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    beach in durness
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    Chailgeag beach, Durness
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Durness Highlights

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     The most beautiful beaches 

  • Con
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    jcots says…

     The road to get there, one single track road. 

  • In a nutshell
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     Go, just to say you've been there 

Durness Things to Do

  • Ceannabeinne Township

    We stayed at Durness in a bed and breakfast establishment for one night on our way along the north coast of Scotland. Just before we arrived there we passed Ceannabeinne and stopped to read the notice board. It gave details of a township that thrived here until about 1842 so next morning we drove back the short distance to see what it was all...

  • Stock Up and Fuel Up

    Durness is one place on the north coast where petrol is available,so take advantage, even if it is expensive. You can't do without!! (We paid £1.38 a litre, the most expensive petrol we have ever bought but then think of the distances involved to transport the stuff.)There are also a couple of food stores, one with a post office. The garage, P.O...

  • Kyle Of Durness/Cape Wrath

    There is a small passenger ferry that leaves Keoldale on the Kyle of Durness and transports you across the water. You then catch an optional minibus that takes you 10 miles along a very narrow, often steep road to the very tip of Cape Wrat, to Robert Stevenson's lighthouse (1828) This road is prone to closing when the military are in operation on...

  • Balnakeil Bay

    In Durness, turn off northwards to Balnakeil Bay (signposted.) This road takes you past a collecton of old military buildings which have been used since the 1960's for craft workshops. Today, there are around a dozen outlets including a woodwind instrument maker and you are encouraged to have a look round as well as purchasing. Many of these people...

  • Stupendous Sandy Beaches

    The Durness area is renowned for it's glorious sand beaches, clear waters, white sands and rolling waves. When conditions are right, it's a surfer's paradise.I was amazed at the colour of the sea around Durness, but then the sun had come out and put some colour in the photos.There were a few people enjoying the beaches, kiting, walking, rock...

  • Loch Hope

    Loch Hope is actually an inland freshwater loch,east of Loch Eriboll. It is scenically attractive, surrounded by greenery,offering yet more views of Ben Hope, in the east and is a popular spot for game fishing. There were certainly a few boats dotted about it's 6 miles and cars parked in parking spots by the loch.Apparently the loch is renowned for...

  • Ard Neakie

    Ard Neakie is a tiny piece of land on Loch Eriboll that is connected to the mainland by a spit of land with a stony beach either side. It is probably the most photographed part of Loch Eriboll and we were fortunate enough to spend a day camped there.The building that remains intact is the old ferry house; ferries used to ply across the loch to the...

  • Loch Eriboll

    Loch Eriboll is a deep water sea loch between Durness and Tongue, 16 kms long and varying in depth from 15 to 60 fathoms deep. In fact, it's the most northerly deep water sea loch in the British Isles and was used during WW2 as a naval base. British servicemen nicknamd the loch as Loch 'Orrible because of the often atrocious weather conditions they...

  • Smoo Cave

    A little way from the center of town, (a longish way if you walking) is Smoo Cave, probably Durness's most famous attraction. Bigger than a cathedral inside, and with a very photogenic waterfall on the inside too, its a must see if you in Durness.Boat tours are offered to get further into the cave, but only in good weather, as the threat of...

  • Smoo Cave

    The Smoo cave is a classic limestone cave with the twist that it is right by the sea - the inlet may once have been a continuation of the cave where the roof collapsed back inland. It is larger than any photograph portrays it - 70 feet high from floor to ceiling. There are guided tours inside by boat.

  • The Highlands

    One of the most exciting things of Scotland.The HIGHLANDS.An incredible green desert, without sound people.Incredible.

  • Cape Wrath

    Take a ferry that take to the other side of the lake and then wait the bus that go to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, there you can see enormous and spectaculars cliffs.Spend a morning to go there and go early you won't find almost anybody there.


Durness Hotels

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Durness Restaurants

  • Seafood Snack Van

    We had seen the sign for seafood snacks, just outside Durness. OK, even though we had plenty of supplies in the motorhome, we thought we'd splash out a bit.The seafood snack van is parked in a large, quite busy parking area above the gorgeous beach of Ceannabeinne, which you can walk down to relatively easily. We wandered over to the snack van to...

  • Nowt like a cheese toastie

    Nice place to grab a snack or a more substantial meal - but also a bookshop so you can browse and buy while waiting for your order to arrive. Cheese toastie - well I didn't try anything else.

  • I don't know.

    There we could have something to eat. The only thing they had because the kitchen was closed at the time we arrived so we could'nt choose anything.


Durness Nightlife

  • More like twilight life

    Nightlife? Well there was a barbecue at the village hall, which has a "John Lennon tribute." This informs us that John Lennon was a singer / songwriter with the famous 1960's group "The Beatles." So if the Martians land at Durness they'll know. Can't say I was that enthused myself. Just another hippy 60's child whose ideas are totally outdated. But...

  • Just one pub in all town

    The only pub open at night in Durness, It's open until late.The guy who is playing the accordion was really dunk and funny, but the problem came when the day afterr we noticed that he was the driver of the boat that took us to Cape Wrath.But there was no problem! None

  • Durness Hotels

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Durness Transportation

  • Helpful locals

    We travelled up to Durness in my car, which was a piece of sh*t, and happened to have 2 blown tyres on the first half of the journey (the second one was 1 mile from Durness). So anyway, we hobbled into town, stopped at the first hotel we came to, and they helped us find someone who was open that day. The guys who helped us came to us, picked up the...

  • One single track road!!!

    We rent a car in Edimburgh and went all trhough Scotland and everything was ok until we found that single track road. It's not very safe and it's very slow way to get, but it's the only way. People drives a little bit crazy, but there are very few cars. On this roads ther a lot of this passing laces that can give you the option to give pass to...

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Durness Warnings and Dangers

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    Eclipse glasses

    by Charlie_UK Updated Oct 6, 2003

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I repeat the warning on my Ceduna page: When looking at eclipses remember that even a little exposed sun contains harmful UV that can damage your eyes. The Durness eclipse permitted direct viewing because it was so low and being so far north there was a lot of atmospheric refraction (giving the sun a "squashed" look.) But as it rose I saw a young girl using exposed photo film to look at the sun. THIS IS NO GOOD! COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEGATIVES DO NOT FILTER OUT UV. (Only black and white film, which has been exposed and developed to maximum density, is safe.) She could have done herself damage that she would have to live with for most of her life, and grow up regretting ever looking at the sun. Use proper eclipse viewers, welders glasses or indirect viewing methods like a pinhole camera. Check all filters for scratches. If anything lets light through at all, don't use it. Eclipses are wonderful sights: Make sure you can still see the next one.

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Durness Tourist Traps

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    by Charlie_UK Updated Jun 21, 2003

    There are lots of puffins around Durness.

    Me? I really can't see the appeal of them. If you want to go on a "puffin" expedition try Amsterdam (not that I do that either, I hasten to add).

    Unique Suggestions: Enjoy a "Lawrence of Arabia" experience as you climb the sand dunes at Faraid head. Good caves on the peninsula too, and an interesting church ruin by the most northerly golf course in Britain.

    Fun Alternatives: Alternative to watching puffins? Eat them.

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Durness What to Pack

  • jcots's Profile Photo

    by jcots Written Feb 25, 2003

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Mosquito repellent. You can't see them on this pic but there are a lot of small mosquitos in this area and in this pic they were attacking us.

    Photo Equipment: A lot of photo rolls, there are not a lot of shops to buy them.

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Durness Off The Beaten Path

  • Wonderful beaches

    Durness has at least 3 or 4 great beaches, and because Durness is miles up North, the beaches are net very crowdy (the day we were there, we had one all to ourselves!) There's a couple that are seemingly impossible to get to, but generally access to them is by tarred road.

  • Nice corners

    I saw nothing about that, if I remember, but it is said that signs of human existence in the area are visible inside the cavern, and that they date back to 6000 years ago.I can only imagine how harsh the life should have been during those ancient times.This picture is taken in the main hall. Some torches light corners of the cave in an unusual...

  • The inner end of the cave

    ---continuing---creating a waterwall that may block the entrance to the inner section of the cave.The geologist, who was able to speak a number of languages, including incredibly italian, lead us to the far end, until we reached this strange place. The picture shows some sort of petrified fall, created by water in ancient times when that area was...


Durness Favorites

  • Eclipses of course

    Well, what else would it be? The gorgeous sandy beaches? The caves? The wild scenery? The friendly locals?Yep, that too. My relief at waking up at 3.56 am after sleeping through an alarm set for 2.30. The rest of the dorm had done the same thing so I saved the lot of us from a terrible fate!

  • What a paradise!!!!

    The silence at the deserted beaches. No one there and an extremely blue water.The bad thing was that I couldn't swim in it because the water was so cold.Maybe another time, or maybe never... Take a car and go to Durness. There you'll can see the authenric spirit of Scotland and the highlands. Don't be lazy and go to the top!!!!

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