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    Pedlars Corner: Car Boot Sales

    by suvanki Written May 7, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Car Boot Sales are a great place to pick up a bargain or for a place to sell your no longer needed stuff, and make a few pounds. There are some established Car Booters in and around Sheffield, but a newcomer is Pedlars Corner Car Boot Sale, which is held the first Sunday of the month in the car park adjacent to Abbeydale Picture Palace. I recently rented a pitch at their second car boot sale on Sunday 4th May. For someone who has done car booters before, it usually means a very early start at 'stupid O'clock' 5 or 6 am! This car booter allows the sellers a bit if a Sunday morning lay in;-)
    vans can pitch up at 08.30, large cars 09.00 and smaller cars ( like my Ka) 09.30!
    Open to public at 11.00 ( although some were let in earlier) until 16.00 hours.
    The public pay £1 entrance fee - the aim of this car booter is to raise funds for the purpose of advertising The Antiques Quarter, and hopefully to provide the brown road signs pointing people to the Antiques Quarter of Abbeydale, Queens and Broadfield Roads, where folks can find 6 Antiques Centres and around 20 independent shops specialising in Antiques/ Vintage/ reclamation/ Upcycling etc as well as an array of independent cafes etc.
    Stall holders pay £10 for their pitch, punters pay £1 entrance, with this money going towards fund raising for the signs etc. Everyone - stall holders and punters were given a sticker badge to wear, with a number on- there was a draw later, where the winning number won £25! ( afraid that it wasn't me) Also, the most attractive store won a prize of £5 off their next car booter here!
    As well as the car booters, there was a pizza oven ( the smells wafting over the site, of garlic and herbs was certainly preferable to the usual greasy burger van at car boot sales ( Nether Edge Pizza Company are a local enterprise) Plus the coffee wagon added to the pleasant aroma ( I'd come armed with a flask of tea and snacks, so I'm afraid that I didn't try anything from these business's this time - next time I'll certainly try a slice of pizza. There was also a local tea room/ cafe providing refreshments inside the Picture House ( also toilets to be found here - up a few flights of stairs)

    To be continued.... More info and photo's to follow...

    What to buy: Keep your eyes peeled for bargains!
    I'm afraid that I had no intention of purchasing anything, my intention was to get rid of stuff and hopefully make a bit of cash
    I succumbed and purchased a stacking stereo system - ( £10) so I can at last play my old vinyl collection ( hopefully - not tried it out yet :-(. )
    A windbreak for our next camping trip ( £4) and 3 limited edition plates with paintings of Berber Women - purchased in a sale for £40 each - I purchased these 3 at £2 each!!! bargain ;-) Oh, and a vintage knitting pattern for a cardigan for 50p!

    To be continued ......... More info and pics to be added soon!

    What to pay: How good are you at haggling??
    From a few pence to a few pounds..

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    Theres more to shopping than Meadowhell !!

    by suvanki Updated May 7, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Orchard Square from The Sheffield Wheel

    Meadowhall (or Medderhell/ Merry Hell) Shopping Centre, is well known throughout the country for its variety of shops, but many of them are the same big chains etc that you can visit in any other town and city.

    Sheffield has lots of other retail therapy opportunities, so I'm going to endeavour to tell you about a few of these.....

    Ecclesall Road, ( The Posh shopping street, for designer clothes, artwork, jewellery etc)

    Division Street/Devonshire Green, independent designer clothes etc, aimed at the younger and student end of the market. The Forum is a must see

    London Road for Ethnic food shops, (especially Chinese), independent shops.

    Abbeydale Road - vintage/ antique shops. Abbeydale Road/Queens Road and Broadfield Road form the Antiques Quarter, due to there being half a dozen Antiques Centres and many more independent shops. A monthly Vintage market is held at the Abbeydale Picture House, and Monthly Car Booters have just started at this venue.

    Surrey Street - City Centre street, with established independent shops 'hanging on in there' Check out the pen shop, where you can buy lovely fouuntain pens and ink as well as stationary, also Sheffield Scene, that sells a range of 'Made in Sheffield' goods, post cards, books, T-shirts etc. I think it has recently changed hands, and has attempted to go 'up market' with expensive silverware. T

    Fargate/ Pinstone Street/ The Moor city centre shopping. High Street Stores are returning to the City Centre now!

    Orchard Square Shopping Court - with its Clocktower that has figurines of a grinder and a buffer girl that appear on the hour. TK Maxx-on 3 storeys! Waterstones Book Shop (with Coffee Shop), Clarkes shoes, Schoo, Evans, Body Shop and Blue Banana, with it's quirky clothes and accessories

    Sharrow Vale Road, my fave street for browsing/ shopping. lots of small independent shops. Check out The Front Parlour on Wed/Sats. An Aladdins Cave of clothes and items from 1950's - 1970's. Also A Month of Sundays, the shop/gallery of Sheffield artist/cartoonist/ All round Sheffielder - Pete McKee

    What to pay: From a few pence to whatever your bank manager will allow!

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    Rare and Racy: Another Independent Book and Record shop

    by suvanki Written Jan 11, 2014
    Rare and Racy
    3 more images

    Rare and Racy was established here on Devonshire Green in 1969 - an independent second hand book and music shop run by two brothers, that stocks an eclectic mix of titles and sounds.

    The aged two storey shop is a treasure trove of used books, some centuries old! The hardly touched to well thumbed copies. Fiction and academic text books, some no doubt sold by students eeking out their grant. As the sign outside states 'We sell previously enjoyed artefacts that will delight your eyes and ears'

    Entering the shop, you pass by walls covered in prints, posters, some by local artists, some old classic, some modern and abstract. Down a step into the music section, with some quite obscure genres - there is usually avant garde jazz music playing from behind the counter - not to everyone's taste, but it does sort of suit the atmosphere of the shop. Further rooms hold collections of books displayed by category. Upstairs are more rooms, including a local history section and a selection of old photographs and paintings.The shop feels as though it has been 'trapped in time' with the smell of old leather books and ink reminding of a 'gentler time'.

    In the window, I'd spotted some pictures of 'iconic landmarks of Sheffield Past' which I liked the look of. I also spotted a 'For Sale' sign - (in Picture 2) I seem to remember a few years ago hearing that the shop would be up for sale due to loss of earnings. Plenty of people walk past this shop each day, but less stop to look or buy from here.
    - On-line shopping/chain stores/kindle etc have caused many independent book shops to close down. Hopefully there will be a resurgence in 'real books' and independent book shops as appears to be happening with record shops/vinyl.

    The shop does sell some new publications. One being a book by local street artist phlegm, whose work can be seen around Sheffield. Further along, just off Devonshire Green/Division Street towards town is an example on the wall of a shop, However, I discovered last year, that there was another impressive piece that is nearer, but 'off the beaten track' behind Rare and Racy!

    Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 18.00
    Sunday 11.00 - 17.00

    What to buy: Old books and comics, Rarities/first editions,

    Obscure Vinyl and cd's -

    Prints and photo's
    Artwork by local artists

    What to pay: From a few pounds to ....... as much as your bank manager will allow - not sure how much they want for the shop!

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    Record Collector: Long standing Independent Record Store

    by suvanki Written Jan 11, 2014
    Record Collector
    2 more images

    When I first moved to Sheffield in 1978, I spent most days in this independent record shop, which was opened by Barry Everard,( the former manager of Virgin Records, that I also used to visit) that same year.
    A part of my meagre Student nurses salary went over the counter here, then, as pay day hadn't arrived before my money ran out, I'd sell some of my vinyl collection back - yes, the days before CD's and 'downloads'! Before pre-releases and 'here today gone tomorrow' X-Factor/Pop Idol/BGT etc....
    The days when you actually walked to a shop, to purchase a vinyl disc (with actual money) that you carried under your arm, stopping to examine the sleeve-a bonus if it was a gate-fold!
    Safely home, You lovingly removed the disc from its cover and sleeve,and placed it on the turntable, lifted the needle and then gently placed this in the groove and waited for the first notes.... In 1978, my record player was a portable mono 'turntable in a box style' and I loved it!!!

    Record Collector has expanded since those days, and has long been recognised as being one of the best independent record shops.The shop and owner featured in the book and documentary 'Last Shop Standing' about the history of independent record shops,- from the Glory Days, when each town had a handful of such shops, to the demise of independents and High Street chains and the to the revived interest in vinyl.

    Record Collector is divided into two separate shops -one,packed with boxes of albums and 45's, some well recognised covers and the more obscure and rarities are to be found. Hand written notices show prices/reductions. Old posters and newspaper cuttings line the walls. Flyers for local up and coming artists as well as music related books/ fanzines etc can be picked up
    The second shop deals with new and used CD's.

    I'd been meaning to pay Record Collector a long overdue visit, and decided to visit Broomhill, for a nostalgic trip in November.
    Mid week and early afternoon, there were a few customers, engrossed in browsing the record boxes - quite a mix of characters! For all I know, some of these could have been 'well known' faces in the music business - Local musician Richard Hawley is a regular visitor, and has been since he was 'in short trousers'!, Members of Def Leppard used to frequente the store (I remember them hanging around Broomhill, as they were just getting famous, when they played pool in the nearby South Seas pub)
    Artistes appearing at the City Hall or other music venues around the city are known to head to this Sheffield 10 landmark - Jools Holland apparently makes a pilgrimage, when he's in town, and snooker player turned radio DJ Steve Davies has been spotted here.
    Jarvis Cocker is also a supporter of the shop, and presented an item on Channel 4 news on Record Store Day 2009. Record Store Day was set up in 2007, in recognition of/ to offer support to the independent record shops. On this day each year, long queues form outside Record Collector from the early hours of the morning (usually featuring in the local press) In 2013, local up and coming band The Crookes, busked to the crowd waiting for the 09.00 opening, where new releases/limited edition discs ordered by the shop for this day were waiting for 'first come first served' punters.

    Oh I was so tempted by a few of the albums - particularly one by The Specials - oh I picked it up, put it back in the rack, picked it up, then sensible head kicked in - I do have a turntable that hooks up to my pc - a bargain from Aldi, but it's not ideal - I really regret getting rid of my stacking system now! Hmmmm .... think I'll be paying Richer Sounds, (a short walk from Record Collector) a visit in the near future!

    Now, next door in the CD part of the shop, I did give in to temptation, or, as we're in Sheffield, home of Heaven 17..... Temp -tay- Shuuun!
    I came across a Bruce Springsteen double cd, that I hadn't seen before - Live at the Main Point 1975 - yes, it would have been rude not to...........

    It was great being back here - part shop/part museum/ part time machine! if it hadn't been for my growling stomach reminding me that I was getting quite hungry, and that I'd planned to eat at another 'old haunt', I'd have happily spent a lot longer. Ah well, once I have that turntable.....

    What to buy: Rare Vinyl or CD's, 'The Last Shop Standing' book, CD's etc by local established and up and coming bands.

    What to pay: Plenty of free local magazines/flyers, to........... well there are some quite rare LP's etc.
    Advise and recommendations on what to purchase etc from staff free/priceless!

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    Emmaus Second Hand Superstore: Shopping for a Good Cause

    by suvanki Updated Jan 11, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Entrance to Emmaus
    3 more images

    I hadn't realised that Emmaus (pronounced E-may-us) was operating in Sheffield until I spotted a sign whilst walking along the canal towpath. Recently, I'd come across their Face Book page and decided to pay a visit to their premises - Well I do like a bargain, and especially when it's for a good cause! I was also curious to see the old Sipelia works, where the shop is located

    Well, I was very pleased to come across this place - rooms packed with lots of good quality furniture, electrical appliances, household goods, clothing, books,toys and games, garden furniture, bikes etc.
    The prices are very reasonable too! I've found that some charity shops, such as Oxfam aren't so cheap these days.
    There is also a small cafe, which I'll try out next time.

    Quite a few items of furniture that I liked had Sold signs on them - including a pine book case for £25 that had caught my eye. Ah well, there is new stock arriving daily, so I might be lucky next time! I understand that Emmaus will deliver these items for a small fee around Sheffield (or there is free parking outside to collect goods) I purchased a lovely table, which I collected after our stroll around the nearby Victoria Quays.

    Emmaus Sheffield also sell furniture and other items on E-Bay

    I was surprised to see that one of the rooms had a pen/run with two contented looking guinea pigs (pic 3). Later in our visit we came across Kipper, a black and white cat with a personality of it's own! There were notices warning not to approach this feline as her behaviour could be unpredictable, and she might scratch - well luckily Kipper was behind a glass door!

    The shop is spread out over different buildings, which gave me a chance to see some of the former Sipelia Works, which played an important part in Sheffield's cutlery and steel making history.
    In the 1930's, many German Jews escaped persecution, and headed to England. Two brothers named Sipel, who were cutlers, arrived in Sheffield and set up a family business, The Sipelia Works operated until the 1970's.

    We wanted to purchase a few books and a piece of furniture, but there didn't appear to be any staff in the rooms (There is CCTV), so we took the books to the reception desk, where we paid.

    The Emmaus shop opened in August 2007. In January the following year, the first 8 residents, known as Companions, moved into the building.
    Emmaus is a secular charity, which helps the homeless, by providing accommodation (own private room), companionship and work.It aims to be self sufficient
    In order to be accepted as a companion, they must stop receiving primary benefits and pledge to not take drugs, drink alcohol or behave violently. They also work for Emmaus as volunteers and in the projects such as Gardening, PAT testing, refurbishing/repairing furniture and electrical goods that have been donated, and are then sold in the shop.

    I have a few small gardening jobs that I never seem to have time (or inclination) to tackle, and so enquired about this service. A couple of days later, following a 'phone call, a pleasant young man arrived and carried out the work (again for a very reasonable price). I was very pleased with his work and have recommended this service to friends. I wish that they offered an 'odd job' service too!

    Open Daily
    Monday- Friday 09.00 - 16.30
    Saturday/Sunday 09.00 - 16.00

    A flight of steps up to the reception/ sales room - not sure if there is disabled access.

    What to buy: Good Quality furniture and very reasonable prices - I purchased a small pine table in very good condition for £10

    Books - I also purchased a couple of hard back autobiographies for £1 each. Paperbacks 50p or fill a carrier bag with books for £5

    Vintage Clothing

    Bric a Brac

    What to pay: from less than 50pence to ............

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    Nichols Building: Vintage, Antiques and crafts

    by suvanki Updated Mar 28, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nichols Building
    4 more images

    For many years I'd passed by this building, which I understood was an antiques auction house. I was surprised to read an article in one of the national weekend supplements that The Nichols Building was now home to various independent stall holders selling Vintage and crafts!!

    Well, I finally got to visit this shopping emporium recently (it certainly won't be my last visit), and spent a very enjoyable time there. I came away with a few purchases too!

    On the ground floor is Sour Cherry, which sells a wide selection of quirky and kitsch jewellery at a very reasonable price - I chose a couple of pairs of earrings, which were wrapped in individual drawstring bags - a nice touch! I also spotted a bracelet that was only £1!
    I'll certainly return here to treat myself and to buy presents for others.

    I'd read that local street artist Faunagraphic had recently opened a gallery here, but although there were examples of her work on the walls (pic 2) she was no longer operating from here.
    Also on the ground floor are units selling 'up-cycled' furniture and Handmade textiles by Ruby Red Handmade.

    Upstairs, it is an Aladdins cave of attractive displays of Vintage nick nacks, second hand books, records, jewellery, clothing, musical instruments etc. Along with craft stalls, 'Design Your own T-Shirt' etc.

    There is also a sewing lounge, 'Sew in the City' where machines can be hired, and there are regular classes, including corset making!

    I'd eaten before visiting the Nichols Building, so didn't get around to trying the café Eat@The Nichols Building. I did have a quick look and I'll certainly be back soon. Locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, while cales and pastries are baked daily on site.
    I've since seen some very good reviews.
    It's run by Darren Beasley and an emphasis is placed on traditional British grub with an Italian twist!
    There is a 'Breakfast Club' on Sundays, where All Day Brunch sounds good enough to tempt me out of a Sunday lay in!

    I couldn't resist a gorgeous leather skirt (£20) - though a bit too tight at the moment, hoping this is the motivation to lose some weight. Hmmm - perhaps better limit my planned visits to Eat! I also purchased a jacket (£15). There is a changing 'room' to try on any clothes. I also purchased a couple of prints by a local artist - one was of the 'I Love You Will You Marry Me''? bridge on the Park Hill Flats, these were half price.
    Goods are paid for at a central desk.

    So, Yes............. A Great Experience!

    In the foyer is a poster depicting the history of tea - a reminder of the buildings original purpose.

    Nichols & Co was a wholesale grocers, tea blenders and coffee roasters. A stone on the side of the building is dated 1854.
    Entering the building, there is mosaic flooring with the lettering N&C(pic 4), a monogram that is repeated on the decorative stone above the doorway(pic 5).

    Other Vintage Antique Emporiums are to be found on Abbeydale Road, but this place has a special friendly atmosphere.

    What to buy: Vintage/Retro clothing, household goods, jewellery etc

    Craft work

    Art Work

    What to pay: From a £ to as much as your bank manager will allow

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    Meadowhall Shopping Centre: An Out of Town Shopping Mall!

    by spidermiss Updated Feb 17, 2013
    Meadowhall & Interchange
    4 more images

    It is no secret I'm no fan of shopping malls (and shopping in general!) and avoid them whenever I can! I appreciate the positives but the negatives play more on my mind. I can't help thinking how shopping malls have driven local businesses out of business, created less community cohesion and more impersonal service, and also there had been a decline in city centre shopping, as seen in Sheffield, because people aiming for out of town shopping! Personally, I find malls very crowded, claustrophobic, stuffy with the heat, and lack of natural light. However I do consider them as convenient places where everything one you can buy is under one roof and usually financial services, restaurants and cinema are part of the shopping complex.

    The reason why I visited Meadowhall was to meet up for a friend for the day in February 2013. It was great catching up over coffee and we also made a visit to the cinema to see the movie, 'Les Miserables'. Thankfully our day wasn't spent just visiting the shops! It was a great day out but still I'm not in a hurry to visit Meadowhall again!

    If you like shopping and shopping malls, I do recommend a visit to Meadowhall as it offers a wide range of department stores, designer, high street and independent shops. There are a number of coffee mall cafes dotted on its 'streets' and also the Oasis dining quarter offers a variety of nationwide chain restaurants and a self service food points.

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    Memories of The Moor: The Moor

    by spidermiss Updated Apr 15, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Moor Shopping Area (Past Memories)
    4 more images

    Since 1922, The Moors has been one of Sheffield's primary shopping areas. Since Meadowhall Shopping Mall and other out of town shopping centres were built, the area went in decline as the business and trade were diverted out of town. The good news is that the area is now being developed including the pedestrian zone with fancy seating and there are plans for a new market buildings (but from what is understood at the moment is that the plans are on hold at the time of writing this tip - April 2011).

    Photos were taken from The Moor photo canvases which are displayed at various kiosks in the area and these were how it looked like decades ago! A celebration of how The Moor shopping area developed, survived and going to be revived!

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    European Market: Good for foodies!

    by suvanki Updated Sep 11, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    European Market, Fargate, Sheffield
    1 more image

    Held at regular intervals throughout the year, (often when there are special events such as The snooker championships/Fright Night/St Patricks/Christmas) I love to visit this market, which usually runs from Thursday to Sunday.
    Located along Fargate, and from the Town Hall to The Peace Gardens.

    Before you see the market, wonderful smells of food, waft through the air, then a mix of languages, from the various stall holders can be heard.

    Stall holders from France, Germany, Spain , Turkey, and Holland, sell products such as fresh flowers and bulbs, cheeses, fresh fruit and veg, beers and wines, Baklava and Turkish delight, sausages, herbs, pickles, breads and pastries as well as soaps, knit wear, cooking pots.

    There is the chance to buy freshly cooked produce such as Paella, churrios, pancakes, German sausages, etc to eat as you are walking around, plus many freebies 'here, try this' is an invitation from many stall holders of dried fruit, nuts and sweets.

    I'll try and find out the next dates- or you can contact the Tourist Info Office

    What to buy: I usually buy a selection of country breads, cheeses, pates, fresh fruit n veg, sausages etc.

    I usually spend far more than I intended! (There are many banks/ATM's nearby)!!

    What to pay: More than you intend to! The food goods aren't cheap, but they're usually of good quality.

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    Foothills: Walking Boots and more!

    by suvanki Updated Sep 11, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These Hills are  made for walking!!

    Foothills is more than a shop! Everything you need for walking whether for a stroll, a walk in the peaks, or some serious trekking, this is the place to go, where you'll find the shop assistants are experts, and have a personal interest in 'The Great Outdoors'.

    I needed a new pair of walking boots, and a friend recommended this establishment.

    I checked out their web site first and was very impressed with the customer service offered as well as the range of goods.

    The staff here are very knowledgeable, and are intent on making sure you have the correct item.

    My feet were measured, then a selection of boots were tried on (different countries use different lasts, so a size 5 Italian may be very different to an Austrian)

    I was then instructed to walk around the shop, and up and down ramps, over a tray of stones etc, to get a feel of different terrains. I was given odd sized boots to try too-ie Right foot size 5, Left foot 5.5 etc

    The 3rd pair I tried were the ones! Even then, I was given another size to try, just to make sure. I was given lots of tips on fitting my boots, and aftercare. I was also given a 'certificated guarantee' with further hints and advise. Theres a 14 day return service too, if the boots aren't satisfactory.

    Foothills stocks a wide range of clothing and equipment, plus they offer free guided walks (Derbyshire and Sheffield) on Wednesdays and other events/services.

    Free coffee while browsing.

    Interesting notice boards.

    I wish every shopping experience was this good!

    Great Customer Care!!!

    What to buy: If buying Walking Boots, don't go anywhere else!

    Yes, you might get cheaper elsewhere, but here you can be confident that you've got boots that fit correctly.

    Walking clothing ( Rohan, Lowe Alpine, etc)
    Maps and guides (local to worldwide) rucksacks
    All manner of equipment for day walks to long treks at home or abroad.

    What to pay: My boots cost £95.. I think starting price was about £60 up to very expensive! But this is where the pros shop!

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    The Front Parlour: One of Sheffields shopping gems!

    by suvanki Updated Aug 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Front Parlour, Sheffield
    2 more images

    This shop is great to browse around and buy something special
    Specialises in anything from 1920's- 1970's
    Clothing, Accessories,antiques and miscellania.

    The window is crammed full of china, glasswear, handbags, prints etc.
    Inside it's an Aladdins cave!
    Costume jewellry, WW11 memorabilia, Vintage clothes, pretty china, postcards, coins, badges, prints...too much to mention, come and see for yourself!

    Open Wed 11.00 - 17.30
    Fri 11.00-17.00
    Sat 10.00 - 17.00

    Free On road parking nearby, but its a popular area, so you might have to drive around.

    Buses stop nearby on Ecclesall Rd.

    What to buy: Vintage clothing and accessories
    china/ glass ware

    50's-70's memorabilia

    What to pay: From a few pence, to as much as you want!

    I bought a trilby, unworn, with the price tag still inside ( £36) and paid £17!

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    The Greedy Greek Deli: Authentic Greek goodies!

    by suvanki Updated Aug 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Greedy Greek Deli

    UPDATE- visited here a few weeks ago, for the first time in ages-appears to be under new management- still Greek, still have similar meals etc, but a bit more 'downmarket'?

    Tables and chairs outside, and inside now. I enjoyed a lovely kebab, in a tasty pitta wrap, but it wasn't the same experience as before, when I felt I was enjoying an authentic piece of Greece.
    The inside cafe has taken over from where the shop sold olive oils etc, which has changed the ambiance of this place.
    I'll still give it another try though!

    Ooooh I could spend a fortune in here! If you've been to Greece for your hols, and are missing the food, this is the place to head for!
    The owners are very friendly and helpful (From Zante and Athens)
    A wide selection of ready made meals Lamb kleftico, beef stifado , chicken olympus £4.90, Mousakka £3.90 meat balls £3.00

    9 varieties of lunch boxes (all £2.50) with meat balls, spinach n feta pie, BBQ chicken fillet etc, with greek salad, dolmathes, butter beans, olives etc all
    Pitta bread sandwiches £2.00
    Sweets Baclava, Katife,Karidopita, yogurt n honey/ nuts or fruit all £1.00

    The shop also sells a wide variety of olive oil, herbs, olives, honey etc.

    All the meals are cooked by Greek chefs in their family restaurant in Dronfield ( The Greedy Greek)

    Dinner Party service.3 course + wine from £9.95 pp
    Buffet from £4.50 pp
    Free delivery to businesses
    Picnic lunches/ BBQ packs in Summer months, with cool bag hire!!! £2.50 -£5 with full refund if returned same day!!

    What to buy: Any of the above and a lot more besides!

    Every Thursday, there is a delivery of Tomatoes from Zante.....The large ones that you see outside greek grocers, and markets, the ones that actually TASTE of tomato! The owner told me that people actually queue for these specially. This is no longer-I asked about the tomatoes, and the chap who served me didn't know anything about this

    Just found out that GG is open Sundays!!!

    What to pay: See prices above.

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    Dish: Foodie Heaven!

    by suvanki Updated Aug 10, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dish, Sheffield

    UPDATE-I think this shop has now closed-though it might have re-located-I'll try to find out more-then will re-update

    Another great deli !! This shop is light n airy, and stocks a vast array of fresh and dry goods, all attractively displayed.

    A wide selection of sauces, preserves, olive oils, pastas, chocolates, canned fishes, cheese biscuits, nibbles etc.

    Some unusual ice creams..Newcastle Brown Ale, Cardamom etc.
    Juices, smoothies and other non alcoholic drinks such as original ginger beer.

    The fresh food counter displays an array of cheeses, cooked meats, sausages, olives, anti pasti, gataux, chocolates etc etc !Mmmmmmmm!!!!
    They used to sell a bun to die for, called a bee sting! Soft sweet bun, covered in honey and almonds with a crammed full filling of confectioners custard..Bliss!!!! Buuuuuttttt, they no longer sell this heavenly creation.. :-((

    What to buy: Cheeses
    Ice Cream

    Try this place, you'll most likely not come away empty handed!

    Good place to shop for gifts for foodies.

    Just found out Dish opens on Sundays!!

    What to pay: Probably not the cheapest place to shop, but for something a bit different it's a treat!

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  • suvanki's Profile Photo

    Pars Polski Sklep: Polish and Iranian food

    by suvanki Written Aug 10, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After traveling to Iran, and before my trip to Poland, I found this shop, which sells food from these two countries-a strange combination, and I still haven't found out why. The staff appear to be Polish.
    A freezer cabinet with a stock of pierogies etc, plus chiller cabinets with Polish cheeses, sausages, pickled fish, pates, pierogies, cured meats, yogurts etc.

    Tins and jars of vegetables/ fruit etc.

    Iranian herbs/spices/sweets/pickles/nuts and seeds. Including my favourite Lavashak, and rock candy.
    CD's/DVD's, Polish magazines
    Nargilles /teapots etc.
    Baklava and Iranian/Polish pastries.
    Cured fish, fresh vegetables (small selection)

    Free Delivery Service-On-Line Shopping minimum £40
    No alcohol served in shop, but available on-line.

    Open Mon-Sat 10.00-20.00 Sundays and Bank Hols 11.00-18.00

    What to buy: Pierogies from chiller cabinet, juices, cherries/plums in jars

    What to pay: from a few pence upwards...

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    by eurotravels Written Mar 17, 2005
    The Food Hall

    Fairly typical large shopping centre, perhaps most useful for clothes shopping. It is known locally as "Meadow hell" and you will understand why if you choose to go on a school holiday! Avoid weekends or any holiday period and it's not too bad.

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