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Belfast Things to Do

  • Titanic

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Titanic museum in Belfast is the biggest Titanic attraction in the world. The museum extends over nine galleries, where the visitor explores the Titanic history. You start with the Boomtown Belfast where you can see the city's industrial progress in the 19th century. Afterwards you are lead through a chronological order of the building of...

  • Parish Church of St George

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Built in 1813, this is the main and first church of Ireland (Protestant) church in Belfast. There had been a catholic church dating back to 1306 on the site prior to this church being built. The church is open free of charge but the highlight is the façade.

  • City Hall

    One of my favorite places in Belfast was the City Hall and it shouldn’t be missed. The free tours given of City Hall’s interior grandeur are very popular and excellent. We arrived in time for the 2pm tour. Located on Donegall Square, Belfast’s City Hall is one of the most prominent and beautiful buildings in the city. The impetus for its...


Belfast Hotels

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  • Europa Hotel Belfast

    Thankfully today, the only thing that gets bombed in this hotel now are the guests. With 2 excellent...

  • Tara Lodge

    Tara Lodge surprised me with the beauty of their accommodations. From the outside one might think...

  • Merchant Hotel

    With an art gallery, 5 suites and 21 bedrooms, members bar and the 'great room restaurant' this old...


Belfast Restaurants

  • The Potted Hen

    Believe it or not, this was my 2nd choice restaurant the night I found myself here. I knew that it was an award winning restaurant with great reviews, but I had noticed another nearby restaurant that I wanted to try. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had to work late and the other place had stop serving customers. I then went inside the Potted Hen...

  • Beatrice Kennedy

    I really like this intimate restaurant. It’s located in the converted Victoria-era home of Beatrice Kennedy and her physician husband. In fact I had a very hard time finding this place in the dark as it just blends in with the other large residential houses around it. Inside is a narrow, but cosy well decorated interior. The staff are all young...


    Believe it or not, this was my 2nd choice restaurant the night I found myself here. I knew that it was an award winning restaurant with great reviews, but I had noticed another nearby restaurant that I wanted to try. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I had to work late and the other place had stop serving customers. I then went inside the Potted Hen –...


Belfast Nightlife

  • Crown Bar

    Probably Belfast’s best known pub and one that is owned by the National Trust. The restored Victorian interior is so extravagantly ornate that it is almost overpowering. It has decorative mirrors, etched glass, mosaic flooring and an ornate ceiling. The bar runs along the left hand side as you enter and around the rest of the pub are ten separate...

  • The Kremlin

    The Kremlin is the home of homosexuality in Belfast, and for a somewhat narrow minded city, you will not be dissapointed in here, especially if you drink from the furry cup. The Kremlin has three bars and a good sound system, if you don't mind young gay people half naked sniffing poppers, you shoul have a good time. The Kremlin is in a part of town...

  • The Parlour

    A student bar, with awful service. Manager does not promote his own food offers, and refused to upgrade my meal to their better offer after spending over £50 on food alone. Toilets are rotten and rarely checked, with most toilet seats missing. Though music is good, pity about everything else. Monday and Saturday only decent nights, with very few...


Belfast Transportation

  • Cabs.

    What can be more British than the world famous rounded cabs? They make up an important part of the public transport system and are very frequent, one can see them more or less everywhere in the city. Earlier they were all always black but now one can see most colours on them, and a lot of disturbing advertisments, alas, but that's how money rules.

  • Using the train.

    I went to Belfast from Dublin using the train. It was a very pleasant journey on a quite new train set. I had booked the tickets online beforehand so I just had to go to an automat at the station in Dublin and type my code to get my return ticket. No hassle at all. By booking in advance I also saved a significant sum of money. Arriving in Belfast...

  • ~ NI Railways ~

    Whether you are just heading to another area in Belfast, or you are heading out to CarrickFergus for the day, this train is a economical and comfortable way to travel.To our surprise we found that there were discount tickets available if we were travelling after 9:30 am. It applies to return tickets only, but it's a pretty good chance that I will...


Belfast Shopping

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  • great modern architecture

    This 4 story mall is enclosed in a glass dome complete with a observation deck on top for views over Belfast.

  • Victoria Square for some bling

    A wonderful addition to the Belfast scene and a good boost for redevelopment in the area, the 50+ shop mall is the biggest in Northern Ireland and without a doubt the most impressive.Its designed to resemble two streets (fortunately they're covered!) and the piece de resistance is the glass dome and panoramic viewing gallery. Even if you don't like...

  • Designer Clothing, Bison Boutique

    It's a little boutique found on the Lisburn Road, Belfast. The area called the 'Style Mile' where you can pick up something unique and different, not typical high street clothing. What makes this shop different is that it sells to mature ladies who are looking for flattering clothes and accessories that are fahionable but not overly expensive. I...


Belfast Local Customs

  • Truth behind the name!

    The name Belfast is derived from the Irish Béal Feirsde, which was later spelled Béal Feirste. The word Béal means "mouth" while Feirsde/Feirste is plural and refers to a sandbar or ford across a river's mouth.The name would thus translate as "mouth (of the) sandbars" or "mouth (of the) fords". These sandbars formed where two rivers met (at what is...

  • Loyalist Parades

    If you;re lucky enough to be in this wonderful part of the world in the summer you may get to see your very own orange order parade. This is a good experience for all, unless you are stuck in a car behind 300 flute players. You should definately try to see one as it is important in understanding the history and tensions that surround the area. For...

  • smoking

    Alot of teenagers may come up to you on the street and ask "spare us a feg mate"(perticularly on a friday/saturday night or during the holidays when they are off school) basicaly they're asking you to give them a ciggerette.They do not see it as being rude, but some people may, so do'nt be insulted if it happens to you.


Belfast Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch out for Europcar car rental at...

    I was treated very poorly by the counter staff at the Europcar rental desk at Belfast International Airport.. Upon showing my reservation and credit card, I was asked about insurance. I said I was covered by my American Express where I have Premium Car Rental Insurance. I was asked for Proof of Insurance and told that this was required by law in...

  • Don't ask, don't discuss.

    I'll just reiterate what other VT-ers have written about the Troubles.People are still raw, the peace is still fragile (there are still happened in June 2010), the whole thing is still unutterably painful.Not something to discuss, and certainly not something to ask about.You'll be perfectly safe exploring the city, you don't need to...

  • Local Wildlife

    When visiting Belfast please be aware of the local wildlife. You will recognize them by the blatant cheapness and nastiness of their tracksuit, their chunky gold chains and their unusual swaggering gait. Young females (from 15yrs upwards) will invariably be accompanied by several young children with shaven heads and gold earings. These females will...


Belfast Tourist Traps

  • Danger

    Dont be fooled that the 12th July marches by unionists are a festive occasion. Keep well away as these marches are similiar in spirit to the KKK in the USA. and should not even be visited even as a curiosity feature.

  • Wildlife Boat Trips

    You will see many boat trips along the river Lagan (Belfast’s main river) advertising Alligator spotting. Naturally many tourists get the impression that these beasts will be both huge and plentiful.Alas the river Lagan is not a European version of the Florida everglades. You are unlikely to see more than half a dozen gators in a two hour trip and...

  • Belfast Hotels

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Belfast What to Pack

  • Things to pack for a Day Trip in October

    For a Day Trip to Belfast- I just carried a large handbag- big enough to pack my camera, purse, notebook, and a fold up carry bag-in case I bought anything - I was travelling by Ryanair with Hand luggage only, so this was strictly 1 bag! Belfast is prone to rain and cold weather, so come prepared- layers, including waterproof jacket. Even in the...

  • Take the right currency

    It may seem obvious to some but I think it is worth mentioning that you should make sure you take the correct currency when visiting Belfast. You will be in Northern Ireland and as this is part of the UK the currency in use is Sterling Pounds. This differs to Southern Ireland also referred to as the Republic of Ireland which is independent and...

  • Layers, layers, layers!

    As with everywhere on the island of Ireland, you are best prepared it you wear layers of clothes. This might sound like you need to pack a lot of clothes but if you coordinate your colours carefully (or just don't care!) you can get away with packing just a few items. There are plenty of shops in Belfast to buy extra layers in if you find yourself...


Belfast Off The Beaten Path

  • Take an Autumnal Walk

    We have some lovely parks and walks in Belfast and they are FREE!Botanic Park near Queens UniversityOrmeau Park - Metro 7 Bus from City CentreBelvoir Forest and the Lagan Towpath - great.see there are guided walks available - enjoy the autumn leaves!

  • The first Catholic church in Belfast.

    St Mary's was opened in 1784 and was the first Catholic church in the city. At the time, there were 385 Catholics listed as living in Belfast.There were no sectarian issues then...Protestants contributed to its construction, and the 1st Belfast Volunteer Company presented a guard of honour to the priest as he entered the church for the first...

  • The Europa Hotel

    A 4* hotel, but known as 'the most-bombed hotel in Europe' during the Troubles.It was damaged 33 times by Provisional IRA bombs between 1972 and 1994, possibly because it provided a base for journalists and media people covering the Troubles.The first manager, Harper Brown, received an MBE for keeping the hotel open. Once, the IRA brought in a...


Belfast Sports & Outdoors

  • Ice Hockey

    Ice Hockey - With Belfast team - The Belfast Giants (mainly made up of Canadian Players) Just bring a loud cheering voice, and if you want to join in with the cheerleaders "The G Crew" why not bring your own Pom Poms. You can buy Game Shirts, hats & Bits at the venue, also refreshments. Also Cafes & Places to Eat are in the next door Odyssey...

  • Ulster Rugby

    Ulster Rugby are based at Ravenhill in Belfast and have a strong and sometimes feverent support (beating Leicester in 2004 springs to mind). They play in the Celtic League, Heiniken Cup (winners 1999) and Irish provincial games.Tickets (£10) can be bought online or at a few sports shops in the city cente and matches usually kick off at 1930 on...

  • Join the Blarney Army

    Ireland are not renowned as great exponents of cricket although they do have an international team that plays against the English Counties, and Glamorgan, in a limited overs competition. Their home games are split between six grounds in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Games in Belfast are played within the grounds of the...


Belfast Favorites

  • Sunday

    Ah, the ulster fry. How i miss ye here on the continent. I cannot wait to get back there and eat ye, im sick of croissants and coffee. here's all you need for a good ulster fry...... buy yourself some potato bread and soda bread (ormo bakeries do the best i think, in the clear packets with the pink label) mushrooms, baked beans (yes, we brits...

  • How to find the objects.

    I have put links to Google Map in my tips to make it easier to find the objects mentioned, when possible to get the right position. The links are marked in italics. Unfortunately Google Map isn't very precise and too often points to other buildings than the wanted one.

  • Some of the historic backgrounds.

    Belfast didn't become a settlement of any greater importance until the 17th century when it was established as a town, although the area had been inhabited from the Bronze Age onwards. The 18th and 19th centuries was a good period for the city as the industries thrived. Among the industrial branches one could find tobacco factories, linen,...


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