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  • Inside Firuze restaurant
    Inside Firuze restaurant
  • Restaurant Qoc Et
    Restaurant Qoc Et
  • Restaurant Qoc Et: The friendly pizza baker
    Restaurant Qoc Et: The friendly pizza...

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  • Tobbelkp's Profile Photo

    Manqal: Excellent food but terrible music

    by Tobbelkp Written Nov 2, 2013

    We tried a Place with traditional Azeri food. Very good food but the Music Entertainment was not our style. A disadvantage is that there is no restrooms. You have to use the facilities at an opposite hotel. But since they dont serve beer, you dont have to go there so often.

    Favorite Dish: The grilled lamb was delicious. Try a plate with different grilled meat. You will not be disappointed.

    From the grill! Azeri folk music
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  • Angel_6661981's Profile Photo

    AVTORETROCLUB Restaurant: For those who likes ancient cars.

    by Angel_6661981 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    When i was in Azerbaijan, Baku i was advised to visit an interesting restaurant AVTORETROCLUB. Design of this restaurant is so uncommon: they separated restaurant to some different parts (Russian cottages - izba, Muslim cottages, big public banquet room with wood furniture, beautiful garden with waterfall and lake, also many rarities and ancient motorcycles and cars in the garden, living music ).
    There are European, Muslim, Russian dishes and also you can smoke hookah...
    Prices are very low...I had many different dishes and drinks and paid 10$ for everything...
    The director of this restaurant is very intellectual sportive( little English, fluent Azeri and Russian speaking man), his name is Elshan...He likes travelers and make them big discount...
    I liked it very much!!!

    Favorite Dish: 1-different kind of kabab: I liked Azerbaijan KABAB very much, cos they do not fry, they roast it in the open fresh air form different sorts (lula-kabab, tika,xan kababi, bastirma and etc.) of meat (even from fish and poultry and even from potatoes,tomatoes and egg plants ) ...
    5-gutabs and dovga

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  • Megaforce's Profile Photo

    Pizza Inn: Best Pizza ever

    by Megaforce Written Oct 1, 2006

    On the South side of Fountain Square, across from the garish McDonald's (what's with the corrugated metal fence around it?) sits a restaurant with a pretty good terrace, it's favoured by locals. We tried a few different types of pizzas and my friend said it was the best he'd ever tasted. I don't know what their trick is but it also had a nice ambiance, lots of locals and laid back as all things in Fountain Square tend to be.

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  • maykal's Profile Photo

    Finding food

    by maykal Updated Mar 17, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Food was difficult, apart from in Sheki. THE place to eat in Sheki is the restaurant of the Kervansaray Hotel (see below) summer it relocates to the garden, and is usually quite busy entertaining the local bigwigs. It isn't expensive for foreigners, but I imagine for the average Azeri, prices would be considered steep. All the basic ingredients of Azeri cooking are available...lule Kebab, chicken, cheese, salad, dolma, and manti ( a sort of small dumpling, similar to a mini Georgian khingkali, served in a clear broth). When important officials were eating there, far more items were available, but you won't get much say in the matter...they will ask, but you'll get what they've got! This is true of most restaurants outside Baku. Breakfast at the Kervansaray was great...omelettes, cheese, olives, tomatoes, butter, honey and as much bread as you can never-ending tea, and sometimes good strong black coffee, a real luxury here! As for other restaurants, well I didn't see many.

    In Zaqatala, the only place to eat seemed to be the Texas Restaurant...from my guidebook, it sounded great, with burgers, steaks, kebabs etc...the reality was that it was the front room of someone's house, and the friendly owners offered me a choice of Gretchkii (a mashed up soggy mess of bulghur acquired taste I am yet to acquire) or Tava i didn't know what on earth Tava kebab was...the owner described it as 'like kofte, only with a bit of egg' turned out to be a delicious kebab omelette!!! Cost...US$0.75.

    Quba was a different story...apart from my hotel, there didn't seem to be any other yemekxane (literally 'food house'), and after a thorough search, I returned to the cavernous hotel restaurant. There were a few customers playing nardi and drinking tea, but it took the waiter 45 minutes to spot me, even though I had been waving at him during that time. Just as he was about to come to my table, the local English teacher sat himself down at my table, and the waiter went off again....

    Favorite Dish: ...reappearing half an hour later, he asked us if we wanted anything...the teacher said no, adn just before the waiter made off to the kitchen, I quickly asked 'do you have food tonight?'..he said 'yes, we have dolma, chorba, or kebab', and before I had chance to order anything, he rushed scurried away to the kitchens. The teacher left after 10 minutes, leaving me to wonder whether to wait for the waiter to come and take my order, or to assume that he had gone off to cook me what he had just offered, without confirming that I wanted I waited...and waited...and waited...and about 10pm (three hours after entering), the lights went off all over town. A few candles were brought out so the Nardi players could resume play, but I was forgotten, left in the dark. I considered my options...I could have tried to find somebody in the bowels of the kitchens to see if there was any activity going on, but as I had no torch, that wasn't on. I decided that no food was coming this side of Chrstmas, but to find my room I would have had to navigate my way up a grand staircase with a missing handrail, not fun in the dark, then find my way to my room on a long corridor...fear of either falling off the staircase or walking into the wrong room ruled that out. I went outside and resumed my search for food...a bad choice, as there were few cars to light up the roads, so I could not see the potholes until I had tripped into them. I wanted to turn back, but realised I had lost all sense of direction...easy to do in the pitch black. That was unnerving...being in a strange town, not knowing anyone, not knowing the way forward or even the way back, and constantly falling down potholes! Eventually I found the main street, just in time for electricity to come back on and found a shop selling crisps with zero calories, and a couple of chocolate that ended up being my culinary experience of Quba...a bag of depressingly limp corn chips and an out-of-date chocolate bar in my hotel room! Unbeatable!

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    7 Beauties waterfalls restaurant: Eat with the sound of waterfalls

    by Minashka Written May 18, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is waterfalls called "7 beauties" in Gabala region of Azerbaijan. Someone really smart has built a restaurant right next to it which makes the driving there worthwhile. You can actually feel the sprinkles of water on you while eating and of course hear the roar of the waterfalls as well. The staff may not really speak English but they'll guess that you're hungry and since there are no menus there, you'll just have to eat whatever they bring you ;-)

    Favorite Dish: There is not a big variety in food there but whatever you get will be delicious! Of course I say go for the kababs (smth like BBQ). Breakfast there is really nice and rest assured everything is very fresh straight from the village. Don't forget to have tea after your meal. It will be real "samovar chay"! As we say in Azeri, NUSH OLSUN :))) means bon appetite...

    The bridge of the restaurant
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  • Best place for Traditional Azeri Food

    by EllaIrz Written Apr 7, 2005

    When you visit Azerbaijan you must try traditional Azeri food such as the Azeri plov, wonderful Azeri sweets. One of the best places to do so is located in Baku, inside the Icheri Sheher- the Old City. The Restaurant is called Mugam Club. The restaurant is in a building that used to be a hotel centuries ago, it is very well preserved and one may go into the tiny rooms that centuries back were hotel rooms. So you will not only enjoy the food, but see a "museum"! Also in the evening the restaurant usually invites traditional Azeri dancers and singers.

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  • lavell's Profile Photo

    Crescent Bay Club (I need to...

    by lavell Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Crescent Bay Club (I need to check the full name for this place)
    Must have to be the location and the variety of oil workers and other expats and other well-heeled locals who were there, enjoying a Sunday lunch

    Favorite Dish: Fish & Chips - sitting outside on the verandah looking at the slightly surreal view.

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