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  • The portal of Yerevan indoors market
    The portal of Yerevan indoors market
    by aterola
  • Soviet era steam locomotive
    Soviet era steam locomotive
    by GeoV
  • View from the Cascades
    View from the Cascades
    by RaffiKojian

Yerevan Highlights

  • Pro
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    IngaA says…

     lavash (bread), cogniac, architecture, mountain 

  • Con
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    flynboxes says…

     Too many greaser mafia wannabes wandering around 

  • In a nutshell
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    Greatwalk0 says…

     Up and coming city! 

Yerevan Things to Do

  • Trips out of Yerevan

    We hired a taxi to take us from Yerevan to 3 monestries and drop us at Sevan for 30,000AMD (£45).Khor Virapthis place is in an ideal setting, with mount ararat in the background, great for the postcard photo.the monestary itself isnt anything great,but free entry.Garni temple1000AMD entry, this place is just a temple in a nice settingGerghard...

  • Few things to do

    Its a nice easy city to walk around, not blessed with sights but enough for a day or two:-Erebuni-the old part of Yerevan where it all started, theres an old ruins of a citadel from 7th Century BC and a museum. From up there theres great views. It was free when i went but think usually you pay.-Matenadaran - 1000AMD entry, in the centre of town -...

  • See the Cafesjian Museum

    Quite good Museum of modern Art inside the Cascade. You can see a just going up and down the escalators inside or as well outside for free, to enter the Galeries you Pay 1000 Dram, closed mondays.

  • MONEY !

    The currency of Armenia is the Dram. The symbol called 'Luma' represents the Dram and looks like an upside-down telephone pole bending to the left. The denominations are:Banknotes: 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000Coins: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500If you think about 500 Drams being worth a Euro - this makes life a bit easier. Try and avoid...


    When I explained to my taxi driver that I needed Armenian Drams (AMD) - he stopped at the grocery store. I kept thinking I would be ripped off and the driver would get a commission from the store. I could not have been more wrong. SAS is a modern chain of grocery stores and their location on the central street of Tumanyan Street has a foreign money...

  • Armenian National Show

    Well I was on a business trip to Yerevan and had no time to grasp the culture and history( fortunately, after my conference held at Marriot Armenia, i walked through Yerevan's Republic Square and noticed restaurant ARARAT. As it turned out later it was the oldest restaurant in Yerevan) On entering i was informed that alreday a montch ago they...


Yerevan Hotels

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Yerevan Restaurants

  • Awesome food

    I had some great Lahmajo in a great place i dont know the name of!Some food i tried:1.Lavash - /that thin armenian bread/, 2.pomidorov Dzvadzex - fried eggs with tomato: 3.Lahmajo /the thin lavash like armenian bread with a meat on it in cafe/, 4.tan - drink like a milk, 5. Txemali: Georgian famous spice, the spicy red paste, 6. Xorovac: pig and...


    For some reason the entrance to this interesting restaurant looks like an expensive clothing boutique or upscale bookshop. The restaurant is actually upstairs. This massive entrance room has pictures of some of the many famous celebrities and politicians who have dinned here and the obligatory coat check. Upstairs is the ornate dinning hall...

  • CLOSED ! IN 2010

    Although this place is in some guide books, an there is a VT tip extolling its virtues in 2011, I can assure you this derelict looking door was the entrance to this now closed restaurant. And this photo was taken by me in 2010! It was once a wonderful sounding Uzbek restaurant. I spoke to the bar next door (red lights to the left) and they said it...


Yerevan Nightlife

  • Good places

    We went in a cafe called 12 tables which was a nice place to meet peopleThey do food and drinkA beer of Alexanderpol was 1000AMDAlso went to an Irish bar called i think Irish bar at number 26 just up from the envoy hostel.Quite lviely and good atmosphere, beer around 700-1000AMD.

  • Watch out

    17 OCT 2007I went to this place on Monday evening. It was pretty quiet and didn't appear to be the place to go if you are looking for a wild Monday night out in Yerevan.I ordered a drink at a cost of 700 AMD. I handed over 5000 and was given 300 in change. I asked the guy where the rest of the change of was and he looked at me confused. I said I...

  • un des meilleur bar à Yerevan

    personnel très accueillant, excellente music surtout (deep généralement) , ambiance sympa, on faisais souvent des after ou des apéro dans ce bar, on est même devenu potes avec le propriétaire, un jeune homme super gentil.Bref si vous êtes à Yerevan et vous connaissez pas grand chose je vous conseil d'y allé la ba. c'est comme à McDo, tu viens...


Yerevan Transportation

  • Bus from the Airport

    Bus 17 and 18 (formerly 107 and 108) run from the Airport to Yerewen. When you come Out of the Airport turn to the right and go a view Stepanakert up to a parkinglot, you will find these minibuses there. Bus 18 runs via the train station, Tigran Mets av., Khanjyan st. to Abovyan st. with a stop near Yeritasardkan metro station, takes about 1 hour...

  • From Yerevan to Stepanakert

    Take a minibus (Marshrutka) from Kilikya Avtokayan (bus terminal, get there from Mesrop Mashtots Poghota, near Opera with minibus 15, 100 Dram), it was about 6 hours in both directions, 5000 Dram (slighly better bus) to Stepanakert, 4500 the way back. Several leave in the morning when full. Goris and Tatev Monastery would be on the way, but...

  • Oveland to Georgia

    The transport between Armenia and Georgia or rather Yerevan and Tbilisi, that makes the most sense is a minibus. Locally it is known as "marshrutka" and runs from the bus station in Yerevan. It costs 6500AMD and starts at 9:00am. The whole trip lasts around 5 1/2 hours which includes the generous breaks and border crossing. Speaking of breaks it is...


Yerevan Shopping


    Need a some local sausage and mustard with a a bottle of beer at 3am? Then pop into one of 7 SAS Supermarkets! These places are awesome. A very food selection of fresh food, canned goods, household products and health & beauty products wait you. 24 hours a day - every day - across Yerevan. SAS was founded in 1995 and I woul love to shake the hand...

  • ararat brandy

    The best Armenian cognac is supposed to be Ararat, from the Yerevan Brandy Company, which can be bought in several shops all over town as well as from the distillery plant itself. Armenian cognacs are aged 6 to 70 years and are from 40 to 57 alcohol proof. The usual ones are aed up to 20 years, but it is also possible to find, with some luck and...

  • Fruits and sweets

    The Market (shuka) on Mashtots is a place where you can buy vegetables, fruits (it was strawberry season when I was there - very delicious) and Armenian sweets. Different kind of nuts, honey, raisins and figs are often used in the sweets. I bought some tasty sweets that had been made by threading walnuts on a string than repeatedly dipping it in...


Yerevan Local Customs

  • Some cultural considerations

    While Armenia is a Christian country, freedom of religion is protected. Armenians are very hospitable and eager to help. Shaking hands is common at first meeting and then departure especially among men. Between men and women, shaking hands is common in professional settings. There are no specific clothing restrictions. Casual dress is recommended...

  • Water Fountains

    All over Yerevan there are small fountains with drinking water. For me, as a tourist, there was no problem drinking the water.

  • Water shortage

    It is not a matter of course that all Armenian homes have got running water in the taps. At Gayane's homestay in Yerevan there was just running water for 2,5 hours in the morning and for 1,5 hours in the evening. Therefore she always had water in the bath to use in between. At the hotel where I stayed in Alaverdi there was no running water at all.


Yerevan Warnings and Dangers


    I decided to write this tips as a warning or danger as Yerevan is a traditional ex-Soviet country. That means that Comrades were expected to go to the toilet at home, report for work (and use those facilities) and go home again. Restaurants and bars are mostly recent creations. Public toilets? No way. That would be an excuse to be on the streets...

  • Car rental problems

    I booked car rental online through Hertz. A Niva 4x4, incidentally, is ideal: they are robust and built for the type of roads you will find in Armenia. Because my previous rental with Hertz had been completely messed up, I had a substantial voucher towards the cost of the rental. The local office refused to accept it. In case there is any doubt:...

  • Driving hazards

    Hiring a car in Yerevan is not usually recommended. Personally, I didn't think driving was too difficult but there are some potential problems and if you're at all nervous about the idea, don't do it. There are coach trips you can book at reasonable prices but the convenience of having a car for Geghard and Garni or Sevan, for instance, makes car...


Yerevan Tourist Traps

  • Great City, Good Honest people

    There was Not one issue with local Armenians. Great friendly people. Just like any other city, there are the shady characters. However, the majority of Armenians are good hardworking honest people.I had my wallet stolen from our hotel roon in Baku Azerbaijan, and was robbed at night on the seashore. My taxi driver drove off and stole our...

  • yerevan-complete mess

    Well, I work as a dog of war... It's my choice,and I have no regrets.I came to Yerevan just to check it out. That was the biggest mistake of my life.I found out that 99.5 of the Armenians are crooks,regardeless of their status in the society. Every day costed me between 300-400 eur or 500-600$ us. Just a remminder- I am a mercenary, and I don't...

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Yerevan What to Pack

  • Pack light

    Since I used to be a baggage handler I will not check a bag if I can avoid it. Hotels or hostels can handle laundry and you get thru Customs quicker with a backpack You'll need some good walking shoes. I brought a pair of jeans...forget them. Yerevan is high and dry. When I was there in April/May it was 80F during day. Don't sweat it if you...

  • Climate considerations

    The climate is continental. Cold spells, however, do occur and low temperatures are frequent, both on the high mountains and in the deep, enclosed valleys. The average temperatures are: -5 degrees in Celsius in winter, +11in spring, +35 in summer and +13 in autumn. People in Armenia dress like in Europe. Early in spring and late in autumn short...

  • Visa Issues

    A passport and visa are required. Citizens of some countries may purchase visas for a stay of up to 21 days online or upon arrival at the port of entry. In such cases no letter of invitation is required from Armenia to obtain a single-entry tourist visa for a stay up to 21 days. For stays of longer than 21 days or any other type of visa, an...


Yerevan Off The Beaten Path

  • Kara Bala

    I first encountered these little statues, which seem to be placed at random on the sidewalks of many cities, in Bratislava, Slovakia but they seem to be a growing theme in city furniture. We saw a few in Yerevan but Kara Bala is the only one about which I have learned anything at all. Karabala means “black boy”although the real name of the man...

  • Go to Ashtarak

    This little city, very close to Yerevan, is never on tourist maps but its churches, old houses and traditional food, especially whatever is done with walnuts, is well worth the trip. Ask around and find someone local who will give you a tour. The main attractions, which are near Yerevan, like Garni, Geghard are absolutely important to visit, but do...

  • Lyova's potato cellar (or Divine...

    If you're in Yerevan, and you want to see something pretty crazy, check out Lyova's potato cellar. You have to grab a cab up to Arinj, but this as you might have guessed, is no ordinary potato cellar!Since 1985, when his wife asked him to dig a potato cellar in the soft stone under their house, this man has not stopped digging. The resulting...


Yerevan Favorites

  • Exoticly Organic

    Armenia is a place still very close to traditional agriculture and local produce. Here you will discover that this is the land of walnut orchards and that people make use of the walnut in many ways. One of those is, rather unexpectedly, a jam from green walnuts - incomprehensible but a fact and delicious too! Another revelation is the jam from...

  • Internet

    There are small cafe's all over the place if you look. The Information office has a few computers but they have a slow dial up line and they sent me to a place in the Russian Cinema building since it is open late and the information office closes at 7pm. You can't miss the place as it is located on the right hand side of Abovyan St. if you head up...

  • ATMs

    After being in Addis where they are few and far between in Dec it was nice to be able to use my ATM rather than carry cash aroundor travelers checks which I hate. It seems there is a ATM on every corner here. If you are conserned about security, there is one in the HSBC branch with a security guard around the corner from the Marriot that will take...


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