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  • Along the River Lagan from Queen's Bridge
    Along the River Lagan from Queen's...
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  • Belfast
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  • Open Top Bus Tour

    Belfast Things to Do

    One of the places you will be taken is the Titanic shipyards which is obciously enriched in history. Amazing place to see, I would be keen to return to Belfast and see the Titanic Quater which is currently under construction. I am sure the bus tours will be going passed this (the building itself looks amazing). Although it's not due to open till...

  • Europa Hotel Belfast

    Belfast Hotels

    If we would ever visit Belfast again, we would stay there again, though keep in mind many rooms do...

  • Crown Bar

    Belfast Nightlife

    Probably Belfast’s best known pub and one that is owned by the National Trust. The restored Victorian interior is so extravagantly ornate that it is almost overpowering. It has decorative mirrors, etched glass, mosaic flooring and an ornate ceiling. The bar runs along the left hand side as you enter and around the rest of the pub are ten separate...



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  • One of my best meals ever!

    Portrush Restaurants

    We tried to get in here on a cold winters evening but were told we would have to wait. This didn't present a problem as the attached bar is very good and we settled into the snug behind the bar,. After a short while we were called through and shown to our table in a well laid out bistro with a slate tiled floor. The food that was to follow was...

  • McLaughlin's Inn on the Coast

    Portrush Hotels

    50 Ballyreagh Road, Portrush, BT56 8LT, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Isn't it just

    Portrush Nightlife

    Lush is said to be the best club in Northern Ireland and backs up this claim by attracting the top DJs from around the world. The website below is excellent but doesn't compare with a night at this fine institution. To impress



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  • Devenish Island

    Enniskillen Things to Do

    I will admit up front to not having actually visited Devenish Island on my most recent trip to Enniskillen – the attached photos are taken from the “mainland”. I am strongly of the view that one should not write tips/reviews on places one does not have first hand experience of. I do feel qualified to write this tip as I have visited Devenish Island...

  • Belmore Court Motel

    Enniskillen Hotels

    The Belmore Court and Motel is a great place to stay in Enniskillen. It’s actually 2 places in one....

  • Out and about at Florence Court House

    Enniskillen Things to Do

    Florence Court House is set in beautiful parkland, woodland and gardens (the Pleasure Grounds) with stunning views across to Benaughlin and Cuilagh Mountains. Take a seat in the (Pacific Island inspired??) Summer House and admire the mountain view as well as the garden itself (picture one).The estate includes a walled garden (replete with Rose...




    Derry/Londonderry Things to Do

    The Diamond War Memorial was erected in 1927 to commemorate the citizens of the city that lost their lives in World War I.It was built by charitable contributions. The memorial was designed by brothers Sydney and Vernon March. Minatures were also made that now are in St Columb’s Cathedral in Derry.

  • City Hotel

    Derry/Londonderry Hotels

    I booked the City Hotel because it said on their website that it is on the River Foyle, that it has...


    Derry/Londonderry Local Customs

    Londonderry or Derry? As you approach a city with seemingly 2 names – you will see the battles commence. Both from the Republic of Ireland side of the border and inside Northern Ireland (UK) itself! There are many signs on the motorways (highways) and roads trying to tell you the direction and/or how many miles to drive to arrive at the second...



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  • Big drugs and antisocial behaviour...

    Ballymena Warnings and Dangers

    Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and antisocial behaviour are unfortunately rampant in Ballymena. There is a strong Christian following in the town which may have contributed to the problem - For a long time the council wouldnt face up to the problem because it wasnt 'Christian' to admit things were getting out of hand. In addition there is a problem with...

  • Tullyglass House Hotel

    Ballymena Hotels

    178 Galgorm Road, Ballymena, BT42 1HJ, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Shop till you drop and eat yourself into...

    Ballymena Things to Do

    Ballymena is my home town. My mum and dad and most of my family live here or close by. Ballymena is full of wonderful shops - big ones, small ones, weird ones, cool ones, funny ones, specialised ones: you name it they got it. And what is best, the town centre is full of fantastic cafes and restaurants as well - I always put on loads of weight when...



See all 17 Antrim Tips

    Antrim Things to Do

    This is a great little Tourist Bureau. The ladies are all very nice, you can get lots of free maps, information and suggestions. You can even get a cup of coffee and look through their excellent gift shop. Its located just 1 minutes walk from the City Walls and shopping. Unfortunately parking is a bit challenging here. The Old Courthouse was built...

  • Holiday Inn Express Antrim

    Antrim Hotels

    Ballymena Road, Antrim, BT41 4LL, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Giant's Causeway

    Antrim Things to Do

    At the top of Northern Ireland in County Antrim, you enter a moonscape of thousands of hexigonal and round shaped flat topped basalt pillars rising from the bottom of the sea. You can walk out on them to the powerful surf. If you're fortunate enough to be there when the crashing waves are most violent, you'll nearly be toppled from the wind and...



See all 6 Newry Tips

    Newry Things to Do

    Also known as Bagenal's Castle, this is a fantastic museum and it is also free! The Newry & Mourne Museum (Iarsmalann an Iúir & Mhúrn – in Gaelic) opened its doors in 1986 and is also the VERY helpful Tourism Information Centre for the area. The Castle part of this museum is actually a sixteenth century fortified house and adjoins a nineteenth...

  • Canal Court Hotel

    Newry Hotels

    Merchant's Quay, Newry, BT35 8HF, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Great place this RED restaurant in Newry

    Newry Restaurants

    The place is very well decorated, to be a brasserie, you may expect a not so fashionable restaurant, but I must say it's wonderful. The service is all right, no complaints, which is a good signal. And the food was lovely and the price was very affordable. To sum up: go there and enjoy a great restaurant in Newry. Chicken wings.



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  • ~ Carrickfergus Castle ~

    Carrickfergus Things to Do

    Carrickfergus lies on the seafront of the town with the same name, Carrickfergus. It was built somewhere around 1177 and 1195 by John de Courcy. He built his castle and then a three story building - the Inner Ward. After John de Courcy died, King John captured the castle in 1210. King John added to what John de Courcy had already completed. He...

  • Premier Inn

    Carrickfergus Hotels

    The Harbour, Alexandra Pier, Carrickfergus, BT38 8BE, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • ~ Murals ~

    Carrickfergus Things to Do

    As you walk along the streets in Carrickfergus you may be lucky enough to see the murals. These murals are beautiful. Their messages perhaps not so beautiful, but the paintings are wonderful.



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  • A very friendly club.

    Lurgan Sports & Outdoors

    Looking at the 2010 version of planxty (i.e. me) you would probably find it quite hard to believe that I was once a fairly fit rugby player, and one of the clubs I played for was Lurgan. Although I was living in nearby Portadown and should probably have played for them, one of my best friends was playing for Lurgan and persuaded me to join there...

  • Silverwood Hotel

    Lurgan Hotels

    Lurgan, Craigavon, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

  • Anyone for a kickaround?

    Lurgan Sports & Outdoors

    If your tastes run to football (soccer for those of you who use the term), and you are in Lurgan, the thing to do is get yourself down to Mourneview Park and watch Glenavon.Glenavon have a long history, having played their first game in 1895 (against Linfield Swifts) and after having used several grounds they eventually settled in their currnet...



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  • Location, location, what a location.

    Portadown Restaurants

    Update December 2012.Well, it is all change on the restaurant front in the area between Portadown and Armagh. Mango, in that incarnation, is no more. The premises are now known as the Stonebridge Brasserie, run by the McNally family who previously had the Stonebridge restaurant which I have reviewed seperately here. In the interests of simplicity,...

  • An absolute institution.

    Portadown Restaurants

    Gaynor's in Portadown is an absolute institution as the title suggests. I don't just throw these tips together you know! It has been here for many years and apart from the odd paint job never seems to change too much, most importantly in the quality of the food served.Certainly this is not haute cuisine, it will never win a Michelin star, it is...

  • A walk in the park.

    Portadown Things to Do

    It is funny how things change. I recently returned to Portadown some twenty plus years after having left it and, whilst much is very much the same, much has changed, which I suppose is to be expected. One example of this is what I remember being known as Bachelors Walk with the old Eden House mansion in it. The mansion is long gone and the whole...



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  • planxty's Profile Photo

    by planxty Updated Oct 16, 2010

    You know, it is amazing how you can see things without noticing them. When I lived in Northern Ireland some years ago, I must have travelled the road from Tandragee to Banbridge literally hundreds if not thousands of times, and I was aware of the village / townland of Tullylish. I am sure I must have noticed the Church standing just off the busy A50 yet I never visited it or indeed the small hamlet round about it.

    Today, on a whim whilst my Father and I were out for a drive, we decided to have a look round and what a good decision that proved to be. Apart from a lovely hour spent on a gloriously crisp autumn afternoonwith views over fields of newly baled hay to the hills in the distance, we had a look round a graveyard (well, one in two halves to be precise) which was tremendously interesting. A little internet research alongside my own observations has thrown up some fascinating information about what is a small apparently insignificant hamlet in County Down.

    Tullylish is perhaps an odd sounding name to non Irish people, but it derives from the Gaelic Tulaigh Lis meaning "hillock of the fort". It nestles on the banks of the River Bann, which provided the power for the numerous linen mills that used to operate here. There was an ancient monastic community on the hill East of where the old Church stood, probably founded in the 6th or 7th centuries. Unfortunately, all did not go well for the holy men as history records the killing of Abbot Dunchu here in the year 804 although the reason for the crime is not given. Interestingly, the monastery was situated within the circular and much older Celtic fort which gives it's name to the place.

    Things did not get much better for the monks as the monastery was subsequently laid waste by marauding Vikings. Not many people appreciate that the Vikings had a large influence all over Ireland.

    I cannot find out when the "old" Church was built to replace the monastic settlement but it was sacked in the rebellion of 1641 and rebuilt in 1698as a Protestant Church. All that remains of it now is the Tower and the old East gable wall which preside somewhat eerily over one portion of the graveyard.

    Cross the small road to the rather impressive "new" Church of All Saints, consecrated in 1862, when the old Church fell into disuse and disrepair. The building was commenced in 1861 when the Rector was one W.B. Yeats. If the name sounds familiar, it is because he was the grandfather of the famous Nobel winning poet and dramatist of the same name. Perhaps less-well known is Yeats brother John (Jack) Butler Yeats (1871-1957), a painter of some renown who was the first Irish painter to sell a painting for over £1 million. He was also the first artist to draw a strip cartoon of the Sherlock Homes stories. By an odd coincidence, an exhibition of his work opened last week at a gallery six miles from where I write this. Until a week ago I had never even heard of him. Funny how things go round in circles, isn't it?

    For fans of the silver screen, apparently the forebears of the actor Jeremy Irons originated from Tullylish.

    Indicative of the times when it was built, the Church has a slightly unusual Gothic looking tower rather than the more traditional spire / steeple.

    In the grounds of this Church the second portion of the graveyard lies. Readers of numerous of my other pages will know that graveyards fascinate me, not in a morbid way but as wonderful signposts to social history. I saw some things in these two graveyards that I found unusual and I shall construct a travelogue to do justice to the place in due course.

    I do not expect that people will be flocking to Tullylish on the strength of this tip but for me it is exactly the kind of place that "Off the Beaten Path" was designed for.

    For directions, please see the attached website, where there is a Google map link.

    All Saints Church, Tullylish, Co. Down, N. Ireland Old Tower, Tullylish, Co. Down, N. Ireland. All Saints Church, Tullylish, Co. Down, N. Ireland
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