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  • Doing the Dogs in Annan
    Doing the Dogs in Annan
    by birchy99
  • Caerlaverock Castle and Grounds
    Caerlaverock Castle and Grounds
    by birchy99
  • The Inner Moat of Caerlaverock Castle
    The Inner Moat of Caerlaverock Castle
    by birchy99

Annan Things to Do

  • The Robert Burns Heritage

    Just about every place in Dumfries-Galloway can make a claim to Robert Burns. Here in Annan is a plaque that commemorates his writing of the poem about the tax collector, which is a role he played at one time. The plaque is attached to a building which houses a fast food restaurant plus an excellent Italian restaurant upstairs.


    Burke and Hare in the early 1800's were nortorious for "snatching bodies" and selling them for "scientific research." Legend has it that they often visited Annan and made their hideout in an alley that now sits behind 95 High St. in Annan. Whatever the case may be, they were apprehended in Dumfries in 1829 and lodged in the local hoosegow. However,...

  • Annan Hotels

    1 Hotels in Annan

Annan Hotels

  • Powfoot Hotel

    , Powfoot, DG12 5PN, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

Annan Restaurants

  • Old World Italian Food

    In downtown Annan you will find a two story building that has a local "fast food" (pies, chips, etc) on the first floor and Pagani's Italian Restaurant upstairs. We decided on Pagani's after a long day's driving and sightseeing. Nicely appointed, the tables were decked with tablecloths and a small flower. A wonderful recording of a man singing...

  • Iranian Pizza

    On your entry into Annan on Scott St. you pass a corner that is occupied by a brightly painted one story building with the words "CASPIAN" written on the wall. Go inside and you are immediately met witha cacophany of very loud mid eastern-rock-rap music (that's the only way I can describe it).Behind the counter are some very busy workers making...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Annan Transportation

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    Don't Mess With the Bus!!!

    by birchy99 Updated Oct 2, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I headed out west from Annan intending to explore at random whatever I came upon. First up was the little town of Ruthwell a few miles out of Annan along the Solway coast. I turned off the B724 and drove down a straight, very narrow lane into the town and hunted up the First Savings Bank Museum. But, it being closed, I turned about and headed back the way I came. So back down this narrow lane I went and when I was almost to the end and the B724 and bus turns into the lane headed for Ruthwell. I assumed that since I was almost at the junction and with no where to turn out the driver would back out and let me pass.
    Much to my distress he just kept coming on. When we were bumper to bumper we gave each other a knowing smile and I proceeded to back up, slowly. As I was driving a nice, new rental vehicle I was very concerned about scratching the finish on the shrubs that lined the lane.
    About halfway back there appeared a small break in the shrubs for an entrance into a gated field. The bus driver indicated to me to pull in there. Hah!! Fat chance as my rear end was still halfway out in the lane. So I proceeded to back the rest of the way. Reaching the end of the lane I pulled into a wide spot and let the behemoth go by.
    But the driver pulled up alongside, opened his door and said with a chessycat smile, "We could have made it by back there."
    I just smiled back and said as an excuse, "Sorry, but I'm from out of town!"
    He just laughed and said, "I could tell."
    Then he drove off and all the seniors on the bus were waving and smiling as they peered down at me.
    I found that the phrase "I'm from out of town" really helped in a number of situations.

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Annan Shopping

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    Gretna Village Outlet Stores: Don't Pass Up the Outlet Stores

    by birchy99 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wow, none of the categories fits this mall. I think you can find all those things listed above at outlet stores. This is a nice outdoor mall with oodles of outlets. Just wander around until you find what you fancy. Lots of stores, most fairly high quality.

    Click here to see a list of shops:Yahoo

    Click here to see directions:Yahoo

    What to buy: Well, my favorite was Cadbury's. Chocolate you know. But there are luggage, jewelry, book, apparel, shoe stores and many more.

    What to pay: Just about whatever you wish. But remember, the dollar is weak against the British Pound.

    Finding Your Way
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Annan Warnings and Dangers

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    The Solway Firth--Enter At Your Own Risk

    by birchy99 Updated Nov 23, 2005

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    The Solway is an inlet from the Irish Sea that separates the Lake District west of Carlise from Scotland--Dumfries-Galloway. Being very shallow it looks like an inviting place to venture out and explore the tidal bottom. However, when the tide comes in, it reportedly comes in rapidly, perhaps faster than you can run. And add on possible quicksand bogs to slow you down, you may find yourself a permanent home.
    I've read speculation that Hadrian's wall perhaps was built out into the firth from the South. At any rate this inlet was a prime area of contention throughout the centuries as invader after invader made their ways across this land.
    On my trips to Scotland I've driven along the northern shore for about 30 miles. When the tide is out it looks like one long unending mud flat. When the tide is in it looks like any normal sea inlet. The Firth abounds with wildlife, having a large bird sanctualy in that area. There are also a lot of bird hunting and bird watching opportunities.

    The Solway Firth looking Southwest Heed the Warning At Your Peril
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Annan Off The Beaten Path

  • Drive Up Marriage...Las Vegas Take Note

    Gretna Green is just a few miles from Annan. In case you haven't heard Gretna Greene is the instant marriage capital of the world. It all started in Scotland where young people over the age of 16 could legally marry by saying vows to each other over a blacksmith's anvil. In 1745 Parliament prohibited such unions in England so eloping couples would...

  • The Ruthwell Cross

    After escaping the bus on the narrow lane in Ruthwell (see transportation tip) I ventured across the main road and came upon a church that displayed a sign about the Ruthwell Cross. I took a chance on the building falling in upon my entering a church, any church, and discovered this beautiful monument. Little did I know it's history at the...

  • A "Short" Nature Walk---The Castle Woods

    During my visit to Caerlaverock Castle I opted to follow the signs that promised a short nature walk behind the castle called Castle Woods. So, I went merrily on my way taking in Mother Nature and what she offers in Scotland. I walked on, and walked on, following the trail as in meandered through the woods. Soon I began to think this trail had no...


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