Europe Warnings and Dangers

  • Slippery when wet!
    Slippery when wet!
    by suvanki
  • ZTL sign in Gubbio (Via Savelli)
    ZTL sign in Gubbio (Via Savelli)
    by Trekki
  • Green Peace chuggers at Sheffield Station 07/08/12
    Green Peace chuggers at Sheffield...
    by suvanki

Europe Warnings and Dangers

  • Pick Pockets

    Paris Warnings and Dangers

    Avoid taking the métro during commuter hours of heavy useage when the cars are crowded. Last night my husband lost his wallet on a crowded métro car. Time: about 7:00 pm; Ligne: 4 (Chatelet). The wallet with 30 Euros in cash was in the front pocket and was shielded by a long coat and a tour book in the coat pocket, same side as the wallet....

  • Pickpockets, Beggars, Crime and Scams

    London Warnings and Dangers

    Just returned from a weekend in London. Although we felt reasonable safe most of the time - in the areas crowded with people please keep an eye on your belongings! We were watching a street performance by the London Eye when my husband saw how a bloke in front of us took a phone from the lady's handbag... he stopped him in the same second and told...

  • Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers

    Rome Warnings and Dangers

    i was carrying a camera bag with 3 layer of zip and taking my galaxy10.1 with me. when i was sitting the metro with my gf from trevi fountain metro back to my hotel. at Republica(a metro before termini). just when the metro stop and the door going to close. A short and fat ugly women block the door from closing and force enter the tram with another...

  • Drug Dealers

    Amsterdam Warnings and Dangers

    I saw tips that you should not buy drugs at all (except the coffeeshops and smartshops) and that it's illegal. That's true. But that's not the mentality of giving tips and information as we are used to in the Netherlands. What I mean to say is for example: if a tourist want xtc, there is no one to stop them. The first advise is: don't buy and use...

  • Be Aware!

    Barcelona Warnings and Dangers

    Not far from parkway Passeig de Gracia when I have turned to Avingida Diagonal, there happened a following case with me. It is necessary to tell, Avingida Diagonal unlike Passeig de Gracia is not so populous. I was delighted to an opportunity to have a rest from tourist crowd and have directed aside Templo de la Sagrada Familia. Suddenly the young...

  • Acqua Alta

    Venice Warnings and Dangers

    You will have seen how an important part of Venice is covered with water often above 1 m high, with a maximum of 136 cm, in these first days of December 2010. Tourists might think that Aqua Alta only happens in the winter. Not necessarily, it can even happen in the summer. At end August 1995 we experienced high water 5 -10 cm! There had been...

  • Pickpockets

    Copenhagen Warnings and Dangers

    Hello, after few days in Copenhagen enjoying my time with my family I've been robbed at the main railway station in my way back home. They first observed me whiles I was purchasing the tickets then they followed me to the train to rob my debit card with other items. I suspect that the ATM was, at least temporarily altered to read my PIN number so...

  • Around Dublin

    Dublin Warnings and Dangers

    Use caution when you're withdrawing money from ATM machines. Crime, like any city is rampant in Dublin especailly when it comes to withdrawing money from cash machines. Make sure no one is peeping over your back or if you're in the middle of withdrawing cash don't fall for someone tapping you on the shoulder and whilst you look around another...

  • Street crime

    Lisbon Warnings and Dangers

    cassiodoro theres no "islands" across the ferry u typical ignorant ourist.. check a map to see if theres islands there.. on the other side of the river there is a city called Almada, is where u can see the "cristo rei" statue.. Almada is so much better than lisbon yet we dont want no tourists around here check out costa de caparica its a beach area...

  • Public Transport

    Berlin Warnings and Dangers

    When I travelled from Berlin Schoenefeld Airport to the city centre by S-Bahn, I was approached by a woman outside the station who tried to get me to buy a used rail ticket. I had heard of this scam before so naturally I declined. I did hang around a while though to see her approach other people either to ask them for their used tickets or to try...

  • Pickpockets

    Florence Warnings and Dangers

    Pickpockets are fewer in Florence than in Rome and Naples but they are here. Gypsy kids are pretty obvious but tourists miss the real pros who look just like everyone else. Actually, the drunks and drug addicts who accummulate outside SMN at night have no interest in tourists, but there are pickpockets in any crowded art of the station and near and...

  • Safety

    Stockholm Warnings and Dangers

    Stockholm's public transport terminus appears to be the chosen hang out for the city's homeless, mainly because the subterranean platforms for the tube, retain warmth, even during winter. Upon arrival there, I was approached immediately by a scary-looking youth in a hoodie, whose eyes betrayed a heavy heroin habit. However, he turned out to be...

  • Avoid at Night

    Brussels Warnings and Dangers

    It is always possible to write that nothing bad happens in Brussels. Brussels politicians were especially strong in telling people that everything is fine and when criminals shoot at police with an AK 47 automatic assault riffle it was only a "fait divers". But that talk is now over and out because: 1° elections are near and citizens are fed up...

  • Central Station

    Milan Warnings and Dangers

    Be careful: Groups of pickpockets are constantly positioned around the metro ticket vending machines at the main station (Centrale). As soon as a person starts a ticket demand process they arrange themselfs around this person and start to grab your change, not afraid to attack you physically. The security vanishes immediately. This is well known...

  • Areas to avoid

    Athens Warnings and Dangers

    Athens is way less dangerous than it gets credit for. It sells to talk s--- about the city lately, so oh well. You can be on tourist mode for as long as you want, it's just not a very good idea if you're on one of the streets crossing Omonoia Square from 1-4 in the morning. These so-claimed dangerous pickpockets almost exclusively act on tourists...

  • Safe City

    Munich Warnings and Dangers

    Munich is the city safer than ever I have visited. It is very normal to see high times of the night by the stations of u-bahn to police, either the national, or the own one of u-bahn. Single a danger, the night; the discotecas and the tequila.

  • Money Exchange

    Prague Warnings and Dangers

    Apparently, there is a lot of deception going on with exchanging currency. Though the Czech Republic is part of the European Union, they do not use the Euro for their currency. They use their own currency the Czech Crown or Koruna. Though a few restaurants we went to offered to collect the Euro and even US Dollar. However, in calculating the...

  • Security

    Madrid Warnings and Dangers

    We were enjoying a drink in plaza de Santa Ana, quite near Plaza Major. My boyfriend went to the toilet and left his phone on the table as he had been taking photos. I was approached by a girl aged about 12 and a boy aged about 7. The girl asked me to sponsor her, for something at school, and showed me a form with signatures. The little boy was...

  • It gets crowded too many people

    Brugge Warnings and Dangers

    Bruges is among the safest cities in Belgium, but in crowded places you have to beware of pickpockets. Car-jacking incidents involving expensive cars are not unheard of. If you do not like crowds, you should try to avoid the summer months for your visit when the tourist invasion is at its high. In summer also the mosquitoes of the canals may bring...

  • Local police & Documents

    Moscow Warnings and Dangers

    Civilised parking is 60 - 80 roubles/hour within the Garden Ring; you can enjoy old free ways outside it - so far. If you fail to use one of the many ways of payment developed by our inventive mayor, your car will be towed away. I always see these impressive trucks outside my office in the morning, they must be having a good harvest throuout the...

  • Driving on Crete

    Crete Island Warnings and Dangers

    We drove about 1000 km on the eastern part of Crete in a Peugeot 107, thank you Sixt. The roads were overall rather good, even the small ones. Sometimes there was suddenly a clearly new surface. None the less, sometimes there are holes in or rocks on the road. The main route in the north is very fine, until Agros Nicolaos. Then it becomes smaller...

  • places better to avoid at night

    Antwerp Warnings and Dangers

    As with most cities in Europe the area around the central station is best avoided after dark. Especially beware for the streets around the infamous Conincksplein, as they tend to attract the more sketchy figures of our otherwise wonderful and vibrant city... Especially a lot of junks scavenge this area as they all tend to live around the day clinic...

  • Roads and Driving

    Santorini Island Warnings and Dangers

    About 4,000 people a year, die, as a result of Quad, Motor Bikes and Cycles in Greece every single year. On Santorini alone, at least 20 tourist a season are killed on the roads. In Greece it is law, that you must have a motor cycle licence to ride scooters or motor bikes, it is also the law in the UK, but................for some reason, I think it...

  • Unsafe areas

    Warsaw Warnings and Dangers

    I have been living in Warsaw for about 3 months now. I was born here but lived most my life in Chicago suburbs. When I first got here I thought it might be dangerous so I bought a knife to carry with. THERE was no need for it. People are very respectful In general and do not bother anyone. Poor teenagers may ask you for money but are very polite...

  • Driving

    Salzburg Warnings and Dangers

    Thanks to Virtual Tourist we were fore warned about the Police. We got pulled on a late Sunday afternoon for a routine check, namely to check that we'd got the Vingette on our screen. You can purchase these easily on the border and in some garages, but whatever you do don't go to Austria without one - Euros 7 for 10 days. After checking our...

  • Dangerous Areas

    Nice Warnings and Dangers

    Avoid walking in deserted streets, around the train station area (especially Rue de Belgique). Be warned that if you decide walking along Promenade des Anglais, chances are you'll be approached by a man, especially if you decide resting on a bench/blue chair. He'll start chatting and if you're naive enough, he'll follow you to your hotel and...

  • Drinking

    Tallinn Warnings and Dangers

    Hello! I got quite worried when visiting Tallinn recently then I saw in the Old Town around street Viru group of young guys carrying another one on their hand to the car, the one carried was screeming. I hope it was just a friends game though... Jitka

  • Crime and Safety

    Manchester Warnings and Dangers

    This car hire company took £750 from an deposit for a few minor scuff marks. They ask you to authorise credit cards with tour pin code on collection.Then invent ways to not refund deposits. AVOID THIS COMPANY OR REGRET IT!

  • Pickpockets & Thieves

    Sevilla Warnings and Dangers

    People of Sevilla stay up late, and stay out late. We had to walk a ways to a taxi stand at 4:00 am and were wondering if we would run into mischievious types.... but what we found were a lot of people still sitting in bars (not blasted, by the way)and many couples walking around after a night out. I suddenly felt a lot safer.

  • Red Light District

    Hamburg Warnings and Dangers

    hey, lets be real whenever you enter an area of prostitution anyplace around the world,you will have to be extra carefull, always alongeside prostitution you will find drugs,thiefs ,muggers,so, if you feel this is not for you,then simply keep your pecker in your pants and allow mrs. smith and her four doughters to serve you, it is cheaper and...

  • Beware Pickpockets

    Palma de Mallorca Warnings and Dangers

    An awful experience on a Palma city centre bus, during our journey into the centre of Palma, the bus we were travelling on became very busy. I was very aware the whole time we were in Palma of the pickpocket situation and frequently held onto and wore my bag to the front. I did this on this particular journey . A moment of forgetfulness looking out...

  • Currency

    Geneva Warnings and Dangers

    Geneva is a good place for changing your currency, provided you use one of the small currency traders and not the big banks. Zhe banks usually charge a commission of at least CHF 5, unless you have an account with them, and also have less favozrable ratesthan the currency shops (such as Change de Mont-Blanc in rue de Mont-Blanc opposite the...

  • Street Crime

    Saint Petersburg Warnings and Dangers

    I am sure that some of the posts are well meaning but most are also based on rumors or very outdated info. If I had read only the warnings without knowing better I would never have moved to St Petersburg 8 years ago. Street Crime is very low and seldom involves violence. The remaining risk is pickpockets working in very specific areas on a...


    Granada Warnings and Dangers

    WARNING FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING BOOKING OF THEIR ALHAMBRA TICKETS ON-LINE: (PLEASE READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH!!) Before visiting Alhambra, Granada we decided to follow various on-line recommendations and book the tickets in advance online. On a we didn't managed to get over first two steps (the page just went blank), so after a...

  • Other

    Verona Warnings and Dangers

    Most attractions and other buildings, some shops etc will be closed on a Monday But don't worry, there's still plenty to see and do, especially a lazy walk between the piazzas or some people watching in a cafe Or you could use Monday to take a trip to Venice or Lake Garda

  • The Finnish drivers

    Helsinki Warnings and Dangers

    Having just returned from Helsinki I didn't realize cars driving extraordinarily fast, and I felt safe on pedestrian crossings. I really don't understand what the people below experienced. Only the bicycle lanes are a bit confusing sometimes and you might find yourself blocking them. Also quite frequently cyclists drive on the sidewalks. That was...

  • The dogs

    Pompeii Warnings and Dangers

    While we were there in April 2010 the signs around Pompeii were quite clear. The dogs have started out as strays but have been 'adopted' by Pompeii which has been establlished as a dog sanctuary. All the animals are fed at least once a day, subject to vet checkups and wear red collars to denote as such. Other than this they are left to their own...

  • dangerous

    Sofia Warnings and Dangers

    Upon leaving a nightclub near the city center at around 02:00 with my Bulgarian girlfriend a young man about 20 aproached us he said somthing in Bulgarian( I dont speak it) my girlfriend shouted at me to give him my wallet, at this point he waved a large kitchin knife in my face.NOTE unless you are trained in unarmed combat just give him your...

  • Personal Safety

    Glasgow Warnings and Dangers

    I've lived in Glasgow for past 3 years and had no major problems what so ever Glasgow. Like any other big city it does have a rough areas, but to be honest there is no tourist attractions anywhere near those areas, so you're more than likely not even gonna end up in those parts of Glasgow. City centre is relatively safe there is quite a lot of...

  • Danger places

    Porto Warnings and Dangers

    Porto is a lovely place and I had no problems in any areas. An amazing place where I felt safe and could explore all day. lovely people, infrastructure, food, all of it. My only word of caution is the poverty area near the cathedral. I wondered into this area by mistake (on my own) and ignored the graffiti above the arch that said "welcome to...

  • Street Safety

    Skopje Warnings and Dangers

    when in skopje if you are surounded by begging gangs put your back up against a wall so they cannot get hehind you, also watch out for the news paper trick were they push news paper against you then go into your pockets, this happend to me once and only once i just cliped one of them round the ear told them to clear of then they leave you alone. or...

  • Food and Drink

    Innsbruck Warnings and Dangers

    Harly Cafe Bar in Innsbruck - REVIEW (heads up - warning!) 0 stars My husband and I used to love the burgers a couple of years ago. We never forgot and couldn't wait to return. So we made a big effort to go across town to have our favorite burger in Innsbruck. What do we get? A cold-bun, PROCESSED meat that was NOT 100% beef (I'm talking GROSS!!)...

  • Dodgy Areas

    Birmingham Warnings and Dangers

    I’m a guy in his mid-twenties who has lived and worked in Birmingham all his life. From pubs to offices I’ve seen it all as well as being well travelled throughout the UK and various other counties. I’ve been mugged once as a young teenager in Birmingham and attempted mugged 3 times. Twice in other cities and once here. The opportunist thinks that...

  • tourists

    Dubrovnik Warnings and Dangers

    Dubrovnik has become extremely popular in recent years and the infrastructure hasn't quite caught up. The real problem is when the enormous cruise liners arrive and disgorge their passengers en masse into the small old town. These beasts are like small floating cities, and the passengers are ferried in non-stop frenzy of activity. Hundreds of...

  • Safe town

    Ljubljana Warnings and Dangers

    snap taken from the castle over the city ....looks nice and larger than i guess at first sight.. by the way the castle....mmm i didnt like so much ..its not like spanish or french castles looks like a village with houses inside it-.. its just 10-15 min walking up or a touristic railway that goes up in 5 min ....and i dont know how much it cost


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