Wales Favorites

  • Bute Park and Castle Walls
    Bute Park and Castle Walls
  • Bute Park: stone circle
    Bute Park: stone circle
  • Cardiff Bay
    Cardiff Bay

Wales Favorites

  • Famous People of Cardiff

    Cardiff Favorites

    This time I was not much allowed for any shopping or sightseeing ƒ¼, we were really bad on time, as we had to pack all the stuff for the big moving. My most visited place was the Barry?s dump LOL, not a great place to visit ;-)

  • Cardiff Bay

    Cardiff Favorites

    Cardiff Bay used to be an industrial area with old docks, but it is nowadays transfered into an entertainment and recreation area with walkways, attractions and both trendy and traditional restaurants and pubs. It is located about 2 miles south of the city centre and can be reached by various local buses, including the BayXpress. Cardiff Bay has...

  • Cardiff Castle

    Cardiff Favorites

    Cardiff is a seaport as it's built on the tidal estuary of the River Taff. Since it's decline in coal mining, Cardiff has restored and revitalized and has done a great job in attracting tourists - such as myself. I did some reading about Cardiff before my adventure to the UK, it was Cardiff Castle that peaked my interest, but upon arriving in...


    The Welsh flag is probably the most interesting one of the UK countries, with the red dragon on the green and white fields. The red dragon has been in use in Wales for centuries but the flag was only officially adopted in 1959. The history of the red dragon has been lost through the ages but one theory is that the Romans brought in on Draco...

  • The Welsh Dragon: The Truth

    The dragon flag was only officially recognized as the Welsh national flag in 1959.But where did the the red dragon image come from?Nearly every civilization in the world has a legend concerning a dragon or a serpent, and the Welsh are no exception. The Welsh word ‘draig’ and the English word ‘dragon’ are from the Latin ‘drakon’ - "he who sees far"....

  • There are 3 Wales

    Wales is a country of huge geographical variation (8,004 sq miles of it) with many long stretches of attractive, rugged coastline and beautiful beaches, mountain ranges and rolling hillsides, lakes and rivers. It is stacked to the beams with historic castles and ruins.As a general guide:1. North Wales -is one of the most popular tourist areas in...

  • Cadw Explorer Pass

    Many of the historic sites in Wales are managed by Cadw. If you plan to visit several of those sites, you may save money if you purchase the Explorer Pass. There are two different passes:3 day pass: gives you free entry to over 30 Cadw sites on 3 different days during a 7 day period. Prices 2013: 1 adult/child 15,20, 2 adults 23,50, family 32,-.7...

  • Cadw

    Cadw is a Welsh Goverment scheme set up to conserve,protect and maintain historic,ancient and cultural sites and monuments throughout Wales.Grant aiding rescue archaeology work and offering grants to owners of Historic Buildings are just some of the projects carried out.Towering fortifications like Caernarfon,Conwy and Chepstow,graceful...

  • History of Wales

    The history of Wales began with the Celts who started migrating from their central European homeland around 1000 BC. In 43 Ad the Romans invaded the British Isles in 43 AD and by 79 AD, Wales. Over the next 200 years Christianity was introduced and Wales was divided into individual small kingdoms and principalities where regional wars became...

  • Remember the narrow roads

    Looks fine to me. Everything is close at hand so wont be too much travel. Have you allowed for time to visit places once you get to those towns? Don't forget narrow roads, lots of hills and probably a lot of traffic. Have a good time. I live here so have far too many to list here.

  • Aoife's Welsh Memories

    I have visited Wales lots of times and in 2010 we went to stay at my auntie's house. I went with my Mom, Dad, sister and my dog Bella.The weather was sunny but cold and it had been snowing. My best memory of Wales is going to the hills and snowboarding and having lunch. Afterwards we went home and had a bbq!In wales I met Charlie and saw the...

  • Tasty food

    Hello, The website started in Wales, so there are a fair few members scattered about who will cook you a meal free of charge. It is a great way of tasting the local food. and meeting people who will give you good advice on what to do and see in Wales. If you were to visit me I would cook you lava bread and bacon it is the...

  • Flag of Wales

    Here's a few of the flag of Wales. On the back ground it is white and green. On top of it there is a dragon in red.

  • Good times

    What I miss most about Wales is my local pub. Where I lived (near the Pier in Bangor) there were 2 really good pubs. The Tap and Spile (10 seconds from my front door) had a pool table, a quiz box, good cheap food, and decent ales (although I'm not a real ale lass). The bartenders were friendly (one was my housemate) the owners were friendly and...

  • Twilight in Porthmadog

    Walking around Porthmadog in the twilight. Standing on the bridge, looking at the reflections in the water. Half a dozen swans glided over to the bridge and hung around hoping for food.

  • Menai Bridge

    The Menai Strait divides Anglesey from mainland Wales and is bridged by a rather elderly Menai Suspension Bridge, considered the first modern suspension bridge in the world.The building of the bridge significantly reduced the time to travel with some tricky water to navigate. Construction of the bridge started in 1819 and was completed in 1826....

  • The Severn Bridge

    There are two Severn Bridges. Both were toll bridges when I drove here last with a rather steep fee of £5. The bridges are your way in and out of South Wales from England so your main options to get to see the lovely Welsh Valleys. I took a couple of photos from my car as I was driving over the bridge. Not much really but one of my memories of...

  • All action packed Adventure Weekend !!

    Just about Everybody agreed that it had been an Excellent weekend, Everything had run smoothly, and we had All Enjoyed ourselves Immensely.I for one had Enjoyed my first attempt at Absailing and Archery.There was something for Everyone to either try for the fist time or improve their skill at..It was a Great opportunity to talk to like minded...

  • My Favourite Welsh Music

    My five favourite albums by Welsh artists:1. Catatonia - Way Beyone Blue2. Manic Street Preachers - This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours3. Catatonia - International Velvet4. Stereophonics - Just Enough Education To Perform5. Catatonia - Paper Scissors Stone

  • "Cool Cymru"

    "Cool Cymru" is the phenomenum that has come from Wales since the mid '90's. It describes the new bands, singers and actors that have appeared from this small country.When I was young and growing up in England I only remember the 'cheesy' comedians from Wales, such as ...ugh ...Max Boyce and his enorrrmous leek. Wales was all about sheep and women...

  • Sunset

    Well, it's total luck when your in the right place at the right time for something like this. This is also from the previous winter, and taken from the Carmarthenshire area. Okay, the next lot shouldn't be a long time coming, I gotta get some films developed. From what I remember, I took some of waterfalls, so hopefully, they are good.

  • Aberaeron

    Ok, I got a new stash of photos to upload. Around April 20th 2003, me and my dad decided to go on a day long road trip up to North Wales. We had been having some unusually good spring weather since March, staying mostly dry and clear. Temperatures that day were 27C (81F), which was a near-record for April. We left at around 5am from my dad's...

  • Sunbeams

    I took this photo during the last winter. I was in the Brecon Beacons, driving along, and this sight caught my eye. The sun shining on a reservoir in the distance, so I had to take some photos quick. Here's one of them.

  • Elan Valley

    There are quite a few reserviors in the Elan Valley, this photo is of another one. Even though they can look stunning, it is a man made sight, which I kind of resent. A lake like this isn't meant to be there, but the sights like this are great since they are there.

  • Rocky stream

    Further down the road, there is a stream. These photos don't tell all the story however. It was very windy. I was wrapped up warm, but still, I had to sacrifice my gloves to work the camera! My hands were stone cold.

  • Elan Valley reservoirs

    Hey guys, I'm back with some new photos to upload. I've been missing in action for a little while now. No real reason why, just been occupied with other stuff. Anyway, back in May this year (2004), I borrowed my grandad's 4by4 Land Rover to travel on some rough dirt tracks that circle around some of the reservoirs in the Elan Valley. Here's some...

  • Aberystwyth

    By 8:00am, we had reached the coastal and university town of Aberystwyth, which lies to the far west of mid-Wales. It is a beautiful town, my favourite place in Wales (plus the surrounding areas). The sun had just risen by this time, and this photo is of a monument in Aberystwyth.

  • Perfect blue sky and perfect green land?

    A picture of two halves I guesse, blue sky with no clouds, and lush green land below it. Well, that's the last of this trip from me, hope ya liked them.

  • Frozen waterfall

    This was quite spectacular, a frozen waterfall. It was about 12 foot high, made up of run-off water that had frozen solid as the freezing weather arrived.

  • Icicles

    I've passed my driving test, and got a car since my last tips, so I should be getting more photos across more of Wales from now on. This photo, and the next 4, are of the Black Mountain, which is in the West of the Brecon Beacons. This was a trip I made in early December 2002. For about 2 weeks, the weather had been freezing; 0C in the day, with...

  • Frozen trickle

    Now, I'm up high, well above the rocky stream. It was like permafrost up there! The bogs had frozen, and with vegetation sticking out of the ice providing grip, I could walk over them. This photo is of a trickle that had frozen solid.

  • Morning Horse

    The owners of the cottage we stayed at in Llanfairfechan (pronounced "Lan-fer-fek-an")also have a couple of horses. One of which used to wander up to our gate on a morning for a fuss. Freya thought this was wonderful, she would never touch him though!

  • Welsh Countryside

    The Welsh Countryside is just beautiful, I even love the atmospheric slag heaped countryside surrounding the southern coal mining villages to the slate quarried areas of the north such as Festiniog in Snowdonia.The north is much more mountainous than the south, I personally prefere the north of the country, especially Snowdonia National Park.Brecon...

  • LLangollen

    Pretty little town with a few gift shops, cafes , bars and hotels. The train comes into the town alongside of the river, very picturesque. Everyone seems to buy Welsh Love Spoons, why I dont really know, but like everyone else I did exactly the same!!! : ))

  • Going back to my childhood

    The beaches are wonderful and very clean, the pace of life seems to be very laid back, a truly chilled place to relax and unwind. This cottage is where my parents took me as a youngster for my holidays, the owner was called William Williams and I always found that quite amusing ( like a child would ). I can remember looking out of the bedroom...

  • Wales is a 'Land of Castles'.

    Some of the most important are:Caernarfon Castle, north walesCaerphilly Castle, near CardiffCastle Coch, close to Cardiffand Cardiff CastleI am sure there are more... but I need time to find all them, only visited a few days lol give me some time to explore all of them ... Here you can find more information about them ......

  • Charming towns

    Another thing I remember about Wales is that it seemed that every hardware store, bed and breakfast or coffee shop was privately owned. Now keep in mind this was the early 80s and I'm sure things have changed, but back then it seemed that every business we saw was a Mom & Pop affair. It was also funny to count the number of places operating under...

  • The castle wall.

    It's been awhile so I don't remember much about the town, but the castle was really impressive. I do remember that the castle really dominated the town. Tourism is the lifeblood of the place and the castle is the reason.

  • On the way back

    After driving around Snowdonia, we headed back. We came back home at around 5:00pm, so we were out for about 12 hours. This is a pic of a pretty massive tree, with the sun shining from behind it. The journey was great, like me and dad swapping every now and then so we could rest and look around. I love travelling.

  • Rocky

    This is of the same stream, but looking upstream. It is flowing through some very rough passage, which is littered with rocks and boulders.

  • Stream in the valleys

    North Wales isn't all high. In fact, it's full of peaks and declines. At one of the lower points near Snowdon, this streams runs between peaks.

  • Rugged terrain

    North Wales has some really rugged looking terrain. Despite summer-like weather, the landscape was only starting to grow more greenery and vegetation. But it must look pretty rugged even in summer.

  • Snowdon

    There she is, the highest mountain in Wales. Snowdon is the peak in the distance, and closest to the middle. I was quite far away, so it doesn't look like much in this photo, unfortunately. Also, the day was becoming really hazy, so that didn't help. But through binoculours, I could still see plently of climers and hikers heading for the peak....

  • High altitude

    This pic looks typical of high altitude landscape, with tough, yellow coloured grass, and with evergreens in the distance. The road near here was awesome, the most narrow, twisty, isolated, and bumpy road I've ever been on! The peaceful bliss was amazing, and the air was noticably fresh. We stopped for some lunch, as the time was around noon.

  • The shore

    Bala Lake has a very slow decline in dept. Most of the stones and rocks are rubble left behined by the melting glacier. There are some ducks heading out for a swim.


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