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Guildford Highlights

  • Pro
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    hotlipz says…

     It's such a beautiful town surrounded by the Surrey Hills 

  • Con
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    lchelle says…

     lots of damp weather, pricey, and a bit snobby 

  • In a nutshell
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    arty_girl says…

     The hills are worth the climb! 

Guildford Things to Do

  • Guildford Castle and Grounds

    The stone tower of Guildford Castle was built during the 12th century. For a while the castle was one of England's most luxious royal residences, and under Henry III it became known as "The Palace". After only a few decades, however, it was left to fall into ruins. In 1885, it was bought by the Guildford Borough Council who turned what was left of...

  • St. Mary's Church

    Built in the mid-10th century, St. Mary's Church is the oldest surviving building in Guildford. The fact that it was built in stone is rather surprising considering that most parish churches of that period were made of wood. The original stone tower (circa 1050) still survives.

  • Go for a walk on the countryside

    There are many walking trails in and around Guildford - some go as far as Canterbury if you feel like going on a full blown pilgrimage a la Goeffrey Chaucer, and others take you along the river and off to Surrey's lovely countryside where you can pretend for a moment to be one of Jane Austen's characters. So whatever sounds the most appealing to...

  • The Electric Theatre

    No matter what time of the year or what day of the week you are in Guildford, there's always something going on at the Electric Theatre! Whether you're interested in musicals, plays, comedy, music or dance, you should check out the theatre's program - you'll find quality entertainment at a very reasonable price. In our case, as we couldn't afford...

  • Guildford castle

    Although there are no documents about the early years of the castle, it is almost certain that it was built shortly after the Norman Conquest in 1066 as it was customary to do in all the important towns to prevent rebellion and to strengthen the hold on the country. At the time Guildford was on an important route between London and the west of...

  • The riverside

    The River Wey flows through the Guildford town centre and is one of the prettiest bits of the town. You can sit on a bench along on it or the nearby riverside pubs, if you don't fancy a walk. The river is located at the bottom of the High Street (cross the road). Soon the path comes out into a lovely open area, with lots of open grass land and...

  • Sights of Guilford

    We spent about an hour looking around Guildford before beginning our hike. It seemed like a typical Surrey town, with plenty of expensive cars and houses. The Castle Keep was impressive and there are good views over the town from its grounds and its gardens are beautiful. The shops in the High Street were the same as you’d expect in any British...

  • North Downs Way

    The North Downs Way is a long-distance walk in Southern England. It starts just east of the village of Farnham in Surrey and ends 153 miles to the east in Dover. Along the way there is superb scenery and excellent hiking trails. The path follows part of the ancient Pilgrims Way, a route used by pilgrims to get to Canterbury Cathedral. Guildford is...

  • Guildford Cathedral

    Guildford cathedral is a definitely a landmark of the town, as it is located on top of a hill known as Stag Hill, former hunting grounds of the Kings of England. It is not the most beautiful of cathedrals from outside. Its designer relied more on volume and mass than pretty ornaments. The outside of the building is entirely constructed from red...


Guildford Hotels

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Guildford Restaurants

  • Curry? It's the British National Dish -...

    Anyone who has been to Britain or knows any of us Brits will know by now that we are curry addicts and if you work in IT then curry is a way of life. You commiserate and celebrate with a curry - it's a tradition! Apparently, the Chicken Tikka Masala is so popular amongst British people that it's now considered a national dish (although this dish is...

  • A casual start for your night

    HA! HA! is a bar and restaurant in one. It's very casual: you do not need to dress up. The venue is split over two floors with tables and chairs both downs stairs and upstairs. The upstairs gallery is soundproofed, allowing customers to enjoy two different types of music.The food is freshly prepared. The kitchen is open from breakfast till late and...

  • Fish and seafood

    Loch Fyne is not entirely particular for Guildford, since there are 38 establishments throughout Britain. Despite that it is a very nice and relaxed place to eat - if you enjoy your seafood. The restaurant is furnished very rustically with lots wooden materials on the walls and heavy wooden tables. The menu includes lobster, crap, shrimps, kippers,...

  • Steaks, ribs, burgers

    If you are into American food, there are quite a few places in Guildford. I think TGI Fridays' fillet steaks are the best steaks on offer, so I'd choose this restaurant because of them. Portions are very generous though not very imaginative. The whole menu screams "American" all over it. Everything's big, comes with something extra (e.g. cheese,...

  • Cajun, creole, French, Italian & W...

    Old Orleans is an American style restaurant that serves typical American food accompanied by Jazz and mellow rhythm & blues based on the spirit of New Orleans street party, Mardi Gras. The menu features flavours from Cajun, creole, French, Italian and West Indian cooking. The deco is a bizarre mixture of old style American signs and voodoo....

  • French with a global blend

    I'm telling you 'French' is a big thing in the UK. There are quite a few restaurants/brasseries serving French cuisine in this country and Brasserie Chez Gérard is not an exception. However, Chez Gérard is not entirely traditional French, as it serves French cuisine with influences from Morocco, Canada (Montreal), Italy and even the States (New...


Guildford Nightlife

  • Casino Nighclub = awfull....

    I was there Saturday 22nd June 2013 and I struggled to get in the vibe as the DJ was absolutely appalling, I thought I was at a kids party gone wrong! The drinks are extremely overpriced, your looking at around £7 for a malibu and coke filled to the top with ice! A member of the bar staff assualted an innocent young girl right infront of my eyes...

  • where to go... and not to go!

    pubs here aren't open late, but are good quality. --the star at the bottom of high street caters for the slightly rowdier student crowd and occasionally gets spontaneously redecorated by drunken patrons. --the three pidgeons - also known locally as the three pigs, is half way up the hill --head down to the weir to visit the britannia (fondly called...

  • Trendy Surrey club

    Harpers prides itself as Surrey's premier nightclub. The décor attempts to be trendy and features a podium as well as some sort marquee type of thing on the upper floor. The DJs on this floor play mostly new stuff (R'n'B, funky house and even electro at the end of the night). Downstairs playes mostly 80s and 90s hits. There are 3 bars and a VIP...

  • AHA!!!

    There are several stages at Guilfest and unfortunately some bands that you want to see will be appearing at the same time on another stage so it is just impossible to see everything. But we DID see "aha" and they were fab - especially the one song anyone actually remembered "Take on Me" :)) There is no dress code here - you can wear a suit and/or...

  • Crazy nights out in town

    The club is formerly known as Cinderellas. It has full club facilities, 2/3 bars, centralised dance floor with walk round access (no need to annoy people dancing by walking through) although the dance floor is relatively small, attended cloakroom, friendly bar staff, comfy lounge area in one corner, security Although not a massive club (200...

  • All aboard!!

    The Pimms bus. This is an oh so definitely English experience - Pimms for a start is the epitome of the English Summer in a glass and the Pimms people have taken the old Routemaster buses and turned them into bars - with drinks served downstairs and installed seating upstairs! They take them to the festivals and lay blankets and deck chairs outside...


Guildford Transportation

  • Taxis in guildford

    Guildford taxi ranks are everywhere in the city. Outside the train station, next to the Friary Shopping Centre and at the bottom of North Street on the other side of the road from the Electric Theatre. Taxis can also be booked by phone and here are the details of the company I used everyday while I was in Guildford and travelling to and from London...

  • Just 30 minutes from London

    One of the reason's that property in and around Guildford is so expensive is due to the fact that it is on the main railway line to London. If you make sure you catch the direct line (only usually stopping at Woking) you will be in the capital in 30 mins!

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Guildford Shopping

  • Ethical and handmade organic chocolate

    This fab boutique is located along a small alley way just off the Guildford High Street. The alley is so narrow, you might walk past the shop, but that would be shame, since you'd miss something great.Their entire range is organic and it's hand made in Sussex. The cocoa comes from the Dominican Republic. The company is enviromentally minded and...

  • One of Guildford's main attractions...

    On a warm sunny day it seems the thing to do in Guildford is to go shopping on High Street. I must admit that even though shopping's not really my thing, there always seems to be a nice and vibrant atmosphere on this charming cobbled street, thanks mostly to students who come to spend the day and evening downtown. No matter how busy it gets, it's...

  • Banks and Bank Accounts

    most of the major banks are located on the guildford high street, and all of these have atms if you want to open a bank account, lloyds is one of the most straightforward for non-residents. in my experience, natwest makes life really difficult.


Guildford Warnings and Dangers

  • it's all ups and downs in Guildford!

    If you have mobility problems or find walking up and down hills difficult then maybe Guildford isnt the town for you to visit - it is VERY hilly. Guildford is set in a valley of the Surrey Downs and even the High Street can be challenging to walk up if you are feeling tired.

  • Lost in Guilfest - found under hat

    A sun hat is a good idea as there is very little shade to be had in the park. There are a multitude of styles available and no one cares what you look like so take your pick! They range from £5 up to £15 and there are loads of stalls selling them so look around before you buy!

  • The wearing of flip flops...

    ... is not advised, especially when it's been raining and the ground is muddy!. Also, there is too much litter around and you have to watch your step. Probably best to wear wellington boots!! Note to self: buy wellies for next festival!


Guildford Off The Beaten Path

  • Puttenham

    Puttenham is a small village in Surrey which lies halfway between Guildford and Farnham, and is a good place to stop for a break if you are walking between the two towns. The pub on the main street, The Good Intent, serves meals, though we only stopped for a drink as we’d already eaten. The pub was very busy though we did find a spot in the beer...

  • Go to Godalming, a town 3miles/5k from...

    A useful travel tip re Guildford ?Easy ... Go to Godalming ... it's way better !Please have a look at my homepage section for info and pictures of Godalming !There will probably be no further updates though, as I am sure that I will have upset someone in Guildford, and I go there regularly! I will have to adopt a fiendishly cunning disguise ...

  • "Through the Looking Glass"

    When walking the castle grounds you will come upon a small monument called “Though the Looking Glass”. In 1868 a certain C.L. Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, rented a house on Castle Hill a stone throw away called The Chestnuts. It can be easily spotted by the prominent blue door. His first children’s book “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”...


Guildford Favorites

  • avoiding arrest!

    we took a mate into guildford for his birthday and he managed to write himself off. so we sneakily took the canal path back to the university to avoid him being locked up for being drunk and disorderly! ps. we gave him a kebab once we got back to campus and he managed to walk home by himself - woke up the next morning with a traffic cone on his...

  • Hiking from Guildford to Farnham

    On a beautiful spring day we walked from Guildford to Farnham, along parts of the North Downs Way and through some scenic Surrey countryside. Farnham to Guildford is often considered the first leg of the 153 miles long North Downs Way. We didn’t keep strictly to the North Downs Way as we were following a guided walk from the book “Country Walks...

  • Surrey Hills Days Out

    I have just discovered this wonderful page written by the Surrey Hills Website. It describes how to have a day out in Guildford (and other Surrey Hills towns and villages) and has many more links than I could think of as well as many more ideas. Check it out - they know the beauty of Surrey!


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