Highland Off The Beaten Path

  • Fairy Glen
    Fairy Glen
    by nani80
  • Distant view of the 'Coral sands'.
    Distant view of the 'Coral sands'.
    by LesHamilton
  • Easter Clett, Drum Hollistan coast
    Easter Clett, Drum Hollistan coast
    by nani80

Highland Off The Beaten Path

  • Bog Trek in the Highlands

    Trekking in the bogs in the Highlands. There are a few areas where one could discern some modicum of a trail. But most of the time trekking through the bogs was picking a direction or a hilltop to head to and figuring out where to step that a.) did result in a slip on a rock or b.) didn't put your boot underwater..It was a good workout to be sure.

  • 1000 Years of History-RauReidh Gairloch

    Actually it could be way further back then that. North of Gairloch is spit of land that juts out into the Atlantic. We crossed over from the side nearer to Gairloch across the hill to hike around RuaReidh to the lighthouse. Our first resting spot was a depression in the ground that turned out to be a Bronze Age settlement. Further up the coast was...

  • Glen Orchy.

    An incredibly beautiful valley that follows the River Orchy from Bridge of Orchy on the A82 to Inverlochy on the A85.The B8074 is a single track road with plenty of passing places and a reasonable amount of places to pull off the road. There are also numerous camping opportunities along the way.The river was in full spate when we drove along were,...

  • Geodh' Eisgiadh

    Geodh' Eisgiadh is a deep ravine in the thick sediments on the Drum Hollistan coast. It's approximately 1km from A836 lay-by at the border of Caithness and Sutherland. There is no nice path that will get you there, instead you'll have to walk across the peatland which is more like a pond than a proper ground. But the reward comes once you get to...

  • Wester Clett

    Wester Clett is the first of the three islets (Middle Clett and Easter Clett being the other two), just in front of the ravine Geodh' Eisgiadh on the Drum Hollistan coast. Above 50m high, this huge sea stack is a home to a large puffin colony (if you are lucky to come during their nesting season). It can be reached from the A836 lay-by at the...

  • Easter Clett

    Easter Clett is the third in a row of the islets at the Drum Hollistan coast, west of Thurso and Freshgoe. It's made of red sandstone, and looks like from the other planet. We didn't walk all the way to it as the storm was approaching, but it's definitely worth visting, just as the neighbouring Wester and Middle Clett.If you would like to visit...

  • Middle Clett

    Middle Clett is an islet just in front of the coastal sandstone cliff on the Drum Hollistan coast. It's flat top serves as a home to a smaller number of puffins, while their main colony in on the nearby Wester Clett. It can be reached from the A836 lay-by at the border of Caithness and Sutherland. If you would like to visit it, you can check my ...

  • Glenuig and Loch Ailort

    Glenuig is a little known community in western Inverness-shire,situated just off the A861, well west of Fort William and south of Arisaig.We were looking for somewhere to stay in the motorhome for a couple of nights, by the sea, before heading to Ardtoe, Ardnamurchan. Having spoken to members on a Motorhome forum, Glenuig was mentioned and it...

  • Ardtoe in Argyll.

    Ardtoe is a tiny community strung out at the end of a minor road running north west from Acharacle in Argyll. I am not actually sure whether it is actually part of the Ardnamurchan peninsula but it is in the Highlands. Parts of the road are long straights with passing places, others are steep gradients with no passing places. Do not be put off, you...

  • Kyle Of Tongue

    The Kyle of Tongue is a beautiful sea inlet on the very north coast of Sutherland, Scotland, that is now crossed by causeway and bridge, built in 1971. This is where we headed from Bettyhill and Skerray, on our motorhome touring holiday in 2008The main village of the area is Tongue, just to the south east, which boasts a couple of hotels, a bank,...

  • Coigach Peninsula (Northwest of...

    Much of Coigach is inpenetrable, it's landscape is mountainous, particularly in the south east and has only two roads in. Both are unclassified and probably the more favourable is the road from the A836 and along the three lochs of Lurgainn, Bad a Ghaill and Osgaig,. The alternative route is the one mentioned on my Lochinver page. Either road will...

  • North of Lochinver To Point of Stoer

    The lighthouse at Stoer is a must, if on this peninsula, if only for the lovely coastal views. It's at the most westerly point on the Stoer peninsula.Once again, we made the trip on the motorbike which enabled us to park in the top car park, up a pretty stee last stretch of road. We laughed when we noticed the only other vehicle brave enough to...

  • Melvaig and Rubha Reidh

    Melvaig is a tiny community, north of Gairloch, from where we based ourselves to visit the lighthouse at Rhuba Reid. It has a pub,The Melvaig Inn, which is not obvious, being located off the small B road in Melvaig. The building itself looks more like a house than a pub and outside there is only a small, unobtrusive sign with the pub's name on.Upon...

  • A861, Loch Linnhe, Loch Eil

    We always opt for the quieter sides of lochs so we took the west shore of Loch Linnhe and the south of Loch Eil. All single track and quiet. Good views across to Fort William.The head of Loch Eil is really attractive, where we camped, with the river, loch and the views of Ben Nevis. The river was teeming with fish leaping out of the water, teasing...

  • Seal Watching on Loch Duich

    Spotting seals is one of life's pleasures. Loch Duich was rife with seals. One wet day we went across the loch in the boat and watched a colony of seals cavorting about in the water and on the rocks. Unfortunately we only have video footage and no photos.I am forever staring at the lochs waiting to see seal and porpoise/dolphin movement. I tend to...

  • West Side of Loch Duich

    The A87 travels along the east shore of Loch Duich. Try taking the left turn at Shiel Bridge and venture along the western shore of the loch. Undiscovered, peaceful and good for cycling due to it being flat, on the whole. It's a "come back the same way" road as it ends almost opposite Eilean Donan Castle. Scenically stunning.

  • Little Loch Long

    A beautiful little loch slightly north east of Loch Duich, off Loch Alsh. (What a mouthful). I remember there not being much habitation around the loch.The road only runs along the north side, mostly above the loch.Very quiet and tranquil.Not to be confused with Loch Long near Loch Lomond.

  • The Tiny Fishing Villages of the West...

    "The road to the Isles" stopped here in Arisaig before a new road was built taking you a little further along the coast to Malliag. Arisaig now lies in peaceful quiet with few visitors. There is however a small day ferry from here which takes you to the Small Inner Hebridian Islands of Eigg, Muck and Rum. The pretty fishing village has a small shop...

  • Relax and enjoy the sea breeze in...

    At the north end of the River Morar Estuary you will find the Silver Sands of Morar on the A830 between Arisaig and Morar. Even here we saw sheep grazing freely as the River Morar, the shortest river in Scotland, met with the sea. This area is under conservation as the sand dunes are under threat from errosion, the notice board ask you to try to...

  • Look out for places with connections

    When we were visiting the Glenfinnan Monument we drove by this beautiful church standing in complete isolation. I do hate to miss an opportunity to take photos of places which hold my interest, so on the long journey home to Aberdeen, we stopped once again. The rain was pouring down but I didn't mind I had found my little church again. The Catholic...

  • Stacks of Duncansby

    Stacks of Duncansby are small rocky islands off the coast at the very top of the east-coast of the highlands. You may drive there on a small side-road from John O'Groats, leave the car at the car-park and take a walk of about 30 minutes in order to get to the place, where you may see the Stacks of Duncansby.

  • The coast-road north of Applecross

    Applecross is a small village north of Plockton, at a scenic side-road and you have to go over a really steep pass-road first. When driving the coastal-road north of Applecross you will most probably have the road completely for your own, and you have plenty of great parkings - and nowhere you will see the signs "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING" - so I put...

  • Summer Islands

    Summer Islands is a groups of un-inhabited islands off the west-coast of the highlands !In former times they have all been inhabited and even had a post-office there, but today everybody has left.Cruises are made to the islands once a week, mostly on sunday, during the summer season.But you better check the time-tables of the ship in advance and...

  • Lough Assynth

    Lough Assynth is a peaceful and quiet lake in the north of the Scottish Highlands. This is a great area for hikings, wild camping with a motorhome or a tent and a great place to go fishing, as long as you obey the rules and for the fishing you will have to get a licence of course. Take all the roads that you find, in that area there are only just a...

  • Whaligoe Steps

    Waligoe Steps are another great attraction at the east-coast of the northern part of Scotlands Highland : 365 steps are leading down to the small port of Whaligoe.In one of my books I read that the fishermen's wifes carried their husbands on their back down these steps in order not to spoil their brand new and expensive leather boots...Well, where...

  • Hill of many Stones

    Hill of many Stones is a field in the northern part of the east-coast of Scotland, not far from Wick. The meaning is more or less the same as the stone-cercles, that you may find in other parts of Scotland. Sience does not know a lot about the hill of many stones, just the fact that somebody placed these stones thousands of years ago, following a...

  • Inverewe Gardens

    Inverewe Gardens were built by a rich land-owner , who wanted to proof, that the Highlands of Scotland may be used for other things that raising sheep all over the landscape. And in fact it became one of the best tourist-attractions at the west-coast, not far from Ullapool.You will need half a day in order to explore all of the great park.

  • Lunga > a bird-sanctuary

    Lunga is an island close to Staffa and it is an interesting bird-sanctuary, mainly for puffins. The best about Lunga is the fact, that the birds seem to be used to the human visitors approaching them with their cameras and tele-lenses.Puffins / Papageientaucher are living in small holes under the grass and they love to walk over the grass in front...

  • Glen Spean

    There are so plenty of wonderful spots in Scotland, where you may park your motorhome and take a walk or hike and you may stay overnight at so plenty of scenic places, while hotels in high standards are found only in larger cities and B&B is a good solution for many tourists, but with a motorhome you actually feel free...On my main picture you see...

  • EDZELL castle & Baroque Garden

    Edzell Castle on the east coast is well known for it's baroque Garden and a small castle that was recently restored by the "National Trust of Scotland"Edzell makes a great stop-over on your way, when driving on the east coast of Scotland !The baroque garden is still used and kept in the original way. There is not a lot left of the castle, except a...

  • Skye > Trotternish peninsula

    Trotternish Peninsula is the very top of the Island of Skye, and there you will find only a very few buildings and farms, surrounded by heather and lovely mountains. Most of the sheep will run freely on all of the meadows and will be marked by colors in order to be "sorted" by the farmers at the end of the season. The great mountain-area of...

  • climbing up the O'l man of Storr

    On my picture you may see a part of the panorama-view that you will get , when you walk up to the Old man of Storr, at the Isle of Skye. My main picture is the view towards Kyleakin and the Cuillin Mountains in the south of the island.There is a small parking for maybe 10 cars at the foot of the mountains and walking up needs about 1-2 hours one...

  • Skye - A lovely, old bridge in Broadford

    In Broadford, on the Isle of Skye you will see this old stone-bridge, just a few meters off the main road, but most of the tourists simply pass by it without taking a closer look or even taking a picture of it !The bridge may be used by sheep and pedestrians only, because this old road is not used any more for the car-trafic!B.t.w. hikers will be...

  • Handa-Island, a bird sanctuary

    Handa island is a remote island in the north of Scotland, close to Scurrie on the west-coast of the Scotish Highland. Small boats take you there on fullday-tours - the island is inhabitated ONLY by birds,birds,birds.There will be only a few people on the island and so there are plenty of places, where you may watch the birds on your own and you...

  • Glenelg & Arnisdale

    Glenelg & Arnisdale are lovely, but really remote places in the Scotish Highlands. The street will lead first of all to the small ferry to the Isle of Skye, leaving in Kylerhea. Butwhen you are there it is certainly worth to take the side-road to the small village of Arnisdale as well. This street is mostly not marked as "scenic tourist-road" on...

  • Stone Circle - Free - Play - Unique !

    Its free to see, touch and experience the Croftmoraig Stone Circle. It is also very accessible, being close to the roadside, two miles east of the Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay.The Circle itself is pretty significant, having three concentric circles of stones, on the site of an earlier wooden circle monument. The site has been excavated, if...

  • The scenery from 3000ft

    Whilst not everybody that visits the Highlands is active enough to climb a mountain, if you can and you have the correct equipment and good weather then the scenery as you ascend is breathtaking.Driving through the Northwest highlands can be beautiful enough, if you can climb a mountain to view the scenery from an elevated level, only then can you...


    STRATHCARRON & CROICK CHURCHThe rushing, gushing, eager river,Buzzards mewling, wheeling over,The same as last time, next time,And for ever....Here, on a slab of rock, beside the track,We parked above the tumbling gorge,Poured out a glass of wine andTold our rock that we were back;And when I asked if others had Usurped this place, without my...

  • North West Sutherland is one...

    North West Sutherland is one of the last great scenic secrets of Europe. It is a vast wilderness of extraordinary mountains set in ancient rock, moorland and heather-clad hill. It is where you will find the highest sea cliffs, the highest waterfalls, and many other extremes of the natural world. From Melvich and Bettyhill, in the far north-east, a...


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