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  • Chertsey Bridge, Surrey, UK.
    Chertsey Bridge, Surrey, UK.
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  • St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK.
    St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK.
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  • Detail, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK.
    Detail, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey,...
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Chertsey Things to Do

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    by Kookaracha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Thorpe Park looked promising with its fair share of big thrill rides and rollercoasters:
    The fantastic Stealth, Nemesis Inferno (better than its Alton Towers predecessor), and Rush, but I couldn't help feeling disappointed at the end of the day...

    The Price is high (as all the Tussaud's group attractions are) at £32.00 per person. The most appalling thing at Thorpe park was the charge to get a fastrack ticket! (They are usually free) From £9 for 5 rides, £4 for Stealth, and a staggering £50.00 for unlimited an fastrack pass. The queues were so horrendous due to the amount of fastrackers they let on each ride. Those who didn't want to give in to rampant capitalism (or were too tight to fork out) had to endure the worst queue times of any of the UK theme parks I have been to. It was money grabbing at its most galling.

    Money issues aside, the range of rides was very good. It was a shame there wasn't time to go on them all. Chessington is probably more suitable for those with young children as height-restriction sticks were wielded ferociously.

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    by planxty Updated Mar 30, 2011

    This is a really quirky little place. Only open in the afternoons, it has a collection that is quire eclectic. I still have to understand why it has a horde of Greek pottery for example. Now, it is not the British Museum by any means but it is a pleasant place to spend and hour, and that is really all it will take you to see it.

    The museum is situated in a lovely old building although there is ver little information available about the building itself. The current "main attraction" (as of March 2011) is a selection of wedding attire and I must admit I never thought I would be interested in the slightest in that particular subject but it was very well done, drawing on a collection from a local lady and featuring items dating back to the 18th century. It is known as the "Olive Matthews Collection ". Some excellent black and white films accompany the display.

    Onward and upward, and it really is, as the Museum is situated in an old house so the displays are on a number of floors. There are displays decribing the history of the area right back to ancient times, a small room with a limited amount of childrens toys and a few old clocks. I didn't know Chertsey was a place associated with horology but apparently so. as my late Grandmother used to say, "it's a bad day when you don't learn something."

    I am trying to include, where I can, information for disabled visitors and I am glad to report that, even given the constraints of the old building, the Museum is fully accessible for wheelchairs by means of a lift and has a fully acessible toilet.

    I have no doubt this is not the most interesting Museum you will ever visit but it is well worth a visit. Admission is free, and the staff are friendly.

    As a slight caveat, I would say that the paperwork required to take a few snaps is frightening!

    Museum, Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Museum, Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Museum, Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Museum, Chertsey, Surrey, UK. Museum, Chertsey, Surrey, UK.
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    by planxty Written Mar 30, 2011

    I have noted many times in other VT pages that I am not a religious man, I am what the current politically correct parlance of the UK defines as a "person of no faith" or some such convoluted phrase. This is not a religious comment per se, which is rightly outside the scope of VT, merely a statement of fact. I have also noted in various other pages my great love of exploring churches, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras, temples of various descriptions etc. Basically, I find them to be great sources of information on the social history of a place I am visiting. Graveyards, often associated, provide a similar interest. I am not so much interested in the faith proclaimed or the deity worshipped as the way that religious buildings obviously impact on the places they serve.

    My intro page to Chertsey will tell you that I sort of stumbled onto it by accident on a glorious spring day and I was delighted to find what I now know to be the Church of St. Peter, described as a "shared church" meaning it is shared between the congregations of three different Christian denominations in the area. Far be it from me to offer theological comment but I rather thought that Christ would have approved. I mean no disrespect by this comment, I assure you.

    To the Church itself, which was, thankfully open. I mention this as it is a sad fact of life that whilst all churches, even in my childhood, were left unlocked, the problems of theft and vandalism have rendered this no longer a viable option. In fact, a man walked in after me and it was obvious that he was "keeping an eye on me", a stranger in there by myself. Well done to him.

    The church itself is not particulary old, the majority of the current building dating from a rebuilding of 1806, although the ecclesiastical history of the town is much longer, the famous Chertsey Abbey (situated nearby) was dissolved in the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1537. Further amendments were made as late as 1963.

    A story for you here of a nave and a knave. I am sorry, I could not resist the wordplay and I apologise to readers for whom English may not be a first language. During the 1806 restoration, a builder was paid £6,000 to replace the roof. Exit, stage left, the builder and the money to America where he obviously did very well for himself and the poor parishioners of Chertsey were left to raise another £6,000.

    There are many things to see inside, including several touching memorials to fallen soldiers, several of which I have reproduced there. The "jewel in the crown", however, is the peal of bells. Whilst they were not assembled until 1861, at least one of them dates from 1380 and came from the old Abbey. Other bells in the peal long predate the current building as well. I was reading the information on the Church wall and could not help but think about an old song my late Mother used to sing in my early childhood called "Hang on the bell, Nellie." Now, the curfew bell is still rung every night here from "from Michaelmas to Lady Day" brings to mind the statue I had recently seen (see seperate tip). I wonder was the 19th century music hall song based upon the events here, and was the curfew bell perhaps one of those now installed here? It was a nice image, even if not historically acurate.

    OK, so it is unlikely you will ever be in Chertsey. If you are, give yourself a few minutes to have a look round this wonderful Church.

    St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK. Interior, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK. Detail, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK. Detail, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK. Detail, St. Peter's Church, Chertsey, Surry, UK.
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