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  • You only gonna get into trouble if you look for it

    by SaraLI Written May 2, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've lived in Glasgow for past 3 years and had no major problems what so ever Glasgow. Like any other big city it does have a rough areas, but to be honest there is no tourist attractions anywhere near those areas, so you're more than likely not even gonna end up in those parts of Glasgow. City centre is relatively safe there is quite a lot of police patrols at night and they do react quite quickly, it is always safer at night to walk on main streets, ( I used to live in student halls close to Argyle street, near west end and worked in the nightclub in the city centre sometimes used to walk all the way home at 4am, on my own and I'm a female, and NEVER had any problems) If you walking at night and somebody makes a comment or asks something, just keep walking and ignore them.
    Few people mentioned Central station area, I live quite close to central station for past year and yes there are some dodgy characters around but if you do not approach them they wont do any harm.
    As mentioned by many other people if you use common sense you won't have any problems.

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  • Just use common sense

    by lambiscon Written May 14, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Some of these comments are just absolute nonsense. Just be careful like in any city, don't walk down alley ways, and what kind of idiot would go through a park at night?? Don't walk down by the river at night

    I've lived in the East end for 22 years and I have never had any problems, sure Glasgow has crime but sadly that is to be expected of the 3rd largest city in the UK.

    Be careful in Sauchiehall street when everyone gets chucked out at 3am, the taxi queue now is very organised so theres very little trouble but don't even attempt to try and jump the queue. If someone bumps into you in the taxi queue or along sauchiehall street dont react or start mouthing off.
    There is an Australian themed bar called Walkabout on Renfield street across from cineworld cinema, always seems to be trouble outside it late on fridays and saturdays.
    DO NOT EVER EVER ARGUE WITH A GLASGOW BOUNCER. If they won't let you in forget it and go somewhere else.
    If some guy in a tracksuit says 'Awrite doll?', don't panic just ignore the buckfast ridden jackey git, or tell him to 'f*ck off ya c*nt', don't be afraid to use that word.

    Neds only ever fight in groups, a ned on his own is a ***ebag.

    Go to the Barras theres nothing scary about it. It has the oldest chippy in Glasgow.

    If you want want to get out of the city centre, maybe actually wanna see what other parts of Glasgow look like, go the east end - the forge shopping centre and see where the council are not spending money.

    It has an amazing music scene which is not to be missed and is a proper party city.

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  • SkipJas's Profile Photo

    As safe as ANY major city - and friendlier!

    by SkipJas Updated Dec 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Stop with the silly comments on football 'fans'. These are a minority who will not affect the average traveller. Will travellers really be going to the Stadium Bar in Govan? No, thought not. Have you EVER been asked what team you support? No, thought not. The truth is that the educated people of Glasgow - of which there is as many as any major city - couldn't give a monkeys which religion you follow. More than likely you will be asked which wine you would like with lunch at one of the hundreds of highly rated restaurants for which the city is famed for - along with the shopping - or which whisky you would like to give a try at a tasting. That 's not to say that all people who support football are mentalists either. The 'rougher' areas of Glasgow such as Govan, Partick etc are full of friendly, hard-working and funny people. There is just NO reason for a tourist to visit those parts. Give them a miss. But don't prejudice against the residents likes a stigma!
    The nicest areas of outer Glasgow are the north like Bearsden and the south, such as Newton Mearns & Giffnock if you MUST see a Glasgow suburb. These are 100% safe to wander around. Shawlands is pretty cool for 'just out of town' drinking and clubbing and is a short bus trip (44A) from the city centre.
    There is no reason why a traveller would be wandering aimlessly around a 'rough housing estate'. Even I don't do that and I've lived here for all of my 28 years as a single girl.
    The comments some people are leaving beggar belief. Esp. those left by some of the Glaswegians themselves. Not everybody in the city is interested in football, wears tracksuit trousers, lives in the East End, talks at an inexplicably fast rate (the educated locals don't understand them either and have no wish to) or eats deep fried Mars bars. How disgusting. Why do people only report on the poorer elements of a city - a review is supposed to cover the entire spectrum.
    The idea that Glasgow is a rough city is long gone....get over it. That idea died along with the ridiculous gangwars of the 60's.
    Glaswegians - by thinking that way, you are merely stunting the progress of this exciting city and disregarding the effort put in to erase this old image which no longer exists. And travellers - by believing that image you are just missing out!
    So people, if you come to this vibrant city all you have to remember to do is pack your brain. You'll love it!

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  • Grantieboy's Profile Photo

    A Glaswegians advice.

    by Grantieboy Written Nov 9, 2008

    Ive lived here for years and been to many other citys so heres the advice I can give on safety in Glasgow:

    Glasgow is a city where emotions run high. This can be noticed in the people in this city as the residents tend to be incredibly friendly and welcoming....Unfortunatley on the other hand this can sometimes (and I only mean sometimes) can mean the opposite. Glasgow is still slightly dangerous even though it has shaken off its 'no mean city' image and became a very cosmopolitian city.

    There is a problem with knife crime here but no problem (or at least not much of a problem) with racism.

    Avoid the really quiet streets at night, dont talk to crazy people, probably best not to use the night buses at the weekend and stay in the city centre. Also, avoid walking into the rougher housing areas at night as this is asking for trouble (Ive had friends who have done this and have been stabbed or had the *** kicked out them for no reason apart from being in the wrong place).

    The city at night after the old firm games can be quite intense as there tends to be more drunken incidents but the old firm can also create a buzzing atmosphere which a lot of people love. However, these incidents tend to be among the people who make a scene over there team winning by singing and shouting or causing trouble so it shouldnt really affect foreigners.

    Obviously, as mentioned before on this page, dont talk to or stare at any of the wee neds you see hanging about. Although there full of character they are jail bait and are trying to make a name for themselves.

    All in all though, great city and relatively safe. But these are things that I think should be noted (which I suppose is just basic common sense). Hope this helps.

    P.S. Glasgows not Baghdad or rural Columbia and as I said most of these tips are common sense.

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  • the area around and east of central station

    by paulis Written Aug 30, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    between central station to the riverside and St. Enoch Sq. has a lot of homeless evening shelters and the hotels are mainly get as far away from central station{which is not the city centre} as you can.

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  • panic merchants

    by lauraxxxo Written May 10, 2008

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    hi i would just like to say that a lot of these people are panic merchants and must have severe paranoia. I have lived in the East end of glasgow all my life (25 years)and had no problems. As for neds, they only stick to annoying their own kind, and a lot of them are quite funny, and non judgemental like other stereotypes. As for the warning of going into the east end of Glasgow, i don't know where you have gone , but all i can say is grow a back bone, these people must be serious mummys boys or mummys girls if they are scared of Glasgow pmsl. The main problem in Glasgow is drug addicts, not to be confused with neds. x

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  • The Park In The Dark

    by footloosegirl Written Apr 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kelvingrove Park in the West End of the city is, as I have mentioned, a beautiful spot well worth visiting, but be wary of walking through, or in some cases just passing, the park at night, especially at weekends. Within the park, there really isn't much lighting, and it would be easy to fall victim to robbery or worse if you risk cutting through at a dodgy hour of night. Be careful also of footpaths in this area at night, because they really aren't too safe - men have been known to be attacked here too, so don't be tempted to brave it guys!
    It has to be said that most nights, the worst you will find in this part of town is a spewing student or two, but it's best to be on your guard all the same.

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  • IanMacPhail's Profile Photo


    by IanMacPhail Written Mar 31, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Unfortunately there are anti social people in Glasgow. No age group has a monopoly in this but watch out for groups of young men in sports clothing,( i.e. designer track suits). They are resident in most towns and cities in the UK and Glasgow has it`s fair share. The Glasgow collective name for them is neds. They`ll make a noise wherever they go and have made travelling upstairs on a bus a no go area. They probably have good qualities too. Respect their parents, clean the house, a passion for music but when part of a group personal attributes are a hindrance.
    Fortunately there are plenty of places that they don`t go to. Your mission is to find these places!

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  • Exercise caution

    by mac-me Written Feb 2, 2005

    Glasgow is no different from any other city in as much as there is an unsavoury element who would seek to spoil things for everyone else. There is no need for paranoia but if you exercise reasonable caution then you should avoid your trip being marred by becoming the victim of crime.

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  • Don't stay here

    by 1summers Written Nov 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Don't stay at the Alexander Thompson Hotel even if it is recommeded by Now matter how cheap. It on the wrong side of town to the west of Queens station on Argle st. It's dirty, got bugs, drug dealers set up in the room next to ours, people fist fighting in the Lobby the shower didn't work , so dirty we slept with our socks on and brushed our teeth with bottled water and they had no phone in the room, it had been stolen.
    Not the best place to stay.

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  • scotlandscotour's Profile Photo

    Avoid Streets West Of Central Station at Night

    by scotlandscotour Updated Aug 27, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Avoid the area directly west of Central Station (train) at night. It is rife with drugs and prostitution. Not at all comfortable.

    The area is that north of Argyle Street, up to Bothwell Street.

    See this map for details:

    Glasgow Map

    If you arrive at the train station late in the day and want to walk to one of the many hostels / hotels in the West / Charing Cross, leave the station by the main Exit onto Gordon Street, not the side exit to Hope Street. You'll probably sense this anyway.

    From the front of Central Station, turn left, then take the first right and head up one or two locks. The easiest way is to walk up to Sauchiehall Street and then turn left (west).

    I don't suppose it is dangerous to walk this area, but at least now you are warned. Ask the police if unsure.

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  • Safe City

    by slicknet Written Aug 13, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Glasgow is a very safe city relative to other major european cities. I lived there for 6 years right in the centre of the city and never really saw any dangers whatsoever.

    As for NEDS they're unlikely to be violent toward anybody other than another NED.

    Most dangerous places are actually a bit further out than the centre such as ANNIESLAND, GOVAN, DRUMCHAPEL PARTICK, i wouldn't advice walking about these areas at night, also some places in the EAST END.

    There are a few gangs in the south side, but these guys are fighting between themselves mainly not really motivated by theft or attacking tourists i would highly doubt, more a status thing, i.e who's the top NED in the area kind of thing.

    As for the north SPRINGBURN , SIGHTHILL etc.., well these are the most run down areas in GLASGOW if not the UK. I lived in SIGHTHILL for a year and i didn't have any problems. I used to go to the chippie a lot at night, walking past large groups of NEDS and they never bothered me.

    So all in all a safe city but like anywhere else there are always dangers.

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  • GordonKeenan's Profile Photo

    Use Common Sense

    by GordonKeenan Written Apr 25, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Like all major cities, if you are wandering around on yoru own, use common sense when walking in areas that have poor lighting or you see groups of kids hanging around.

    While the city centre is reasonably safe, you do have the ned element who always seem to appear when you least expect them to.

    Sadly, the Museum of Moden Art in the centre centre is a meeting place for Goths and Neds who seem to take great delight in fighting each other while drinking Buckfast.

    Not something very nice for the tourists to see, but just worth noting.

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  • Neds & Bigots

    by Eric1977 Written Jan 22, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I adore this wonderful city. But as with everywhere there is a seedy underbelly. Around George Square and Queen Street you will encounter what the Scottish lovingly refer to as 'Neds'. I have no idea what it means but they are easy to spot, they wear Kappa tracksuits and always have white runners on which you will notice are surprisingly clean. Fighting, riding, eating chips and smoking weed seem to me the main activities they participate in. Avoid any conversations with these vermin because it can only lead to bad things.

    Next on the list are Bigots. Let me first point out I am an Irish Celtic fan, so on old firm day I am a backward redneck, however the bigots I refer to are the multi tattooed knuckedraggers that frequent any pubs with Union Jack Paraphernalia and 'oirish' bars. They are reasonably easy to spot, look out for 'UVF' or 'IRA' tattoos and almost all of them will have a Celtic or Rangers sovereign ring with matching 1/2 carat gold chain.

    These people are the dregs of the dirtiest canal on earth. Don't speak to them, when they ask whom you support just take your drink and walk away, by the time they realise you have insulted them you will be at home in bed. They really are awful awful people, miles ahead of neds on the ' they should have been drowned at birth' ladder.

    One more tip a Glaswegian diet will eventually lead to cardiac arrest.

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  • rugbyspark's Profile Photo

    Glasgow city centre (Central Station area)

    by rugbyspark Updated Jun 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Downtown Glasgow at night can be a bit unnerving (especially if you are a female travelling alone), unless you are a seasoned traveller and/or travelling in a group. I would avoid using the tube or the underground trains after about 8 pm unless you are very confident that you can handle being approached and solicited for money. It is not uncommon to find used syringes in washrooms or less frequented alleyways, so be cautious of this. I would not say however, that this is any different than any other major suburban centre

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