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  • June 19th 2011
    June 19th 2011
    by SteedJnr
  • Low Tide (With The Rising Sun As Backdrop)
    Low Tide (With The Rising Sun As...
    by johngayton
  • The Sunset
    The Sunset
    by johngayton

Lynmouth Things to Do

  • Watch The Artist At Work

    Unsurprisingly Lynmouth and Lynton attract a lot of artistic people and one of the most prominent is Maurice Bishop whose studio is on the main drag of Lynmouth's Riverside Road.Maurice specialises in oil paintings of local scenes and he can be seen at work most days at the front of his studio cum gallery. His range of subjects is diverse, from...

  • Exploring Exmoor

    Lynmouth's location - "Where Exmoor Meets The Sea" - makes it an ideal base for exploring the delights that the National Park has to offer. The area is criss-crossed with public footpaths and bridleways offering stunning coastal walks, riverside strolls and cardio-vascular workouts inland up, down and atop the cleaves.The National Park Information...

  • 21 MILE DRIVE - Little Switzerland's...

    The 21 Mile Drive is a 'scenic' figure of eight drive around the beautiful 'Little Switzerland' area of Exmoor National Park.The route takes in Lynton & Lynmouth, the Heddon and Brendon Valleys, Woody Bay, Valley Of Rocks and Watersmeet. We were not disappointed, we managed to take lots of great pictures, Heddon Valley and the short walk down to...

  • Go For A Wander - Watersmeet

    Lynmouth is an ideal base for walking the North Devon part of the South Coast path but also offers the option of more gentle inland walking opportunities such as following the River Lyn up to where it meets the Hoaroak at Watersmeet and the NT teashop at the cleft. This about 2 miles out from the village and is gently undulating as it follows the...

  • Glen Lyn Gorge - Providing Electricity...

    A little fascinating thing about Lynmouth is that long before we started to realise that our complacency regarding energy usage is effectively destroying our planet and in the meantime rapidly using up the finite resources that have taken millions of years to mature and become useable, here's little Lynmouth trailblazing well over a hundred years...

  • The Tide Is High!

    One of Lynmouth's little features is that it has one of the highest tidal variations in the country with an average tidal range getting towards 10 metres. In early September/October the high tides can be over 10 metres and locals mention 13.2 metres as the highest ever. Even at over 10 metres the way the harbour fills and the river backlogs is...

  • The Flood Memorial Hall

    After the rebuilding of the village following the 1952 flooding the Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the disaster and houses a macabrely interesting collection of photographs, newspaper reproductions and miscellany. Also on display is an amazingly detailed scale model of the village as it was before the flood by a guy called Tim Prosser, who...

  • Goat Watching

    The wild goats of Lynton and Lynmouth have a history going back as long as history has been recorded but in 1853 according to The Friends of the Lynton Goats the goats were deemed a nuisance to the local sheep and were removed from the area (they don't actually say how they were removed, but one can guess). An attempt in 1897 to reintroduce the...

  • A Life on the Ocean Wave..........

    ...........well around the bay anyway! I haven't actually been out on this yet but for a different viewpoint of the North Devon coast a trip up the Bristol Channel sounds like a good idea. The boat leaves Lynmouth harbour once a day at various times depending on the local tides and loops around the channel with commentary provided by the local...


Lynmouth Hotels

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Lynmouth Restaurants

  • Hunters Inn For Lunch

    The Hunters Inn is a bit out of the way to go for lunch - 7 miles along the South West Coastal Path to be precise, and a hard 7 miles at that. It is however well worth doing the journey, not so much for the food and beer at the destination but for the spectacular journey itself.You'll find an account of the journey on my Off The Beaten Path Tip...

  • Best fish and chips ever

    Eat in or outside in the garden, or take away. Best fish and chips ever. We went back several times and tried the pies as well, which were very good. Fish was in beer batter and very crispy and not greasy. All cooked fresh. Chips were 'real' meaning that they were hand cut. YUM!Friendly staff. Clean toilets. Pets are allowed in the outside...

  • The Most Intimate Restaurant Ever!

    Over the years I've eaten some excellent meals in some very good restaurants and I've also eaten some absolutely superb meals in what others may denigrate as crappy restaurants. Me I'm not fussy, food is food and there are the times that that 4 am Kebab is the best meal you can ever eat and so I reckon I can make an unbiased foody judgement here -...

  • What Do You Call A Fish With No Eyes?

    Ans: FSHHHHH!! LOL!This is a place I've been meaning to write this tip about for the last couple of years and now I've finally gotten round to it. I must have eaten here dozens of times and never had a bad meal, whether a lunchtime crab sandwich or a full-blown lobster salad for dinner and pretty much everything in between - ach mussels with...

  • Fish and Chips - Part #2

    This is the other fish and chip shop here in the village with its award-winning status from the Seafish Friers quality scheme. Immaculately presented and with both take-away and eat in service this is fish and chips as it should be - no frills.PS Also Ice-cream!! Cod and Chips to take away and sit on the sea wall to eat :)

  • Steak and Seaweed Pie?

    This is basically a take away fish and chip shop offering the usual variations on the "fish and chip, pie and chip" themes which no seaside town here in North Devon would dare be without. It does however veer away from the standard offerings with a few, still seafoody, additions such as local crab or the steak and seaweed pie.As well as takeaway...


Lynmouth Nightlife

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    The Rising Sun Hotel: What We Get Up When The Sun Goes Down ;)

    by johngayton Written Dec 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of what happens after dark here in Lynmouth happens behind closed doors, most summer visitors preferring early starts and early nights, whilst the locals tend to use the pubs up top (ie in Lynton). This leaves a small hard-core of drinkers, mostly those of us in the hotel trade who have just finished work, with an odd local farmer thrown in, to congregate in the bar of The Rising Sun Hotel until the small hours.

    This late night activity inevitably involves copious amounts of alcohol as we wind down from the day's exertions, aided and abetted by Tony, our amiable landlord, who is quite fond of a beer or two himself.

    Dress Code: No strict dress code, though in the earlier stages of the evening some modicum of smartness expected - but as the night progresses..............

    Hotel Folk
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Lynmouth Transportation

  • Buses That Pass In The Night

    Lynton and Lynmouth have a regular bus service Mondays to Saturdays to and from Barnstaple - the Filers Travel #'s 309 and 310. Buses run roughly hourly during the day but only certain buses go down to Lynmouth itself.The trip into Barnstaple takes just over an hour with a couple of the services connecting with the railway station and the rest...

  • No taxis in the evening

    We walked from Lynmouth to the Exmoor Sandpiper Inn early one evening. However the walk took longer than expected and by the time we finished our refreshments in the pub it was 8:30pm. We planned to walk back to Lynmouth but it was too dark. There is no lighting on the main road and it was far too dangerous to walk down it. We asked the staff...

  • The 300 Bus from Minehead

    The Quantock Motor Services bus 300 runs from Ilfracombe into Lynmouth and on to Minehead and vica versa with a fairly regular summer schedule. The Minehead to and from Lynmouth route is a particularly stunning journey following the coast for most of the way in an open topped double decker. Leaving Lynmouth the bus follows the coast road up...


Lynmouth Local Customs

  • The Heron At Dusk

    One of the village’s regular visitors is this heron who every evening around dusk arrives in search of supper. It stands patiently at pretty much the same spot in the river and whilst I’ve never seen it actually catch anything I assume it must do, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Me, I pass it nightly in search of my own supper - of the liquid...

  • Early May Sunsets

    In early May the sun sets invisibly behind Hollerday Hill, to the east of the village. Even though you can’t see it setting its dying light still offers some amazingly surreal seascapes outwards over the bay with the Welsh coastline forming the horizon. On this particular evening the low clouds seemed to be growing out of the land, billowing...

  • The Scarecrow Festival

    No-one seems quite sure how this recent event came about, but a few Augusts ago there seemed to be a spontaneous outburst of scarecrows around the two villages, some with charity collecting tins, others just appearing in all sorts of odd places. This has now become an annual ritual every August with an amazing variety of characters, sometimes in...


Lynmouth Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware Of Suicidal Sheep!

    It had been one of those North Devon summer days - a four-season day we call it - when it had been alternately freezing, misty, a major rainstorm broke around lunchtime and through it all a dervish wind whipped it up to complete the maelstrom. Towards the evening though it all calmed down, the sun broke through the fleeing grey clouds and summer...

  • Beware Of Suicidal Goats!

    Yes there was another pub involved in this pic! I was on my way through the Valley of Rocks heading for the Coastal Path round to Hunters Inn when I came across this goat taking advantage of the warming tarmac.Too good a photo op not to double up with the previous tip ;-)

  • Don't Drive In The River ;-p

    OK this is a purely gratuitous use of the pic, having been carefully edited so that the sign appears to apply to the river bed.But it amused me on my way home from the pub ;-HIC!


Lynmouth Off The Beaten Path

  • The Rockford Inn For An Afternoon Beer

    A pleasant, but well-travelled, path is the footpath along the river to Watersmeet where the rivers Lyn and Hoaroak meet. Here you'll find a pleasant, but temperance, National Trust tearoom.But if you want a beer then you have to go a bit further. Take the right-hand footpath marked "Rockford" and you'll get another very pleasant walk, firstly...

  • The Tidal Turbine Out In The Bay

    Looking out over the bay there is a odd, out-of-place, modern structure protruding relatively inconspicuously from the waters. Doing a little research reveals that this is actually quite a fascinating experiment into renewable energy resources: generating electricity from the power within the local tidal flow. This project, entitled "Seaflow", has...

  • Hunters Inn For Lunch

    Whilst I may have a bit of a reputation for being a drunk those that know me know that I never have a drink until I've done something either constructive, creative or energetic - then, and only then, do i reward myself with a beer (and sometimes even two).Something I'd been meaning to do for ages whilst working up here in Lynmouth was walk the...


Lynmouth Sports & Outdoors

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Surfing North Devon

    by johngayton Updated Oct 16, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It may seem a strange place to think of as a sufing destination but autumn here in Lynmouth, with its big 10 metre tides backed with a southwesterly wind, provides some of the best surfing in Britain. OK, perhaps as a "dude location" the local bars are not geared up for the "apres surf" activies that perhaps Newquay has to offer but the tide is good and the water works.

    Check out the site below, though some disagree!!

    Equipment: The water is COLD so wet suits are a must - bring your own!

    September Surf
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Lynmouth Favorites

  • The Sunset Tree

    My last (to date - Oct 2011) working season here was at the Tors Hotel. In mid-summer the sun set after I'd finished work for the day and so I got plenty of opportunities to get some amazing pics. However as Autumn drew in the sunsets became earlier and earlier and because our kitchen was at the back of the hotel this meant that I would have missed...

  • Not content with merely generating its...

    ...electricity (see tip on Glen Lyn Gorge) the footpath between Lynton and Lynmouth is lit at night entirely by solar powered "Street Lights". All of these have been sponsored by local businesses and have the great advantage that they are self-contained units and so needed no digging things up to wire them in - the solar panel charges up the...

  • Lynmouth is an area of incomparable...

    This part of Exmoor is an area of incomparable beauty. Lynmouth made popular in Victorian times during which it became affectionately known as Little Switzerland. Surrounded on each side by high steeply sloping cliffs hugging the sides of the wooded River Lyn valley, Lynmouth is stunningly beautiful.Lynton & Lynmouth is the 'Walking Capital of...


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