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Brecon Things to Do

  • The Lych Gate

    Lovely entrance to the Cathedral and the CloseThe Cathedral stands in attractives grounds surrounded by the ancient buildings of the Tithe Barn - now the Heritage Centre, the Cafe, and the Deanery. Entrance to the North door is via the Lych gate, passing by the woodland walk to the churchyard and the Meadows.Lych gates - the covered, porch-like...

  • The Cathedral Heritage Centre

    Housed in the restored Tithe Barn, next to Pilgrim's Cafe, the centre is well worth a visit if only to see the amazing timber construction of the roof. The restoration work wisely left this space open to view and as a usable loft area. It is there that the bell frame removed from the Tower has been installed and fitted with replica bells of the...

  • The church mouse - can you find him?

    This little visitor is a permanent guest in the Cathedral and can always be found in exactly the same place. He is easy to find - as long as you remember the exact spot. On my last visit I had to be reminded by the Steward -again!So I'll share the secret hiding place. As you walk down the Nave go over to the left hand side - pass the Games Monument...

  • A temporary visitor

    A Rood Screen once marked the division between the people and the monks in the medieval Priory. It was adorned by a gold Crucifix. The Crucifix became an object of pilgrimage and brought many people to Brecon - until King Henry X111's vandals destroyed it in the 1500s.Now a life-size bronze by the Welsh artist Helen Sinclair has hung in the nave...

  • The Havard Chapel and Rorkes Drift...

    This Chapel is very much a part of the Cathedral and also a War Memorial to the South Wales Borderers and the Monmouthshire Regiment in both World Wars. It also preserves the memory of the 5000 plus men who died in the Zulu war of 1879 and the gallantry of the 7 awarded the Victoria Cross. Their story was told in the film "Zulu". Regimental colours...

  • A short history of a Cathedral

    From Priory to Parish Church to Cathedral in 900 years.When I first lived in South Wales I often travelled through Brecon and thought one day to stop to visit the Cathedral. An acquaintance told me not to bother - it was a “new Cathedral still less than 40 years old”.I was given the impression that it was a nondescript edifice of no historical,...

  • Hi Saline,MI.! Bonjour Gouesnou,...

    I do not know the story behind the twinning of Brecon with Saline but the Celtic connection can probably explain that between the town and Gouesnou a small town in Finistere, north of Brest.There are school exchanges and sporting contacts between the Celts - obviously much easier to arrange than transatlantic visits!Note that both the Welsh and the...

  • Visit theTourist Information Office

    The tourist office is located on a site formerly occupied by the cattle market which moved "out of town" some years ago. There is quite a large car park there - approximately half of it belongs to the Morrison Supermarket - which stands on the site of a long-gone train station.It is esaily reached from the Bus Station beyond the supermarket or from...

  • The Promenade

    I found this nice promenade by accident, and was very happy I did, because I really liked it. It is a nice tarmac path along the river Usk, which seems to be popular with the locals. On this sunny day it was just beautiful to walk along the river and to see the blue water and the green lawns. There are also few benches to sit down and enjoy the...

  • Stroll through the pretty town!

    The thing I remember most fondly of Brecon is just strolling through the town, without a map, just enjoying the atmosphere. When I visited, it was a lovely, sunny day and the bright and colorful houses looked simply beautiful. The town is quite small, so you can easily walk around and have a proper look without getting too tired. I suppose it must...

  • Brecon Cathedral II

    As already said, the cathedral was open during my visit. There are no leaflets to guide you around, but information signs at several places throughout the building. This was very good, as there are several very interesting features to see.Photo 1: The Games Monument A figure from a tomb of the Games family from ca. 1555. The other figures were...

  • Brecon Cathedral I

    Brecon Cathedral is probably the one MUST DO for most tourists when they are in town, and I agree, it certainly is worth a visit. It is a bit difficult to see the exterior: The cathedral is up on a hill, surrounded by a wall, trees and other buildings, and so it is not easy to get a decent look and photograph. I very much liked the atmosphere,...

  • Look out for "Celebs"!

    Any thespians visiting Brecon will have heard of Sarah Siddons. In her time she was the most acclaimed actress of the age and one of the very first women to become established as a great actress.She was born a Kemble - in a family of succesful travelling theatricals. Her father was an Actor/Manager and was settled in Brecon at the time of Sarah's...

  • Brecknock Museum & Art Gallery

    Unfortunately this museum was closed during my visit - "until further notice", as the paper in the window said. It seems that it is in need of refurbishment but cannot fund it, although plans for a funding do exist and might be put into action. The museum still works and can be visited by appointment if you have a special interest, but is not open...

  • Brecon Beacons National Park

    Brecon is located within Brecon Beacons National Park, and if you like walking and hiking, you really should not miss out on this while visiting Brecon!Just a short drive from Brecon, close to the village of Libanus, there is the Mountain Centre which provides you with leaflets, maps and guide books, and is the starting point of numerous walks and...

  • Brecon Castle

    Brecknock Castle is of Norman origin, it was originally a motte-and-bailey castle and was constructed by a Norman called Bernard de Neufmarche in the 11th century. He chose a good location for this, on the river Usk. Around the 13th century, the wooden buildings were replaced by stone buildings. The castle was the flourishing centre of the region,...

  • Brecknock Museum and art gallery

    This is a super little museum! Lots of history and excellent exhibits taking you through Wales' past. It helped me gain an insight in to how the Welsh lived without running water or electricity, what they ate, wore, did etc. Well worth a visit!

  • The Brecon 900 Tapestry

    To celebrate the 900th anniversary of Brecon a tapestry was woven. It can be seen inside the cathedral. There are nine squares, each representing a century. And now the most difficult part of the whole enterprise: Each square shows an event representing its century. Can you imagine the discussions the weavers must have had?? What to choose?This...


Brecon Hotels

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  • The Felin Fach Griffin

    Felin Fach, Brecon, LD3 0UB, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Peterstone Court Country House...

    Llanhamlach, Brecon, LD3 7YB, uk

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Castle of Brecon

    The Castle Square, Brecon, LD3 9DB, United Kingdom

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

Brecon Restaurants

  • A place to rest, enjoy and contemplate

    Situated in a walled garden in the Cathedral Close opposite the priory and next to the Heritage Centre this is the perfect place to come for for coffee, afternoon tea or - as we did - a light but satisfying lunch. We were there on a very hot day at the end of May. All the outside tables under the shaded veranadah were occupied so we spent a little...

  • Refreshments and Culture in Brecon

    Tipple’N’Tiffin the restaurant attached to Theatr Bryceiniog has a perfect setting at the canal basin and provides a mixture of unusual and traditional dishes prepared from locally sourced fresh ingredients. Prices are very reasonable and you can choose from a selction of tapas - Welsh style - or grills of meat,or fish and salads.It is situated at...

  • A very pleasant lunch

    When I got hungry, I first walked to a chinese restaurant I had seen when arriving on the bus, but it was closed. I then walked around a little aimlessly to find something else, and suddenly found Giglio's which looked nice enough. They had a leek soup on offer, and when I asked I was happy to be told that it was done without dairy (and thus...


Brecon Transportation

  • Getting to and around

    Once upon a time there were 3 train stations in this small country town. Built by three different, private railway companies during the mid-late 19th century love affair with steam engines they helped to put Victorian Brecon on to the map. The Cathedral Lych Gate was built as a memorial to Joseph Richard Cobb who had promoted the construction of...

  • Bus to Brecon

    I went to Brecon by a bus of the Sixty-Sixty bus company, but unfortunately this connection was cancelled in the end of March 2012.Now the best option (as far as I can see!) to get to Brecon from Cardiff is by Stagecoach bus, they leave Cardiff from monday to tuesday at 08.20am, 10.20am, and from then on roughly every two hours. As these times are...

  • Brecon is a travel hub in the Beacons

    This small town makes a very good base for staying in the area without a car, as it's a travel hub for many bus companies. You can get a bus here to most other towns around. A day trip to the big cities, Cardiff and Swansea, is possible, as are bus tours to Hereford, Abergavenny, Llandovery and others. Brecon is like the centerpiece in a wheel,...


Brecon Shopping

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  • Brecon's Farmers Market

    When I strolled through the town, I also found the entrance to an old arcade and walked in - and I was not a disappointed. The arcade looked very pretty and led into a big market hall. Unfortunately the market was not really taking place, there were only very few stalls.The market is only taking place once a month, every second saturday each month,...

  • A small shopping centre

    Between the town centre and the tourist information, there is a small shopping centre called "Bethel Square". It is really not big, but there are several chain shops inside as well as some small independent shops and a pharmacy. If you walk through and turn left at the car park at the end, there is a co-op supermarket which seems to be the only...

  • A good deal and a good cause

    I call these shops charity shops as a sort of overall title. What I mean are shops like Oxfam, Red Cross or Cancer Research shops. In Brecon I went to the Cancer Research shop a few times. All these shops sell used goods, used books, sometimes also brandnew items which have been donated to them. You never know what to find, so it pays to look...


Brecon Local Customs

  • christine.j's Profile Photo

    by christine.j Written Oct 15, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have to apologize to all Welsh speakers in Southern Wales. I really thought the South was more English spoken, while the North of Wales used Welsh. Maybe I was influenced by the books by Rhys Bowen, who tends to put more emphasis on the North as the "real" Wales.
    So I was surprised to realize how many people speak Welsh to each other.
    All signs are bilingual, with Welsh being the first language. Riding in the buses, I heard people talk to each other in Welsh, also passing them on the streets.
    I'm sorry to say I never managed to get the sounds right, I thought I had got the Ll right, like chl, but then I was told I had it all wrong. Of well, luckily everyone spoke English, too and the bus drivers and conductors understood where I wanted to go.

    An everyday sign, bilingual

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Brecon Off The Beaten Path

  • St Mary's Church

    St Mary's Church is located in the town centre close to the Wellington Hotel, so it cannot be overlooked, but it seems to be much neglected because Brecon Cathedral gets all the fame.I found this church very pretty, too, but unfortunately it was closed and so I could not enter.St Mary's was originally a Norman church, but much of it was rebuilt in...

  • The Wellington Hotel & Wellington Statue

    Located at Wellington Square, the big, imposing building of the Wellington Hotel cannot really be missed. It seems to be a bit run down and could use a renovation, but I was still drawn to it because it had such a historical and interesting aura. It has an impressive Georgian façade and you can see the big gateway where the carriages were going...

  • Take a 4x4

    One of the most tranquil places i have been. There is a waterfall called Water break it's neck that is well worth finding.Also there is a old farm house that has become, well just two wall's but the views are superb


Brecon Favorites

  • What I still have to do...

    Always leave something for the next visit! These are the things I didn't do in Brecon so far and that I want to do when going back: Hiking - I definitely want to hike more in the National Park. The short hike I did so far was simply not enough!Boat tour on the canal - this is something I did not have the time for during my short visit, and I don't...

  • Tourist Information Centre

    Brecon's tourist information centre is located at the carpark behind Bethel Square, so you'll get there if you walk through the shopping centre and then across the car park. Staff were very friendly, and there are leaflets with lots of information about the Brecon Beacons, especially all kind of information for walking and hikers. Guide books,...

  • The ride to Brecon

    I went to Brecon by bus and I enjoyed the ride very much. After some time you get right into the Brecon Beacons, and you can see this remarkable landscape... I found it simply wonderful, and also unusual: The mountains are barren apart from some scarce vegetation, you can neither see rocks, nor many trees. It is a yellowish-brownish colour, and the...


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