Loughborough Travel Guide

  • Loughborough Fair
    Loughborough Fair
    by citytrip
  • The Carousel at the fair
    The Carousel at the fair
    by citytrip
  • Loughborough Fair
    Loughborough Fair
    by citytrip

Loughborough Things to Do

  • Theatre Royal

    I took my best friend at the time here to see the Chippendales live, it was funny as well as good, we were six rows from the front and sat behind me was my Mother !!!She embaressed me more than anything and she had the nerve to asyif you see me don't shout and what does she do ?Parents, don't you just love em !!

  • Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

    This is a family day out and has a variety of activities from Rollercoasters to Waterfalls. Spending a day here will keep the kids quiet and the adults entertained.There are food stops, bars including a Wild West shoot out with Salon Bar, Ice-Cream venues, Sweet Shops and more.Main days for business here are Bank Holidays and when the kids are off...

  • Carillon and War Memorial.

    The Carillon wa built in 1922 as a War Memorial. It houses 47 bells, crafted by the local John Taylor Bellfoundary.


Loughborough Hotels

  • Compass Hotel Loughborough

    New Ashby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 4EX, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Imago at Burleigh Court

    Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TD, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Quorn Country Hotel

    66 Leicester Rd, Charnwood House, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 8BB, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

Loughborough Restaurants

  • Lively Mexican eating house

    On the High Street there is a lively, small restaurant called Cactus Café that specializes in Mexican food and drinks. It has an interesting, wide menu ( well it seemed wide to me but then I'm not experienced in Mexican food) that also caters well for vegetarians.Prices were quite reasonable with main dishes between £8 and £10 and starters for...

  • Thai food.

    The Thai House in Loughborough is the only Thai restuarant. It is quite expensive as compared to other restaurant around, but it served good food in the small town of Loughborough.This restaurant is owned by a Thai boss and a Malaysian boss. And the interior decoration is that of typical Thai decoration. I love the duck curry in this restaurant...

  • Cuisine Day & Night

    Browns is one of my favorite stops in Loughborough as the food is lovely.Run by a family of Italians, who certainly know how to prepare great food, comes a warm welcome followed by fantastic grub and drinks, and is now open at night as a restaurantIt also caters for private functions like parties etc.. I have to say I don't think I have a...


Loughborough Nightlife

  • Students union nights

    The students union in loughborough provides varied entertainment throughout the week during university term times (these are different to most other UK universitys). It is designed to meet the needs of all students residing in its insanely huge campus and students living in town population. Visitors are allowed in to the university nights however...

  • Pubs..

    There are many pubs that students go to for their discounted drinks. Note that the pubs will be very crowded on Friday nights and Saturday nights. During term time, Thursday nights are pub going nights as well. The pubs will usually be almost empty in the summer months when the students have gone home for holidays. Can you imagine the contribution...

  • Craig & Me Re-United

    This guy I knew before he was born and to find him serving me behind a bar was a shock to say the least, but a great kid ! .

  • Millenium Night

    Picture of me before I went out, if I knew what was going to happen that night iI'd of not drunk that damn champagne !!It was like something out of a film ! .

  • New Years Eve Millenium

    This was where we ended up on New Years Eve 1999-2000, we was'nt planning on even going up here as my mate had bought tickets for another club and when we got in it was dead so we made a sharp exit and landed in here which was the complete opposite as it was heaving.We bought a bottle of champagne for £10, £5 each and itblew my head off, thats what...

  • Pulsating Pulse

    alot of my weekends were spent here until we went home, so for me its very much part of my past and I have alot of very fond memories there Anything but jeans


Loughborough Transportation

  • Buses around the region

    Trent Barton has a day ticket called "Zig-Zag" ticket valid for off-peak travel which is after 9am and valid on their buses. You can use this ticket to travel from Loughborough to places like Nottingham, Derby, Melton Morbray, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Burton, Buxton. The ticket will not be valid north of Bakewell or north of Ashbourne. For more...

  • Train.

    You can get to Loughborough by train. Train services by Midland mainline and Central train runs to Loughborough. I prefer Midland mainline with more reliable service to and from London, and also cleaner train. The frequency of the train is about one every half an hour to London St Pancras. The picture shows the train station at Loughborough. It is...

  • Getting to Loughborough - By train.

    For train travel to Loughborough, you will have to get the underground to King's Cross/London St Pancras from Heathrow (GBP 3.60). Trains to Loughborough departs from London St Pancras at frequency of every half an hour during peak hours, and at least hourly departure throughout the day. I would suggest you to buy your tickets from the internet...


Loughborough Shopping

  • Summer Sale - in Loughborough?

    There is summer sale in the shops in Loughborough. However, not that great. I prefer to go to London for the sale - more choices and cheaper. For example, there's a Clark in Loughborough, it is more expensive and less selections than in London. Another example, when I see stuffs in Bodyshop going for £1 in London, there's either no sale or cost...

  • Shopping. In Loughborough???

    I enjoy shopping in the nearby city of Nottingham as compared to Loughbrough. Perhaps Loughborough has good selections of the big supermarkets. Tesco, opened 24 hrs, is just outside the town center. Safeway in the Gorse Covent area. Sainsbury, a big and modern looking one, is in the town center, very near the market and the main students area....

  • Groceries shopping.

    The market in Loughborough is on every Thursday and Saturday from about 8am till 4pm. It is cheap to buy vegetables from the market, but the supermarts have better quality control.There are several chain superstores or supermarts like NTUC in Loughborough, namely, Tesco, Sainsbury, Somerfield, Iceland and Farmfood for food. For toiletries, there's...


Loughborough Local Customs

  • Party clothings in winter.

    I was very amazed when I went to the pubs in the very cold winter nights. I can see gals wearing tubes, or sleeveless clothings, with short dresses and stilettos on the streets running from pub to pub. I would be in my thick, heavy jackets in the cold of almost zero degC. Do they prefer to look pretty than keeping themselves warm??? We have a...

  • Thank you Medoc.

    In the midlands, the word "medoc" is used quite frequently. For example, when you go to a fish and chips shop, you can say "Cheers medoc" or "Thank you medoc". I would say this is the street language and this word is popular in the midlands only.

  • Housing.

    The cost of rental are usually quoted by per week (A). And to pay monthly, simply use this equation (A)*52/12. The cost per month is not just (A)*4.Don't forget, there's a TV license to pay for if you gonna have a TV.


Loughborough Warnings and Dangers

  • Excessive Number of Traffic Wardens!

    Don't overstay on your car parking in Loughborough as there are so many traffic wardens it's ridiculous, you can guarentee that if your a minute over you will get a ticket as they are ready and waiting to issue tickets so be warned! Touch wood I've never had a ticket, so stay alert! Most on street free parking is for only 30 or 60 minutes.

  • Beggars in town.

    When I was staying somewhere near the town center, I had to walk pass the town center to get home. Usually I will work late and walk home after that.There will be some beggars around asking "Do you have any change please". I have noticed there will be more of them in the winter. I try to avoid them usually. I have noticed the Brits just tell them...

  • Drunks.

    On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it might get a bit rowdy and noisy in town with many drunk students. Saturday is not too bad, cos many students might have gone home for the weekend.Beware where you park your car... If it's in the route where students go back to hall from town or from the student's union, you will risk any vandalism to your car...


Loughborough What to Pack

  • Spring.

    It can get a bit cold and very windy in Spring. It will usually be around 5degC in Spring, so do bring some warm clothings as well. It can get very very windy too, hence a wind breaker would be ideal.Sometimes the temperature in Spring can get to 15degC with bright, warm sunshine. So do bring a not so thick jacket. Wear layers of clothes instead...

  • Winter.

    The coldest months will be in January and February. The coldes temperature it will get to is usually -5degC. The usual temperature is around zero in winter. So bring some warm clothings along. If you want to go for party, you can bring tubes or sleeveless dresses, just like what the brits wear in the cold winter! brrrrrrr...... You can blend in...

  • What to pack?

    Warm clothings are needed. Just pack the minimum warm clothing cos it is cheaper to buy warm clothing here... and more selection too. Toiletries can be bought here and they are not very expensive. If you have special toiletries that you need, then bring them with you. By the way, there's no Darlie toothpaste here, only Colgate is available. Of...


Loughborough Off The Beaten Path

  • Travel to Peak District.

    Why not try a trip to the Peak District from Loughborough on a day pass? There are Trent and Burton buses in Loughborough, so the following options are available. ----------------------------------------------------Zig Zag Plus (formerly known as Trent Explorer) - Valid on Trent/Barton buses (plus Stagecoach 737/747) so if you live in this...

  • Hiking to Beacon Hill.

    You can hike to Beacon hill for a view of Loughborough. The view from the top is awesome on a clear day.I do not have a picture here as I have been there years ago. Perhaps I will visit the park again some time when I have a car. It is very tiring to hike there with a bicycle... I love to have wheels cos bus 11 is just too slow for me.

  • Local Respect

    In 198 there was a very sad day near to us for a British Midland plane came down on the M1, fortunately and miracuously it killed no one on the ground but afew lots their lives on board, so all the people who were involved in the rescue and search and gave their lives we people dedicate this monument to which it stands in Kegworth Public Cemetery.


Loughborough Sports & Outdoors

  • A2002's Profile Photo

    by A2002 Updated Jul 30, 2003

    Loughborough (pronounced as Luff-bra) University is famous for the sports sciences, anything to do with sports. In the summer, Loughborough is not a dead town cos there are many sports competition going on in the University.

    There's an Olympic size swimming pool on the University campus, which just opened in 2002 and is one of the 5 Olympic size swimming pool in England. They are so proud of the pool.

    The National training hockey pitch is within Loughborough campus too. And now they are constructing a National rugby pitch.

    Equipment: Some insights:
    During open days or open house of the University, the various and many sports facilities were shown to porspective students and parents. However, the information lacking is that most of these facilities are reserved for the elite. Tuff luck making a booking when the elite are training. Booking some of the new, modern facilities are just out of the question for normal students like the majority. So sportspeople who excel in sports, you will be well taken care of in Luff-bra. For normal students, just be "proud" that you are in a Uni that has got many sports facilities which you cannot use.

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Loughborough Favorites

  • Drinking in Loughborough.

    Statistically, Loughborough has the highest consumption of alcohol in Britain. In another way, Loughborough generates the most amount of money by selling alcohol. Consumption of alcohol by students are very high here. I have asked a few students, and I got to know that 5 pints of beer is the minimum for a night out. I am no drinker, so I just watch...

  • Queen's Park.

    There's a park near the town center - Queen's Park. The picture shows the carillon with a bell at the top. There's a museum inside too.

  • Loughborough Hotels

    16 Hotels in Loughborough

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