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  • The Town Hall
    The Town Hall
    by Cockleshell
  • jousting yard
    jousting yard
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  • Woollaton Hall
    Woollaton Hall
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Nottingham Things to Do

  • The Beach

    Every summer the Old Market Square is fiiled with sand, there's a pool to paddle in and deckchairs to relax in. It's free.

  • A night at the Dogs

    In honesty, visiting the dog track was Plan B for us. We (70 of us!) had booked onto a trip (organised by my fantastic and beloved Reddish Blues Supporters Branch), for the evening meet at the race course and one nights stay in the centre of Nottingham. Unfortunatley, as June and July (2012) has been a complete wash-out, the horse racing was called...

  • City of Caves

    Nottingham is built on caves: the ground under the streets was dug out for centuries and the caves served as flats, work shops or hiding places. It is very interesting to learn about this rather uncommon history of the city, and the best place to do that is the City of Caves. After entering the labyrinth of caves in Broad Marsh Shopping Centre...


Nottingham Hotels

Nottingham Restaurants

  • Not a great experience

    I'm sorry, folks, but wearing ethnic costumes and having a reasonable decor does not a good restaurant make.I am a great curry afficionado, and the English Midlands is certainly a good place to enjoy the delights of Asian cooking.On the evening I visited, the service was poor, notwithstanding that the place was nearly empty. The food (when it...

  • Great food, great fun!

    Now this isn't really a restaurant, but I was so impressed with the food that I thought it deserved it's own restaurant review.If you've read some of my other reviews you will know that I have to follow a Gluten Free diet, and this can sometimes be difficult when eating out. I contacted Bistro Live to inform them when I was coming and that I was...

  • Jam Cafe

    Jam Cafe is a very nice and independently run cafe in central Nottingham. They offer good food for a good price. The walls are decorated with old records and pictures and the TV shows NYC movies without sound. All in all a very nice place to be! I had the soup de jour which was Tomato & Basil Soup. Highly recommendable!


Nottingham Nightlife

  • Best Hen Night venue EVER!!!

    My friends and I had the BEST night out here! We went there for my friends Hen Night and it was amazing. There are several 'packages' that you can buy at this venue and if you are going for a Hen Night I can recommend the Premium Package , which includes a personal waiter, this is well worth the extra money . You can stay at your table all night...

  • how nottingham isn't as good as it use...

    i use to say a lot of good things about revival but in the past six months the standards have dropped they have closed down the 70's and 80's part which is the best because i'm into 70's and 80's rock and here why you should avoid this nightclub because the dj is crap and doesn't any request and theres no places around nottingham that plays 70's...

  • St. James' Street

    St James' Street seems the place to be for nightlife. It's lined with pubs, bars and clubs, and leads on to other areas which have pubs, bars and clubs. The age groups is very mixed and the general dress code is smart/casual. To be sure that entry will not be refused, I wouldn't wear trainers/sneakers. Most places do not accept you wearing baseball...


Nottingham Transportation

  • Tram

    I used the good tram service around town and out to the suburbs. Cheap and fast, day tickets are great value.All info on their website.

  • Get a pass from the Travel Centre

    The travel centre, in Market Square, sells 3 types of travel passes for bus and tram and has all the Nottingham routes and a route map.They are called EASYRIDER and prices are from £5 upwards depending on how often you plan to use public transport. An all day ticket for use on both bus and tram currently costs £3.20. Remember to have exact money...

  • East Midlands Airport

    Just a short bus ride from Nottingham and the Bonio's favourite airport - close to home and easy to get to.Most of the low cost carriers can be found operating from here and the large package firms too.see the website for up to date details.


Nottingham Shopping

  • Skateboarding in Nottingham

    There's a cool new little Skateshop in Nottingham city centre called Forty Two. It's got a great vibe about it, the guys that work there seem pretty cool. They skate themselves and know their stuff. Rumour is they've even got a ramp in the basement? They've got some cool brands like Supra, Vans and Converse. Probably the biggest selection of decks...

  • Gobsmackingly Poor Customer Service

    My kids and I were shouted at the minute we entered this card shop. My 9 year old son left a 1cm gap when attempting to shut the door, which apparently warranted the start of the tirade that was to follow.I asked where the 'With Sympathy' cards were as a relative had recently died. I was totally ignored. Thankfully, I discovered them with my kids...

  • Local Cheeses

    The Cheese Shop sells great cheeses (obviously!) ...try the local stilton... but it also sells loads of deli treats from Britain and elsewhere. It's a bit hidden away in passageway full of upmarket boutiques but is right in the heart of the shopping centre. Stilton cheese from a Nottinghamshire village called Cropwell Bishop


Nottingham Local Customs

  • Goose Fair

    Everyone who is from Nottingham will have been to the Goose Fair. I've just finished reading Alan Sillitoe's "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning", which is set in the still industrial, post-war Nottingham, and a key part of the novel is set at this weekend event. It used to be held in the Old Market Square but takes place, every October, on the Forest...

  • Nottingham dialect

    I like the Nottingham accent, which is halfway between a Brummy (Birmingham) and a Yorkshire accent. But, Nottingham not only has its own accent, it also has its own dialect. Possibly the best know Nottingham expression is the greeting, "Aye up me duck." You will hear this a lot from older ladies. Also what is known as a bread roll in London, in...

  • ~ Nottingham Girls ~

    Nottingham women have the reputation of being the most attractive women in England.Furthermore, they outnumber the men by 3 to 1.Just take a trip into Nottingham city centre on a Friday or Saturday night and see what we mean. Even during the day, the place is full of them and they're all drop dead gorgeous!So to all the beautiful women of...


Nottingham Warnings and Dangers

  • radford

    i moved from small village in ireland to radford nottingham live there for 5yrs,while working as security in student accomodation had my bicycle stolen lol,got headbutted in d nose for nothing while chattin to my gf from a stranger outside the pheasant when england got knocked out of world cup,could happen anwhere n world not jus notts lol,other...

  • Be sensible

    Ignore media hype and statistics. I've lived here for 5 years and take the usual precautions anyone should in any city. Take a taxi in evening if you are in a dodgy area, don't flash cash about in the city centre and I personally avoid main club/pub area on a Friday and Saturday. There is gang violence but mostly this is confined to certain...

  • "Gun crime capital of Britain"

    Nottingham has been nicknamed the gun crime capital of Britain, but compared to many cities around the world, the incidence of fatal shootings in Nottingham is very low. Also the few shootings that do occur tend to be confined to poorer residential areas, like St. Ann's and The Meadows, and not the commercial centre.Nottingham does have the highest...


Nottingham Tourist Traps

  • Tales of Robin Hood

    This is an attempt to cash in on the Robin Hood legend. Personally, I find it sterile and overpriced. It is a bit like the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, but nowhere near as good. I guess if you are a foreign tourist visiting Nottingham, this place will hold a fatal attraction for you though! There are some interesting historical documents...

  • Goose Fair - a great spot for being...

    Goose Fair attracts millions of people each year in October. Although it's free to wander round, it's really expensive for each ride (over £5 a time). There's also a good chance of getting mugged if you're not careful. A good place to keep your money is in your socks - that way if you go on a ride it won't fall out of your pocket and people who...

  • ~ Men selling the Big Issue Magazine ~

    In Nottingham city centre you will see alot of homeless people standing around trying to sell a magazine called the "Big Issue" Only buy this if you want to dont feel pressured into buying it if your not interested.It has been told that these guys often keep the profits from the magazines to spend on drugs in most cases although there are also some...


Nottingham What to Pack

  • for short people

    Space is pretty much as a premium, so soft bags are best as you can squeeze them into small spaces. I'm not trying to paint a black picture, there is storage, but if you take all your usual luggage then you will find that you will be sleeping on it. Sensible clothing and wet weather gear should be considered, as should sensible shoes. Just...

  • Get Ya Map Out !

    Rucksacks or anything that closes well is rcommended, you'll need it for all the souveneirs ! Good walking shoes and suitable coats as the weather changes quickly during Autumn Plenty of plasters for all your walking ! Definately bring a camera, there is so much to see and without one you'll regret it Money, Maps, Video Cam if want,

  • Nottingham Hotels

    92 Hotels in Nottingham

Nottingham Off The Beaten Path

  • Lowdham Book Festival, and village

    We went to the Lowdham Book Festival. It lasted almost a week, though we only attended the last day [Saturday 29 June 2013]. Most of the talks were held in the Women's Institute Hall. There ws also a café,and stalls selling books further along the main street. Parking was available in the recreation grounds, where a cricket match was taking place...

  • Statue of Captain Albert Ball V.C.

    Albert Ball was the most famous British flying ace of the First World War. He is credited with 42 air combat victories against German aircraft and was awarded the MC, DSO, Russian Order of St. George, French Legion d'Honneur and the Victoria Cross. He achieved all this in just two years before he was killed in 1917, aged 20, following a dogfight...

  • The Olde Trip To Jerusalum

    One of the best known pubs in Nottingham is Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalum, generally regarded as the oldest pub in England.Established in the 12th Century, the inner walls of the Trip ( as its known ) are carved out of the sandstone under the csatle. It also serves anything from the traditional fine ales in a pub to good ' pub grub ' and is a...


Nottingham Sports & Outdoors

  • Twenty20 cricket

    A visit to Trent Bridge cricket ground for the first time in over twenty years, yup it's much improved now.A twenty20 "slogfest" to watch between Notts and Yorkshire and thoroughly enjoyable it was, all action from the word go and certainly nothing like the cricket I used to play!Notable as one of Michael Vaughn's (former England captain) last...

  • Wicket...Stumps...Duck..??!!

    If you aren't from a Commonwealth country chances are you won't know anything about cricket! To tell you the truth lots of English people don't have a clue included!!Well a summer visit to Nottingham gives you a chance to watch a quintessentially English game at Trent Bridge.It can last all day wear suncream, or take an umbrella,...

  • Nottingham Greyhound Stadium

    I went here some time ago (2001) for a friends Birthday and we had a fantastic time, I think I just about broke even. And we discovered that the bigger the dog the more likely it was to win the race, big emphasis on the more, not all the time.There was a bar serving £1.50 pints, chips and gravy and that kind of food. We made a few bets, mostly each...


Nottingham Favorites

  • Food for all pockets

    There are a variety of restaurants in Nottingham, and I'll create some tips about my favourites in due course. However - here's a quick list of the range of places to eat in the City Centre:Budget / fast food - Plenty of Macdonalds, Burger Kings, Starbucks (OK, so not budget..) and similar coffee houses, Subway sandwiches and street vendors selling...

  • The Nottingham Deer

    Legend has it that Robin Hood's poaching in the royal deer parks caused him to fall out with the Sheriff of Nottingham. There are still large herds of deer in the Nottingham area today. At Wollaton Park, there are 100 roe deer and 150 red deer. They have been protected for so long now that they are not afraid of humans, so you can get really close...

  • The Castle Grounds

    In many ways the castle grounds are more interesting than the castle itself. Dotted around the grounds are the ruins of the original castle, monuments to Lord Byron and Albert Ball VC, the Victorian bandstand and some beautiful gardens. The best time to visit is in late April and early May to see the cherry blossom. Also, from the castle walls you...


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