Armenia Off The Beaten Path

  • Ejmiatsin: Saint Shoghakat Church
    Ejmiatsin: Saint Shoghakat Church
  • Ejmiatsin: Saint Gayane Church and Mount Ararat
    Ejmiatsin: Saint Gayane Church and Mount...
  • Ejmiatsin: Saint Gayane Church
    Ejmiatsin: Saint Gayane Church

Armenia Off The Beaten Path

  • Mother church - more than meets the...

    Echmiadzin, often called the Mayr Dajar (Mother Church or Temple) in Armenian is the heart of Armenian Christendom. The oldest Christian nation in the world, this is the seat of the Armenian Catholicos, equivalent to the Catholic Pope. The church construction dates to 301, the year Armenia accepted Christianity, but little remains of that...

  • Monastery carved out of mountain - crazy...

    The monastery of Geghard is an absolute must-see in Armenia. Just an hour from Yerevan, you cannot miss the experience of visiting this place. At the end of a canyon, with fortified walls, your entrance will be lined with villagers selling local breads and dried fruit sheets, a small group of musicians, and then the archway through which you enter...

  • A 2,000 year old Roman Temple in...

    Yep, around the time of Christ, the Armenian King Trdat agreed to go to Rome, where he would accept that Roman Emperor Nero would recrown him. Emperor Nero, in return, gave him treasures, and Roman architects to take back with him to Armenia. The result was this beautiful little masterpiece, on top of a peninsula of land jutting out atop sheer...

  • Haghpat and Sanahin - UNESCO sites

    Up in Lori Marz, along the deep canyon of the Debed River, on opposite cliffs are the Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries. Built a thousand years ago, these monasteries were a product of an Armenian-Georgian dynasty that ruled during a golden period in Armenian history.In a land famous for its monasteries, these two stand out for their beauty, both...

  • Noratus cemetary - largest khachkar...

    Most visitors have never heard of a "Khachkar" before arriving in Armenia, but this word, meaning "cross stone" will be ingrained in their memory after seeing thousands of them scattered across Armenia. This highly developed art form is almost unique to Armenians, who have been carving intricate patterns and designs in stone, surrounding crosses,...

  • Stunning monastery atop kilometer high...

    It's incredible that many visitors to Armenia never see Tatev Monastery, built in 895 CE. It's a bit off the beaten track, and the road leading to it is rough, but the rewards are extremely worthwhile!This stunning, huge monastery complex, with massive fortifications, rises out of the edge of a cliff nearly a kilometer high. The setting in the...

  • Caveman drawings 10,000 feet up...

    At the top of the mountains near Sisian, there is a peak called Ughtasar. In a bowl of peaks is a mountain valley thousands of meters high, with a small lake, and snow patches which remain year round... there are thousands of large boulders strewn across the valley, many of them covered in petroglphs - caveman drawings. The variety of subjects...

  • Ancient cave carvings in a spectacular...

    If you've ever wanted to feel like a caveman, or maybe like an Aztec or Mayan, spend a night camping in the canyon past Yenokavan Village (near Ijevan). The canyon is breathtaking and pristine, with sheer cliffs, lush forests, a river with rapids, and a few caves. One of them has ancient carvings, in a style found nowhere else in the region, which...

  • Vanadzor

    Vanadzor is a town situated in northern Armenia, in Lori region. It is surrounded by green hills and is built on the banks of Pambak River. Many of the buildings here are built of the pink stone, so common in Armenia. In the outskirts are some big factories, like an ammonia plant. It is a quite big city with about 70 000 inhabitants.I haven’t spent...

  • Gevorg Chavush Statue and Ararat

    On our way to Khor Virap, we stopped by the statue of Gevorg Chavush, a historic Armenian freedom fighter in the late 1800's. There are many stories in history books of the battles he led and his expertise on the battle grounds. The site where the statue is situated is breath taking.. It is not to be missed when visiting Khor Virap by the road...

  • Sevan Lake: worlds highest one

    It is an emerald of Armenia in 1900 meters above the sea level. A peninsula on which the Sevan monastery was built in 9th century separates big and Little Sevans . The monastery harmonizes perfectly with the fabric of the amazing surroundings. The monastery has been reborn, and a theological seminary has been opened. The road to the church winds...

  • Sanahin in Allaverdi Mountains

    At the S end of town, a modern double bridge crosses the Debed river and winds up to the E district of Sanahin, with the drafty, delapidated but survivable Debed Hotel on the main square. Beyond the hotel, the road goes straight and then right to the important and richly decorated monastic complex of Sanahin. There is also a cable-car which will...

  • Yerablur Cemetery in Yerevan

    The cemetery of Yerablur in Yerevan houses the dead from Nagorno Karabagh war together with Andranik Ozanian, fighter against Turkey in the late 19th centuries and Vazgen Sarkissian, the prime minister who was assassinated in parliament in 1999. There are fedayees (soldiers) who have participated in the war in early 1990's on the premisses who can...

  • The Remnant of Former Russia in Armenia

    This picture was taken in the streets of Yerevan, by an enterance of metro station underground. You can see the symbol of former communist Russia, the Hammer and Sickle with the letters "CCCP" written on the hammer. Armenia became independent in September of 1991 and no longer ruled by the former Communist Russia.I had to take a picture of this...

  • Rya Taza Village and the Yezidis

    The road heading north from "Aparan" passed through many villages. Several of those villages are inhabited by Yezidi people. Mostly working as shepherds, they are fire-worshipping Zoroastrians and recognizable (to the Armenians) as having darker skin. The women tend to wear more colorful clothes and a scarf over their heads.As we stopped by the...

  • Three Arch Bridge in Ashtarak

    This bridge was built in 1664 and is called the three-arch bridge and is situated on the river called the "Kasagh". It is a bridge heavily used in the past for transport from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia to the city of Gyumri but now it is less commonly travelled due to a newly constructed bridge elsewhere. The old bridge has a rather...

  • Shepherds by the Road in Countryside

    When traveling Armenia's off the beaten paths and visiting monastaries and villages away from Yerevan, the capital city.. You will see many shepherds with their cows or ship grazing the lands by the roads.. They're very genuine people and we had the opportunity and the fortune to speak to a couple of them when we were taking a break from driving...

  • Komitas Square & Statue in Ejmiatsin

    The central square of the town Ejmiatsin is called the Komitas Square and a statue of Komitas, the composer, made by Ervand Kochar (Same person responsible for the eagle at Zvartnots) was erected in 1969.Komitas (1869-1935) is perhaps the best known composer of more recent times in Armenian history. He has written many wonderful chants as well as...

  • Rya Taza Village Unique Cemetery

    Yezidi people are fire-worshipping Zoroastrians. Modern Yezidi cemeteries are distinctive with graves that look almost like small houses. An older cemetery is by the road in the village of Rya Taza where there are tombstones in the form of horses for the men though much simpler ones, sometimes depicting a cradle, for women.

  • Arteni Village in Ashtarak Region

    We stopped by at a village called Arteni to buy some apricots. For those who don't know, Armenian apricots are known to be the sweetest and tastiest.. You just have to taste some when you go to Armenia.. If they're in season which they were when we were there in July, you get to taste the fruit but if you go off season, you can always puchase from...

  • You should rent a car/minivan to get...

    Amberd is a fortress complex with a church built on the slopes of Mt. Aragats at 2,300 meters above sea level in the 11-13 centuries.Amberd is a tall fortress built on a rise in between two streams. The church, built in 1026 by the architect Vagram Pakhlavuni, is slightly down the hill from the fortress, nearer to where the two streams join.Amberd...

  • the absolutely breathtaking...

    the absolutely breathtaking views -on the way and - in the town of Dilijan. (Lake Sevan is not so bad either.. ;-)no really, there's so many places that are worth seeing but lies away from Yerevan, these places are (as I mentioned before) Sevan, Dilijan, Khorvirap, Echmiadzin, Garni, Geghard, Sardarapat, and last but not least Kharabagh (Artsakh) -...

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