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  • The portal of Yerevan indoors market
    The portal of Yerevan indoors market
    by aterola
  • Soviet era steam locomotive
    Soviet era steam locomotive
    by GeoV
  • View from the Cascades
    View from the Cascades
    by RaffiKojian

Yerevan Things to Do

  • In Vino

    This is a romantic little sidewalk cafe aka wine bar. Nice music , nice location. There are tables inside as well. It is well appointee and a nice cozy atmosphere. That is the good part. I went there with my Armenian wife to celebrate our 6th months of marriage. For tourists, the price won't be much of an issue but that is the problem because for...

  • Opera Theatre

    Yerevan's Opera Theatre is named after the Armenian composer Alexander Spendiarian, whose opera "Almast" was the first performance on the stage.The building was designed by the Soviet architect Alexander Tamanian and constructions started in 1930. The official opening took place 2,5 years later in January 1933. In front of the Opera Theatre stand...

  • A nice quiet and romantic sidewalk...

    This is a romantic little sidewalk cafe aka wine bar. Nice music , nice location. There are tables inside as well. It is well appointee and a nice cozy atmosphere. That is the good part. I went there with my Armenian wife to celebrate our 6th months of marriage. For tourists, the price won't be much of an issue but that is the problem because for...

  • General Andranik Statue

    The equestrian statue of General Andranik (Zoravar Andranik) was designed by the Armenian sculptor Ara Shiraz and unveiled in 2003. It shows the general being in control of two horses.General Andranik (1865 – 1927) is an Armenian national hero, who among others led fights against Ottoman invaders during the national liberation movement and World...

  • Karen Demirchyan Complex

    The Karen Demirchyan Complex is a sports and concert arena with a total capacity of approximately 10.000 seats in two halls.It was erected in 1983, but 1,5 years later it had to be closed after a fire. Extensive renovations led to the reopening at the end of 1987.The complex got its current name in 1999 when the so called Armenian parliament...

  • Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral

    Yerevan's Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral was consecrated in 2001 to celebrate the 1700th anniversairy of Christianity becoming Armenia's state religion. The main cathedral's capacity of 1700 seats refers to the anniversairy.The more than 50 metres tall cathedral is the largest Armenian Church in the world and apart from the main cathedral...


Yerevan Hotels

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Yerevan Restaurants

  • Karas

    Karas is an Armenian chain restaurant which was established in 2005. It has approximately 10 branches, mainly in Yerevan, but also in some other towns.I once visited the restaurant on Mashtots Avenue with a Singaporean traveller and a Georgian guy whom I have met on the minibus from Tbilisi to Yerevan. He actually recommended this place.The...

  • Caucasus Tavern

    The Caucasus Tavern was recommended to me by the Downtown Hostel staff. During my one week stay in Yerevan I even went there twice with several other travellers.The restaurant consists of a few large rooms, where some areas are separated by dividers. The interior decoration and furniture is held in a wooden style. They don't have any outdoor...

  • Tavern Yerevan

    One evening I visited Tavern Yerevan for dinner together with another traveller. The basement restaurant consists of several rooms, with the biggest having space for approximately 40 people. The interior consists of stone walls and wooden furniture. Outdoor seating is not available.Traditional Armenian music is regulary performed in the main room,...


Yerevan Nightlife

  • Good places

    We went in a cafe called 12 tables which was a nice place to meet peopleThey do food and drinkA beer of Alexanderpol was 1000AMDAlso went to an Irish bar called i think Irish bar at number 26 just up from the envoy hostel.Quite lviely and good atmosphere, beer around 700-1000AMD.

  • Watch out

    17 OCT 2007I went to this place on Monday evening. It was pretty quiet and didn't appear to be the place to go if you are looking for a wild Monday night out in Yerevan.I ordered a drink at a cost of 700 AMD. I handed over 5000 and was given 300 in change. I asked the guy where the rest of the change of was and he looked at me confused. I said I...

  • un des meilleur bar à Yerevan

    personnel très accueillant, excellente music surtout (deep généralement) , ambiance sympa, on faisais souvent des after ou des apéro dans ce bar, on est même devenu potes avec le propriétaire, un jeune homme super gentil.Bref si vous êtes à Yerevan et vous connaissez pas grand chose je vous conseil d'y allé la ba. c'est comme à McDo, tu viens...


Yerevan Transportation

  • From Tbilisi to Yerevan by minibus...

    I came to Yerevan by minibus (marshrutka) from Tbilisi's Ortachala bus station. The minibuses leave approximately hourly at the full hour from there. Drivers usually wait until the minibus is full, so delays are possible. I got on the 10:00 a.m. minibus which had only one free seat when it left almost on time.The trip was via the...

  • Explore Yerevan on foot

    With approximately 1.2 Million inhabitants, Yerevan is of course Armenia's biggest city. Still, the city centre is best explored on foot as most of the main sights can be found within the circular green belt. Among these are the buildings on Republic Square, on Opera Square, the Blue Mosque as well as several churches.In this area are also some...

  • Explore Yerevan by minibus (marshrutka)

    Apart from buses, Yerevan is said to have more than 100 minibus (marshrutka) routes. Within the city a ride costs only 100 AMD and the fare has to handed to the driver when leaving the vehicle.The major stops of the minibuses are usually displayed on a sign behind the windshield, although this might not be very helpful as the sign is written in...


Yerevan Shopping

  • Vernissage Market

    The Vernissage Market is Armenia's largest open air flea market. It started in the 1980's as a kind of artwork exhibition, but quite soon expanded to a flea market. On offer are craft items, carpets, embroidery, souvenirs and all sorts of old things from books and coins to jewelry.For me it was the only place in Yerevan where I found some postcards...


    Need a some local sausage and mustard with a a bottle of beer at 3am? Then pop into one of 7 SAS Supermarkets! These places are awesome. A very food selection of fresh food, canned goods, household products and health & beauty products wait you. 24 hours a day - every day - across Yerevan. SAS was founded in 1995 and I woul love to shake the hand...

  • ararat brandy

    The best Armenian cognac is supposed to be Ararat, from the Yerevan Brandy Company, which can be bought in several shops all over town as well as from the distillery plant itself. Armenian cognacs are aged 6 to 70 years and are from 40 to 57 alcohol proof. The usual ones are aed up to 20 years, but it is also possible to find, with some luck and...


Yerevan Local Customs

  • Republic Day 28th May

    More by chance than on purpose I arrived in Yerevan on the 28th of May which is Republic Day in Armenia and therefore a public holiday.On this day a stage was set up on Republic Square where Armenian music was performed and a firework took place later in the evening. The square was packed with happy people, but interesting enough I didn't see...

  • Some cultural considerations

    While Armenia is a Christian country, freedom of religion is protected. Armenians are very hospitable and eager to help. Shaking hands is common at first meeting and then departure especially among men. Between men and women, shaking hands is common in professional settings. There are no specific clothing restrictions. Casual dress is recommended...

  • Water Fountains

    All over Yerevan there are small fountains with drinking water. For me, as a tourist, there was no problem drinking the water.


Yerevan Warnings and Dangers

  • Sending postcards from Yerevan

    As I wanted to send some postcards from Armenia, I went to the Post-Office at Republic Square to get me some stamps. Interesting enough they only had some boring ordinary stamps at the post counters, but special stamps were available at the "Philatelic Corner" on the right side behind the entrance. The postage for postcards to Europe was 240 AMD...


    I decided to write this tips as a warning or danger as Yerevan is a traditional ex-Soviet country. That means that Comrades were expected to go to the toilet at home, report for work (and use those facilities) and go home again. Restaurants and bars are mostly recent creations. Public toilets? No way. That would be an excuse to be on the streets...

  • Car rental problems

    I booked car rental online through Hertz. A Niva 4x4, incidentally, is ideal: they are robust and built for the type of roads you will find in Armenia. Because my previous rental with Hertz had been completely messed up, I had a substantial voucher towards the cost of the rental. The local office refused to accept it. In case there is any doubt:...


Yerevan Tourist Traps

  • Great City, Good Honest people

    There was Not one issue with local Armenians. Great friendly people. Just like any other city, there are the shady characters. However, the majority of Armenians are good hardworking honest people.I had my wallet stolen from our hotel roon in Baku Azerbaijan, and was robbed at night on the seashore. My taxi driver drove off and stole our...

  • yerevan-complete mess

    Well, I work as a dog of war... It's my choice,and I have no regrets.I came to Yerevan just to check it out. That was the biggest mistake of my life.I found out that 99.5 of the Armenians are crooks,regardeless of their status in the society. Every day costed me between 300-400 eur or 500-600$ us. Just a remminder- I am a mercenary, and I don't...

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Yerevan What to Pack

  • Travel Guide Book - Armenia (Bradt)

    For an individual trip to Armenia an up to date guide book is highly recommended. I perused the book market before my trip and for me it looked like the choice was limited to a Bradt Guide, a Rough Guide and a Lonely Planet Guide. The latter one even covers the whole Caucasus region with Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. I finally decided for the...

  • Pack light

    Since I used to be a baggage handler I will not check a bag if I can avoid it. Hotels or hostels can handle laundry and you get thru Customs quicker with a backpack You'll need some good walking shoes. I brought a pair of jeans...forget them. Yerevan is high and dry. When I was there in April/May it was 80F during day. Don't sweat it if you...

  • Climate considerations

    The climate is continental. Cold spells, however, do occur and low temperatures are frequent, both on the high mountains and in the deep, enclosed valleys. The average temperatures are: -5 degrees in Celsius in winter, +11in spring, +35 in summer and +13 in autumn. People in Armenia dress like in Europe. Early in spring and late in autumn short...


Yerevan Off The Beaten Path

  • Northern Tour through Armenia

    This tip is about a Northern Tour through Armenia, which I took together with two other travellers; one from Singapore and one from America. We booked the tour through Wonderland Armenia, which I got in contact with already before my trip to Armenia.The price per person was 14.000 AMD and the tour started at 09:00 h in the morning and lasted about...

  • Southern Tour through Armenia

    Although I am usually not the person who takes tours, but prefer to explore everything by myself, I made an exception in Armenia. This was mainly because I realised that many of the famous things to see are located in off the beaten path places, which are very difficult to reach by public transport.So I took part in two tours through the country....

  • Day trip to Ejmiatsin

    Ejmiatsin, officially called Vagharshapat since 1992, is an easy day trip destination from Yerevan. It can be reached by minibus (marshrutka) within about 30 minutes from the Armenian capital.The town was Armenia's first capital between the 2nd and 4th century and it is nowadays the seat of the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Unfortunately,...


Yerevan Favorites

  • Old Soviet buses PAZ-672

    In Yerevan and Armenia in general I still saw quite a few old Soviet buses of the type PAZ-672. They are usually orange coloured and in service on local routes. PAZ (Pavlovsky Avtobusny Zavod) is a Russian bus manufacturer and the type PAZ-672 was produced between 1968 and 1989, so that many of these buses are appoximately 40 years old.In Armenia...

  • Republic Square

    Yerevan's Republic Square (Hanrapetutyan Hraparak) is probably the place where most tourists start their explorations of the city. During Soviet times the square was known as Lenin Square and it was even home to a statue of the Bolshevik leader.The neoclassical buildings around the square date from between the late 1920's and the 1950's. Among them...

  • Archway murals

    As I stayed for one week in Yerevan and wandered a lot around the city I noticed many archways with colourful and artistic murals. These archways can usually found in massive, Soviet style apartment blocks and they lead to the inner yards of the buildings.So it looked like there was once a programme to decorate the archways of Yerevan with all...


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