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  • Ruswarp, viewed from the other side of the valley
    Ruswarp, viewed from the other side of...
    by jduck1979
  • Part Way along
    Part Way along
    by jduck1979
  • Bit closer to where it spits you out into Ruswarp
    Bit closer to where it spits you out...
    by jduck1979

Ruswarp Things to Do

  • Ruswarp Pleasure Boats

    by jduck1979 Updated Sep 2, 2008

    This spot is located on the Ruswarp to Sleights Road, and hires out Rowing Boats & Canoes to explore the River with..... about a 1mile stretch, going up river as far as RIVER GARDENS in Sleights from the Weir at Ruswarp.
    The place is open from around the end of March until around October, except on days when it's been raining heavy and the river's bombing through.
    If you do hire a boat from this place, please do me a favourite and NOT *** about on the water.... it absolutely does my head in when I'm TRYING to fish in peace (+ it isn't exactly the safest thing to do).
    Along the way, you'll most likely see plenty of Swans & Mallard Ducks...... and there's usually a Heron hanging about near the Island at the bottom of the weir.

    The Boat landing Looking towards Ruswarp Weir from upstream Close up of boat landing, weir in background looking over the Weir River on a bad day (boats closed, etc)
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  • Water Lane

    by jduck1979 Written Jul 5, 2006

    Part Stream, Part access road to people's houses... this apparently used to be the main route into the village from Whitby until the B1416 down Ruswarp Lane & Ruswarp Bank was constructed.
    Runs from nr the Butcher's shop at the bottom of Ruswarp Bank, then runs alongside the Railway line, before spitting you out next to the Ruswarp - Whitby Footpath.

    If you do decide to take a wander down there, I strongly suggest wearing rubber boots 'cos when I went down there the day I took these accompanying pictures (trying to photograph one of the NYMR's steam locomotives doing a special run down to Whitby)....... the lane was Wet & Muddy in places, with uneven bits of broken concrete / bricks / pebbles as the road surface (along with bits of algae growing too)...... and more flies swarming down there than on an Ethopian famine campaign video.

    Part Way along Bit closer to where it spits you out into Ruswarp An NYMR special to Whitby running by the Lane Looking towards Ruswarp Church through the foliage
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  • Ruswarp Hotels

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Ruswarp Transportation

  • 4 choices to get 'ere

    by jduck1979 Updated Aug 11, 2009

    You've got 4 main ways of getting here.......

    There's the ESK VALLEY RAILWAY from Middlesbrough to Whitby (Ruswarp's the 2nd to last stop on the line)....... the scenary is pretty eye bulging along the way, though I recall from past experience it can make you a bit lightheaded when the train goes past lineside shrubbery.

    There's the YORKSHIRE COASTLINER 840 bus service (Leeds-Tadcaster-York-Castle Howard - Malton - Pickering - Thornton le Dale - Lockton/Levisham - Goathland - Sleights - Ruswarp - Whitby)...... which is probably one of the best run Bus services in the country.

    The ARRIVA #95 Bus Service (which sucks)..... Buses are either 5minutes earlier, or 5 minutes late...... known for breaking down (and they don't bother with a replacement..... just run one bus on the route, instead of the usual 2, and don't bother telling anyone)...... and the Fare from Ruswarp - Whitby has gone up from 76p in 2001 to £1.10 in 2006 when I first wrote this tip, to £1.40 in 2009 (though has been as high as £1.45)

    Drive here yourself...... probably the easiest way, until it comes to parking when you get here.

    Class 156 Departs Ruswarp Station towards Whitby Ruswarp Station / Level Crossing (21-3-2006) Looking down towards the bus shelter from my house
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Ruswarp Shopping

  • Colin Duck, Grocers & Off-License: The Local Store

    by jduck1979 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    The Village's longest running food store under the same owners (about 48yrs now), and now the only surviving one with the closure of the local Post Office.
    Although a bit sparsely stocked these days (still bouncing back from the effects of a 20yr battle with the now closed local post office, after it went from being just a village post office that sold Sweets / Magazines / Newspapers to challenging it head-to-head since the late 1980's when some out of towners took over running of the Post Office).......... it'll still get you sorted out with essentials like Milk / Bread / Tea bags / Coffee / Bacon / Crisps / Alcohol, etc if you're staying in one of the local self-catering establishments, or if you're in need of Soft Drinks / Crisps / Chocolate / Ice cream / Ice Lollies to keep you going while exploring the area for the day.

    It also sells Bread / Cakes / Biscuits / other products from famous local Bakery Botham's.

    And it's wheelchair accessible.

    What to buy: Bread / Cakes / Biscuits / Plum Bread, etc by Botham's.

    Good selection of decent wines for under £5

    Beer - stocks may vary, but often has things like Theakston's Old Peculiar, Blacksheep Ale, Marston's Pedigree, Adnam's Broadside, Beck's VIER, Carlsberg, Foster's, John Smith's bitter + McEwan's Export.

    Trillo's Ice Cream - locally made

    Coming back soon - Health food products (e.g. Herbal Teas by "Heath & Heather", etc).

    What to pay: 45p for a can of coke

    £3.15 for a 75cl Bottle of Marcel Hubert Medium-Dry red

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Ruswarp Warnings and Dangers

  • Slippery footpath + mind the sheep

    by jduck1979 Written Mar 10, 2006

    Give the main Ruswarp - Whitby footpath a miss when it's raining / been raining..... the paving slabs along it get pretty slippery when it's wet, drainage isn't exactly the best (so get a few HUGE puddles along the flatter parts)..... and normally there's a fair amount of Dog & Sheep turd to avoid treading in (otherwise it's extremely pretty scenary).... also there's a section of steps where the handrail has buckeled and / or sunk to about knee height in places.

    The steps I mentioned The bit where you have to be wary of sheep turds
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Ruswarp Sports & Outdoors

  • River Fishing

    by jduck1979 Written Sep 28, 2003

    Fishing on the River Esk is a sort of hit & miss affair, supposed to be one of the best spots in the country for Sea Trout fishing.

    Species that are supposed to be in the river include: Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Eels & Grayling.

    Equipment: Spinning rod rated to cast lures of 5 - 15gram
    Fixed spool reel loaded with 6lb Mono.
    Spinners not exceeding 10grammes in weight.
    Size 14 hooks (if fishing with Worms).
    Bullet / Coffin weights

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