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  • Little Hall
    Little Hall
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  • Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul, Lavenham
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  • Lavenham
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Lavenham Things to Do

  • The Crooked House

    The Crooked House is one of Lavenham's more famous landmarks, and often features in pictures of the town. Built in 1425, it is now an art gallery featuring a variety of local artists, jewellers and sculptors. The timbers have warped over time causing the upper floor to look distinctly crooked - hence the name!

  • The 16th Century Guildhall

    The Guildhall of Corpus Christi, Lavenham, dates back to some time around 1530. Regarded as one of Britains' best examples of a timber framed building of around that time, the Guildhall is now in the care of the National Trust. You are able to go inside and take a look around the building and the enclosed garden area for an entry fee (from memory...

  • The Parish Church

    Lavenham's parish church of Saints Peter and Paul is a large building which can be seen from many miles around. It is a direct result of the wealth of Lavenham, as it was largely paid for by wealthy clothiers in the 15th Century - most notably Thomas Spryng - although a church has stood here from Saxon times.The church was built as an act of...

  • Guildhall and Little Hall

    Located on Market Place in Lavenham are a couple of interesting historic buildings - the Guildhall and the Little Hall.The cream timber-framed Corpus Christi Guildhall was built in the 16th century, and was once used as a prison and later a workhouse. The building is now managed by the National Trust, and you can visit the Guildhall and see an...

  • St Peter and St Paul Church

    Lavenham is home to the impressive Church of St Peter and Paul. Dating back to the 15th century, the church is one of the famous Suffolk wool churches - so named as its building was funded by the rich clothiers of the time. It has a flint tower standing 140 feet tall, which is the highest structure for miles around. Today it is surrounded by...

  • Get some local info

    The local tourist information office is in Lady Street, which leads off from the Market Place. I think it looks a little out of place, a 1970's looking building snuggled next to a much older timber framed beauty! But they have heaps of good local information, not just about Lavenham, but some of the other surrounding villages in the area. A good...

  • The Market Cross

    Outside the front of the Guildhall an old cross identifies the Market Place. As I mentioned before, Lavenham was granted a charter by the crown back in the thirteenth century which allowed the townsfolk to hold a market. The cross that you see know is not quite that old - but is still pretty old! It was put there in 1501, paid for from the will of...

  • Church of St Peter and St Paul

    One of the main buildings in Lavenham is the Church of St Peter and St Paul. It is covered with magnificent carvings both inside and out and the tower rises to a height of 141 feet (about 41 metres) so it is the tallest church in Suffolk.

  • Crooked House

    If I'm honest, my mum is the real expert on Lavenham and places like this around Suffolk. I took my girlfriend there one summer evening so everywhere was closed including the Crooked House Gallery.The building itself is incredible and dates back to 1425. Today it is run as a gallery with arts and crafts from all over the country.It's a MUST-SEE...


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Lavenham Restaurants

  • Tickled Pink

    I have been visiting this place for years now - I tend to think of it by it's older name of Tickle Manor - a change of ownership has seen the name become Tickled Pink. I prefer Tickle Manor, but it remains my favourite tearooms to this day. A crooked little timber framed cottage jammed up in between two neighbouring houses, it is just the cutest...

  • The Swan - historic Pub

    On our visit to Lavenham the rain was threatening so we popped into The Swan for some lunch. The Swan is a luxury (renovated) 14th century hotel located on the main street. It is housed in one of those fabulous Tudor buildings which looks like it may fall down at any moment.The hotel has a nice restaurant, though we just wanted a quick lunch, so...

  • Enjoy a beer in the sun!

    The Cock pub is on the edge of Lavenham, right opposite the church. As there is a large free public carpark right behind the pub, it makes sense to park your car, enjoy Lavenham, then return for a beer and something to eat before going on your way. It is one of the few thatched buildings in the town (in fact, it may be the only one, I can't think...


Lavenham Shopping

  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    by sue_stone Written Jul 8, 2007

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    Located on the main street of Lavenham is the gorgeous Crooked House - so named as it really is crooked! It was built in 1425 as part of a medieval hall house.

    For the last ten years or so it has been home to an interesting gallery. The gallery "offers unusual and original art and crafts from artists all around the country".

    What to buy: These items are all for sale, and I must confess that I was tempted by some of the things we saw there - in particular some quirky jewellery. After I lingered longer than usual by the display, Alex wisely propelled my out of the gallery with promises of lunch - I say wisely, as this is not a cheap place to shop ; )

    The Crooked House Gallery The Crooked House Gallery
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Lavenham Local Customs

  • arturowan's Profile Photo

    by arturowan Written Dec 11, 2014

    Lavenham still looks so much as it did when it was originally built, it is no surprise that the hamlet is visited time & again by tv & movie producers as a period-authentic backdrop...
    Being located in mid-Suffolk, the county most often associated with the BBC drama, Lovejoy - Lavenham has featured in the programme throughout the series, most notably the final episode; Last Tango In Lavenham (see separate Suffolk tip...)
    The 1968 film featuring Vincent Price as the title character; Witchfinder general, used Lavenham Market Square as a central filming location...
    Market Square was also where John & Yoko made their film Apotheosis, in 1970
    Playing Away, a film about a visiting cricket team from Brixton, was made in Lavenham in 1986
    2 notable directors, Stanley Kubrick & Pier Paolo Pasolini have used Lavenham as a filming location, though by far the most famous use of the village for the big-screen, was the setting for the Harry Potter movies, Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 & 2

    Lavenham today; as then... The Guildhall... The Guildhall... Market Square... Typical Lavenham street...
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Lavenham Warnings and Dangers

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    by ratherton Written Jun 27, 2004

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    Remember that Lavenham is only a small village so there aren't any big multi-storey car parks. Park were you can (legally) and walk around the village.

    There are no traffic wardens so please don't abuse this and cause problems for locals and other tourists by selfish parking.

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Lavenham Favorites

  • arturowan's Profile Photo

    by arturowan Updated Dec 11, 2014

    Favorite thing: Suffolk as a county is spoilt for 'olde worlde' hamlets, that seem to exist out of time with their surrounding world, but Lavenham is a case again - you really do have to see it to believe how well preserved an example it is of a bygone English village...
    Because it's so well preserved as a timepiece, it has become a favourite with filmmakers, wanting a realistic movie setting; my personal favourite is The Witchfinder General, which had many scenes set here, simply because the village has not changed recognisably since the era of Matthew Hopkins, himself...
    Lavenham church is magnificent, but my favourite thing about it is the peculiar, so-called; 'rabbit window' (see separate tip...)

    Fondest memory: 1997
    My best memory of Lavenham is when the Bugatti 0wners Club visited during a stage of a week long rally for their vintage & classic members, in 1997
    0n arrival, each car was parked up in the Market Place, & what a sight it was to see every available space there filled with these priceless works of auto-art...
    Every old Bugatti is 1-of-a-kind, because each was hand-finished to owner specification, so every car in the square demanded attention, though I was especially taken with the vintage type35's - the car of choice for the owner driver in 1930's GP racing...

    As a child I can still remember visiting a tiny shop called Benbows, which sold woven mohair garments & ceramic handicrafts...
    To this day I can still recall the unique scent when entering that shop, from the horsehair stock, & also feeling a garment still warm, from having come straight off the loom in the backroom...
    This is what Lavenham is all about for most visitors - a place where time stands still & the old crafts stay strong...

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