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Upwell Things to Do

  • Home of Thomas the tank engine

    Upwell is famous for one main thing on VT - it is home to that little treasure of Virtualtourist, Bernishand who has now sadly passed from this mortal coil and her 'Camcorderman'.She choose to live in a delightful little village out in the oh so flat fens. I too have connections to the village, as my mother grew up around here and was christened by...

  • See the Angels at St Peter's Church

    I have seen the angels over Upwell.If you happen to visit St Peter's Church during the week you first must obtain the key at the local post office/card/gift shop. As you make your way into the churchyard you are surrounded by the headstones of past parishoners dating back a very very long time as St Peter's church was built during the 13th century...


    if you are ever nearby come and take a look at what must be one of the best preserved angel ceilings in the UKa host of wooden angels surround the roof of the church, if you go up into the north or west galleries you can get really close to them and see the detailed carving, not only of the angels, but of the beams which are carved with fantactic...


    in 1842 the battlements were added to the roof, but the gargoyles were retainedgargoyles are actually designed to drain away rainwater from the roof, usually through a spout in their mouths as these are, and are rather grotesque


    there are some beautiful graves in the churchyard, some dating from the 17th centurynear the south door is a communal grave for cholera victims from the 1832 epidemic, there is a memorial inside the church to the 67 parishoners who died from cholera the communal grave is marked with a Cclose to the West door you can see a small piece of Roman...


    A very beautiful church built on a historical sitethe first recorded religeous building was a small Benedictine priory, built in the 7th century, this was only occupied for a few years. There is no record of why this happened but the accepted theory is that it was too close to the Well river which was used by Viking invaders to reach Elythe land...


Upwell Restaurants

  • BerniShand's Profile Photo


    by BerniShand Updated Jul 4, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you call into your local pub here in England the last thing you expect to find is a Danish Restaurant, l have never seen a Danish Restaurant ANYWHERE in the world before today !

    the pub itself is lovely, very warm and welcoming and we were made to feel right at home by the landlord and landlady Per and Lynda, there is a non-smoking restaurant, or meals can be taken in the bars

    English dishes are also available, but it would be madness to pass up the chance to try real home cooked Danish food, and you will be given a leaflet to explain the menu and tell you how to pronounce your choice

    if you are stayiong in the area give the Red Hart a ring, they also do bed and breakfast accommodation

    Favorite Dish: we had Skipperlabskovs [pronounced skippr-labs-goes]

    equal quantities of pork, potatoes and onions seasoned with black peppercorns and bay leaves, cooked till all the ingredients blend together

    its not pretty to look at but it tastes fabulous

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Upwell Nightlife

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    by BerniShand Written Aug 28, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Firstly let me say this didnt start out as a nightlife tip, but we came for Per and Lynn`s Danish Buffet Lunch at 2pm and stayed till closing time because we were having such a great time

    We sat down to eat with a bunch of strangers and staggered into the bar from the restaurant 5 hours later with a bunch of new mates, and a set if `insider` jokes that periodically had us howling with laughter

    you would have thought that all the food would have soaked up and neutralised the alcohol, perhaps we didnt eat enough [though how can you NOT eat enough in 5 hours of dining ?] or perhaps it was those tiny glasses of schnapps that we had to raise frequently that did the trick, but whatever, I dont care, it was fun

    we are hoping that Per and Lynn will arrange another day like this soon, but not for a week please, it may take that long for my hangover to fade away.....

    Dress Code: clothing IS required, but a tiara is too OTT

    if all else fails come dressed as a packet of cheese and onion crisps [thats one of those `insider` jokes]

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Upwell Shopping

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    It may be because its Spring, but we have two new shops in the village a small antique ashop has opened near to the Spar grocery shop, there is no sign above the shop, just a board on the pavement outside, l hope the people who go along the river in barges can see it or all the passing trade will pass by !around the corner is `Millies Pantry` the...


    Living in a small village is a great way to save money, there are no shops to tempt me inside !We have a few shops - a small grocers / newsagent / of license, two butchers and lots of farm shops selling fresh produceThere is an antique and pine furniture store which l havent visited yet [ l cant fit anything else into my tiny cottage ] and the Post...

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Upwell Warnings and Dangers

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    by BerniShand Written Sep 10, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The flies here bite ! it amazes me because things dont usually bite me, but the Fenlands fly population finds me very tasty
    Yesterday one small fly kept biting my ankle, today I have an ankle which has red spots from the persistent little fly, and bruises from my attempts to swat it
    Starting today l am taking B complex vitamins, l know mosquitos dont bite me when l take them, lets hope the flies wont either

    l think ld rather be bitten by one of these !

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Upwell Off The Beaten Path


    not the cute picture postcard types, these are for generating powerlocal feeling about them is mixed, I suppose if l lived nearer to them and could hear the wooop whooop of the blades turning l wouldnt like them, but they are 4 fields away so no noise, just the blades turning gracefully into the wind and rotatingthere are 8 windmills, or to call...


    In the Chancel of St Peters Church you will see a brass plaque on the wall, this was placed here in memory of the 67 parishoners who died in the Asiatic Cholera epidemic in 1832, there is also a communal grave in the churchyards for cholera victims, it is marked with a CThe inscription on the plaque reads - "in memory of sixty seven individuals of...


    Upwell was visited in 1646 by Matthew Hopkins, the infamous `Witchfinder General` during the English Civil war the powers that be pursued a hard line Calvanistic approach, which fed Hopkins` belief that wiches not only existed, but were prevalent in the country. His obsession led to over 100 East Anglian women being persecuted, incarcerated and...


Upwell Favorites


    The open fields behind my home give me views of March in the far distance, March is a small market townit is actually in a diferent county to Upwell, we are Norfolk, March is CambridgeshireSo l took this sunset picture in March [the month] looking towards March [the town] which makes me smile, l am easily amusedas the summer has gone through...


    There can be no argument - the Fenlands are VERY flat, we have no hills but plenty of sky and acres of arable land criss crossed by dykes and rivers engineered straightThe little dyke behind my home was once the Croft River, the previous owner can remember the barges coming along it, now its a mere trickle when the rain has been heavy, though no so...


    Fenland soil is very fertile, we are surrounded by fields and orchards.There is a farm shop on every road, one close to me grows and sells 50 varieties of apples along with other fruits and vegetablesOf course this isnt a major tourist draw, but its an important part of the regional culture and economy


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