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  • Arab/Persian/Azeri Baku
    Arab/Persian/Azeri Baku
    by Assenczo
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    View of Baku
    by Nuclei
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Azerbaijan Highlights

  • Pro
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    Minashka says…

     Safe, friendly atmosphere, not spoiled by civilization 

  • Con
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    grets says…

     Still a difficult destination 

  • In a nutshell
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    josephescu says…

     more than just oil-booming 

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  • Maiden Tower

    Baku Things to Do

    Located in the walled town (Icheri-Shekher) (inside town ) the Maiden's Tower (Gyz Galassy) is Azerbaijan's best known landmark and the de facto symbol of Baku. You can climb its eight floors and enjoy a magnificent view of the old town and Baku bay. The cylinder shaped tower is about 30 metres tall with a diameter of 16.5 metres and walls 5 metres...

  • Hyatt Regency Baku

    Baku Hotels

    Food very good. A nice but rather soulless bar (The Britannia) which has Efes, Xerdilan, Bitburger...

  • Beating from Unlicenced Taxi's

    Baku Warnings and Dangers

    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO EXPATS IN BAKU. I would like to warn Expats living in Baku that the Unlicensed Taxi drivers that sit close to OTTO bar are stopping Expats taking London Cabs. I have seen this 3 times now where 4 or 5 of them crowd round the person and physically pull Expats out of the London Taxi. On Tuesday Night a college of mine was subject...



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  • Where the police officers eat

    Saki Restaurants

    A large outdoor restaurant on the opposite side of the Gorge. No English menus and no price written but OK Grilled meat was very tasty, the beer was not Worth the price.

  • Central Bazaar

    Saki Things to Do

    The Sheki bazaar is a great place to mingle with locals and see how Azeris shop and live in the country. Like in Georgia, bazaars are where most people do their daily shopping. An amazing variety of goods is on display, and there are designated sections for shoes clothing, toiletries, electronics and, of most interest for visitors, food. Azeris eat...

  • best Pastries in Sheki

    Saki Restaurants

    Well it's hard to call Istanbul a restaurant it's more cafe quite good place for breakfast since it has it's own bakery and they make pretty good pasties and not overpriced at all,I would say very good value.But be careful they might try to charge you more, Tea cost 0.40 AZN and pasties 0.20 AZN.



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  • The most beautiful sunset

    Naxcivan Favorites

    I like walking around the city when the sun is low over Nahchivan and the nature is at peace. There is a canal in the middle of the city and while standing on the bridge, one gets to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets.

  • Learning some history

    Naxcivan Things to Do

    There is a museum of history of Ordubad in Ordubad :) The museum was created in 1980. 18th century "Qeyseriyye-Zorkhana" has been a home for the museum since May, 1990. Geyseriyye means covered east market and that's where they'd sell all kinds of jewels. In 17th-19th centuries fighters from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey came to fight and used...

  • Go to Ordubad

    Naxcivan Things to Do

    Ordubad is basically another region within Nahchivan, not too far driving away from Nahchivan city. It's a nice little town with its own villages and hosts many museums. Just like anywhere else in Nahchivan, the nature is picturesque and the people are amazingly friendly. One day is enough to visit all the museums and to grab a bite in one of the...



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  • sebiskveradze's Profile Photo

    by sebiskveradze Written Oct 30, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lahic is about 30 km from Ismaili over a rocky country road. You can take a taxi there, which may need to be a 4wd, or a bus if the weather is dry.

    When we alighted from our marshrutka from Sheki in Ismaili we were immediately surrounded by taxi drivers eager for our money. We tried to ignore them but somehow got cornered by one whose friend spoke good Russian. They offered to take us there for 20 manat ($25) which seemed very reasonable.

    What we didn't realize was that neither of them had any idea of how to get to Lahic, or how far it actually was. The third time they needed to ask directions, we stopped by a group of men idling in that typical Caucasian way. When they finally discovered how far Lahic was, and how bad the road is, they returned to the taxi and asked us for an additional 20 manat. Ever the American, I started to stress a little, but Mamuka simply smiled and got out of the car. I waited alone while some of them men peered in curiously, listening to an increasingly heated argument in Russian outside. I started imaging us abandoned, here in the barren hills of Azerbaijan, with only a large gang of fairly leering men to turn to.

    Mamuka poked his head in, saw my tense expression, and exclaimed "Don't worry honey. This is great fun!". He resumed the argument, which eventually ended. The taxi men returned to the car and we started off. I turned to Mamuka in puzzlement. "How much extra did you pay them?" He answered "Nothing, of course! I told the leader of the gang that these men offered to take me to Lahic if I would pay them 20 manat. They are honour bound to adhere to that agreement. If I give them the 20 extra manat, their honour will be sold, for money that will escape their pockets within a few days. The leader agreed with me and ordered them to make sure we get to Lahic."

    The taxi men unhappily dropped us off back in Ismaili, where they spoke to the driver of a 4wd and paid him our 20 manat. He in turn unhappily took us to Lahic, at a rate that is half of what locals pay, we later learned!

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  • Make a trip to Shushi

    Xankandi Things to Do

    Shushi is a fortified town on a hilltop 9 km from Stepanakert with a real nice 17. century church, unfortunatly also some Soviet style apartment blocks. There is also a quite nice looking Hotel Shushi just above the church, from 14000 Dram.Get there by bus from the Stepanakert bus terminal, every 30 minutes, 200 Armenian Dram, or by taxi 2000 Dram.

  • Get there from Yerewan

    Xankandi Transportation

    You can only go there from Armenia. Take a minibus (Marshrutka) from Kilikya Avtokayan (bus terminal, get there from any bus stop on Mesrop Mashtots Poghota, near Opera with minibus 15, 15 minutes, 100 Dram), it was about 6 hours in both directions, 5000 Dram (slighly better bus) to Stepanakert, 4500 the way back. Several leave in the morning when...

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  • Zoroastrian Museum

    Suraxani Favorites

    The low, dark cells for monks and pilgrims house is an interesting museum about Zoroastrianism and the Zoroastrians, their believes and practices, such as lying on hot coals or carrying most heavy chains.

  • Zoroastrianism-Good Thoughts,Good...

    Suraxani Favorites

    Zoroastrians are the followers of the Iranian prophet Spitaman Zarathushtra (known to the Greeks as Zoroaster) who lived and preached somewhere around the Aral Sea. The energy of the creator is represented in Zoroastrianism by fire and the sun which are both enduring, radiant, pure and life sustaining. Zoroastrians usually pray in front of some...

  • Inscriptions

    Suraxani Favorites

    There are many inscriptions on the walls inside the temple courtyard, apparently in Sanskrit and Hindu, evidence of the Indian connection.



See all 4 Ganca Tips
  • Restaurant Overview 2 3 more images

    by hawksapsan Written Jun 23, 2010

    My Way Restaurant is a place for people who equate food with the highest form of art. It is also a restaurant for those who value a chef's Restoranmasterful ability to transform sustenance into culinary wonder.

    No restaurant is a better symbol of Ganja than "My Way" Restaurant. Designed with a unique style, the restaurant is a modern classic that has been redefining National and International cuisine since 2007.


    Calm lighting with candle-lit tables and the raised under-lit dining area belies the true atmosphere, Barwhich gets noisier as the evening gets going. But if you go earlier in the week it's a great place for a decent Asiatic meal and a good gossip over a sumptuous cocktail.
    It's certainly one of the hottest places to lounge at the moment.

    Favorite Dish: All kinds of national and international meals that they serve.

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