropping litter, cycling offences, illegal parking and minor moving traffic offences:
    ...e.g. "Driver not in proper control of vehicle", which covers a multitude of misdemeanours such as drivers eating, drinking, reading, rummaging about the car for something, shaving, playing with SatNav, driving with foot resting on dashboard, taking photo's whilst driving, etc., etc..

    On the surface this all seems reasonable: behave decently and you won't get 'nicked'.
    HOWEVER, police have 'targets' for various offences and lazy and or cowardly officers can and do target minor, trivial offenders. It's easy to achieve 'targets' for things like speeding and parking offences, but officers who, for example, haven't caught enough litter offenders will 'do' little girls who drop one crisp on the ground (easier than tackling gangs of louts dropping real litter), people dropping cigarette ends, apple cores, etc. ...and, of course, a bad officer will issue you with a ticket for 'backchatting' them with comments like "Aren't there any real criminals around here?" and "I've seen other people committing more serious offences whilst you're wasting time on me".

    The disturbing thing about Lincolnshire Police Fixed Penalties is there is NO APPEALS PROCEDURE and LETTERS OF MITIGATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED: I have never come across this with Fixed Penalties in other areas, including Greater London (where Fixed Penalties are stricter).
    ...Bearing all this in mind, someone who gets a ticket in unjust/petty/dubious circumstances, or a ticket which doesn't make sense, as the officer hasn't filled it in correctly will find the easy option is to pay the £30 penalty, rather than lose a day's pay (typically about £80) and spend money on travel and overnight accomodation to challenge the ticket in court.

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    Standards of B & B's

    by sourbugger Updated Mar 9, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do not on any account book any of the Bed & Breakfast establishments in Boston (except for the rather fine establishment on Spilsby road - see other tip) until you have viewed it first.

    I'm not going to be done for libel, but a certain establishment I looked at recently seemed to have the unique selling feature of smelling like a cross between a dead cat and a nine-month old collection of Bramley apples (there is a clue in there, folks !)

    Another one (cryptic clue - Equalgrass B & B) features acceptable rooms, but a guest lounge containing the world's worst pub carpet, furniture lifted from a 1050 Glasgow tennament building and a seven foot tall fibreglass black waiter offering you a drink. Not exactly my taste.

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    Home of the most lard-arses in the UK

    by sourbugger Written Jan 18, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Who ate all the pies ? who ate all the pies ?

    You did. You did. You fat B***ard.

    There has been quite a lively interest over the last year about a report which claimed that Boston is the 'fattest' town in the UK. Within Boston one particular postcode stands out as the fattest poscode of all.

    Some 31% of the population are clininically obese. You can see them hauling their fat lardy asses over to ASDA to buy their supply of lard-laden pies.

    If you want to avoid cracked pavements or want to avoid getting stuck in a narrow alley with a local - then don't visit !

    Staple diet around here

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    A bugger if you'r much taller than me mum

    by Arann Updated Dec 15, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've been perambulated (O.K, pushchaired, or stollered) a few times around Boston a few times now.

    There are several points where footpaths cross underneath the railway line. Beware or rediculously low bridges like the one in the picture.

    Oh, and rats too, I saw a big bugger the other day right by this bridge. Gave my mum a fright and a half I can tell you.

    Five footers just fit !

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    Enjoying a good fight - meet the mutants

    by sourbugger Updated Apr 23, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is a sad fact of life that here, as in many small english towns the local Neatherdals, fresh from their elation at falling out of a tree and discovering fire on the same day feel a need to whallop other Neatherdals at around closing time on Friday and Saturday nights.

    The female of the sub-species are especially to be avoided - it takes a whole vanload of coppers to seperate two Bostonian women intent on ripping each other to shreds.

    From Arielviews, Manchester - looks nice ?

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