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Kazbegi Things to Do

  • Kazbegi Paragliding

    "No experience is necessary!"Paragtliding in Kazbegi Paragliding is as close to flying as you can get and a tandem flight puts you in the hot seat giving you the perfect chance to enjoy your first flight leaving the technicalities to your experienced pilot. Fly Kazbegi offers the best tandem paragliding site in Europe, if not the world. The...

  • Sabeba Church

    This church by itself is not very spectacular especially if you've previously visited Armenia. However its locations is nothing short of spectacular. The church is accessible with 2h of walking (up) from the small town of Kazbegi where plentiful accomodation can be found. The trip can serve as a warm up before longer tracking trips in the...

  • Walk in the village

    I just enjoy walking and meeting people or find nice places; just randomly; in Stepansminda, walking in the narrow streets you come across nice houses and nice people like this little girl who wanted to pose for me (picture 1); I wonder if in many years she will wear black clothes like this lady alone in the street (picture 2).Nice streets, stones,...

  • Mt Kazbeg, home of Prometheus.

    Walking up to Mt Kazbeg takes three-four hours one way, and that makes a very nice day hike; I mean walking to the feet of Mt Kazbeg, reach the glacier or the base camp from where alpinists climb on the summit.During the walk you will enjoy various perspectives over the village and the church downward and, upwards, try to spot the summit of this...

  • Cemeteries

    Those who know my VT pages know that I like cemeteries, and here in Kazbegi , on the slopes above the village you find some resting places which give their occupants nice views over the places where they lived (picture 1); the recent resting places are very “private”, surrounded by a fence (picture 2), but there are older ones, very modest ones,...

  • Holy Trinity (2)

    The Holy Trinity church, built on a hill far above the Terek Valley dominates the village of Kazbegui (renamed Stepansminda in 2006) since the 14th century. One of the characteristics (besides being in a beautiful setting) of this church is that it has a separate bell tower (picture 2), which is not common in Georgia. This tower ahs also been built...


Kazbegi Hotels

Kazbegi Restaurants

  • Cute Cafe!

    Cafe 5047m, named after the height of Mount Kazbegi, is a cute little cafe right on the main square in Stepantsminda/Kazbegi. They have limited indoor and outdoor seating, but nice atmosphere. I was not impressed with the prices or the quality of food, but enjoyed myself simply being able to sit outdoors and enjoy a little food and drink. This cafe...

  • A few places

    I stopped in Café Khevi . I had shashlik and chips for 8.50L. Its just on the main street next door to cafe 5087m, basic but fine.Cafe 5087m is more upmarket if theres such a thing in Kazbegi, a beer is 5.5Lari which is a lot. And they do food altohugh i jstu stuck with beer, they also have WIFI.Theres also a small place at the start of the Gergeti...

  • A decent Option

    The food situation in Kazbegi is not good due to the town shutting down so early every night. If you are hard up for some food after arriving by mini bus then you can either go to the recently built hotel with the classy hotel restaurant (a bit pricy and you cant miss it due to its location in the main square ) or go to the general shop across from...


Kazbegi Nightlife

  • Cold nights

    Kazbegi is a very small town that shuts down when the sun goes down. There are no real pubs or spots to meet other travellers other than meeting up with them at the homestays around town. You can hang around the square in the evening if you want to meet locals but chances are you will only meet drunk Russians dressed in black and they can get rowdy...

  • Georgian television

    Nightlife in Kazbegi consists of smoking on the hotel steps with unshaven men in dark suits, drinking copious amounts of vodka with those same men, or watching Georgian television while tucking into a hearty meal of halva and peanuts, swigging on a bottle of something green and fizzy. Georgian television is quite an acquired taste, probably one...

  • Kazbegi Hotels

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Kazbegi Transportation

  • Road to Caucasus

    The famous “Military Road”, has been built by the Tsar’s troops in the 19th century after Russia annexed Georgia and colonised the Caucasus on a trail known since pre-Christian times. This is one of the only three roads crossing the Higher Caucasus and nowadays the border between Georgia and the Russian Federation is closed.This is an impressive...

  • To Kazbegi

    Are you going from Tblisi to Kazbegi the best way to do this is probably with a shared taxi. It cost slightly more then the minibus but is faster and more comfortable.For Kazbegi the shared taxi is leaving from Didube. They leave when the taxi is full (four passengers) or with less people if they are willing to share the price. I paid 10 lari (June...

  • transportation by minibus

    So, I just wanted to add to these posts that I've been in Kazbegi this summer for just a one day trip to Gergeti Sameba Church and the transportation from Tbilisi is still the same. The minibus leaves from Didube bus station, the first at 9 am and is very easy to find. The last minibus from Kazbegi is at 5 or 6 as I remember, so don't be late there...


Kazbegi Shopping

  • There isn't one

    There isn't a photo magazine in Kazbegi, so if your memory card is full and you are looking for a place to burn a CD with some photographs - forget about it, we didn't find a shop there. Although, some people recommended checking up in the hotel, they might have a computer there, but then you will need a cable, which we didn't have anyway.

  • Camera battaries

    There isn't one there! If you are trying to buy some alkaline batteries for you camera - forget about it! Make sure to bring some with you, because there is no alkaline batteries available in Kazbegi!!!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kazbegi Local Customs

  • Hay and other works

    Making hay is a matter of survival in mountains, as when the snow is there, the cattle has to be fed, everybody knows that! These beautiful cows (picture 1) will need food in winter and people have to cut the grass and make stacks (picture 2) before carrying (carrying, because no vehicles come on the mountain) the stacks down to the barns and...

  • Savages? No, just civilised!

    When I walked up to visit Tminda Sameba church, I took a few shortcuts on the steep wood covered slope of the mountain, and in a clearing where to ground was almost flat I came across a few people who were preparing a nice lunch and afternoon.The vegetables were already in the water of the cauldron, and if you look on the right side of picture 1,...

  • Maria Madloba

    It just happened that my day at Tsminda Sameba church coincided with an important religious celebration, apparently the Maria Madloba. Dozens of cars, carriages and trucks full of people started to appear on the plateau. In a few hours, the peaceful atmosphere from early morning has gradually turned into a crowd, where hundreds of families started...


Kazbegi Warnings and Dangers

  • Female Travelers to Kazbegi be aware of...

    In August we have witnessed a rape scene happening in the area, and luckily rescued a girl and reported the case to the local police. Be catious when hiking towards Sameba church, don't go alone, and don't let yourself be invited by the locals (usually dressed in casual military style) to have a drink. This can end up really bad. At night in...

  • Warning to female travelers

    Solo female travelers should be careful when staying in a 'guesthouse' (basically someone's free room in their house). The name of the guesthouse I stayed in was called Mariza's and here I was assaulted by a man, perhaps her son, although I'm not sure. It is a remote place and as I soon realised there wasn't much option of alternative place to go...

  • Russian Men

    Kazbegi is next to the Russian border so you need to be careful while trekking in the area due to a slight military presence but more importantly because of drunk Russian men. While walking around town before nightfall, a Frenchmen that I was travelling with was harrassed as well as myself. The man said he just wanted to talk to us but when we...


Kazbegi What to Pack

  • Boots and Blankets

    Kazbegi is well known in the region for being a gorgeous place to trek and despite the surrounding hills looking like they would be on an elementary level they are not. Trekking up to the church is easy enough because there is a road that winds through the villages and eventually up the side of the mountain but getting down to the village from...

  • Once in Kazbegi......

    A torch/flashlight may prove useful when electricity runs out at night. For the walk to Tsminda Sameba plateau, bring a raincoat, water and some food. Once you’re there, you won’t want to leave too soon, and the fresh air will make you hungry within t he hour.

  • clothes for mountain weather

    While you could get hot treking up the mountain, once you get to the top, the weather changes dramatically. If I had it to do again, I would have made sure that I had lightweight and warm, and windproof gear. Also, hiking boots would have helped somewhat.The weather seemed to change in Kazbegi by the hour. I don't know if you can buy batteries...


Kazbegi Off The Beaten Path

  • by Tobias_Plieninger Updated Feb 4, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A walk through Kazbegi is very interesting.

    It is a rural village / city.

    Pigs and animals are walking on the streets.

    Happy free living pigs
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Kazbegi Sports & Outdoors

  • Paraglide Near the Russian Border

    If you go to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi), just 10 km from the border of Russia, and have ever wanted to paraglide, here is your chance! Get a hold of Fly Kazbegi ahead of time and cross your fingers for favorable weather. They cannot set a schedule because it all depends on the updrafts on the day that you are there. When the conditions are good,...

  • I feel free

    Horseriding in Kazbegi is one of the best activities. Should you dare, try to ride up to Tsminda Sameba, on the plateau and over the peaks around the plateau, it must be a unique experience.

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  • Fantastic road adventure

    The road to Kazbegi follows an ancient passage crossing the Great Caucasus and is a fantastic adventure in itself. The dirt track through the challenging mountain was only properly engineered as a road in the early 19th century, together with the Russian annexation of the Caucasus. The scenery is spectacular, even before the road gets into the...

  • Ananuri on the way to Kazbegi

    One of the most romantic fortified churches in whole Georgia, on the shores of a mountain lake, Ananuri is on the way to Kazbegi, a little more than 1 hour far from Tbilisi. However, marshrutkas for Kazbegi do not stop, so you can only get a glimpse of it and can decide to stop by on the way back.


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