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  • On the road southeast of Ananuri.
    On the road southeast of Ananuri.
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Georgia Favorites

  • Georgian Sulphur baths (in the heart of...

    When you are in Georgia you definitely have to visit the Tbilisi Sulphur baths. They are a popular tourist attraction: one of the indulgent pleasures of the region, much like the hammams of Turkey and the Middle East.Situated near the river in Old Tbilisi, the sulfur baths are eye-catching. There is an entire street (Abanos kucha) of public...

  • Alternative ways to lock your hotel...

    Not all hotlel rooms can be locked in Georgia.That is especially true if you stay in the old hotels build in the communist era.That is no big problem though.Just be inventive and you will end up having a laugh about it too.

  • Batumi: The New Summer Vacation Spot

    Batumi is one of the livelier cities of Georgia and a popular summer destination due to its ideal climate, scenic beauty and many amenities. It is the capital city of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara in the country of Georgia. Its coastal location and sub-tropical climate make it a popular city for vacationers across the Caucasus, although few...

  • Visas

    Unlike Armenia..entry for Americans and EU citizens is free at the boarder. I came by land from Armenia and entry was faster than leaving Armenia. A simple stamp and after running your bag through the x-ray're in.

  • In Tbilisi

    I can recomend you to visit Tbilisi baths, nice building and interesting experience ;-) I liked also to visit Opera house - so beautifull interior and good balet dancers. you can check . It was really surprise for me to get tickets one day before balet and even you can buy the same day, if there is not some special event. if you eat...

  • Cell phones in Georgia

    There are 3 GSM networks there:1. Geocell2. Magti3. BlineBline is the one that has the least good reception there but is also the least expensive.Geocell and Magti has reception in most of the places we went, we used Magti.You can buy a local SIM card for 5 Lari and then charge it with money. You can buy the charging cards almost anywhere.

  • Georgia as a traveldestination?

    Skiing, Hiking, Mountain climbing Georgia as treavel destination..?The republic of Georgia has a lot to offer to tourists, for example subtropical landscapes with citrus fruit and tea fields, a coastline with palm trees, magnificent mountains with climbing and trekking opportunities and ski resorts. But Georgia also hasa Christian culture dating...

  • Insurance

    It is vital that travellers get insurance before heading off into Georgia because Georgia is the least stable state in the region. If you plan on going into Tusheti and beyond then I heard of travellers obtaining hostage insurance which would end up turning out to be a bad idea if you can get it. The hospital situation is not good and the country...

  • Queen Tamara

    During the reign of Queen Tamara (1184 - 1212) the kingdom reached the apex of its political, economic and cultural might a golden age of great advances in culture and arts. In 1201-1203, Georgians took and annexed the Armenian capitals of Ani and Dvin. In 1204, Tamara's army occupied the city of Kars, and shortly after helped to found the Empire...

  • David the Builder

    King David II Aghmashenebeli (the builder) came to trone in 1089, drove the Seljuk Turks out of Tbilisi, where he moved the capital (for a short period, though), and made Georgia into something of a local superpower.David the Builder’s epoch greatly influenced the national perception of the Georgians. They are still proud of David’s victories and...

  • Environment

    I do not know to what extend the contempt of most people in Caucasus towards the environment is a result of their social welfare or the effect of Soviet brutality. Maybe a combination of the two. Things will change, nevertheless…. In the mean time, I hope the pictures attached will not discourage anyone’s visit, but raise local consciousness.

  • Georgian Society

    It is difficult to understand and capture the complexity of a society, which represents a universe in its own, especially in the case of the Georgians, with their puzzle of ethnicities and interactions. My impression was of a male dominated society, with its own networks and codes, where the tribe & clan, rather than formal institutions, are the...

  • Stalin

    Someone as diabolic as Stalin could have come from everywhere, but many of the methods he used when ruling over the Soviet Empire show influences of his youth spent in the Caucasus: set one nationality against the other until both are destroyed, monumental use of terror, grandeur of the cult of personality, together with the use of jailed prisoners...

  • 3 famous Georgians of the XX century

    Stalin (aka Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili), ruler of Soviet Union from 1928 until his death in 1953, born in Gori, GeorgiaBeria - Soviet politician and chief of the Soviet security and police apparatus under Stalin’s rule.Shevardnadze – foreign affairs minister of the Soviet Union during the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe until the...

  • Second in the world to adopt Christian...

    Georgia was the second country in the world to adopt Christian faith, following Armenia’s conversion a quarter of century beforehand. According to the legend, Georgians were converted from paganism in the 4th century by Saint Nino, a Cappadochian slave from central Anatolia, who cured Queen Nana from disease and then converted her to...

  • GEOrgia

    There is a theory according to which the name Georgia derives from the ancient Greek word of “geo” (land), as, when they first arrived here, the ancient Greeks were amazed by the large number of people working the fields.

  • One of the 14 world alphabets

    Although they represent only less than one thousandth in total world population, the Georgians have created one of the 14 world alphabets. Its curved symbols have appeared in the 5ch century BC and are probably of Aramaic origin (the Semitic dialect spoken at the time of Jesus).

  • Changing Money in Hopa

    Most folks want to know if they can change money in Hopa so they can pay for their onward journey into Georgia. I wasnt sure what to do because all I had was some large US dollars and Turkish Lira. This is a gem of a tip for a person wanting to change some money. If you walk directly out of the terminal in Hopa and turn left you will hit a major...

  • Money

    The easiest way to get around in Georgia is with an ATM card. There are plenty of banks including the Bank of Georgia among others and most are accessible in well lit areas. Cashing up in the capital or decent size city is a good idea as most of the smaller towns have few machines around and if there is a machine you dont want to be a potential...

  • Power Cuts

    Georgia is well known in the region for power cuts and it happens almost on a daily basis including the capital Tbilisi. Most nights are fine up until about 8pm or so when they lights begin to fizzle and finally go out ranging from 10 minutes to 2 to 3 hours. Some places dont even have electricity in the north so plan ahead for that by taking...

  • Road rage

    Tbilisi, is without a shadow of a douth the prietest city in the world! I havnt been to 100s but to me, a city is a city, not Tbilisi though! Tbilisi has character behind charater! Inga!!!! Haha!!! A beautiful Georgain girl!

  • Georgia

    I loved to travel through the country by all means of transport.We met very nice people. We never had problems.It was a great journey. The best thing was the trip to Kazbegi.Kazbegi is one of the best places in the world.One of the few with this end of the world feeling!

  • power cuts.

    power cuts are very common in georgia.especially outside of the capital.always keep a few candles handy for the same reason.

  • food and drink.

    my favorite while cycling across georgia was the local apple cider and khachapuri.khachapuri looks like a pizza slice, but is bread filled up with fresh'a very tasty and very very cheap.

  • "Ali and Nino" by Kurban Sa'id

    If you are at all interested in the culture and history of Azerbaijan and Georgia, then I can recommend a good book..."Ali and Nino" tells the tale of Muslim Ali Khan Shirvanshir who falls head over heels in love with Christian Nino Kipiani. The story takes place in the early years of the 20th century, a time of great upheaval in the region...and...

  • If you only make one trip in Georgia...

    Go to Kazbegi! And don't stop there, but walk to the church of Tsminda Sameba on the hill behind Kazbegi's twin village of Gergeti. More about it below!

  • Gagra(little town), where...

    Gagra(little town), where mountains closely rose to a beach and Seaside park; cape Pitsunda with a relic pine grove, with most transparent water on all Black Sea coast of Caucasus and with tourist complex closed for non privileged tourists; lake Ritsa, clutched by mountains, and all choked up with buzzing speed-boats from which you were shown a...

  • Georgien

    Georgien itself is the whole 'pearl' worthwile of visiting. Beauty of its cities and little towns in combination with the beauty of it's non-repeatable nature and mountains is something that it's really impossible to describe. The only way is to go and see !

  • visit the mountains - the city...

    visit the mountains - the city centre in Tbilisi hospitality of people - the breathtaking view into the Caucasian mountains - the picture shows the railway car Stalin used for his trips - it is standing in front of the Stalin Museum in Gori

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