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  • Inveraray
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  • Inveraray
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  • Inveraray
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Inveraray Things to Do

  • Inveraray Castle

    Inveraray Castle is located a short walk out of the town, within large parklands. A castle has been there since the 15th century, but the present castle was built in 1745 by the Duke of Argyll and today is still the home of the Argyll family. Parts of it were destroyed by a fire in 1877, and during the renovation many changes were made and the...

  • Rest and Be Thankful

    Rest and Be Thankful is one of the most famous viewpoints in Scotland. It is located on the A83, about 25km from Inveraray, and overlooks the glen of Glen Croe. The saddle of the hill pass is 245m above sea level and is the highest point in the area around Loch Fyne. It got its name due to the soldiers who built a military road up the hill-pass in...

  • Loch Fyne

    Loch Fyne is the feature that distinguished the town of Inveraray... It is a very large loch by area, and therefore the town has a maritime feel to it. The day I visited here was very sunny, and the loch was so beautiful: The water was clear and blue, the surrounding mountains of a wonderful green, and it was just amazing. Loch Fyne is 65km long...

  • Inveraray Main Street

    The main street is very pretty, with its rows of white houses. They all look very similar, but when the sun is shining, they look just nice and create a pleasant atmosphere. It is obvious to the visitor that Inveraray is a planned town: The main street goes up from the shore of Loch Fyne, and in the end forms a circle around the parish church. It...

  • Maritime Museum

    The Maritime Museum consists of two ships which lie in anchor on the shore of the loch. Unfortunately the museum was closed, presumably because it was off season, but the good thing about a museum consisting of ships is that you can see the exterior of the ships even if you cannot go onboard! One of the two ships is the Arctic Penguin, a...

  • Parish Church

    Inveraray Parish Church was built from 1792 to 1802 in neoclassical style. It is located on Church Square at the southern end of the main street, with the street forming a circle around it. In fact, in the beginning I did not realize that this was a church, it does not look like it at the first glance, but rather looks like a county hall or...

  • Inveraray Jail

    I did not visit the jail because our time in the town was limited and I rather wanted to spend it differently, as I am not too interested in visiting such jails.I had a look at the building, though, which was built in 1820. It is quite an impressive building for such a small town.The adjacent prison was the main prison of the county of Argyll. Male...

  • Celtic Cross & War Memorial

    Along the shore of Loch Fyne, there are two particular things of interest: The Celtic Cross, and a war memorial.The cross dates back to the 14th or 15th century and is beautifully carved. It was the market cross of the original village of Inveraray. This village was located where there is now a huge park close to Inveraray Castle. When the new town...

  • Inveraray Bell Tower

    The bell tower was erected after World War One as a memorial to the dead of the Campbell clan. It was constructed from 1921 to 1931, which was not always easy due to the remote location of Inveraray. There is a ring of ten bells in the tower, and it was not easy to bring them here! Every bell was named after a Celtic saint, such as St Columba.The...


Inveraray Hotels

  • Loch Fyne Hotel

    5 days,4 nights,breakfast and dinner ?99 per person. Food excellent.Swimming...

  • The George Hotel

    Moderate Cost with great service. Good pubs and music on Saturday night. Wonderful staff and owners....

  • The Argyll

    Nice Hotel with wonderful staff. Moderately priced rooms. Good restaurant and nice pub. Wendy and...


Inveraray Restaurants


    I came across this really cool gastropub, bar, beer garden when I was having a very long day. My satnav in my car had taken me the worn way and I had to drive over 400 miles in 11 day instead of 200. On top of that there were signs north of Inverary telling me the road would close in about 1 hour. I was driving south! When I walked into the George...

  • A seat by the fire

    We travelled the road often between Tarbert and Inveraray and spotted the staggered signs by the road side for this eatery - it had a take on the Master Card advert in the form of signs stating = Starter £1.50 - Main Course £4.50 - dessert £2.50 - seat by the fire - free! Well the fire was unlit, it was a warm spring and the prices advertised were...

  • A Nice Resting Place

    The Argyll Hotel is an old traditional hotel with a very modern interior. We stopped here to have a drink in their spacious comfortable lounge. We settled ourselves and relaxed a while on the huge green leather couches to enjoy a drink from the bar and read some of the complimentary newspapers. We did look around this hotel - their restaurant...

  • Two Restaurants and a day out!

    If you are looking for a day out from Glasgow where you can eat at a high class restaurant, see beautiful mountain scenery, beautiful coastal scenery, visit a brewery, and buy a tree, you should visit the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar and Tree shop near Cairndow, Loch Fyne near Inveraray. The Oyster Bar itself, is a moderately expensive dining room, which,...

  • Not the fanciest but good food

    As its name suggest this restaurant was housed in what was once a little cottage who's rooms have been turned into one long room. Tables were set on either side and there were lots of little nick nacks decorating this place. I did love their backwards clock and caused quite a stir with the other diners when I excitedly commented on it and took a...

  • Must have dinner here!

    This restraunt should be given an was the best food I had in Scotland!! The menu offers a variety of meals at a reasonable to expensive price....but, worth every pound....both monetary and weight wise....!!!!I would suggest reservations on weekends especially in the summer months! They offer a wonderful Chicken dish with spinach and...


Inveraray Nightlife

  • Argyll Hotel pub

    This pub offers wonderful service....Wendy and her staff make you feel like a local!! They offer meals from the hotel restaurant. There is a pool table and large screen plasma. A jukebox for music and locals that will keep you laughing with their wit. Casual except on Saturday nights which seems to be when even the locals dress up.

  • Local pub

    This pub is a mans least that is what a local told me. It seems that in the afternoon, early evening this is the place to be for local men. In the late evening this pub is frequented by men and women alike and is a fun spot to be. Take time and listen to the locals. They have some wonderful stories! This pub features bar or bench...

  • Inveraray Hotels

    7 Hotels in Inveraray

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Inveraray Transportation

  • Crossing the Bridge into Inveraray

    We came to Inveraray by car but there is a bus service which runs regularly on the Glasgow to Oban route. The bus stops in the town around every two hours. Whether you come by bus or car you will most probably have to wait to cross the bridge both into and out of town. This bridge is old and narrow allowing only one way traffic which is controlled...

  • Just had to Laugh!

    While in Inverary we spotted this tour bus = Smoothie Cruisers. Then saw the hoards descend on this quaint little place. I really must check out VT to see if the person I spotted here taking a picture of a coal lorry is a VT'r. This area would be a nightmare in Summer with tour buses galore

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Inveraray Shopping

  • A small gallery

    This was the most unique shop I found in Inveraray, and even if I did not buy anything there, I enjoyed my browse. There are many different pictures, mostly watercolours by local artists which show scenes of the region. Some look very traditional, some take a more different approach. You can also buy prints, postcards and other stationary. The...

  • Sweets Old Fashioned & Still Popular

    If you remember back to your childhood a sweetie shop crammed full of deliciously tempting boiled sweets trapped in glass jars then this shop is for you. The many shelves are lined top to bottom with jars and jars of old favourites. The choice of sweets is endless and I felt again like a kid in a candy shop not really knowing what to choose because...

  • Organic Handmade Products

    Just passing the open door of this shop is enough to entice you inside. The delicate smells of flowers and herbs emitting from the many candles and bath products made my nose direct my feet inside. Here I found all of my favourite things including some great skin care products all organic and natural. I bought two tinned candles with sparkly bits...


Inveraray Local Customs

  • Lest we forget

    The memorial in the form of a lone kilted soldier stands proudly with his back to the Loch looking directly towards the town. He has a strange expression on his face which looks both peaceful and haunting at the same time. Constructed in bronze by an anonymous artist, the statue was dedicated to the men of Inveraray and its surrounding area who...

  • Little streets with few houses

    Old Scottish Housing was known as a room & kitchen. This included a small scullery (kitchen) living room with pull down bed & bedroom. If you were lucky you had an inside loo or unlucky a cludgie in the yard. The houses were not known as streets but rows.

  • A Floating Museum

    Argyll is surrounded by water = sea lochs - sea - & lots of sea inlets so it is no surprise to find boats featuring prominently here. The boat in the picture is now a floating museum chartering the history of steam ships in the area. The local name for steam ships is Puffer.


Inveraray Warnings and Dangers

  • Black Pudding

    by Aliseeya Written Nov 17, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I was in Inveraray, I ordered the full scottish breakfast. It was mostly delicious, except for the black pudding. I ate a couple bites of the pudding and it didn't taste bad, but looked horrifying (a seedy black patty). Later I found out that it is made from blood and guts! So, unless you want blood and guts for breakfast, avoid the black pudding!

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Inveraray Off The Beaten Path

  • Lochgoilhead near Inveraray

    On the way to Inveraray there is a worthwhile side trip to Lochgoilhead, which is a 12 mile return journey on a single track road (one lane road with 2 way traffic!) Part of the attraction is the journey which is amazing. It feels very remote and will test your driving skills but drive slowly and obey the rules of using passing places and you...

  • Single Track roads

    If you care for a driving adventure with some wonderful scenery then take the single track road at the end of Glen Lomond (there is a car park there overlooking the breathtaking glen). This single track road will take you the back way to Inveraray. It offers glorious views of the mountains and is a nice drive. The locals frequent the road but other...

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Inveraray Favorites

  • Guided tour to Inveraray

    I visited Scotland in February, and I expected it to be very cold, with snow and stormy weather. Advise on VT confirmed this, and so I decided that I rather did not want to rely too much on public transport which could easily be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather conditions. On the other hand I wanted to get out of Edinburgh and, during my ten...

  • Inveraray Woollen Mill

    The Inveraray Woollen Mill is a small complex next to the town's main car park. The shop itself is not very unique, it seems to be similar to the ever-present Edinburgh Woollen Mill, with the same tourist junk and cliché souvenirs. I bought a small book with poems by Robert Burns there, though!On the first floor, there is a small Costa coffee shop...

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