Scotland Warnings and Dangers

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Scotland Warnings and Dangers

  • Personal Safety

    Glasgow Warnings and Dangers

    Like many on this site say iv lived in Glasgow my hole life but unlike most of these people I have frequently came into trouble. I live in a suburb of Glasgow 20 minutes from city centre called Milton very dangerous area alot of alcoholics drug addicts and alot of knife crime especially between rival street gangs Milton also has a huge problem with...

  • Football Fans

    Glasgow Warnings and Dangers

    Unlike here in canada i Can wear my rangers jersery to a catholic school which happens to be celtics...Not one person knows what im wearing and half time the time there only remark is why am i wearing a shirt that has "CHEAP" beer on the front..carling.....Know im old enough to know that theres no danger in wearing that in canada however. If i were...

  • Alcohol

    Glasgow Warnings and Dangers

    All this nonsense about booze - ignore it. So what if there's a law that says you can't drink in the streets. Presumably you wouldn't habitually drink on the sidewalk at home, would you? So do what you'd do at home - If you want to drink, go to a bar. There are thousands of them, mostly nice and friendly. Anyway, if you've traveled thousands of...

  • Riots

    I guess you should avoid a good old riot at any time, these riots were the G8 protests of 2005 and interfered with our sightseeing and drinking in the city of Edinburgh.While bits were good humoured between protesters and police, it did turn a bit ugly later.

  • Motion Sickness - Windy Roads of...

    Not sure where to post this important tip.My wife (Rachel) has some motion sickness so we can tell you:- Driving around Scotland can be a problem. Many roads (even the main "A" class roads) are winding and twisty, up and down, and after a while can provoke serious disorientation which makes the whole experience hell. Going slow can only do so much,...

  • Hiking

    It may not sound very original, but the weather in the mountain areas can change in a matter of seconds. I realized this when a hike whe started in fine weather under blue skies suddenly lead us into a snowstorm. Also, keep in mind that hiking paths are not signposted every 50 metres as you might be used from home - for the most part is following a...

  • Unpredictable Weather

    Scottish weather is justifiably thought of as unpredictable and usually bad. The summer months can be lovely, but spring, autumn and winter are usually cold. I don't think it rains more often than in England, and snow may not be heavier except in mountain areas,but snow can be found even in May, as the photos below show.Therefore, it is always...

  • neds

    neds is the name given to the local gangs of punks. Unlike gang members in the US, neds are quite capable of attacking complete strangers with little provocation.Locals have learned to avoid this by moving to side of the sidewalk, being cowed, avoiding eye contact and generally acting subservient to them.If you have a bit of pride, Scotland is not...

  • Scottish banknotes

    Each bank in Scotland produces its own notes. These are legal tender, but in England some shops are reluctant to accept them as before decimalisation, the Scottish pound was a fraction less than the pound sterling. Scottish notes are not accepted abroad either. So that you do not get into an embarrassing situation, it is best to try to get rid of...

  • Haven holiday parks, Craig Tara offers a wonderful family package deal on there website however don,t always beleave what you see! We just returned from one of these so called great deals and its the most horrable holiday experience we have encountered. Even more dreadful than Butlins in the 70,s. Even with free passes to there fun activities we learned that all fair...


    Speed Cameras are evil. There is no reasoning with them and they do work, all too effectively. There are about 6,000 speed cameras on UK roads – and the numbers are growing. They are both fixed and mobile. At the very least you usually do get a waning sign. If you do see a camera sign, SLOW DOWN! Below are the different types of mechanical beasts...

  • The dreaded Midgie

    I always tell people who complain about Midgies, that it really is to do with where you are in scotland and the current weather conditions. If it is warm do not stay at a lochside unless there is a breeze. Same goes for seasides, but you are most likely to get a breeze at the sea. Try to incorperate garlic in your diet,(also works with mosquitos...

  • Ned

    We all have 'em, those slimey characters everywhere would be better off without.Well here is Scotland's, the common ned.The ned is usually noticiable due to their short hair with a "sticky-up" fringe, shell suit and fake Burberry. Also by the bucky (Buckfast) they carry in one hand, a fag in the other, and the profanities coming from their mouth.If...


    I am actually from Scotland, in the highlands and im forever seeing (not meaning to be nasty but) Americans mostly coming across to Inverness to see the loch monster and not wearing the right clothing. I mean, come on, GET REAL!! i saw an article in the newspaper saying the americans were warning tourists about how scotland is so violent and we all...

  • No warnings -

    No Danger or Warning to Tip.Scotland is a fantastic place to visit, people are very friendly and welcoming. Food is great - by all means, everything can be deep friend - but what's better that eating fish and chips wrapped in a paper bag with salt and vinegar. Yummy. Scotland is a beautiful country. Midges can be a problem - just as mosquitos,...

  • Don't listen to the sasanachs!

    Those disgruntled Englishmen may try and deny it and say it's all a myth, but don't listen to them... Haggis is an animal and lives in the highlands of Scotland, ask any Scot! They are shy animals and hard to see, but if you do fancy going on a traditional haggis hunt please remember they become very angry if you stumble across their dens,...

  • How to remember driving at the left side...

    There is one drawback to these lonely roads: you tend to forget they drive on the wrong side of the road (right is called right for some reason, right). We saw a sign in Glencoe in five or six languages to remind us. Our tip: talk out loud at every, every (!) corner: 'left turn is small turn' or 'right turn is big turn'.

  • Megabus Fails To Show Up

    My wife and I were left stranded in Edinburgh on 31st December, when our bus failed to show up. We had paid in advance but this did not help us when left in the city at night, when all other buses and trains had stopped.With the following day being New Year, with all transport closed, and with all hotels full (Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh are...

  • Caution! Hot Water!

    I like a nice hot shower as much as anyone, but the Scots must have tapped into a water source originating in the depths of the Earth's core. No ordinary, man-made hot water heater could produce such scalding effects. So when you're ready to wash your hands or step in the shower, be careful.

  • Keep left!

    Although warning signs may be posted at car rentals locations in airports, and rental cars obviously have the steering wheel on the right side, it's not uncommon to see foreigners doing the wrong thing. Especially in remote areas where traffic is scarce, you may find somebody casually keeping the right side. Be alert!

  • Scotland - Strong Winds

    One day in Edinburgh we experienced a very srong wind, funneled into the Firth of Forth and sweeping off the city streets, just wondering if this can be common. Some motorcycles and scooters were even tipped in the parking lots.Garbage is normally left in the form of plastic bags on the edge of sidewalks for collection. Some of these, probably...

  • Sheep!

    They are everywhere in the Highlands and on the Isle of Skye. Don't run them over, they are outside of the fences in a lot of places

  • Health food shops in Scotland

    Scottish people have the best (or rather worst) record for heart disease in Europe.This is mainly due to the Scottish (well Glasgow's at least) love of deep fat frying. They will deep fry anything - including pizzas (you couldn't make this stuff up) Mars bars and black pudding (believe me you just don't want to know).PS - Another VT member recently...


    A smoking ban has recently come into force in Scotland. So if you are a smoker be aware that you are no longer allowed to smoke in enclosed public places including restaurants, pubs, clubs, theatres, shopping centres etc etc You'll now have to go outside.

  • Haggis Hunting

    Haggis are very elusive creatures. Until recently, sightings in daylight were very rare, and they were even harder to catch. They normally live near the tops of mountains, and escape capture by running round the peaks. Over the years this has meant some haggis have evolved with one leg longer than the other, enabling them to run faster on the...

  • Scratch, scratch, scratch.....

    The Scottish midge is a nasty little so-and-so! There are 2 types flying around out there and if you're bitten by one you could be forgiven for thinking its the big one that got you - but its actually the tiny wee one! Take insect repellent - especially in August!

  • Midges ...

    Everyone said there were midges in Scotland -- especially in August -- so we bought insect repellant -- and we didn't see one midge -- not even one ....2 bottles of insect repellant for sale ....But everyone says there are midges in Scotland -- you have been warned ....

  • Driving in Scotland

    First and foremost is TAKE CARE. I am fairly adventurous and game but driving was one thing I drew the line at. For one the roads can be quite narrow and windy and if that is not enough there are lots of big buses hurtling round the place. Sometimes the cars had to pull over to let them pass. The photo is a good example of what it is like.So drive...

  • Those radar guns

    This is more of a warning tip than a danger one. If you are driving beware of the local constabulary out on the roads seeking offenders. They can turn up anywhere, even in remote places. I have a healthy respect for the police by the way.Not that I can imagine anyone speeding on the country roads. They are so narrow and windy. If I had've chosen to...

  • The Weather

    During the evening night it can be very cold although the day was hot especially in the Highlands.Take a good coat with you if you want to enjoy the trip !

  • Driving on the left lane

    Here you should drive on the left lane (sounds weird unless you live in a country with the same driving habbits).Be carefull on the roundabouts.

  • Accomodations and area around Rosyth

    Rosyth, near Dunfermline, harbor of Ferries; We missed the Ferry back home. Indeed, it happened. Ferry closed gangway half of an hour before pull out.Next problem was to find only ONE good accomodation in this area. Searched for it round about 20 km around and didn´t found. At last we had an overnight into a very bad hotel. I forgot the name of...

  • Biting Insect Hell - Prepare for Midges

    "Kill one and a thousand come to the funeral"Culicoides ImpunctatusYou have probably heard about the *Midge*, that mysterious biting insect of Scotland. Well, I have found a very readable and accurate account of them at the following website: Midge LifeTips: Head east and up hill, keep moving, carry repellent but use sparingly, avoid overcast...

  • Emergency !

    Dial 999 Emergency phone calls from payphones are free - no money needed. In the mountains of Scotland, emergencies and mountain rescue are coordinated by the Police. Phone 999 and ask for Police or mountain rescue.Do not expect a quick rescue. Prepare for a long time sat still - so carry extra clothing, some food or sugery snack, and let people...

  • Weatherwise... be wise!

    Scotland is famous for its foggy and soggy weather, and although this may be appealing whilst enjoying a pint at the local pub next to a cozy fire, it can be a real hazard if you are out in the elements. I love to hike and be outdoors, but I've learned to not take chances when it comes to the weather, and Scotland was a prime example of this. All I...

  • Car rentals

    Consider renting a car that is the same size or smaller than the one you drive at home. The combination of driving on the -other side- of the road, an unfamiliar vehicle and narrow roads makes for some stressful times. Also travel very light with small luggage as smaller vehicles do not have much space for luggage.

  • Watch out for them midges!

    These little suckers, related to mosquitos, will attack and bite you if you get the chance. There's different kinds, the non-biting ones and the biting ones... guess which one I'm warrning you about... hehe.One of the people I met was attacked by them when he was walking around in Kyleakin!

  • "Brown Tourist Signs" - Spoiling the...

    Scotland is becoming littered with additional road signs - unique brown signs for tourists!They are the product of the government tourist body VisitScotland (previously the Scottish Tourist Board) and are polluting the very beauty you come to enjoy. Like every souvenir shop sells the same range of tartans, postcards, celtic knots and shortbread -...

  • Deer Stalking - How To Avoid Getting...

    To avoid disturbing the land management practices / sport of deer culling & stalking, please check this out before heading out into the Scottish hills. may even save you getting shot!:-)Deer stalking (shooting) is practiced both as a sport by landowners (and guests) and as an annual cull to manage the species (all...

  • The Loch Ness Monster !

    Loch Ness is a huge Lake, so deep and long it has never been fully explored - despite scientists searching for the monster (most likely a serpent) with sonar etc.Then again it may be a myth - but its fun exploring, and there is Urquhart Castle. Will you ever forgive yourself if you don't have a look?THE PROBLEM is that Loch Ness is considerably...

  • Sheep, Sheep, Sheep, swerve!

    Coming out of Maillag at 6am over a hill at 55 MPH I encountered sheep that had gotten out of the pasture. Lucky for me, my defensive driving training saved me from making fluffy a hood ornament. Please be careful!!

  • Paper money.

    Scotland is using the Pound Sterling (the same money as England). The coins are everywhere in the UK the same. But the paper money in Scotland is different than in England. The Bank of Scotland has its own paper money. Be aware that when you have Scottish paper money, you CANNOT use this in England. They won't accept it.If you have paper money from...

  • narrow little roads

    do remember that the roads in the highlands and certainly on the islands are ver often very twisty and very narrow, often single track roads with passing places. So watch where you park and watch your speed..... no need to hurry anyway!

  • Sheep On The Road - and they won't move!

    Sheep are either not scared or they are very stupid or both.Don't expect them to move, they often won't. Its worst when cycling down hill fast - bike brakes are not that good anyway, so be prepared for sheep on the road round any bend.I have twice been sent over the handlebars by hitting a sheep side on at over 30 mph (free wheeling). On both...

  • Petrol Prices - see picture - per Litre

    A very good reason to use public transport - the price of petrol, because of 'environmental' taxes, make the long distances exploring Scotland quite expensive.However, should you be heading into the remote Highlands and Islands, please buy food and petrol within these small communities, even when it costs more, to support their economy. Its worth...


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