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    by eamonnfoley Written Jan 3, 2007

    There are several bus companies operating in Newcastle such as Arriva, Go-north East, Stagecoach. However be careful when buying an all-day-ticket, because it usually means it is only valid the bus company you bought it for. We bought an all day ticket for Go-North East and had to buy another one when we caught a Stagecoach bus.

    Also note an all-day Metro pass is not valid with any of these bus companies.

    Fun Alternatives: The only way to make best of this situation is to plan ahead or be careful which service you get on.

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  • Big City

    by Hooverboy Written Nov 22, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cheapest form of transport is Metro underground train. Althougfh once in city centre all bars clubs and shops are tightly linked together and well within walking distance. Big Issue sellers aren`t as bad as other cities. Cheapest bars are Weatherspoons near Central train station and Beehive(for pints), BlackieBoy(spirits&trebles) on Bigg Market.

    Unique Suggestions: Do not bother going to see `Angel of the North` its a hideous rusted structure in one of the roughest districts of Newcastle in the middle of nowhere and not worth the travel. Also millenium bridge is quite a far walk along quayside and there`s nothing there when u get there!!

    Fun Alternatives: Shopping is good in Newcastle - Eldon Square and Northumberland Street.
    Loads of bars in Bigg Maket, The Gate complex and down by Quayside.
    Big ferris wheel down by quayside will give you extraordinary views of city sites.

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  • S^$&#!land - the village of the damned

    by Doolence Updated May 26, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Please beware when using Metroline!
    From some unaccountable reason NEWCASTLE METRO operates to sunderland (!?) which is the place you really don't want to experience. It is the gloomy, sad settlement with no cinema, no theatre, no shopping-mall, nothing whatsoever...
    You better jump of the train before it's too late

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    Dont bother with an English Dictionary

    by dazherg Written Feb 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Whey Aye !


    AA. Pronoun of the first person. Aa divvint knaa. I do not know.
    AAFUL. Awful.
    AAKWAAD. Awkward.
    AALL. All.
    AALWIS. Always.
    AAN. And.
    ABOOT. About.
    AMOONT. Amount.
    AANLY. Only.
    ANYHOO. Anyhow.
    AV. I've.

    BAIT. Food. Bait box. Something to carry food to work.
    BLIDDY. Bloody. Bliddy hek. Bloody hell.
    BOONT. Boont tu de it. Bound to do it.
    BORD. Bird. Also. Nice leukin bord. Nice looking woman.
    BORST. Burst.
    BREED. Bread. Cuty breed. An un-cut loaf of bread.
    BROON. Brown.
    BROWT. Brought. Have yu browt it?. Have you brought it?.
    BURA. But I. Bura daint knaa. But I don't know.

    CAAD. Cold.
    CAALL. Call
    CADGE. To beg.
    CANNY. Good. Although you can have "Canny good".
    CHORCH. Church.
    CLAA. Claw.
    CLAES. Clothes.
    CLAGGY. Sticky.
    CLARTS. Mud. Yara clarty gitt. Your covered in mud.
    CLOBBER. Clothes.
    CUDDINT. Could not

    DE. Do
    DEE. Do.
    DEEF. Deaf. Deefee. Cant hear.
    DICKY BORD. A small bird.
    DISN'T. Does not. He disn't knaa oot. He does not know anything.
    DIVVINT. Dont. Divvint dee it. Dont do it.
    DOON. Down.
    DORTY. Dirty.
    DUMPA. Cigarette but.

    Ee. He. Ee aalwis ses that. He always says that.
    EESELL. Himself.

    FAAL. To fall.
    FATHOR. Father.
    FELL. A hill.
    FOOND. Found
    FORST. First. Ee cum forst. He came first.
    FOW. For. Can yu de it fow'u lyke. Can you do it for us.
    FYECE. Face.

    GADGIE. Man. Aad gadgie. old man.
    GAAN. Going. Am Gaan oot. I'm going out
    GAN. Go. Can Aa gan. Can I go.
    GED. Get. Ged oot. Get out.
    GEROOT. Get out.
    GERIS. Get me.
    GORRA. Got to. Ave gorra gaan noo. I've got to go now.
    GEET. An expression. It waz geet big.
    GYET. Yu daft gyet. You stupid fool.

    HAAD. Hold.
    HACKY. Dirty. Hacky dorty. Very dirty.
    HEED. Head.
    HEV. Have.
    HEZ. Has. Hez ee been. Has he been.
    HOO. How.
    HORD. Heard.
    HOWLD. Hold.
    HOY. Throw. Hoy the baal. Throw the ball.
    HOYED. Threw. Aa hoyed the baal. I threw the ball.

    INSTEED. Instead.
    INTIV. Into
    IVVOR. Ever.

    JAA-BREACKER. A long word.

    KIDDY. A small child.
    KNAA. Know. Daint knaa. Don't know.
    KYEK. Cake.

    Unique Suggestions: LADS. A group of male friends.
    LANG. Long.
    LARN. Learn.
    LASHINS. Plenty.
    LASS'S. A group of women.
    LAVVY. Lavatory.
    LEEV. Leave.
    LEUKIN. Looking.
    LEUK. Look.
    LOP. A flea. Fit as a lop.
    LUG. Ear.
    LUK. Look

    MAIR. More.
    MARRA. Friend. Ee's me marra. He's my friend
    MATE. Friend. Me best mate. My best friend
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    MORA. Tomorrow. Aal de it the mora. I'll do it tomorrow.
    MUCK. Dirt.
    MUG. Face. Fool. Ee's a reet mug. He's a fool
    MUGGLES. Marbles.
    MYED. Made.
    MYEK. Make.
    MYEKIN. Making.

    NA. No.
    NAA. No.
    NAE. No. Nae chance bonnie lad.
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    NETTY. Toilet. Ee's on the netty. He's using the toilet.
    NIVVOR. Never.
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    NORVIS. Nervous. She's norvis. She's nervous.
    NYEM. Name. Aa divvint knaa his nyem. I dont know his name.

    OOT. Out. Geroot. Get out.
    ORLY. Early.
    OV. Of.
    OWA. Over. Ged owa the waal. Get over the wall.
    OWT. Anything. Aa daint owe ye owt. I dont owe you anything.

    PAAKY. Choosy about food.
    PELT. To hurry along. Full pelt. Full speed.
    PELT. To throw. Pelt that stone. Throw that stone.
    PIKSHAZ. Pictures.
    PIT. A colliery. A coal mine.
    PITTLE. To urinate. Aa haad a pittle lyke. I had to urinate.
    PITTLE. Raining. It's pittling doon. It's raining.
    PIT-YAKKOR. Pitmen. A term of abuse applied to same.
    POKY. Inquisitive.
    POLIS. Police
    POODER. Powder.
    PORSIN. Person.

    RAA. Row.
    RANT. A person or persons shouting.
    REED. Red. Reedhot. Red hot.
    REET. Right. Yar aal reet marrow. Your all right friend.
    ROOND. Round.
    RUNT. Small pig.

    Fun Alternatives: SACKLESS. Useless.
    SAA. Saw.
    SAYED. Said.
    SCABBY. Spotty. Ya reet scabby. Your covered in spots.
    SES. Says. Ee ses what!. He said what!.
    SHIFT. To move someone/thing from one place to another.
    SHIFTY. Unreliable.
    SHU. She.
    SIVVORAL. Several.
    SKEDADDLE. To retreat quickly.
    SKINCH. Truce.
    SKYUL. School.
    SLUSH. Melting snow.
    SNAA. Snow.
    SPELK. Splinter of wood.
    STANNIN. Standing.
    STRANG. Strong.
    SWIG. Drink. Tyek aa swig. Have a drink.
    SYUN. Soon. Aa syun foond oot. I soon found out.

    TAB. Cigarette.
    TACKLE. To accost. Also, to do a job. Aa'll tackle that job.
    TARKIN. Talking.
    TATTIES. Potatoes. Geris a poond aa tatties. Get me a pound of potatoes.
    TATTY. Matted. Tatty heed. Matted hair.
    TELLT. Told. Aa tellt yu. I told you.
    TEUK. Took.
    THARIS. That Is.
    THOWT. Thought. Aa thowt see. I thought so.
    TIV. To
    TUNGUE. Tung
    TOWL'D. Told. Aa towl'd them. I told them.
    TROOSOR. Trouser. Aa tore me troosor leg. I tore my trouser leg.
    TU. To.
    TYEK. Take.
    TYEKIN. Taking.
    TYEST. Taste. Caan yu tyest that pet. Can you taste that.

    UNCANNY. Supernatural. Has ann uncanny way aboot her.
    US. Used for me. Wiv us. With me.
    UTHA. Other.

    VAR NIGH. Very Near.
    VAST. A great deal.

    WA. We Are. Wa gaanin oot tu play. We are going out to play.
    WAAK. Walk.
    WAD. Would
    WAG. Truant. Play thu wag. To play truant from school.
    WAASEL. Our self.
    WAZ. Was.
    WE. Who. We knaas. Who knows.
    WEE. Small.
    WEE. Urinate. Ee's havin a wee. He's urinating.
    WEOR. Wear.
    WHAAT. What.
    WHEY AYE. Well of course. Whey aye bonny ladd. Well of course friend.
    WHINGE. Whine.
    WIV. With.
    WIVOOT. Without.
    WORKIE TICKET. Trouble maker. Ee's a workie ticket. He's a trouble maker.
    WRANG. Wrong.
    WUD. Would.

    YAMMER. To whine or complain. Giv owa yammerin. Stop complaining.
    YAP. Mouth. Shut ya yap. Shut your mouth.
    YAR. Your. Yar aal reet mate. Your all right friend.
    YE. You. Wot ye dein marrow. What you doing friend.
    YEM. Home. Am gaanin yem. I'm going home.
    YEOR. Year.
    YIT. Yet.
    YORSEL. Yourself.
    YU. You.

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    The seven bridges

    by TheGaz1982 Written Aug 29, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sydneys older brother.

    One of the things that Newcastle is famous for is it's skyline, this includes seven bridges, and the newly developed quayside. Only one other place in England can equal it's breathtaking beuty, and that is...Gateshead! Bridges include the Gateshead millenium bridge, the Redheugh bridge, and most importantly, the magnificence of the Tyne bridge! And best of all, it's all free!!!

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  • hermesus's Profile Photo

    Geordie accent...

    by hermesus Written Aug 27, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    It is not so much a trap as it is a cultural phenomenon. For any visitor to Newcastle (including native English speakers), a broad accent, which is used here could be very tricky to understand. If you are not a native speaker this might temporarily become your communication nightmare. This especially applies to most of the local shops and markets, where the majority of people speak "Geordie".

    "Visitors from the south of England are typically nonplussed by a broad Geordie speaker, which has prompted some to claim that Geordie could even be considered a separate language. A broad accent is certainly not intelligible to many other native English-speakers at a first listening. Peter Beardsley, another soccer player and Geordie icon, even suffered the indignity of having English sub-titles on all his television interviews."

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    This is Craster. A lovely...

    by mcharlton Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is Craster. A lovely fishing village that I love to walk to from Alnwick which is about a seven mile walk. But of course you have to walk back. It is very much worth the walk since it is so beautiful all the way.

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  • gallowaymjg's Profile Photo

    Life Centre

    by gallowaymjg Written Jun 5, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pleasing on the eye

    Can get very busy on weekends.
    It is also expensive if there is a large party.
    However, is worth a visit if you like technology and gadgets.

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    There is one of the largest...

    by zys1 Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe at Eldon square, but I don't think that you will buy some special goods from this centure. it is so so, don't waste many time in this place.

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