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Scotland Transportation

  • Underground

    Glasgow Transportation

    The Glasgow Subway. One of the oldest in the world. All the trains became orange after a re-furb in the 1970s. That's when it became the Clockwork Orange. The trains are smaller than the typical modern metro, so that adds to the effect. It's just 1 line - a circle. For visitors, it's useful for getting to several attractions. The College of Art...

  • Buses

    Glasgow Transportation

    It is not the first time I have used a City Sightseeing Bus, but I realised that I had not added the service to my VT pages. The service starts and ends in George Square and has 24 stops on the bus route - the ticket lasts for 2 days. You can get off and on at any of the stops; some are request stops so remember to signal to the driver that you...

  • Train

    Glasgow Transportation

    Glasgow has two main train stations: Glasgow Central and Glasgow Queen Street, Central being larger in terms of platforms and footfall. Both stations are ideal destinations for those staying in the city centre. You can walk or take a short taxi ride to most hotels in the city centre from these stations. Both stations operate long-distance services...

  • Aeroplane

    Glasgow Transportation

    Glasgow has its own Airport, West of the city at Junction 28 of the M8 motorway. General train info Genreal coach info General Airport car parking Traffic camera's Real time Public Transportation info on the Glasgow map

  • Taxis

    Glasgow Transportation

    The taxis at the airport are operated by...

  • Boats

    Glasgow Transportation

    thought i would contribute to the excellent photos of this ship by adding the website.There are daily cruises 6 days a week and on the seventh it sails from Ayr which is as near to heaven as Scotland gets for a Sunday.

  • Metro

    Glasgow has a metro, yesssss. It is a circle line and is the easiest way to get around the city centre and west wnd of Glasgow. Running every four minutes at peak times, it takes just 24 minutes to complete a circuit of the fifteen stations and costs as little as £1.40 for an adult single and 2.60 for a day card.Siiii Glasgow tiene metro. Es una...

  • Moving

    It is the most economical way to get and move around Scotland from other parts of the UK. Scotland has an extensive bus network that covers much of the territory, but in remote rural areas, adapted to the needs of the locals.Es el medio más economico para llegar y moverse por Escocia desde otras partes del Reino Unido. Escocia cuenta con una...

  • Let´s Train

    Traveling by train through Scotland is very good option especially for short journeys. We did it to go to Stirling and Glasgow from Glasgow Queen Street Station. To Stirling the journey takes about 30 minutes and cost 8.10 pounds. To Edinburgh the journey takes 1 hour aprox and it cost 12.60 pounds.Viajar en tren por Escocia es muy buena opción...

  • Easy Jet to Inverness

    No direct flights to Inverness from Spain, so we flew to London Luton from Málaga the early night and from Luton next morning we took our flight to Inverness. From Glasgow there are daily flights to Málaga with Easy Jet and Jet 2. Inverness airport is located 15km east of Inverness, and is just 20 minutes' drive from the city centre.No hay vuelos...


    Thurso Train Station is the end of the line – quite literally. It is the northernmost Rail Station in Great Britain. Located on Princes Street, this small station is they way to travel south to Inverness where you can then access the entire British rail network. The station was opened on 28 July 1874. It was actually selected for closure in the...

  • Gourock - Dunoon Ferry

    This is a great alternative to driving the long way round to reach the Cowal Peninsula and southern Argyllshire.Ferries leave McInroys Point (Gourock) to Hunter's Quay (Dunoon) every 20 mins or so. No need to book, just turn up and pay on board. The journey is little more than twenty minutes but is enjoyable and worth getting out of your vehicle...

  • Take the Ferry to Skye!

    Taking the bridge from Kyle of Lochalsh to the Isle of Skye is a quick, but also relatively boring way to reach the island. With a length of approximately 500m (and there is a tiny isle in the middle of the two bridges), you'll be on Skye within a few seconds. In my opinion, this takes away the fun of going to an island.What you can do instead is...

  • The Country of Long Distances

    Getting around Scotland can be quite complicated, particularly if you come without a car and want to explore the more remote areas. While there are frequent buses between the larger towns, the local services are at best sporadic. I haven't been to Scotland in winter, but I suppose that some of the services then completely cease to exist. In some of...

  • How to get around Scotland

    perhaps this type of transport might help you... at least get to the more far flung areas you are after, quicker so you don't have to spend so much time traveling and connecting?

  • Driving in Scotland - urban and rural

    Our road trip was pure joy. Even though we were in the car for an average of 8 hours a day, the beautiful scenery and great road network made travelling in the car a fun & relaxing way to see Scotland. We bought a comprehensive road map, fuelled the car, bought chocolate (fuel for us!) and set off! The roads, towns and exits are all very clearly...

  • Getting around cheap!

    Book your bus destinations at least the night before and you will get amazing deals. In July '05 we got a coach bus from Glasgow to Aberdeen, a transit bus from Aberdeen to Braemar and return to Aberdeen, coach from Aberdeen to Dundee and then Dundee to Glasgow (staying overnights) and the total cost was under 30GBP!!! That's currently about $70...

  • Scotland Self Drive - Travel Help, Tips...

    Planning a trip to Scotland? Thinking of renting a self drive car? Think about the problems:Congested cities, often starting your journey in the centre of Edinburgh or at busy airports. You are on the "wrong" side of the road, on unfamiliar roads, road signs you cannot even guess at. Maybe you are tired from the flight. And what about the language...

  • Road Signs - Symbols & What They Mean

    Road Signs!The Signs used in Britain rely upon symbols - to convey their message without words. This makes them quicker (safer?) to look at but what if you do not understand them?!!!Many of the signs used in Britain /UK are such a part of the culture that natives forget these symbols are meaningless to visitors.The only time people discover the...

  • National Speed Limit - Road Sign Symbols

    The Sign indicating "National Speed Limit" is a White circle with a diagonal Black stripe across it. Obviously!See the pictures on this link: RoadsignsDistances in the UK (inc Scotland!) are in Miles - and speed limits in miles per hour. (It is too expensive to change all road signs to kilometres, as per the rest of Europe).The National Speed Limit...

  • Superfast Ferries

    Advisable. Good service, best way to travel with car. So you can save expenses by rent a car in Scotland, take money for ferry ticket and have more fun.It need ca. 26 hours. Ferry boat starts in Zeebrügge and ends in Rosyth, nearby Edinburgh.

  • How to get around Scotland without a car

    OK, I know I've said earlier that car is really the best way to travel around Scotland, but take a note of this website. It has a search engine that will plan whatever journey you want to make and give you all options including rail, bus, tram and boat. For remote locations it also includes the near-mythical post office bus!It is the sort of thing...

  • Without a car #1 - Heart of Scotland...

    Scotland is one of those places most of whose gems, have never traditionally been situated convieniently next to a railway station or a handy bus route. I generally take people round by car and broadly speaking, would uggest that this is the way to do if (unless you are a keen cyclist!).Many years ago I worked as a guide for a bus tour company in...

  • Sleeper from Scotland to/from London

    The best way to travel between Scotland and London is by the Caledonian Sleeper operated by Scotrail. After a few weeks of touring Scotland, we took an overnight sleeper from Inverness and arrived London Euston the next day at 8am. We not only arrived with a full day left for sightseeing, we actually saved some money as well.The sleeper - twin...

  • London to Edinburgh or Glasgow

    via England, stopovers in Lake district?, take coach (national express, citylink) from Victoria Stationquite uncomfy and occ long and smelly travel on flights with ryanair from gatwick to glasgow (Prestwick, not international), if you book in advance over internet, quite cheap fares possible. also try easyjet Lon-Aberdeen, Lon-Inverness

  • Timberbush Tours - Highland Tours

    Timberbush Tours offer a wide range of 1,2 and 3 day tours for group and independent travellers around Scotland.Whilst I was in Edinburgh on the past two occasions (January 2010 and May 2010), I travelled with them to the Highlands. The first trip was to "Oban and West Highlands Lochs and Castles" (January 2010) and the second trip was to "Loch...

  • Driving through Scotland--a few tips!

    Especially for those who have never driven in the UK before:Reserve an automatic well in advance. Even regular drivers of manual stick shifts will find it difficult to navigate intersections, read 14 signs at once, and shift with your left hand while driving in a circle. It can be a bit much your first time out. We reserved an automatic compact car...

  • Driving through Scotland

    Edinburgh was the starting point of our road trip through Scotland, focusing on the Highlands. For this, we choose to rent a car in Edinburgh and return it in Inverness, from where we flew back home. I searched several renowned companies - Avis, Europcar, Hertz - all of them with expensive prices. Also, I enquired some local companies, one of them...

  • fort william to mallaig

    though the rolling stock may be a little tatty, the staff are first class; friendly and helpful.The scenery en-route is beautiful and at the glenfinnan viaduct, our driver stopped the train and invited passengers in to the driving cab to take pictures of the view.The younger passengers were thrilled and I'm sure that when they return home and are...

  • Compact Car Rental

    I have found that a small compact car is a must when navigating narrow streets or one lane roads. It allows for easy parking and is easier to get out of the way on the one laners!Also, an automatic/manual combo car is a must if you are not used to driving a car that shifts with the left hand.....I found it very difficult to coordinate the...

  • From London by train

    Since I was a babe in arms I have travelled from London to Scotland by train. Until recently the journey from London to Inverness took about 13 hours. Now [2010] the journey still takes that if travelling overnight, but to travel by day takes just over 8 hours. In May 2010 I travelled from London Kings Cross using the East Coast Railway. I caught...

  • Simply Apalling.....

    I can personally say that the worst road we have ever travelled in the whole of our Scottish jaunts is the A82. This is the major and extremely busy route along the west shore of Loch Lomond. It's not too bad on the first stretch, as far as Tarbet and the junction for the A83. In fact, some bits are extremely fast and almost motorway standard....

  • flights to scotland

    try flybe from birmingham - or eastern airways from bristol (for Aberdeen) - or cardiff - glasgow ( BMIBaby) thats the way our lads went home when they were working near swansea depends also where in scotland you want to goprices may not be all that cheap but its quicker than bus or rail - julie

  • Allow plenty travel time

    When planning a trip to Scotland be very careful planning your route.Although places may not look far apart on a map, the roads are frequently narrow and winding and it may take a long time to travel from one place to another. There is not an awful lot to do in a town like Inverness itself and the journey to Edinburgh is long, so make sure you...

  • Glasgow International Airport

    Glasgow International Airport is located 8 miles (13 km) west of Glasgow city centre, near the town of Paisley.The airport is owned and operated by BAA.Airlines and DestinationsAir Europa (Arrecife, Tenerife-South) Aer Lingus (Dublin) Air Malta (Malta) Air Transat (Calgary, Toronto-Pearson, Vancouver) Air Southwest (Newquay, Plymouth) BH Air...

  • A couple of ways of getting around the...

    ...without a car.Inverness is fairly central for travel around the Highlands and Islands (and a nicer town!) and if you want to get up to the Orkney Islands there is a twice daily bus from Inverness (and back) with ferry connection at John O'Groats and bus to Kirkwall - here's the link: an another interesting...

  • Maps on the internet

    If you are planning a trip around Scotland, a useful source of maps on the internet is http://www.multimap.comUnlike other websites, this will actually show you all the little roads and tracks. Here's how.There is a link in the top left-hand corner "back to the old site". If you zoom in far enough (actually to 1:25,000), you'll find that the...

  • Touring Scotland

    A great way to tour around Scotland without having to drive is take an escourted tour. If you like getting off the beaten path a bit and meeting new people, Macbackpackers tours is great! they have small busses with around 20+ people on them. it's a hop-on hop-off sort of tour and stays are at hostels (but you may be able to set up hotels as well)....


    There are a couple of lines serviced by ScotRail that are considered among the most scenic in Europe - especially the line across the lonely Rannoch Moor near Glen Coe and the line from Fort William to the ferry port of Mallaigh. My experiences were limited to the line from the ferry port of Ardrossan (ferry to Arran) to Glasgow and the line from...


    Citylink is one of the main long-distance options for getting around Scotland. There are several main routes that go where the few trains do not - they also tend to be slightly cheaper than ScotRail, as well. If you are traveling to several destinations, check out their Explorer Passes and remember that you also get a 50% reduction of Cal-Mac...


    If you are traveling amongst the islands of western Scotland, then at some point in your journey, you will come into contact with the ferries of Cal/Mac. They are the main players in transport linkage between the mainland and the islands. Traveling as a foot passenger, they are not unreasonable, but with a vehicle the charges start mounting fast,...

  • A sheep bus stop

    This is another proof that buses in some places run so few and far between that bus stops disused by men have been taken over by sheep. It seemed a perfect shelter from the rain.

  • by bus and by thumb

    I'm a lousy driver so I generally prefer to rely on public transport for safety. Even more so in the country, where for some strange reason they choose to drive on the left, unlike the rest of the world (with a few other exceptions) . Back in 1998, being still a student under 26 I also enjoyed a generous discount of about 60 percent on bus fares,...

  • Cheaper to Fly into London and take...

    It was cheaper to fly into London than Scotland. Then we took a train from the Kings Cross Station in London up to Scotland. We then rented a car and took a ferry boat over the Firth of Clyde. We stayed at a B&B in Dunoon, Lovely!!! drove around Scotland at our leisure, finding B&B's of all sorts, in Farms,...

  • Rail Tickets - Highland Rover

    Have a look at the Highland Rover ticket offered by Scotrail - see the link below.This offers you real flexibility and great views of the Highland scenery - without the hassle or stress of missed connections - you can travel when you like!Note the ferry and bus routes also included in the ticket - the way to go green.Also note Scotrail is now run...


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