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  • Hillside Guesthouse; My single room
    Hillside Guesthouse; My single room
  • Hillside Guesthouse: Shared bathroom
    Hillside Guesthouse: Shared bathroom
  • The area.
    The area.
    by dornmethodtbilisi

Borjomi Things to Do

  • Gogia Fortress

    The history of the Gogia Fortress dates back to around the 14th century, when it was built as a defensive structure and watchtower. Its name is derived from one of the rulers of Borjomi in the middle ages.Nowadays only ruins are left, but the location on a hill offers panoramic views of the town and the gorge. Some illuminated crosses can be found...

  • Mineral Water Park

    The history of Boromi's Mineral Water Park dates back to 1850 when it was opened. The last bigger renovations took place just before 2005. It is nowadays a mixture of a recreation and amusement park. Just left of the entrance the former kursaal building can be found and opposite to it is the base station of the cable car to the so called plateau on...

  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The Church of St. Nicolas is based on a tetraconch plan with four apses. This layout is typical for Georgian church architecture. The three church bells are located next to the church adjacent to a small kiosk seeling devotional objects.The rather new looking facade of the church is equipped with some stone reliefs. Inside a renovated iconostasis...

  • Museum of Local History

    I must admit that due to the lovely weather, I actually never really visited Borjomi's Museum of Local History. As my accommodation was located not far from the museum I came across it quite a few times.The museum building was constructed in the late 19th century in Pseudo gothic style. At that time it was used as a chancellery in order of the...

  • Ilia Chavchavadze Monument

    The Ilia Chavchavadze Monument shows the Georgian poet and politican, who lived between 1837 and 1907. He is often refered to as Pater Patriae (Father of the Fatherland) of modern Georgia, as he supported all Georgian national movements against Russian rule during the second half of the 19th century.The bronze monument stands on a concrete...

  • Bust of Antanas Vilkutaitis-Keturakis

    The bronze bust of Antanas Vilkutaitis-Keturakis was created by the Georgian sculptor Irakli Tsuladze and it was unveiled in May 2012 with the presence of the at that time Lithuanian prime minister Andrius Kubilius.Antanas Vilkutaitis-Keturakis was a Lithuanian railway engineer who supervised the construction of sections of the railway lines to...

  • World War II Memorial

    The Wold War II Memorial commemorates the approximately 300.000 Georgian victims of the Second Wold War. As Georgia was a Soviet Republic at that time, 700.000 Georgian soldiers fought on the Soviet side. About 7.500 soldiers came from the Borjomi region and two of them were rewarded with the title Hero of the Soviet Union: George Inasaridze and...

  • Borjomi Kharagauli National Park

    The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is located in central Georgia and is part of the lesser Caucasus. The park is one of the largest in Europe - it covers more than 76,000 hectares of native forest and sub-alpine and alpine meadows, home to rare species of flora and fauna.A network of trails invite visitors to experience the stunning variety of...

  • Atskuri Fortress

    In a narrow part of the Borjomi valley there used to be a fort in the way. Nowadays, the village of Atskuri lies peacefully next to the ruins of Atskuris Tsikhe, which are only interesting for a small outing. This fortrss was built in early medieval centuries. By first historical notes about Atskuri it was built in 5-6th centuries by Georgian king...

  • Khertvisi Fortress

    Khertvisi fortress is situated in Southern Georgia, in Meskheti region. It was built in early medieval period. As the legend says, Khertvisi was destroyed by Alexander the Macedonian. In the 10-11th centuries it was the center of Meskheti region. During the 12th century it became a town. In the 13th century Mongols destroyed it and until the 15th...

  • Vardzia

    Vardzia in my opinion is one of the must sees in Georgia. The negative side of visiting Vardzia is its distant location. The rock-hewn monastery is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River, 30km away from Aspindza, in southern Georgia. It is cut in steep cliff along thirteen tiers. The monastery has preserved around 250 caves. The royal...

  • Zarma Monastery

    Zarzma Monastery, nested among the green hills of the Kvabliani Gorge, used to be a significant cultural and educational centre throughout the centuries. A large church and a bell-tower were built in the early 14th century. The facade of a domed, inscribed-cross church are richly adorned with ornaments. The church is furnished with a south...


Borjomi Hotels

Borjomi Restaurants

  • Cafe Turisto

    I usually wouldn't go to any restaurant named "Tourist" or similar, but in Borjomi I made an exception. There were three reasons: First of all Borjomi isn't a touristy city, secondly it was recommended to me by my host and last but not least it looked like it was the only alternative to the Café Restaurant Old Borjomi.Like other places in Georgia,...

  • Cafe Restaurant Old Borjomi

    I went twice for dinner to the Cafe Restaurant Old Borjomi. This was mainly because I found the dining options in the town a bit limited and in Old Borjomi were always some people either eating or at least having a drink.The interior of the restaurant is designed in a dark wooden style; so is the furniture. The menu offers a selection of local...

  • Near the post office

    Near the post office, a little bit inside, not the one on the road. This is a local restaurant, the waitresses don't speak any known language, but the food is really great and the prices are really low, much better than the ones recommended in lonely planet.


Borjomi Transportation

  • Explore Borjomi by cable car

    On the right side of the entrance to Borjomi's Mineral Water Park the base station of a cable car can be found. It takes people up to the so called Plateau Station at an altitude of approximately 930 m. From here panoramic views of the town and the surrounding region can be enjoyed.In June 2015 a single ticket costs 3 GEL (return 6 GEL). I only...

  • From Borjomi to Bakuriani by train

    A narrow gauge train serves the route between Borjomi and Bakuriani twice daily. It is nicknamed "Kukushka". A highlight of the train trip is the Eiffel Bridge which was designed by the famous French engineer and inaugurated in 1902.In June 2015 the train departed Borjomi at 07:15 h and 10:55 h for the 2,5 hour trip up in the mountains to...

  • To Borjomi by minibus (marshrutka)

    Borjomi has very good minibus (marshrutka) connections in all directions. Most minibuses leave from around the Rustaveli Square on the left bank of the river Mtkvari.I arrived to Borjomi by minibus from Akhaltsikhe. The route is served almost every hour and I paid only 3 GEL for the 45 minutes trip on a minibus with Tbilisi as final destination....


Borjomi Local Customs

  • Local currency: Georgian Lari

    Like many other former Soviet Republics, also Georgia is a country of cash, which means that credit cards are not as widely accepted as in Western Europe.The local currency of Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL), which exists in its current form since about 1995. The subunits of the Geogrian Laris are Tetri, so 1 Lari is divided into 100 Tetri.I got...

  • Borjomi mineral water

    Borjomi is well known for its mineral water, which is also used for medical treatments. The mineral water springs were discovered in the early 19th century by Russian soldiers and are situated in the gorge and hillsides of the town. Archaeological excavations have found stone baths in the area dating back to the 1st century.During the Soviet era...

  • Applicant city for the 2014 Winter...

    I found it interesting to see that Borjomi was even among the applicant cities for the 2014 Winter Olympics.The idea was to hold most of the outdoor competitions in Borjomi and Bakuriani, whereas Tbilisi was planned to be the venue for the indoor sports disciplines.Unfortunately among the 7 applicant cities, Borjomi came in last. From the final...


Borjomi What to Pack

  • Travel Guides about Georgia

    Like all other former Soviet Republics, also Georgia is a rapidly developing country regarding tourism. So for an independent trip it makes sense to have a good guide book on hand.As the updated Bradt Guide Georgia was not yet available for my trip and I had read many bad reviews about the Lonely Planet guide for this region, I checked out the...

  • Free maps from the Tourist Information...

    Borjomi has an excellent Tourist Information Centre with many free brochures and maps about the town, the region and the whole country.When I visited the Tourist Information Centre, the man in charge spoke excellent English and was really helpful in answering my questions.The free Tourist map, which I picked up here, included maps of Borjomi,...

  • Borjomi Hotels

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Borjomi Off The Beaten Path

  • Side trip to the Timotesubani Monastery

    On the way back from my daytrip to Bakuriani I had planned to visit the Timotesubani Monastery. In Bakuriani I asked the minibus (marshrutka) driver to drop me off at some point closest to Timotesubani on the route to Borjomi. This was in Tsaghveri from where it was still 3,9 km to the monastery. The fare for the trip was 3 GEL.As I had 2 hours...

  • Day trip to Bakuriani

    A popular day trip from Borjomi leads to the ski resort of Bakurani in the mountains. It is situated at an altitude of approximately 1700 metres and can be reached by both a narrow gauge train as well as by minibus (marshrutka). For more information about the modes of transportation, please read my transportation tips.I went to Bakuriani by train...

  • Day trip to Gori and Uplistsikhe

    As I really liked my guesthouse in Borjomi and was also a bit tired of changing accommodation on this trip, I even went on a day trip from Borjomi to Gori. The trip by minibus took about 75 Minutes and cost 5 GEL. The route is served only by a few daily minibuses. I left Borjomi at 10:45 h and returned from Gori with the last minibus at 16:15 h....


Borjomi Sports & Outdoors

  • DinkaYa's Profile Photo

    Some info about the trails

    by DinkaYa Updated Oct 10, 2007

    We met some rangers at the park, here is what they told us:
    The one day rout recommended by the park administration (1 then 6) is approximately 12-14 km. 1 until it changes in to 6 is 7-8 km. The steep climb is about half an hour long. The total walking upwards time is approximately 2.5 hours.
    The rangers hut is better than the shelter, it can contain up to 12 persons and there are matrases there so you can sleep comfortably. You should take the food with you though.
    Here is a price list which I received from the park:

    Prices - 2007

    Overnight Stay (Tourist shelter) 10 Gel per person per night
    Overnight stay (Tent) 5 Gel per person per night
    Guide 33 Gel per day
    Horse 40 Gel per day

    Tent 7 Gel per night
    Sleeping bag 5 Gel per night
    Back pack 5 Gel per night
    Camping mat 3 Gel per night

    Marelisi Guesthouse
    Overnight stay 20 Gel per person per night
    Breakfast 5 gel per person
    Lunch 6 Gel per person
    Dinner 10 Gel per person

    Borjomi Guesthouse
    Overnight stay 60 Gel per room for 2 persons

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Borjomi Favorites

  • Merab Kostava Square

    When Borjomi was a famous spa resort in the 19th century, the Merab Kostava Square was its busy centre. At that time this area was called Olga Embankment in honour of the wife of the Russian Grand Duke Michail Romanov.Most buildings surrounding the square date from this time, among them is the former Hotel Central (1890), the former Hotel Gretsia...

  • Relics from Soviet Times

    Borjomi still has some hidden relics from Soviet Times. Just after my arrival by bus in Borjomi I recognised a typical Soviet statue with hammer and sickle symbols on one side of the old municipal building. It can be found on a small square just between the Museum of Local History and the bus station.I also noticed several Soviet style mosaics,...

  • Traditional balconied houses

    Like in many other Georgian cities, also in Borjomi's old part of the town many houses with typical Georgian architecture can be seen.These buildings usually have a wooden balcony or gallery with many ornaments. The large balconies are often supported by diagonal beams beneath. The history of these buildings date back to around the middle of the...


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