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Scotland Sports & Outdoors

  • Football

    Glasgow Sports & Outdoors

    Hampden Park is the "home" of Scottish football. The venue for cup finals and most international games. It is an occasional venue for European cup finals - famously Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1960s. More recently Real Madrid v Bayer Leverkusen when Zidane scored his wonder goal. I think my first visit was about 1970 for a cup final...

  • Skiing in Scotland

    For those who live in the UK, it's possible to ski on real snow without leaving the country - Scotland has a number of skiing areas: Cairngorm Mountain, Nevis Range, Lecht, Glencoe Mountain and Glenshee. They all have equipment hire facilities and ski schools - and are good for beginners given the slopes are less steep than those of a lot of...

  • Munro Bagging

    For the dedicated hill-walker, Scotland's best known challenge is definitely the bagging of Munros - hills listed as being over 3,000ft high, named so after Sir Hugh Munro, who compiled the first list. Over a century has passed since the first round of Munro-bagging has been completed, so all sorts of other challenges have sprung up - who can do it...

  • Get out in them mountains....

    There are currently five skiing resorts in Scotland - although a couple have recently gone into receivership.Resort is perhaps not the best description. Despite attempts to market skiing in Scotland it remains pretty much the reserve of a certain sort of masocistic sportsman. The Scenery may be stunning, but the icy conditions, lack of snowfall and...

  • Golfing in the first golf course in the...

    There are six public courses on St Andrews Links. The most famous is the oldest golf course in the world It has many remarkable features which help make it so special to golfers around the world. It is a public course The course is known for its particular physical features including 112 bunkers, some of which are especially famous e.g. 'Hell' on...

  • Knapdale

    Knapdale is so beautiful. It is 7 miles west of Lochgilphead and situated at the head of Loch Sween. It is a large nature reserve with coniferous and native wood land. In the reserve are many little lochs and streams.We decided to do the “Barnluasgan Oakland Trail” and the “Loch Coille Bharr Trail” because they both start at the same parking area...

  • Real snow all year around in Scotland

    Here in Glasgow I help to run an adventure sports club for young people with Downs Syndrome. - see for some inspiring pictures and youtube links. We have recently completed a six week course of instruction at Braehead indoor ski slope Xscape - on real snow, with the help of Disability Ski Sport UK

  • Go to Murrayfield

    I strongly recomend you visit Murrayfield. It is the greatest rugby pitch I've ever visited in terms of ambience. I saw Scotland beat England for the Six Nations in 2006. Also, visit the Roseburn pub at the corner of Roseburn St. and Rosebum Terrace. The only place to get a good sing-a-long after the game, no matter what the outcome is.

  • Football in Glasgow

    In Glasgow there are two famous football teams: Glasgow Rangers and Celtic. Apart from being 2 of the top teams in Scotland they are also famous for other reasons. Glasgow Rangers is the Protestant team and Celtic the Catholic. This means that there is quite a bit of politics and trouble related to the football here, more so in the past but it is...


    Hiking and climbing in Scotland brings thousands of visitors. Scotland offers the most rugged terrain to be found in the British Isles. Here are the highest and the steepest mountains. Vast open glens, rocky crestlines and boggy tundra can all be discovered. I enjoyed hiking in climbing in several areas - the Black Cuillin of Skye, the mountains of...

  • Hiking Ben Nevis

    The hike up Ben Nevis was not the most difficult, nor the most interesting hike we have ever done, but it's kind of cool to be able to say you have hiked up the highest mountain in a country ...Plus, it did have some nice views along the way. We started at the parking lot, where a returning hiker gave us his Ordinance map of the whole area after I...

  • Mountaineering-Ben Nevis

    A group of us went to Fort William for 10 days. The highlight of our hiking experience was definitely Ben Nevis. An excellent walk for anyone wanting to experience hiking in Winter conditions. We were ther in early February 2005 and there was a white out on top- class. its a tough climb but well worth it. We also took in some deadly views whili...

  • Kyles of Bute

    The Kyles of Bute are two stretches of sea on the east and west of Bute and are extremely picturesque. Very popular with boats due to the very nature of the calm, safe waters and their location.Great views from the A8003. Anything that floats!

  • Fishing From the Beach

    As it was too rocky to launch our boat from where we were camping at Port Ban,we decided to fish from the beach. I don't have a lot of faith in beach fishing but am always willing to give it a go. From the beach we caught a couple of small flat fish, too small so back they went.Never mind, a lovely location to fish from. A beach rod, bait or...

  • hunting and fishing

    Scotland - unique landscapes and same hunting opportunities.Scotland is e.g. home to the largest red deer population of Europe with over 360.000 head. The stalking of a Scottish highland stag is one of the classic hunts which will become an unforgettable part of any hunters life. Also roe buck hunting in Scotland normally takes the form of...

  • A Superb Cycle Tour - To Isle of Skye

    This is a superb cycle tour ... through really beautiful countryside and progressing in gradient, culminating in the splendid views of the Sea and the Isle of Skye.Start Stirling: Take your bike by train, to Stirling, to avoid traffic congestion. Start is Perth railway station, cycling west through Crieff and...

  • The Walk -- Day 13 -- The last Day

    Well the last day !! 17 miles to Cockburnspath, A Very Pleasant day with some nice scenery culminating with a cliff-top walk just like on the first day -- the only trouble was the wind -- Boy was it windy and you felt like it might just pluck you up and blow you right off the cliff-top into the sea !! Thank Goodness for the old stick -- something...

  • The Walk -- Day 12

    Yet Another Excellent day -- Great weather again and Awesome views, especially from Twin Law.Total distance for the day was around 15 miles from Lauder to Longfromacus mainly over open fell on good paths and tracks. It is now the penultimate day and we are starting to really get into our stride now !!!!!!

  • The Walk -- Day 11

    Yet another interesting day, The route wound its way through Scotland's old weaving centres but you still got the impression that you were miles from anywhere, A fairly short day of around 10 miles to Lauder. Part of the route was on the Old Waverly Railway-line track bed -- some of you might have read about the Great Train Race from London to...

  • The Walk -- Day 10

    After another good night out in the aptly named Walkerburn the owner of the B+B gave us a lift the 3 miles back to the trail head and yet another very enjoyable day !! The weather had picked up and the sun was once more shining, the route took us through forestry plantations and over open fell to Galashiels, a distance of around 18 miles !!

  • The Walk -- Day 9

    After a Great night out at Tibbie Shiel's Inn we had a shorter day to look forwards to -- Only 12 miles to the aptly named Walkerburn !!The weather again was not at its best but never-the-less the day was still very enjoyable with some nice countryside and interesting ancient sites to walk past including this the Dryhope Tower

  • The Walk -- Day 8

    Another Long day -- 21 miles through forestry plantations and over open fell to Tibbie Shiel's Inn, The weather could have been better but it was still a Great day even though we did get a bit lost !! well we tried a bit of a short-cut through the forest and as it turned out to be a very long-cut !! Even though the cloud was a bit low the scenery...

  • The Walk -- Day 7

    Back onto long days again -- 21 miles to Beattock and a very up and down up and down up and down day !! Today we walked over the High point of the walk -- Lowther at 725 metres -- the views from up here were spectacular then we walked over another 3 peaks before dropping down, past a loch and through forestry plantations into Beattock -- Here we...

  • The Walk -- Day 6

    Thankfully a shorter day today !! Only 9 miles but quite a bit of hight gain to Wanlockhead -- said to be the highest village in Scotland !! another Beautiful day and a Great walk -- Nice not to have to keep a close eye on the time !! The village of Wanlockhead was an old lead mining community but the mines closed in the 50's -- the scars of this...

  • The Walk -- Day 5

    A Long Long Long day this one -- 27 miles !! We were told that not many people split the walk this way and afterwards we both saw why !!! Never-the-less an enjoyable day with more spectacular scenery, open fells and forestry plantations on good paths and old tracks but a little late getting into Sanquhar -- However we had taken the precaution of...

  • The Walk -- Day 4

    Another Beautiful day !!! 20 miles through some awesome scenery and passing three lochs -- Really Wild country walking on a mixture of paths and forestry tracks. a long day and we didn't arrive into St Johns town of Dalry until early evening -- tired but Happy !!!

  • The Walk -- Day 3

    On leaving New Luce the countryside really started to get wilder -- Just a taste of things to come !! This was the start of our longer days -- 17 miles to Bargrennen. Another warm and sunny day -- Excellent weather, Especially for Scotland. The terrain was a mixture of moorland and plantations on a fairly good path -- wet in places though !!...

  • The Walk -- Day 2

    After a good breakfast we were off once more -- another fairly short day of about 11 miles -- just to ease ourselves into things !!! Another warm sunny day and fairly easy walking on good well marked paths through farmland and some nice old woods to New Luce.

  • The Walk -- Day 1

    As I have previously mentioned -- Sid and myself met up in Stranraer railway station at 14.00 on Saturday, 4th September, We had pre-arranged for Mrs Parker, the lady who ran the B+B on our first night to pick us up there and give us a lift down to Portpatrick, the stating point of "The Southern Upland Way" So we started walking around 15.00 and...

  • Salmon chasing

    I have chased salmon by swimming after them under the waterfalls as a kid. Actually used to catch them with my hands sometimes, but I have never seen one like the guy in this picture caught. This is a picture of a picture that was in a restaurant in Killin. Based on the photo, the rod was about the size of the fish!

  • The West Highland Way

    Stretching 152km (95 miles) through Argyll and the West Highlands, the West Highland Way passes some of the most beautiful and remote parts of Scotland. It is extremely popular, with about 50.000 walkers every year! The usual route starts it Milngavie in the outskirts of Glasgow and leads up along the shores of Loch Lomond, to Fort...

  • Walking Wild - beware barbed wire fences

    Scotland is paradise for walking in wild open countryside - so do !!!Prepare for wind and rain at any moment - this may mean expensive "gortex" type waterproofs. You are likely to encouter stone walls and fences. Try to find a suitable crossing point or gate, to avoid damage and worse - being seen to be possibly causing damage! Many stone walls...

  • Cycling Paradise - Take to the Back...

    Cycling in Scotland is wonderful and growing in popularity.If you have the lungs and legs for it, a cast-iron constitution and a generous saddle, then Scotland offers unbeatable roads like this one, with nothing but the occassional slow tourist car or tractor to worry about, and plenty of places to picnic, sunbathe and catch the view.Though the...

  • Mountain Biking Country

    Thousands of miles of track to choose from ... technical rock sections, streams, winding single track, forest trails, open moor, mountain highs and long fast decents, snow, boulders, grass, country lanes, cycle tracks, waymarked routes and specialist accommodation.See Scotland's beauty by two wheels - and see it like no other. Hire on site!

  • The Great Glen Way

    Newly opened in 2002, the Great Glen Way is more or less the extension of the West Highland Way. But where the latter is a hiking route with no bikes allowed, the Great Glen Way has a special section, designed especially for bikers, even though hinking of course is still possible... The route stretches from The old Fort in Fort William along the...

  • He was a bugger of a bagger

    "Munroe bagging" is the name given to the Scottish sport of climbing all the peaks in Scotland above a certain height. This should not be confused with "Monroe bagging" which is a club for those who slept with the film actress !The term comes from the endeavours of a cetainIn Sir Hugh T. Munro,who surveyed Scotland's mountains above 3000 feet...

  • is Drinking a Sport?

    Go to a pub and socialize!! I do know that for some people drinking is a sport, so you do like it here :) - lots of money!- amaizing stories- a plan to your hotel or B&B

  • Tossing the Caber

    One of Scotlands National sports. Tossing the caber is all about a man (or woman these days) with strength and a Pole. The caber looks rather like a telephone pole. The weight of the pole ranges 30 to 120 pounds, and can be anything from 12 to 19 feet long. The sport is all part of the Highland Games and the contestant lifts the pole vertically and...

  • A day with the GGs...

    If there' s one thing that goes with drinking and smoking, it's gambling. For this vice, the Scots turn to the horse track. Some say gambling is an addiction, others a mere transfer of wealth; but the Scots consider it a scientific-socioeconomic-psychological experiment that is back up with hours and hours of studying facts about the horses,...

  • Golf much?

    The modern rules of Golf were purportedly invented in Scotland. It's for certain the game or a version of it has been played there since early Tudor times in the 15th century. There are many many golf courses in Scotland including several in the St. Andrews area where the origin of the sport is supposed to be. The Old Course in St. Andrews is right...

  • Galloway - Daltry

    St-John and Daltry are wonderful spots in SW Scotland for hunting-walking and fishing.It has even facilities for playing golf !

  • Celtics V. Raiders

    Football aka Soccer is a huge thing in Scotland. There are two main football clubs here. The first one is the Celtics. (the "C" sounds like an "S") This is a traditionally Catholic team. All of the professing Caltholics support this team. The next team is the Raiders. This is the protistent team. There is an equeal number of celtic fans as raider...


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