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    Adam & Eve: Traditional Pub with history

    by Airpunk Written Mar 29, 2013

    A pub which lives tradition with old-style furniture and bars, patchwork architecture of past centuries, complete with an authentic atmosphere of good old pub culture. Indeed, it has quite a long history itself being first mentioned in 1249 as a placed used by the builders of the Cathedral. This makes is one of the oldest pubs in Britain. Adam & Eve offers a good selection of Malt Whiskey, the usual lagers and Guinness, some of the better known ales like Bombardier or Adnams as well as a couple of guest ales. Food choices are limited with some of the usual pub meals on the menu. Audience is pretty mixed, although it is not uncommon to see a lot of (mainly British) tourists in the summer season due to the historical features of this pub as well as to the the proximity to the Cathedral. If you enjoy traditional English pubs, this is the place to visit.

    Adam & Eve
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    The Mill Inn: The Mill Inn, Ipswich Road, Newton Flotman

    by Bonkers11 Written Dec 8, 2012

    A lively pub, live band was playing on Saturday but thankfully, you could not hear it while eating in the restaurant. It was busy and took 45 minutes to et the main course, veggie burger and chips and a burger and chips, 2 j20's and 1 and 1/2 fosters was £22. staff were pleasant and friendly, food was good.
    Large car park, abotu 20 mintes away from Norwich.

    Favorite Dish: Cheese burger, large portions served with onion rings nad chips and a large salad.,

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    The Golden Star: Great Pub Food

    by minty_pixie Written Mar 30, 2012

    The Golden Star is a small pub on the edge of Norwich City centre (on the corner of Colegate and Duke Street). It has a lovely atmosphere and serves Bar meals in the evenings Tuesdays - Saturdays. The menu changes on a weekly basis and all the food is homemade by Liz the chef. She will make your meal just how you want it. There is often game on the menu, and all the ingredients are fresh seasonal and locally sourced. Main meals are between £7-£8

    Favorite Dish: If they are doing the slow roast pork I highly recommend this,

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    Waffle House: Waffles!

    by Bonkers11 Updated Feb 23, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everything you can think of served on a waffle!
    WE arrived at The Waffle House at about 7:15 on a Wednesday and got a table straight away, you cannot book at this restaurant and sometimes you may have to wait.
    As a vegetarian, my firend chose mushrooms and cheese sauce, and I chose beef in guiness and roasted leeks, the food was delicious, the service was quick friendly and polite.
    Drinks orders were taken quicly as we arrived but we were not rushed into making choice of food.
    Desserts had to be tried, I had chocolate, raspberry and pistachio mousse and my friend ordered butterscotch saude. The desserts arrived, two mousses and the waitress said it was made in error, she will bring the butterscotch one along in a minute, so we ate 2/3rds of 3 desserts each, we both agreed that the mousse was delicious but hte butterscotch saude waffle was definetly the best.
    also had to bottle beers and two apple juices, £35 for the lot.

    Favorite Dish: We were not charged for the extra dessert, If your not mad on chocolate dont bother tryin git go for the butterscotch.
    If you are a vegetarian this could be the place for you to try.

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    Frankie and Bennys: Going to the cinema, try Frankie and Benny''s

    by Bonkers11 Written Feb 20, 2012

    So I find myself back at Frankie and Bennys, meeting for a drink at 6:30 before heading off to see The Vow. The restaurant wasnt full but staff seemed busy and not very attentive while I waited to ber served. Loud music seemed to disrupt conversation.
    Returning at 9:00 for a bit to eat, we got a table in 10 minutes which for a saturday night we thought it was good. Service was quick, polite and friendly.
    The meal was cheeseburger and a magarita pizza for £17,

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    The Marsh Harrier Norwich: The Marsh Harrier

    by Bonkers11 Written Feb 17, 2012

    I was very disappointed with the fact that ths place had one vegetarian dish and on hte day we were there it was off the menu. My friend ended up eating breaded mushrooms and chips as this was pretty mush al there was.
    The sausage and mash was pretty good. The price was ok as well, two tonics, 2 pineapple and lemondaes and the two courses as mentioned all £20 so not bad.
    The pub has a large car park, easy for anyone living near Diss and Norwich to get to.
    The staff were polite and didnt rush customers but they were running around a bit like it was ultra busy.
    Nice lighting and no loud music.

    Favorite Dish: There is a large menu for food and wine but it is all prety standard stuff. The costing I have used would be based on two people eating two courses not the meal we ate.

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    Zaks: Zaka, American Diner

    by Bonkers11 Written Jan 30, 2012

    Very American, fornica tables and plastic chairs, loud music.
    It was an okay Cheese and Bacon Burger with Curly Fries and a Beer, all for £12
    The service was ok, polite and friendly
    Probably wouldn't go back but this is because I don't really go a bundle on large plate of food piled high. Good value though.
    There are two places, One, nearer the centre of Norwich on Barrick Street and the other on top of the hill, Mousehold Heath,

    Favorite Dish: Can only realy comment on the C & B burger - very good.
    The chicken was ordered by one person inthe group and it was tough and dry.

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    The Rushcutters, Thrope Norwich: This used to be great food

    by Bonkers11 Written Jan 26, 2012

    This used ot be a reat pub for a long summer lunch or an evening meal but on a date this evenign it became apparent that they had seriously changed. My friend commented on the fact that the food was rather pepperty, the waiter said," we dont make the food on the site"
    Shame, the beef pie was poorly presented and almost resembled a pudding - looked like suet and was pretty poor, definetly frozen, the mash potatoe wasnt great either.
    The chocolate fudge cake was far too big, dry and really should not have had coffee in it, it resembled more like a piece of cake one woul dhave at dinner.

    Favorite Dish: The sausage and mash USED to be good and the Burger, USED to be good, I am not sure I would eat here again, I would go a few yards away and go to The River Gardens - I will write a review soon.

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    The Library: The Worst meal in Norwich at The Library

    by Bonkers11 Written Jan 15, 2012

    There was a group of eight of us that ate here last night. Six of us ate from the two course ofr £10 and included a free soft drink or glass of wine The other two ate from the a la carte.
    The wine was pretty disgusting and cheap and this is their house wine.
    The service was slow, very slow
    The portion sizes for the £10 deal were tiny and I thought that the pork belly dish was a starter size.
    It became obvious that the menus were different when the two chocolate brownies from the ala carte menu arrived ten minutes before the other desserts that they were different - large portion sizes and delicately presented on a plate. The cheaper menu dealbrownies arrived in a bowl swimming with melted ice cream and fruit / vuice,
    We all came away hungry apart from the two eating from a la carte.
    These people also own:
    St Benedicts which I have eaten at before and found the owner/staff rude and abrassive
    Pulse - a Vegetarian resturant where the food is bland and pretty disgusting.

    You may want to try your luck at the very expensive ala carte menu or not bother at all.

    Favorite Dish: I am not sure that I should comment on anything here really. I could say that the food was tasty but just nearly not enough of it . The Pork Belly arrived with two florets of brocoli only and some noddles - 1 mouthful
    The chocolate brownie was tasty, I guess but just three mouthfuls and its gone.

    I waited 15 minutes for a beer
    The desserts didnt come out together and some of us waited 10 minutes or more.
    The service was pretty non existant.

    Champagne was brought round the resturant on a trolley and every table was asked if they wanted some ( not free) it just seemed wrong - unprofessional, tacky pushy.

    Avoid this and save your £10, I'd go to the Waffle House just round the corner or Mackintoshes and eat one of thier "snacks" pork belly sandwich - it will only be a little bit more expensive.

    This is more expensive than average for what you get.

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    Mackintoshes: The best canteen in town

    by Bonkers11 Written Jan 7, 2012

    There reallyl isn't a classification for this resturant, it isnt really a full on resuarant although upstairs does have very good service, so I have decided to place this under "other"
    The food last night was as always very good. The deep fried brie was done rather differetnly to how I have normally seen it done, rather than the chunks of brie it was one in a small sausage sized roll, served with cutney and rocket, abslutely superb. Then being rather unadventurous we both opted for the Cheese and bacon burger and washed it down with a bottle of tempranillo.
    The service was impecable and the food delicious.
    At £23.75 for 1 starter, 2 main and a bottle of wine I thnk this was quite good. There is an offer on at the moment January 2012 that has been running for sometime now that you can eat 2 courses and a glass of wine for £15.

    Favorite Dish: Both the Burger and at other times the sausage and mash are good.

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    The Pigs at Edgefield: Great Food and wine

    by Bonkers11 Written Dec 17, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This pub is about 40 minutes outside of Norwich, near a town called Holt. The pub was being renovated in places when we went to eat ample parking spaces and the pub was warm and welcoming from the cold outiside.
    There was no table service but food came quickly.
    The choice of food both on the menu and the specials was good for main course and starters but I think the desserts were lacking.
    A trio of Venison, a cottage pie( no not with beef but with venison served in a small ramikin alongside a 20z sliced and delisiously cooked fillet of Venison on a bed of red cabbage and a venison sausage on a rosti.

    Favorite Dish: The pheasant was delicious, juicy and cooked to perfection

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    Expresso: The best Cappucino in Norwich

    by Bonkers11 Written Dec 9, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It has been a while since I had a coffee here but I think that this deserves a mention. Take time out here if your visitn Norwich, its the best place you could find if you like your cappucino or your hot chocolates. The sandwishces and salad lucnes are pretty good too.

    There are seating areas at the front outside for smokers and at the rear of the property for outdoor, smoke free eating.

    The last couple of times I went there was a little bit of clattering of crockery and cutlery which I felt rather let the side down but as you do get a choclate wafer biscuit with your drink, you cant have everything.

    Favorite Dish: Cappucino or The Flump( hotchoclolate)

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    The OneUp at the Mad Moose: What a shame this used to be so good!

    by Bonkers11 Written Dec 2, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This time we went to eat the food was appalling.

    The steack was tough and I had to send it back and therefore ate nothing for a main course although i have to say maybe this was a one off becuasethe mash and redcabbage that also accompanied the steack along with the sauce was perfect.

    The fegetarian option was TINY, a main course that arrived as the size of a starter, and for the price that we were paying was not acceptable.

    We were obviously not charged for my main course and we were given complimentary deserts which were not good at all. The Chocolate Mouse tasted slightly synthetic and the Treacle tart did not tasteor resemble a treacle tart that either of us had ever seen before.

    I would save your money and try eating downstairs or if it is a special occasion go else where.

    ! glass of Pinot Noir, 1 Gin and Tonic and two tonic waters, one main course cost £30

    Favorite Dish: None, they change the menu every day and so nothing worth writing here.

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    The Earlham Arms: A bite to eat!

    by Bonkers11 Written Dec 1, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This pub has gone through a few changes over the past six years. The Pickwick, The Fountain and now The Earlham Arms.
    It is very light and airy andthere is a car park.
    The seating area is comfortable but the seats are worn and look tired and could do with replacing.
    The time we ate there was only one person on working and was there for slow in places.
    The television was on in the eating area and was showign football, which is something my companion and I agreed was not ok.

    Favorite Dish: The Game and Venison pie was certainly well worth the money, cooked to perfection The menu was extensive and I am sure you will find soemthing on there that you like.

    No Slimline tonic which was a shame but the wine was ok

    No decaffeinated coffee and other hot drinks were limited.

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    Hotel Nelson/ Premier Inn near train station: If your desperate you could do worse

    by Bonkers11 Written Nov 23, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place serves ok food at cheap prices. £5 for a cheese and bacon burger or £6 for sausage and mash if you eat before 6:30 about £! more if you dont. £230 for a diet coke and £3.20 for a pint of Carling.
    Service is a matter of luck. Sometimes its quick and good others its diabolique - slow and slapdash but one thing can be said, if you complain they take note, many of my friends have eaten for free on another occasion due to poor food, it has got better recently.

    Good place for families or business.

    Favorite Dish: Sausage and Mash - good amount of gravy, well presented and tasty
    Cheese and bacon burger - very ordinary bun but good amount of cheese and bacon.
    Brownie is good

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